Pygmy marmoset (Cebuella pygmaea)

The pygmy marmoset is a small New World monkey native to rainforests of the western Amazon Basin in South America. It is notable for being the smallest monkey and one of the smallest primates in the world at just over 100 grams, with a head-body length ranging from 117-152 mm and a tail of 172-229 mm. It is generally found in evergreen and river edge forests. About 83% of the pygmy marmoset population lives in stable troops of two to nine individuals, including a dominant male, a breeding female, and up to four successive litters of offspring. The modal size of a standard stable troop would be 6 individuals. Members of the group communicate using a complex system including vocal, chemical, and visual signals. These monkeys may also make visual displays when threatened or to show dominance. The female gives birth to twins twice a year and the parental care is shared between the group. There are two subspecies. This monkey has a specialized diet of tree gum. It gnaws holes in the bark of appropriate trees and vines with its specialized dentition to elicit the production of gum. When the sap puddles up in the hole, it laps it up with its tongue. It also lies in wait for insects, especially butterflies, which are attracted to the sap holes. It supplements its diet with nectar and fruit.

photo credits: Brian.gratwicke, Don Faulkner, Karra Rothery, animalspot

In Europe from the 1500s to the early 1700s, fascination with notable works of art, natural wonders, and objects of scientific ingenuity was explored through the creation of encyclopedic collections. This painting,“ Allegory of Sight” by Jan Brueghel the Younger, shows how art collections were assembled to reflect both the wealth and the learning of their owners. Share what you collect, using #ICollectBecause, to win incredible prizes.

Allegory of Sight (Venus and Cupid in a Picture Gallery),” 1660, by Jan Brueghel the Younger

One of the most groundbreaking albums of hip-hop history turns 20 today. 

Only Built For Cuban Linx is Wu-Tang member Raekwon’s first solo gem. Classically labeled as The Purple Tape for its origin packaging, this gem sold over 100,00 copies in its first week. This album was bound to become a classic. With Ghostface as the co-star, RZA on the production handles, along with fellow lyrical blows from Wu brothers and a notable verse from Nas, Raekwon blow the grounds for mafioso rap. This album set the stone in hip hop for the Chef and Starks duos, which also threw Staten Island, New York on the map in every way, shape and form. The lyrical potency and rawness of gangsta New York City vibes is at large on this gem. Hit singles like Criminology, Heaven & Hell, Ice Cream, Rainy Dayz and Incarcerated Scarfaces opened the world to the Chef’s storytelling ability. 

This album will forever be honored by the hip-hop community as a trendsetter for the use of alter-egos, Cristal champagne and gangsta creativity. 

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Una vez más su apartamento se veía terriblemente vacío esa noche, y él estaba terriblemente ansioso por la luna llena. No era nada del otro mundo pero el lobo parecía echar de menos algo.

Ese algo era Stiles.

Había pasado tanto tiempo junto al menor últimamente que se había acostumbrado a su constante presencia, a sus bromas, a sus gestos a veces absurdos, a su risa escandalosa y a su roce. Por eso no sabía si sentirse molesto o aliviado de verle en la puerta. Resopló apoyando la frente contra este al abrir. — Te diría que te dije que te quedaras en casa pero ni siquiera pensaba que fueras a hacerlo ¿Sabes? Hacerme caso de vez en cuando no está mal. — murmuró, ni siquiera estaba del todo molesto porque su sola presencia hizo que la ansiedad disminuyera de forma notable.

Terminó retirándose para dejarle pasar a pesar de dudar por unos instantes. Porque la duda seguía ahí, el recuerdo también y aunque se sintiera mucho menos afectado que otras veces no estaba seguro de que no pudiera herir de forma no intencionada al humano. Cerró la puerta tras de él, suspirando.
Forum: Obama calls for end to female genital mutilation in Africa while US has highest rates of male circumcision
During President Obama’s recent visit to Africa, he urged Kenyans to reconsider their treatment of females as “second-class citizens,” who are routinely subjected to violence, sexual assault and forced marriages while being prohib

This is another fine, tip-top article in the ever growing pile of articles, books, and scholarly works all educating about or denouncing senseless, damaging, unethical, non-medical infant circumcision invalid surgery, a notable human rights violation in the US.

The comments are great too. Please read all this and tell others about her piece. Thanks!


(I’ve only recently gotten into this fandom, so please don’t expect very varied answers!)

favorite male character: Clark Kent 
favorite female character: Lois Lane
least favorite character: I’m drawing a blank here. I’ll go with the villains, most notably Lex Luthor (can you tell yet what is my best known DC fandom? Ha!), but they’re fascinating in their way. 
prettiest character: Lois Lane
funniest character: Alfred Pennyworth
favorite season: Superman’s Golden Age, before the Silver Age rolled around and the new writers decided to fulfill their nerd boy fantasies by having Lois and Lana fighting over Clark. 
favorite episode: Eh. Really don’t know DC enough to give you comic by comic knowledge.
favorite romantic ship: Clark/Lois
favorite family ship: Again, drawing a blank.
favorite friend ship: Bruce/Alfred.
worst ship: Clark/Diana. Just no.

