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this is a pro-robots blog

i believe that robots and AI won’t become evil overlords, but genuinely helpful in taking jobs that are dangerous to humans, as well as assisting the disabled and elderly. and a lot of other stuff. fuck dude i just love robots, please be nice to robots they are our beautiful artificial children



BTS x SPOTIFY :: BTS’ playlist (YNWA & discography)

types of panic fans

the casual fan: listens to panic for fun sometimes if they feel like it. only knows songs from doab and the singles from the other albums

the ryan stan: br*nd*n ur*e killed their crops and burned their village. worships afycso and the rose vest. willing to fight the urie man for even having the thought of playing songs that ryan wrote live. has or plans to get at least one tattoo of his lyrics. lives for those edits where its his livejournal entries. their life mission is to get ryan the credit he deserves. also has a ryan ross hands kink

the brendon stan: brendon urie has done nothing wrong ever. he is the nicest, kindest, most beautiful human being to ever exist. lives for his high notes. would die for him. worships sarah. did i mention how beautiful brendon urie is and how proud i am of him can u believe he made doab all by himself wow

the ryden truther: ryden was 708% real. has read every ryden theory masterpost. has probably written at least one ryden theory post. every song is about ryan ross if you try hard enough. pretty odd is the best panic album. cries at every minor ryan/brendon interaction. everything that brendon does somehow relates back to the fact that he’s still bitter and sad about ryan. quotes throam almost daily. is rereading throam right now

the dallon stan: vices and virtues is a masterpiece. probably ships brallon. tags every picture of dallon with a keysmash. screams a lot. would kill to see a brobecks show. really only goes to panic shows to see dallon. strives to reach dallon’s level of dadness. here for dallon’s idkhbtfm project. is just here to have a good time

the “emo trinity” fan: obsessively listens to fall out boy and my chemical romance along with panic. probably also likes twenty one pilots, halsey, and/or melanie martinez. they like panic just as much as the other bands in the “trinity”. wants panic to tour with fob/21p. probably ships peterick/joshler/frerard

Because magic likes its arbitrary ages, it starts when Neil turns eighteen, an odd twisting sensation in his stomach pulling him downward and then—

He’s in the same place. Or—no, he’s not. It’s still the Millport locker room, but the lockers are the wrong color, and the room is full of guys in soccer gear.

“Hey, man, didn’t see you,” one of the guys says, bumping in to Neil. “Where are your cleats?”


“You’re not trying to play in those, are you?” the guy says, gesturing to Neil’s sneakers. “Come on, dude.”

He’s drugged or something. He has to be. There’s no other explanation.

Except—he doesn’t feel drugged. So maybe it’s a dream, except—he does the typical dream checks, counts his fingers and reads the fliers on the bulletin board near the door. Doesn’t seem to be a dream.

He scans the fliers tacked up, searching for a hint, anything that might tell him what the hell is going on, and then his eyes fall on a schedule for the fall soccer season.

Millport @ Scottsdale – 10/30/97

Tempe @ Millport – 11/4/97

Mesa @ Millport – 11/9/97

Millport @ Glendale – 11/11/97

Ninety-seven? It can’t be ninety-seven. It can’t be 1997. There’s no way he blinked and ended up nearly twenty years in the past.

just a slow body