notaden bennettii


Crucifix toad (Notaden bennettii)

The Crucifix Toad is an Australian, fossorial frog. It is one of the few Australian frogs to display aposematism. It is native to western New South Wales, and south western Queensland. The Crucifix Toad is the most distinctive species of frog within the Notaden genus. Whereas most Notaden frogs are dark brown in colour, the Crucifix Toad exhibits many bright colours. Its dorsal surface is bright yellow, with a cross of many colours centered on the back. The cross is outlined with large, black dots, and filled with white, black and red dots. Males reach a length of 6.3 cm, and females a length of 6.8 cm. The Crucifix Toad is a ground-dwelling frog which inhabits the arid areas of western New South Wales and Queensland. To survive long periods without water, the Crucifix Toad will bury itself underground and encase itself in a cocoon. Upon very heavy rain, they will emerge from the ground, and begin breeding in temporary ponds. The males call from within the pond to attract the female. The call is a “woop”. The frog exudes a tacky and elastic “frog glue” onto its dorsal skin when provoked. Its purpose is uncertain; it may be intended to confuse and deter predators such as snakes, or to trap biting insects.

photo credits: wiki, Tnarg 12345

anonymous asked:

Fat frog has a real fat, or just lump of his skin?

depend on frog! some frog have a bomple skin like lump sir here who have many poison pockets ( Nectophrynoides sp, unnamed, discovered to scientists in 2009)

some are just round in shape of body (crucifix toad -  Notaden bennettii)

but some are also fat like, they eat many food and become fat like a people or a cat do

green tree frog especially love to do this. when not fat he look like this (both are australian green tree frogs - Litoria caerulea)

he very skilled at being a fat boy, his favourite thing is eating everything all the time.
do not find many around my house who are not fat boys, unless they are very babysmall.