Yes, Furiosa exists in a lineage (see above), and, yes, plenty of other action films have featured female leads. But what’s notable here is how Furiosa being a woman both is and isn’t integral to her character. (In the same way that her missing arm both is and isn’t integral to her character.) In Alien, the character of Ripley was written as a man, then cast as a woman, which was a breakthrough at the time — but also a kind of cinematic drag act. Why can’t a woman play a man’s role? Well, sure — but the better question, only now being asked, is, Why can’t a woman’s role take the place of the man’s role? Furiosa could never be played by a man — the character would make no sense — and not, as with many other female action heroes, because of the kind of costume she wears. She is not simply Indiana Jones in hot pants or Lolita with armor-piercing rounds. Furiosa is a woman, and she is a hero, and she’s cool as hell, and she’s simultaneously recognizable and revelatory as all three. If you’re an action fan and you can’t admit that you’d eagerly watch ten more Furiosa films in the next ten years, then I’d have to ask again if you’re an action fan.

Interview: Nintendo’s Damon Baker on the Humble Nindie Bundle ⊟ 

This week, Nintendo and Humble revealed the “Humble Nindie Bundle,” an unprecedented console-exclusive deal offering a bunch of quality Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShop games including Guacamelee STCE, Moon Chronicles, and SteamWorld Dig, under a pay-what-you-want model. You’ve probably seen it; 44,000 of you (as of writing) have bought it. It is, without question, a great value for Wii U and 3DS owners.

It’s also a total surprise coming from Nintendo, a company who has been notably hesitant about deep discounts for downloadable games. So I spoke to Damon Baker, Nintendo’s senior manager of licensing marketing, to find out how this happened. Being a professional journalist, I opened the conversation with “whaaaaa?”

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Jacquetta of Luxembourg | 1416 - 30th of May 1472

Daughter of Peter of Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol and Margaret of Baux. Wife first to John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford and then to Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers. Mother to fourteen children, most notably; Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of England, Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers and Catherine Woodville, Duchess of Buckingham.

Jacquetta was accused of witchcraft in 1469 by Thomas Wake, a follower of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick and accused to have “made like a man of arms … broken in the middle and made fast with a wire” (x) to bring together her daughter Elizabeth and Edward IV of England. She was then exonerated by the King’s great council on the 19th of January 1470 and duly had it recorded that she was a believer “on God according to the truth of Holy Church.” Jacquetta was posthumously accused of witchcraft by the Titulus Regius in 1484, wherein she was said to have committed "sorcerie and wichecrafte” with her daughter Elizabeth as it was the “common opinion of the people and the publique voice and fame is through all this land.” (x)

Disney not moving forward with Tron 3 [x]

Tron 3 is no more: Disney has chosen not to move forward with a third installment in the sci-fi series, sources say. While the sources say the project was never officially greenlit, earlier this year we got the new that things were moving ahead with Tron: Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski returning to direct and stars Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund reprising their roles.

Prep had been started on the third film, and production was looking to shoot this fall, likely in Vancouver, British Columbia. Disney had been interested in adding Jared Leto to the cast, but an offer and negotiations had never commenced. Disney has been developing a sequel to Tron: Legacy since the movie, made for $170 million, grossed $400 million worldwide. Legacy was the sequel to the 1982 sci-fi film that took place inside a computer world known as the Grid and starred Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner. The film drew a big cult following and became a notable influence on filmmakers and pop culture.

First German Minelaying Submarine Deployed

The submarine UC-5, in the same class as UC-11, but launched the next month.  She is pictured here after her capture by the Allies.

May 29 1915, Zeebrugge–German mines had done some severe damage to British vessels over the course of the war, including most notably HMS Audacious. Fear of German mines had also deprived the Royal Navy free movement of the seas. However, the mines so far had been laid by surface ships, which ran the risk of capture, destruction, or internment on long cruises. As a result, the Germans developed the new UC-I class of submarines which could lay mines from its tubes while submerged. They were not equipped with torpedoes, however. The first of the UC-I submarines, UC-11, was launched from Zeebrugge in occupied Belgium on May 29; its mines would be responsible for sinking 27 (mostly British, though some neutral) ships over the course of the next few years. 

Sources include: Randal Gray, Chronicle of the First World War.

A Star to Steer By, ch12 - Dancing Monkey

Chapter 12 of the Stargate sg1/Star Wars fic is up on AO3
authors: dogmatix, norcumi

Ch. 12: Dancing Monkey

“I have had the joy of knowing you for less than fifteen minutes. You have control that would shame a first year padawan, your ethics are notably questionable, and you work very, very hard to suppress your host. Was any of that supposed to impress me?”

2.16 Second Thoughts

After rewatching, and after having purged my initial reaction earlier, my 2nd viewing went a bit smoother.

