notagamblerascientist asked:

If you go to parismanga(.)fr you can see tickets, I think it's 20 euros for a weekend pass! I'm flying out from the UK to meet TJ, I CAN'T WAITTTTTTTT!

I KNOW!!! I can buy my ticket online too. But I think I only can attend saturday because I don’t live in Paris and hotels are kinda pricy there for a med student. All I have to do now is buy my train ticket and I’m good for Saturday! 

notagamblerascientist asked:

I know where Rotheram is :)!
I'm from Manchester, b 0 r i n g.
I can't wait to get out either, America here I come. I'm gonna stalk Emily Deschanel till I'm about 290832198 or until I finally meet her. Haha. I'ma be the worlds first hobo stalking Emily Deschanel in LA!

I know where Machester is ;)! 

Awesome! I want to go to America too to *cough* stalk *cough* many many epic actors, including Emily Deschanel :D!