Brandon Flowers Speaks With ‘The Boston Globe’

Brandon Flowers recently spoke with The Boston Globe.  You can read the entire interview here.

Notably, Flowers estimates that The Killers may release their fifth studio album as early as late 2016.

Q. In the short term you’re focusing on the solo album and tour, but what’s the current status of the Killers? Are you thinking about the next album?

A. It’s definitely on my mind. We did a gig in Delaware a month ago, the Firefly festival, and we played Atlantic City. And I had so much fun, it really made me excited about the future of the Killers. I think in a perfect world, [in] late 2016 there’d be a Killers record.


The official X-Files Revival 201 Days re-watch is up to “The Host” today.  As far as the MOTW aspect, to me it’s notable only because the Flukeman is Darin Morgan.  It’s fairly disgusting as episodes go, what with the barfing of fluke worms in the shower and all, but as with most XF episodes, it’s the Mulder and Scully interaction that makes it for me.  They’re separated for a lot of the episode, but the above scene is one of my favorites.

I love Scully’s smile in the first one – well, her laugh, really, as that’s what she does.  It’s an incredulous laugh at Mulder’s suggestion, but she’s also so obviously delighted to be hearing one of his cockamamie theories.  Then she says, “Sorry, seemed like old times for a second,” and we get those wistful smiles from both of them.  

It’s still early in the series.  Poor Scully hasn’t been tortured again and again, rendering those genuine, open smiles rare indeed.  Maybe that’s why I love this scene so.  

anonymous asked:

Tbh wachowskis have done a lot rushed/with not enough chemistry relationships in a lot of the stuff theyve written(most notably the matrix with neo and trinity) whenever i see something theyve worked on i just kinda expect that

I think it’s a common problem with stories that try to balance both a lot of action and romance at the same time, and so with 8 main characters it’s a challenge already, especially with trying to make the 4 main relationships different from each other. 

i think the w’s complicated plots mean that it’s harder to develop certain parts as much as they’d like to, but the good thing about them having a show rather than a movie now means they have more seasons to explore those things as time goes on. 


CHEST HAUL over all of thundercrack! (not picturing one more surge chest that i just got) The Creeping Circuits was my first chest of the festival :)

Bonus: A chest during GATHERING?? At lvl 25?? whaatt

Other notable loot: two winter capes, a mantled foo, a chromefeather lookout, a sentinel mith, a tropical birdskull legband, an eliminate, and an ambush!

I’m pretty sure this is my most successful festival yet? Not sure tho, MJ was pretty good for me too!

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anonymous asked:

Name a favourite pokemon per generation?

Hoo. Okay. Prepare your butts: I tend to rattle on when I explain my reasoning.

Gen 1

Think back to when Pokémon first got its start. Now scrap that because I grew up in Europe and Pokémon was far less popular here than in America or Japan. This meant that very few stores carried the equipment a Pokémon fan wanted so dearly; trading cards, toys and most notably the link cable.

Kids these days are all spoiled by wireless connectivity, those young whippersnappers. Back in the old days, if you didn’t have a link cable, you could not trade. Ever. This made trade-evolve Pokémon such as Golem, Slowking and Machamp completely unobtainable, and they were the bane of everyone’s Pokédexes in my small group of Pokémon-playing friends. The only trade I ever managed to do was with this kid I met exactly once by accident at a bus stop, and he traded me his Haunter, after which it promptly evolved into a Gengar. I’ve loved it ever since.

Gen 2

I’ve mentioned my love for Ampharos numerous times. It’s basically the Pokémon you should think of when you think of me. Gold was the first Pokémon game I ever played, and Ampharos was right there with me in that first playthrough.

Since then, Ampharos has only gotten stronger with each game, especially in Gen 4 with the physical/special-split, which ensured it could be effective with a far more varied moveset. With the advent of Gen 6, Mega Ampharos ensured that everybody knew what this often-overlooked electric type could do.

Gen 3

You know what’s funny about Generation 3? How many parallels you can see between Pokémon. For example, Sharpedo, Crawdaunt and Whiscash are all dual-water type Pokémon that you can obtain by fishing for its previous evolution, which has a 5% chance of appearing with the good rod on most routes. The parallel I want to direct your attention to is the three flying dragons. Sure, one of them doesn’t look like a dragon, and one of them isn’t a flying type, but when we get down to it, Altaria, Flygon and Salamence are all powerful dual-dragon types that can use Fly. So I ask you: why is my favourite of the three the only one that doesn’t have a Mega Evolution?

Apart from just looking really cool, I like Flygon for its shock value. We’ve seen it before: they show you a weak little bugger that’s easy to underestimate and have it turn into an awe-inspiring beast when it evolves. Magikarp, Larvesta, Goomy, they seriously do this all the time. Evolving my Trapinch and actually being stunned when I found out what it evolved into has made me put Flygon among my favourites for life.

Gen 4

Generation 4 introduced a ton of extra evolution stages to existing Pokémon. “Hey,” says Generation 4, “remember Roselia? Well we took that unimpressive excuse for a bouquet and turned it into a sharp-dressed monster.”

