Some days, I forget he’s here. I dream I’m working on the Dimension Cannon with Torchwood and he hasn’t dropped into my life. I find the Doctor and things are right. They’re as they should be. The Doctor with Rose Tyler in the TARDIS, as it should be. 

…Then I wake up and he’s there next to me in the bed or he’s destroying some appliance he’s stolen from my neighbor and he’s my only hope to get back to the Doctor. The bloody Master. Not that I’ll ever call him that. He’s dreaming if he thinks I will. Ponce, git, you. Whatever I call him, it’s not Master and someday I will get back to the Doctor. I will. I swear this to myself. And he’ll forgive me for…everything I’ve done since the Master’s arrived. He will. Because he loves me. I just know it.

If only I wasn’t having to wake up to a muddled mind and a Time Lord I don’t trust but can’t help being drawn toward every morning. 

I roll over in bed and he's there…

M!A ~ Candid Camera(NSFW) || The Master & Rose || Closed.

Quite well aware of where she was, and who she was with. Rose Tyler stays firmly pressed against one of the stainless white walls, jaw clenched, and muscles tensed stubbornly. Oh Torchwood had very much informed her of who the man standing on the other side of the room was quite a long time ago, and what exactly he’d done to The Doctor– and it hadn’t taken more than a few minutes to figure out who he was.

Personally she thought it was some sort of sick twist of fate that she was stuck in this bloody room with him. Rose knew very well of the conditions.. and what they had to… do to get out, but being the stubborn girl she is, she decided to hang onto her pride, and dignity.  Although she didn’t know how much longer she could stand his damn whistling, and the emptiness of the room– and the no food thing would probably turn out to be a problem as well. 

The cameras were just putting her on even more of an edge, and she lets out a stuttered, frustrated breath before speaking. “D'ya think you can keep the whistling to yourself there?" 

sasukeoftherebellion asked:

Oh, I take back everything I said about future you. Or not, he's still dreadfully boring actually, but BRAVO! Really Doctor, I'm in tears. To think I knew you when you were young, with diamonds in your eyes, swearing to the heavens you'd never harm an innocent life. I mean, you were lying through your teeth then but THIS. This should be celebrated, the day the Doctor stopped pretending to have his made up morals.

I like how I’m being lectured by people who weren’t even there. None of you know the circumstances of what happened… Do you honestly think I would have done it if I were given a choice!?

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How disappointing, you're still just as boring as you were before. Couldn't you have at least broken in an interesting way if you were going to do it away from me?

-His eyes narrow at the man- Still a better man than you’ll ever be, you twat. Are you still clinging to that pathetic Lucy? Trying your best to take over that useless planet, Earth? 

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And when your army of toys and pets die off--it's flattering, by the way, that you'd take so very many to try to make up for little me--where will you be then? Desperately scrambling for even more to patch over the gap again? I'd say they're all rather poor replacements in that case.

Who said it was many? I’ve grown close to a few, that’s all.

**He straight out laughed at his comment** Wait, wait.. you honestly think I’m making efforts to replace you? Blimey, you are delusional.

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Don't you, though? When you look over at your dear friend and know you saved her? Through your own might you saved the person you care about and now you can go frolic and save so many more lives with her! All for the price of some pointless human no one knows or will ever remember. I think you do feel good about it, deep deep down in those hearts of yours Doctor. And when you're given that choice again, we both know what choice you'll make now, won't we? It's exciting!

Stop it… her name was Jamie…

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Rose, I'm disappointed in your staggering lack of knowledge. And of your own home world! Really, there was a time when the Doctor had standards.

If you’re trying to imply tigers are vegetarians, I suggest you pop over to the library. Or the internet. Just because they’ll eat vegetation doesn’t mean they don’t eat meat.