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How to Annotate Literature

Many times language and literature classes require students to annotate the books that are given to them, but in many cases tips and advice on how to do so is lacking. I will be sharing my personal strategy for efficient and successful annotating that will not only help your understanding of the text but also gain the love of your teachers!

The tips have been divided into 5 components, each with their own explanation.

Sticky Tabs are Your Best Friend

I don’t know how I would manage to annotate without my sticky tabs. They help me organize and navigate the book before the reading, remind me what to look for while i’m going through the text and help me find whatever I may need once I get to further analysis for the class. 

Create a key for your tabs, personally I use five colors each having a few specific purposes based on where I place them in the book. Most stickies are accompanied by a specific note that will remind me of what I wanted to point out, these stick out of the right margin. 

  • Pink- Anything to do with characters, be it development or certain traits to remember. It can also be used for when you have questions about character related aspects of the text.
  • Orange- Refers to setting, in plays it is also applicable for stage directions.
  • Yellow- Is used for literary devices and use of language (tone, diction, patterns) and syntax, if there is a particular word the author used or a structure you want to take note of, this is the color to use. 
  • Green- Applicable to any important plot events, notable scenes or things that you think will be significant later in the story.
  • Blue- Themes and context of said ideas, anything to do with time, place and space in which the text takes place. It can also relate to how your context (a student reading a book for a literature course) impacts your perception of the text.

These are the things teachers usually look out for and it is certainly useful in any kind of further task! 

The top and bottom margins can be used to divide the book in to sections, such as chapters or scenes, mark the most important pages and to also highlight text to text connections. These colors you can pick yourself!

I do not recommend having more than 5 sticky tabs per page, otherwise it gets too crowded and they lose their purpose! (but you will still need to buy aaa lloootttt)

This is my key for the book I am currently annotating, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. 

Don’t Overdo it With the Highlighter

Find one color highlighter that you like the most and use it to mark explicit words or phrases that catch your attention, you can also use them in correlation with you sticky tabs! 

I prefer to use a yellow highlighter because it seems to bleed the least, and I usually use it in relation to the the yellow and blue tabs because those are the ones that relate to the most detailed and minute parts of the text. Once again you can find your own preference! But don’t overdo it, otherwise, like the tabs, the highlighter will lose its function to highlight important points. 

This is an example of how much highlighting I usually do. For non-fictional texts or parts of a book (like in the introduction you see here) I reserved highlighter for dates and names. 

Have a Conversation With the Author

This is one of the first tips that my high school teacher gave me and it’s really one of the most important ones to remember. And I know, it may sound kinda silly, but I find that it really helps me in developing my ideas and remembering exactly how I felt about a certain aspect of part of the text. 

Whether the text is fiction of non fiction, anything in between, you can always do these few things

  • Ask questions- As if you were going to get an answer, ask questions, write them down and write down as many as you want. Writing things down helps people remember so then it is more likely that in a class discussion you will be able to recall your queries or wonders. 
  • If you don’t like something, or you’re surprised by something, write it down! Use exclamation marks, use words that you would use in a regular conversation. I always write ‘WOW!!’ or ‘OMG’ when i’m especially impressed, and having such vocal- well written vocally- emotions will bring you closer to the subject of the text. 
  • Talk to the characters as well, if you are questioning a character’s actions ask them and provide an explanation as to why you speculate they may have acted a certain way. Not only does that further contribute to your involvement (also making things more entertaining) but it also deepens your thought!

What i’m trying to say is write down anything that comes to mind, your first response is your true response, and it is a valuable addition to your notes! And if you want to write a whole essay in between the lines… Actually, i’ll come back to that later! 

Pens, not Pencils 

I used to make notes completely in pencil but my approach changed when I realized that overtime the pencil would rub off and get illegible. I think it was because I used my book so much, but having switched to pen I realized that it helps me in quite a few other things as well. 

The good thing about pen is that you can’t erase it and let’s say you started writing down a note, scan down the page and realize what you are taking a note of is completely wrong. That’s ok! That’s actually really good! Don’t scribble out what you just wrote down, but instead continue and explain why you may have thought a certain way and what your understanding is now. That relates really closely to the previous note. 