Roserade is everything Roselia should have been from the start. Give this thing Sludge Bomb and it’ll knock out just about anything you can throw at it, especially in double battles. Whenever I play through a Sinnoh game again, I find myself hard-pressed to choose between Roserade and Abomasnow, and Abomasnow is probably better for later in the game, but when I’m entirely honest with myself, Roserade is just so much cooler.

Gen 5

I don’t like Gen 5 much; I’ve made that very clear in the past. Most of the Pokémon that were introduced simply failed to impress me. Galvantula, however, is what I’d call the definition of a diamond in the rough. It wasn’t long after entering Chargestone cave, that I encountered a Joltik. It wasn’t too impressive at first sight, but its unique typing had me interested enough to give it a spin, and man, am I happy I did. If Ampharos didn’t exist, Galvantula would probably take its place as my favourite electric type.

Galvantula’s signature move Electroweb doesn’t just deal damage, it also slows the enemy every time it’s used, and this makes it one of my favourite moves, if only because it comes paired with Electro Ball, which becomes stronger based on how much faster you are than your opponent. Synergy like this is what dreams are made of, ladies and gentlemen.

Gen 6

I believe Gen 6 to be the polar opposite of Gen 5. We went from tons of new Pokémon with only a few standouts to just a few dozen new Pokémon, almost all of which are pretty damn impressive. But here’s the thing: to compensate for Gen 6′s small amount of new blood, Kalos was pumped absolutely full of Pokémon from every other generation, making it just about the most varied region to date. As a result, I haven’t had much on-hand experience with the newcomers, as the veterans stole their spotlight. From what I have used though, Aegislash takes the cake.

I don’t have a special story for this one. It’s just objectively a pretty damn powerful Pokémon, and a great addition to any team. From the moment I saw that weird-ass ability, I had to get one, just to see how it worked. Is it overpowered? Probably. Is it interesting and fun to use? You bet.

LLL Casting Theories- Phodiso Dintwe

So I’m going to be posting some of my casting theories for Lovely Little Losers one at a time, because I don’t have them all finished and I’d rather post them in short posts than one long one.

Phodiso Dintwe- Kit Harper
-In the trailer, Phodiso’s character is sitting in the flat with Ben, Balthazar, and Freddie. Balthazar said he’d bring Kit ‘round the flat sometime. Notably, the only flatmate absent is Peter.
- In the same part, Ben says to Phodiso’s character, “So has BALTH told you about these crazy ass rules we’ve enforced on ourselves?” This implies his character spends a lot of time with Balthazar.
-When Ben says “No romantic relationships,” he gives this pointed look. The following “What?” also supports my theory.
- The part where Phodiso’s character is dancing with Meg. I’m fairly certain Kit is the equivalent of Katherine and that Meg is the equivalent of the Princess of France. Katherine was one of the Princess’ ladies, so it would make sense for them to strike up a friendship.

Re-recording the 1969 "Story and Song of the Haunted Mansion"

Jeff Baham writes, “On July 10, 2015, the Mousetalgia podcast invited Disney voice artists Mark Silverman (‘Twilight Zone Tower of Terror’), Margaret Kerry (red-headed mermaid in 'Peter Pan’) and Peter Renaday ('Country Bear Jamboree’) to re-create the 1969 'Story and Song of the Haunted Mansion’ Disneyland Record live, recording their single take around a table while enjoying a lunch of submarine sandwiches.”

“The recording is most notable because Renaday is the original voice of the 'Ghost Host’ from the record, which he recorded over 46 years ago, and this is the first time he has revisited the script since the album was released. Renaday is the 'Ghost Host’ voice that most '70s 'monster kids’ recognize beyond even the Disney ride’s actual narrator, Paul Frees, so listening to Renaday revisit his original character is a treat.”

Read the rest…

Watch the ad for the Tartan Prancer, Vacation’s ridiculous fake van

One of the highlights of the original National Lampoon’s Vacation was the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, a ridiculous — and utterly hideous — fictional station driven by the Griswolds poking fun at the era’s auto industry. (It was designed and built by legendary Hollywood car guy George Barris, who was responsible for the Batmobile from the ’60s TV series, among many other classics.)

The new Vacation, which opened this weekend, is getting pretty grim reviews — but one notable highlight is that they’ve kept the spirit of the Family Truckster alive. The film prominently stars the Tartan Prancer, a bright blue van-like object that has two front ends, two charging ports, four side view mirrors, and the aerodynamic qualities of a two-by-four.

The fake ad that Warner Brothers made for the Prancer is delightfully absurd. My favorite feature is the headrest, which conveniently tips forward on command for maximum comfort:

The Prancer is billed as a “perennial heavy weight in the Mid Range Family Mini Van Sedan Crossover Segment,” a nice shot at the dozens of made-up vehicle categories automakers are always racing to fill. (I like to think it’s a swipe at the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE in particular.)

At any rate, even if you don’t see the movie, the ad is definitely worth your time.

August 01, 2015 at 04:30PM