Dear Not-Diary 7, because I reject the idea of being human and still will not learn to write.

I have left Naomi’s room. She wanted me so badly to stay just days ago, but she has now taken a lightening creature into her bed as a mate, and I have quickly ceased to feel welcome. I have found an empty room here. It is small and bare with only a bed. I do not mind it that way. I have taken it for my own, although I am not sure if that is allowed. I have nothing but what I cary in my pockets and the clothes on my back, in any case. If somebody were to lay legitimate claim to the room, I would have only myself to remove from it.


Dear Not-Diary, because I cannot write.

Last night I made a friend! Her name is Naomi and she is a wolf. She hasn’t been human very long so we can talk about all the weird things that humans do together. I like her clothes better, they look much more loose and comfy than my bodice. But my bodice is more armor-y so I think I shall keep it until I know more what this place is.

We learned many new things together when we asked the mouse-man how two males can mate together. He told us that mating did not have to be for pleasure and told us how it works sorta. He also told us that two females can do the same. There was one more thing he listed but then he yelled and kicked us out of the kitchen because Ahlisss’s friend who is a hare started acting weird.

Naomi says that the hare-man is her friend too and that he rapes people if he does not control his mating instincts during this month. Why is he not locked in his room with a mate then? Naomi thinks that he and the mouse are mates, but the mouse says no.

Naomi has offered to let me share her cave! We slept on her bed which is what I used to do with Ahlisss when I was in my proper form. When will Ahlisss come back? I have been careful not to make people hurt to tell me where she is. There are too many of them, and I do not know which ones are her friends, yet. I will not hurt them or she might be angry with me. I do not like that she seems to have so many. Has she thought of me at all? 


Dear Not-Diary 2, because I still cannot write.

The other day I was quite Ahlisss-like, and brought Naomi into a game of “Lets Pretend.” It was quite fun. We were pirates in need of supplies and had to lay siege to another vessel. Naomi is very smart you know. She told me how clouds float! She says that they are held up by the spirits of her dead ancestors. We suppose that somebody else’s dead ancestors’ sprits hold up boats, and that is why they float as well. I wonder what my dead ancestors hold up. I never put my mind to them before, but I suppose that they must be out there somewhere. What do Ahlisss's dead ancestors’ sprits hold up?


Dear Not-Diary 6, because writing is for humans and I am NOT one.

AHLISSS HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She does not remember me. She does not remember anything. But she is back and she will stay and she has promised to never leave me behind.

Naomi was upset by this. She thought that I was going to leave to stay with Ahlisss, but I told her that I would stay… I am unsure of Ahlisss’s lover and if she would want me around. I do not know why I am skittish of her.