Evidently pen also appears darker on the page, then there’s no possibility of it ever disappearing. It also won’t smudge or bleed as long as it’s ballpoint! That’s a good thing when drawing arrows between lines, underlining in addition to your highlights and circling/boxing whatever you deem necessary.

Time, Effort and Commitment

It’s clear that this post took me a while to make, and it took me a while to develop this system with all of the things that I have considered. So it must be self evident that using this type of annotation won’t be quick. It might get tiring at some times, and for me it really does, but at the end I find that it always pays off! You have to stay committed to this technique, you have to put in the same amount of effort for every page, which means you need time. So here are a few final general tips I will leave you with.

  • Don’t procrastinate! As goes for any task, and this one more than any, don’t waste time getting to it! I advice you check how many pages you have in total and make sure that you do a certain amount per day (usually 5-10 pages a day is good!)
  • If you go off on massive tangents in the side bars, make sure that you don’t get too distracted by them because they will take up a lot of your time. But one now and then may be good! Be sure to mark it for later reference!
  • Play mind games with yourself. This one is actually pretty interesting but it personally gets me a long way. If you have 20 pages left, don’t look at it as 20 pages but instead as 4 times 5, then the amount will seem a lot more manageable! It’s a kind of self encouragement!
  • That can also be said by looking now and then at how far your bookmark has moved through the book and giving yourself a pat on the back for all of you hard work!

That’s all I have for now! If you have any further questions for advice or explanation please message me and I will be more than happy to help! And I hope that this helps some people out too! (I’m counting this as 21/100 days of productivity as all I did today was related to annotating.)


TARGARYEN WEEK | day vi (one relationship) - Visenya & Maegor 

The death of the Dowager Queen Visenya in 44 AC was a notable event although Maegor seemed to take it in his stride. She had been his greatest ally and supporter from birth, seeking his advancement over his elder brother Aenys, and doing what she could to secure his legacy.


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The Vikings in Ireland: The First Wave, 795 - 873.

The initial phase of Viking involvement in Ireland consisted of multiple “hit-and-run” type raids. Starting with the raid on the wealthy monastery of Lambay Island in 795, the Vikings began their plunder. Lambay lies just north of Dublin Bay, however, at this point there was no Dublin. Dublin would later be settled by Vikings in 841 as a longphort (a type of photo-settlement allowing safe harborage for raiding activities) during the second phase of Viking actions in Ireland.

The Vikings came in search of loot and treasure, of which monasteries sure had a lot of during the middle ages. However, they were not alone in this, “for native Irish raiders did not scruple or emulate [the Vikings’] example”(2). Irish society was unique from the rest of Christendom in that they were a fractured society familiar with tribal politics. Although these initial raids do shock the land, the people of Ireland were not estranged from violence and would eventually adapt as seen in the later Viking activities.

Some notable events….

795: Lambay
802: Iona (moves to Kells, 807 - Book of Kells)
812: Irish resistance
824: Bangor (bolder raids)
832: Armagh (several times)
835: Clonmacnoise
841: Longphort at Linn Dúachaill and Duiblinn
842: Viking participation in Irish conflicts


  1. Haywood, John. “Vikings in Ireland I.” In The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings. London: Penguin, 1995. 
  2. Killeen, Richard. “Vikings.” In A Brief History of Ireland: Land, People, and History. Running Press, 2012. 
  3. Dukes-Knight, Jennifer. “Vikings in Ireland.” Lecture, Viking History, University of South Florida, 2015.

springtweek  asked:

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into witchy stuff but has a hard time believing in it?

I might. :)

I’ve questioned my own ability to work magic from time to time. A certain amount of skepticism is natural, especially if you’re a skeptical person to begin with. “The proof is in the pudding,” as they say, and witchcraft doesn’t produce a whole lot of pudding.

Magic cannot be measured by scientific means and it’s not meant to be. It can be difficult to believe in things with no quantifiable physical result, the more so when it appears that the effort you’ve put forth has somehow been for naught.