Once I resolved myself to the changes, and mentally dismissed the anger at said changes I was able to enjoy the episode a bit more.

Especially the last 20 minutes or so. All of the Jamie and Claire bits once she starts to “exorcise” BJR demon were so well acted - it was a great scene.

Of course in the middle of that scene was a flashback which I thought was one of the weaker scenes in the episode, but just the Jamie ad Claire bits, notably Sam and Cait’s performances were great.

Then the scene with Murtaugh (all hail Duncan Lacroix!) cutting out the brand was great.

Outside the flashback, the farewell to the MacKenzie boys on the beach was kinda lame. Not quite as lame as Jamie in that ridiculous tricorn hat, but still.

The final scene on the boat was alright too. I didn’t love it or hate it but it was alright. Good to see him smile at the end when he got the good news.

But I still didn’t cry.

Maybe if I wasn’t as committed to the source material the heart to heart at the abbey scene might have taken me there by the strength of the performances alone, but I’m not there yet.

Acceptance of my issues with the show is a process with me. It takes repeated rewatching to help purge and accept. It has worked with other episodes, hasn’t with a few others *cough* 1.13 & 1.14 *cough* but that’s just how I operate.

TLO likes Michael Fassbender’s street style:

Posted on May 29, 2015


This is all working very nicely.

Although we’re simultaneously a little pissed at him for looking so good without even trying.

Face it, boys. Some men can put these items on and look super-hot and stylish with no effort at all, even though none of these items are particularly notable on their own. It’s best to just accept these things. Just lie back and accept the Fassbender. You’ll be happier for it.

To be fair, his accessories game is pretty damn on point. Bag, shades, and shoes are all pretty covetable.


anonymous asked:

Wait, does harry have a 'louis' ring? And he apparently does not wear it anymore? Can you fill me in as I'm obviously lacking information (oops)

Some people think his turquoise ring is his “Louis” ring because he’s fiddled with it in interviews whenever marriage is discussed.

Anyway, no need to freak out because 1. We don’t know if that’s even true. And 2. he doesn’t wear all his rings all the time ever.

He’s got a pretty steady ring array that doesn’t change much, but he apparently will take entire days off from wearing the lot on occasion. It’s not a striking or notable disappearance.


*in a hushed whisper tone she tells her friend so her boyfriend doesn’t over hear*

“Make sure to take some pictures of us while he isn’t looking. When your done post them but make bloody sure you use your other account! Not the one I have you added as a friend. Thanks love. Cheerio. Kiss, Kiss”

*20 minutes later photos leaked on twitter*

*photos suspciously deleted from account when the pictures make the rounds on several public social pages*

*makes twitter account private*

Where has this been seen before? With several of her previous ex’s most notably the most famous ones.

This is what happens when you date a no substance, zero talent D list groupie, who’s sole interests is prostituting every relationship she’s ever had with a famous man. Nice job watching your girlfriend not call the pap’s when she’s with you but she found another way, so the jokes on you Sir Skarsgard.

The delutional stans saying that the pictures were deleted because the original poster felt bad or stalkerish is preposterous. They were deleted because the job that needed to be done was DONE. If you weren’t so busy being a delutional stan, you would see this is Alexa’s Modus Operandi when it comes to pictures being taken of her with a famous date. This media savvy chick is as much of a professional pap caller and photo leaker as Kate Bosworth. Do yourselves a favor stans, come up for air, and research this heffa. Her history speaks volumes. Alex Turner and Chris Martin dumped her for good reason.

Skarsgard, I hope you wake up and smell the coffee sooner then you did with Kate Bosworth or is this going to be a year and a half thing as well? Don’t cry about your private life being invaded mister when you choose to date these type of heffas. I’m judging you and your choices in the company you keep Sir because you have low standards. Your history is also very telling as well and this goes beyond Bosworth. But you don’t seem to care as long as the girl you’re with is anorexic thin and somewhat pretty eh Skarsgard?


Martha Argerich 74th Birthday Countdown | 19 days to go.

Another one of Martha’s most known long life relationships is her great friendship and extremely productive musical partnership with the brazilian pianist Nelson Freire.

The two musicians comunicate without words, or with loud conversations in a weird mix of spanish and portuguese, or through music… they understand eachother perfectly since they met in Vienna in 1959, Martha aged 17 or 18 and Nelson aged 15 or 16.

They listened Horowitz play the Rachmaninoff 3rd piano concerto together at a very young age in Carnegie Hall, holding hands the whole performance long. They were both huge Horowitz admirers and they both have performed the concerto virtuosly, ranked as the notable recordings of it next to their great idol.

