Tagged by delia-song for the 20 Beautiful People challenge. So here’s a low-quality picture of me and my face! 

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1. What’s your name?
Tighen, though everyone calls me Tigger.

2. When is your birthday? 

3. Where are you from?
Alberta, Canada c:

4. Have a crush?
Yeee, shes a qt

5. What’s your favorite color?
Dark teal, black and dark red.

6. Write something in caps?

7. Got a favorite band?
Kamelot, Poets of the Fall, Goo Goo Dolls, Nickelback( yeah yeah i know “NICKELBACK SUCKS U NERD HAHA” ill fkin reck u) other than that I like a lot of electronic artists.

8. Favorite number?
67 or 76

9. Favorite drink?
non-alcoholic: prolly milk
alcoholic: Malibu rum c:

10. Tag ten people
Implying i have 10 friends and im lazy so





Not acnl help!

My partner and I are going on our first holiday together for a few days in July, somewhere in England! We just aren’t sure where yet! We want somewhere with a huge shopping outlet that has many stores and want a zoo/sealife attraction to visit, anyone got any experience or advice on where to go and what to do???