The best thing you can do, and what helps me during my periods of doubt, is to journal what you’ve been doing. Write down what you cast and when, then if a notable related event occurs, record that too. (Sometimes, the appearance of results will depend on what sort of magic you’re doing, and it’s worth noting that certain magics are evidenced by the LACK of an event, such as protections or bindings.)

If you don’t feel up to working magic just yet because of your skepticism, try researching first. Learn about the types of magic that interest you and see if that helps. Come at the concepts from a scholarly angle. Look into the history of folk magic and herbalism, or make a study of witchcraft and magic as it exists in history. You might try browsing through Sacred Texts and see if anything grabs your attention.

Hope this helps! :)

anonymous asked:

OMG that interview with Nathan,he's a bless. And that makes me wondering if you could write a castle fic about it? Like Castle makes snuggies for everyone in the Castle household? Or like he makes one for Beckett the first year they work together, and Beckett just can't believe he makes it himself ?

Hi Anon! I hope you like this! :)

Snuggie Love

A post-2x18 ish ficlet

“For you.”

She blinks, staring at him with a blank face, the gift in his outstretched arms ignored for the time being. He makes no move to take the bundle back, though, instead shifting his grip to make it easier to hold onto – just in case they’re here a while.

“What are you talking about?” Beckett asks finally, her brow wrinkling in confusion. “What is this?”

“A gift?” he says, his eyes opening wider. “An object given willingly to someone else without expected repayment; often in celebration of a notable event in the recipient’s life?”

She rolls her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. “Thanks, Merriam Webster. I know what a gift is. What I don’t know is why you’re giving one to me.”

Another sarcastic response almost rolls of his tongue, but he curbs it, licking his lips and going for honesty instead. “Because you’ve been through a lot recently, and I thought having something comfortable and warm might help make things a little easier as you look for a new place.”

Beckett softens a hair, her eyes darting to the fleece in his hands. “That's… actually kind of sweet, Castle.”

“I know,” he says, allowing his smile to widen when she purses her lips in an attempt to hide hers. “But seriously, I know when your apartment exploded, you lost a lot of the little things like throw pillows and blankets. The comforting stuff. So here’s a piece to start off your replacement collection.”

At long last, she takes the bundle from his hands, trailing soft fingers over the vintage, colorful elephant pattern.

“I made it,” he adds proudly, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Beckett freezes, her eyes lifting to meet his.

“You… made this.”

His head bobs. “Uh huh. It’s really easy once you get the hang of it. I made one for Alexis and one for my mother – though she never uses it – a few years ago, and I made one for myself last winter.”

Beckett nods, looking almost thoughtful for some reason. His fingers itch to reach for her, to brush his thumb over her lower lip before she can pull it between her teeth.

“What?” Rick asks, tilting his head. “Is it the pattern? Because I debated, but I remembered seeing that painting in your old place, and then there are the elephants on your desk, and–”

“No,” she interrupts, flattening her palm against the fleece, protective. “No, the pattern is beautiful, Castle. It’s just… I didn’t know you even knew how to sew.”

“I taught myself after Mother refused to make me an ET Halloween costume. She said I was too old.”

Beckett’s lips purse, her eyes sparkling with something he’s come to recognize as her own eagerness to hear his stories, to know what makes him tick. “How old were you?”

“Thirty-two,” he answers, delighting in the bark of laughter that spills from her mouth. “It was Halloween, Beckett. There was a theme Alexis and I were working with.”

“Sure it was,” she laughs again, shaking her head. After a moment, the mockery falls from her face, leaving a gentle, soft smile on her cheeks.

“Thank you. I can’t believe you made me a blanket.”

Just like that, his anxiety over the gift is siphoned away; she likes it.

“Oh, it’s not a blanket,” he says, watching her eyes narrow in suspicion at the correction. Maybe he should’ve allowed her to discover it on her own, but oh well; the cat’s out of the bag now.

“It’s not?” Beckett asks slowly, studying the fabric in her hands like she’s afraid he’s given her something that might explode. “What is it then?”

“Well it is a blanket, kind of. But that’s not all it is.”