Nelson is always one of Martha’s favorite topics to talk about whem avoiding an interview on herself and Martha is always one of Nelson’s favorite topics to talk about when asked about his career.

“My friendship with Martha dates from 1959. For me, it remains the most precious gift of my youth. She broadened my musical horizon more than anyone has done before or after her. When I arrived in Vienna at the age of 14, my musical interests were limited to the piano. She made me first discover the world of jazz with Erroll Garner, Art Tatum and Ella Fitzgerald. Furthermore the violin with Heifetz, chamber music which she already played at that time with the same joy as nowadays. She also opened my ears for the symphonic music of the 20th century (Stravinsky, Ravel), vocal music (Callas), the cello (Jacqueline du Pre). Finally, she initiated me into the world of Schubert. I knew Horowitz as well as she did, but I was the one who made her listen to his recording of Tschaikovsky 1st Piano concerto. I remember that she exclaimed at the first chord "Oh, my God!.” At the time, she was already a living legend. Nevertheless, ignoring everybody and everything, she stopped her career because she didn’t feel happy about what she did. Everybody applauded her, but her sense of truth [self-awareness] spoke louder. That has been a lesson I never forgot, Thanks Martha, Nelson.“
Nelson Freire, 2001.

Write A Game Challenge!

There’s a writing-focused game jam coming up on, and you should totally check it out.

It starts up on June 1st when they’ll announce the theme, and you’ll then have one month to craft some sort of game on any platform you like. The idea is that the game you make has to have a “strong focus on writing”, which they’re breaking up into a few distinct categories:

  • Wording
  • Storytelling
  • Characters
  • Lore
  • Use of one theme

The judges are a panel of professional games writers (notably a few writers from Guild Wars 2) and no previous experience is required.

I’m definitely considering turning one of the project ideas I’ve planned for summer into a quick writing exercise for this jam. It’s rare to have a games competition that focuses on story and writing, so this is a great opportunity to hone your craft. Check it out and let me know if you want to collaborate on an entry!

Send me a message about why I should turn you into a character in my book, and I will choose two!

I’ve started writing my novel properly, after mulling over it for nearly a year, and i’m really enjoying it, and aim to try and get in published next year (or when I finish it, ha!). It’s a crime drama, includes teenagers as well as adults, so i’m looking for a wide range of people I could turn into supporting characters! If you can convince me you could be an awesome character in it, I will make it a reality! Just let me know:

  • Are you a Good guy or Bad guy?
  • Appearance details?
  • Name (either your real name, or one you like!)
  • Age?
  • Any defining/notable features- birth mark? Lots of freckles? Always wears ripped tights? Can’t wink?

I look forward to reading what you send me!! I will end it in a few weeks, but there’s no real deadline, as i’m always going to want to hear about what you’d be if you were a book character!

Day 3: part one accomplished

Back at our lovely apartment to prepare for the opera after an interesting morning. We took a trip up the Northern Line to a lovely neighbourhood, had a drink in a really great pub and soaked up the atmosphere. The beer garden has a great view…

Sadly, one notable local did not cross our path…

However, there is a very convenient wedding dress shop just down the road… catedevalois has placed a provisional order.

katanatip asked:

When do you think Sonic CD happens? I always thought that it took place after S2 & S3&K due to Metal Sonic being much more sleek and advanced than both Mecha Sonics. If CD happened before why were less advanced robot Sonics used during the events of those games. Eggman had the resources to build an entire Death Egg so why not use Metal Sonic or just build another one if CD happened before? Also note that Eggman never went back to any Mecha Sonic design and continued on with Metal Sonic.

I personally believe it takes place between Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 and that Eggman wasn’t as serious when it came to designing the Mecha Sonic’s as he was with the creation of Metal Sonic. The Mecha Sonic’s were just intended to be bosses and not designed and intended to rival Sonic down to the wire like Metal was.

Sonic’s sprite in CD also has the light blue fur that he had in Sonic 1 and notably lighter than he had in Sonic 2. Generations seemed to indicate that Sonic’s fur darkens with age, possibly indicating that Sonic in CD is younger than his Sonic 2 self and therefore proving that CD took place before Sonic 2.

Yet another possible indicator of CD taking place before 2 is Sonic’s awkwardness when using the spin dash in CD compared to how he does it in 2. In CD, he has to charge his spin dash for a short time before he can blast off. This delay is not present in Sonic 2, which implies that with time, he gained more mastery over his spin dash and was more adept at blasting off with only a miniscule “charge”.

Another indication that CD chronologically happened before 2 is due to lack of Tails and the inclusion of Tails in secret screens that were meant to tease his appearance in 2. That intention was lost when CD’s release was pushed behind 2′s even though they were in development around the same time. And no, Tails’ appearance with his car was not hinting at Drift.