notable vampires

fnv x skyrim crossover bcos hear me out here

ARCADE is an altmer studying restoration magic at the college of winterhold. he mostly keeps to himself, researching new spells, as many nords dont take kindly to an elf practicing magic so close to their holds. he is tight-lipped about it, but the rumors of his past association with the aldmeri dominion hold merit. he has an interest in linguistics, and is fluent in dovahzul.

BOONE is an imperial. he carries several years of experience with the legion (ironic, i admit) under his belt, honing his skills with the bow and arrow and his deadliness from afar. as events involving a kidnapping by bandits led to his wife’s death, boone makes it his goal to rid skyrim of as many of them as possible.

CASS is a khajiiti caravan owner, and if her time in skyrim has taught her one thing, its that youre going to have to be twice as smart and twice as tough as any nord if youre going to make it. unlike many of her kind, cass is never found under the influences of skooma–something about a heart condition. instead, she takes her ale nordic style, and could drink any of you pretty blond boys under the table.

ED-E is a modified dwarven spider. it and its control rod were taken from dwemer ruins and enchanted by dominion mages to give it the capacity to unleash electric attacks. ED-E was then sent to carry a message all the way from summerset to the embassy in skyrim, but it never arrived.

LILY is an elderly nord woman with a secret–she is a werebear. her condition did not come from the companions, however, and she takes great shame in it. lily struggles to control her more bestial nature, and although it makes her incredibly deadly in close-combat, it makes her reckless as well. she has learned a spell to control her transformations, but by casting it she sacrifices her memories. she does so half as much as the mage who taught it to her recommended, however, so that she may hold on to at least a sliver of her humanity.

RAUL is a redguard, but more notably a vampire. he is over 200 years old, and a long-past run-in with the dawnguard has left him with burns all over his body. by day he is a sarcastic but charming blacksmith, repairing arms and armor for anyone with the septims to spare, but by night he uses his vampiric abilities to avenge the death of his sister, who was killed at the hands of bandits.

REX was a warhound in life. when he died, his owner, who just so happened to be a powerful necromancer, could not bear to be without him, and used their powers to reanimate his corpse by bringing his spirit back from aetherius. having been placed back in a mortal form after experiencing the realm of magicka brings rex great discomfort, and from time to time he requires the ritual be repeated, anchoring his spirit on nirn once again.

VERONICA is a dunmer descending from a long line of dark brotherhood members. though her skill in the trade and devotion to sithis and the night mother is remarkable, veronica is displeased with how far the skyrim chapter of the organization has strayed from its original goals and traditions, and voicing these opinions has netted much disapproval with her higher-ups.


★ ·.·´¯`·.·★ [ Chris Wood ] ★·.·´¯`·.·★

✴ Weight: Unknown
✴ Height: 6 ft or 183cm
✴ Hair Colour: Dark Brown
✴ Eye Colour: Blue
✴ Birth Place: Dublin, Ohio, U.S.
✴ Date Of Birth: April 14, 1988
✴ Occupation: Actor
✴ Notable Works: The Vampire Diaries, The Carrie Diaries, Containment, Supergirl


I want to take a moment to define a real vampire for you.
I’m not particularly fond of that word because it leaves so much to the imagination of the ignorant.
We are human. We eat food, drink water, take showers, work, sleep; we are human.
How are we different? What makes us ‘vampires’? We are energy deficient. Food, sleep, and water are not enough to sustain us. For whatever reason, we need to draw our energy from an outside source. For sangs that source is blood.
If a human ingests blood (in small quantities) worst Cass scenario, they’ll get a bit of a tummy ache and when it passes through their system as a black tar like substance. If a human ingest blood (in large quantities) they can get very I’ll, so I urge you to not ingest blood unless you are in fact energy deficient and in need of it.
If a vampire ingest blood, our body processes it, as it would any other food. We don’t grow ill, we grow well; and, it is not passed as black tar. Our bodies are capable of digesting it.
This is the largest most notable difference between a vampire and a human.

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How long does the average moth live after pupating? 'Cause I heard they don't have very long lives. Does it vary wildly be species or are they all roughly the same?

Sadly, many moth species have very short lives after pupating. Cooling them off can slow them down but the average lifespan in the wild is about 10 days. They spend their lives as larvae feeding constantly so that they can dedicate their entire adult lives to mating and producing offspring. To that end, the adults have huge gonads taking up most of their insides an no functional digestive system or mouth. 

There are more than a few families of moths that do feed as adults though, quite notably the so-called “vampire moths” that feed on blood and the species that feeds on the eye fluid of sleeping mammals.  

Contrary to popular belief though, there are no moths that feed on clothing. The caterpillars eat the clothes but in all of those families, the moths don’t feed as adults! If you’ve told people that moths have eaten your clothing sadly you’ve maligned these noble creatures that are unable to speak a word in their own defense. As if their short lives weren’t already difficult enough. 

Rayen ran a hand over her hair as she approached Shane’s doorway, a good couple of hours later than she had normally been visiting. Somehow, she was hoping that would take away from the straggly look of it that day, smoothing it down and straightening out her shirt as well. Her legs carried her with a noticeable lack of strength in her stride that matched her low gaze. Visiting Shane lately had kept Rayen from having to spend too much time with Leslie or other vampires but it hadn’t spared her today. Les had a particularly important vampire guest and he always liked having Rayen present for that. As he said, there was something more powerful about offering notable vampires obedient, violet-eyed hunter girls over just any other human slave. So Rayen had spent the afternoon and much of the evening in Leslie’s meeting room with another older vampire who was equally as creepy, allowing them to feed and entertain themselves as they wished until long after their dealings were over. By the time she was dismissed, her mind felt distant and if she didn’t know better, Rayen would think her skin was crawling. It was a familiar feeling, but one she’d been able to suppress more often than not in the last year or so. She wondered if perhaps she’d gotten too comfortable and familiar with herself again, visiting Shane and feeling human but shook the thought away she placed her hand on the door. 

In her other hand, Rayen held two bags of blood that she’d picked up on the way. She’d been trying her best to get Shane’s strength back up and it meant keeping her drinking more than she’d usually need, and Rayen knew she didn’t have it in her to offer her own blood that night. She pushed the door open slowly, not waiting or bothering to knock. Shane would have heard her heartbeat so she wasn’t exactly catching her off guard. “Sorry it’s so late.” Her voice was strangely scratchy and the words seemed to crack through her lips. Rayen cleared her throat and swallowed before talking again, at a more normal volume. “I brought bags if you want them.”