walkingtalkingtrash  asked:

I was wondering is f you know if anywhere I could go to buy the choker necklaces from Bioshock? I want to get both the cage and the bird for me and a friend. Thanks :)

Great gift idea! We have posted Bioshock choker necklaces before, but it was a while ago and it looks like they have sold out.

This listing on Etsy is really cool, because the bird/cage embellishments are also brooches. This means that you can swap the designs over, or detach them completely and pin them to your clothing or a bag.

If you’d prefer something a bit more stylised, you can also get ordinary cameo necklaces with the bird and cage designs on them. You can choose between bronze or silver, and pick the length of the chain, too.

We’d love to see what you choose, so if you take any pictures feel free to tag us in them!