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Please Don’t Let the Political Revolution Die

Back on March 15th we told everyone we didn’t think Bernie could win. We wanted to be wrong and a few times after that, most notably before New York, I thought we might be. Unfortunately we were not wrong and barring something crazy, the nominee is going to be Hillary Clinton. Before some of you start typing me angry messages, let me explain why those angry messages are counterproductive. Not when you send them to me, but when you leave them around the internet for other people to see and take in.

Each time we made those posts saying we thought Bernie couldn’t win, we did so against the urging of the official campaign, and against what we knew our followers wanted to hear. It’s unfortunate but a certain part of the campaign process is intentionally blurring the lines and intentionally making your person seem better or more worthy of praise, it’s just how elections work. We did it to an extent, but personally I think being unrealistic with your expectations of victory is unfair. Bernie Sanders hasn’t dropped out yet, but he won’t be the nominee, he lost the primary process fair and square. The process IS rigged. That’s a fact. He still lost under the rules of that rigged process. It was rigged before Bernie entered and he campaigned knowing it was rigged. The behavior of people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the media made it all worse. That’s also a fact. 

Holding your fingers in your ears and screaming at anyone who says Bernie lost won’t change that fact and all it does is legitimize everything our detractors say about us. 

We don’t like this. We’ve been posting Bernie content for over a year. Every day hours of my day have been devoted to Bernie and his cause. Every single day, for over a year. Even before he announced we were busy campaigning for him. We’ve been here from the beginning. We’ve watched his campaign grow from 3% in the polls to pose a real challenge to the biggest political machine in the history of the United States. We’ve watched his message change from a pretty singular focus on income inequality and Scandinavian Socialism, to a broad focus on economic, social, racial, and environmental justice. We helped Bernie continually defy the odds and forever change the political landscape of the United States. We can’t stop now. 

Throughout the entire primary process people branded us as idealistic, as too outlandish, as crazy, as unrealistic. If this campaign has taught you anything, remember that Bernie’s ideas are none of those things. The behavior I’ve seen in the last week, totally is. The political process sucks sometimes, I held my nose while I voted for Obama in 2012. The country is hurting and I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. Being vocally anti anything but Bernie at this point, is unrealistic. It shows how little some people know about American politics and the system we work within. I realize we’re trying to change that system, but that’s the whole point, it takes more than brute force. 

We need to organize. We need to reject the status quo and seek better information and more nuanced discussion. We need to consider the views of people we might consider outlandish. We need to focus on solutions, not conflict and sensationalism. Screaming #BernieorBust on Twitter and saying you’ll vote for Donald Trump because $hillary is evil, WON’T GET US ANYWHERE. It’s inviting, sometimes it feels really good, especially after everything that’s been pulled on us, but it won’t change the country. 

Being realistic and thoughtful is what will change this country and that is exactly what Bernie represents, no matter what anyone says. Nothing Bernie has said is unrealistic. Don’t let them take that away from us by being sore losers. Don’t let them brand the entire movement as not legitimate because of the vocal few who want to tear everything down in these next few weeks. This campaign has been unbelievably successful. Please continue to advocate for those ideas in every way and please understand that bashing people for having different opinions just proves everything the opposition has been saying about us.