She exhales, dropping her head. “Do I want to know?”

“It’s a Snuggie, Beckett,” he announces, nudging the bundle until it unfurls, the bottom hem nearly touching the floor. “Here, look. These are the sleeves, and I put Velcro on the back so you can close it and it keeps all of you warm. Nobody wants a hospital gown version. And oh! Best part,” he says, manipulating the fleece until she can see the front, “is the pocket. That’s my personal addition to the design. That way you can store your phone, or snacks, or just keep your hands warm while you watch TV.”

“You made me a Snuggie,” she repeats after a long pause. “You made me an actual Snuggie like they sell on late night TV infomercials.”

“Yes? They seem silly, I know, but they’re so comfortable. Once you’re wearing it, you’ll forget that you ever felt ridiculous!”

To his astonishment, instead of shutting him down with a sharp barb, she just laughs. “Somehow I doubt that, but thank you. This really was nice of you. And ET costume or not, I’m still surprised you know how to make something like a Snuggie.”

Rick smiles again, preening a bit harder. “I have many, many talents, Beckett. And I’d be happy to show them all to you, just say the word. Any time, day or night.”

‘Mhmm, I’m sure you would,“ she murmurs, folding the fleece with unexpected care. Once she’s done, she cradles the gift to her chest, regarding him with soft eyes. “See you tomorrow, Castle.”

“See you tomorrow,” he echoes, watching her hoist her bag onto her shoulder and slip away from her desk, never loosening her hold on the fleece.

He can’t be sure, but he’s sure he sees her press her face – and a sweet, shy smile – against the fabric before the elevator doors close.

A/N: I hope you liked this! For anyone curious, this is the interview with Nathan the prompter mentioned. 

Ryden Theory

Ryden.  Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie.  The two men who have royally fucked up my life.  I wanted to “decode”  their relationship.  Song lyrics, interview, lore.  Everything.  If anyone has read M Theory about Sherlock, that is the feel I’m going for.  I’m going to do this chronologically, but first a quick overview of Ryden and a little background.   Even If you don’t believe they were in love, the loss of friendship is just as sad.


A lot of this is speculation.  I love Brendon, Ryan, Jon, Spencer, Dallon and Sarah.  


So, Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie are both known because of the band Panic!  At the Disco.  A band that has had no fewer than nine members.  The originals, Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, and Brent Wilson.  Ryan and Spencer had been friends since they were five and had begun the band playing Blink-182 covers.  Many splits over twelve years, leaving lead singer, Brendon Urie, the only original member left.  


Panic!  Was originally Ryan and Spencer Smith (original drummer’s)  band, joined by Brent Wilson (original bassist)  who was the one to bring in Brendon.  The thing is, Brendon was originally the backup guitarist with Ryan as lead vocals.  After hearing Brendon sing they made him lead singer and Ryan the lead guitarist.  Ryan was reluctant to let Brendon take over, these were HIS songs about HIS struggles.  Both Ryan and Brendon have talked about how hard it was for them to communicate on how to sing the songs.  You might know the next bit,  they sent some demos (Camisado, Time to Dance, Nails for Breakfast and Tacks for Snacks)  to Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy bassist)  who flew to LA and watched them practice.  He ended up signing them to his label, decaydance.  Ryan wrote all of the songs from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, the album including hit, I Write Sins Not Tragedies.  Chances are, this is the first P!atd song you ever heard.  Ryan and Brendon were beginning to warm up to each other.


Panic!  Really hit it big in 2006.  They sold 10, 000 albums in the first week.  Later on that year they won ‘MTV video of the Year’ for I Write Sins.  They began to tour. This is around the time they started the ‘stage-gay’.  You may have seen the ‘Perfect Passionate Kiss’ video  ( .  Later this year the first split occurred, bassist Brent Wilson was kicked out of the band.  It was revealed that he didn’t record any bass on the album.  Instead, Brendon had filled in and recorded all of the bass.  The Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour replaced Brent with Jon Walker.  The Circus tour’s most notable event was

Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach

Panic! Had a dancer named Dream, who every night would go on stage and say that Brendon was a virgin.  In an interview, Dream said this was a lie.  Greta Salpeter from Hush Sound, who was touring with Panic!  Said that they went skinny dipping at Myrtle Beach around midnight.    This is normal.  Friends skinny dip together all the time.  What makes it part of Ryden Lore is good ol’ Ryro’s livejournal post later that night.

