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“We (jonCates, Jake Elliott + Tamas Kamenczy) presented a talk AKA a performative artware lecture performance on our custom cyberpsychedelic "Artware Development Environment Artware Environment”!

Or as Jason Scott wwwrote: “Three members of the criticalartware crew will demonstrate and explain the technical, aesthetic, psychedelic and social functionality of the Artware Development Environment Artware Environment, the tool they used to develop award-winning artware such as HyperYarn, CHASSIS, and HULL (which won first place in the ‘Artware’ category at blockparty 2008). The Artware Development Environment Artware Environment will be made available on CD-ROM and online after the demonstration.

Jason Scott invites you to check out the appearance of CriticalArtware (and Jason as well) at the 2008 HOPE Conference in New York City.

Bio Jake, Jon & Tamas live in Chicago (birthplace of dirty new media) and work as cyberpsychedelic artware engineers in a variety of industries.”

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Making Demos with FPGAs

Jeri Ellsworth at the NotaCon/BlockParty April 4th, 2008 talking about creating a demo in FPGA