6-25-06 01:21:28 PDT - (No Subject)

The moon bred new Atlantic life tonight. the salt burned you right out of my eyes. and secrets we’re not proud of were taken with the tide. We were all newborns with blurred vision and no sense of direction.

Today I saw cancer, cigarettes and shortness of breath. this is why I walk to the ocean. swim with jellyfish. I may never get this chance again. this is why if you want to kiss you should kiss. If you want to cry you should cry, and if you want to live you should live. You don’t have to love me. You already did. At least enough to keep me smiling from South Carolina to Virginia. it’s for lovers (orjustfriends) This is why I do it.


Also, I’m going to mention a few lyrics here.  I will go deeper into lyrics later on.

Northern Downpour

Hey moon, please forget to fall down.

I’m just going to say, it’s probable that Ryan and Brendon fucked that night.  I think this lyric is about not wanting that night to end.  Hey moon, don’t you go down.  Don’t go down because that means this night is over.  A night which was probably one of the best of their lives.


2007 was pretty uneventful.  They started to work on Pretty. Odd, around the same time Ryan’s dad passed away.  They worked through it though.  The band.


They released the first single Nine in the Afternoon, early in 2008.  What stands out about this song is really the video.  Despite having great lyrics, if you’re looking at this through the Ryden Conspiracy Theorist Lens™ like I am, the video really stands out.  The end especially shows how comfortable they were around each other.  It’s just really cute.  I don’t want to talk about Northern Downpour yet because it’s 1 AM and I don’t want to cry right now.  So we’re going to talk about  When The Day Met The Night.  This is the Sun and Moon theory.  Ryan is the sun, Brendon is the moon.  Some believe it’s the other way around.  Please check for why I think this.  I think that the song is a story.  A story about how they fell in love.

 When the moon (Brendon) found the sun (Ryan)  he looked like he was barely hanging on.  I think this is saying that  before Brendon, Ryan was close to giving up.  

  Her (Brendon) eyes saved his (Ryan) life.  Brendon’s love saved Ryan.  Like it or not, Brendon’s voice is what gave Panic! That little boost that it desperately needed to make it big.  Many other songs reference this particular piece of lore.  Anyway, I guess I have to do it now.  Northern Downpour.  THE Ryden song.  First, we have to talk about Ryan’s 21st birthday.  Pete threw Ryan a party in New York, which is on the EAST coast.  Ryan was the only one drinking age, so the rest flew to RAINY NORTHERN SEATTLE.  Around midnight Ryan left his party and his girlfriend, Keltie Colleen, and flew to Seattle without warning.  Maybe you’ve already figured it out.

 I missed your skin when you were east.  Ryan was on the east coast away from Brendon.  This ties in with- You clicked your heels and wished for me.  Ryan wished he was with Brendon.  

 I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home.  THIS LINE.  Ryan told Brendon to pay special attention to this line.  Also, this is the line when Brendon would start crying while performing it after the 2009 split.  The meaning though.  I think it’s about how yes, the world sucks, and hurts.  But if you ignore that, let the pain melt away, it’s home.  

You may be wondering how we know about Seattle.  The thing is, there’s photos of them there.  Eating at the Market.  Ryan in the same clothes as the night before.  Seattle itself is very important.  Ryan has said it’s his favourite place to perform.  Ry was driving to Seattle when he got the call that his father died.  Of course there’s also the “Maybe one day we’ll settle in Seattle” line.  Also Bren breaking down while performing   Casual Affair in Seattle.

Okay. I’m done with 2008.  Bring on 2009.


If I didn’t want to talk about Northern Downpour, I definitely don’t want to talk about 2009.  But I gotta.  Fuck 2009.  2009 is the year of the split.  The cited reason of the split is ‘Musical Differences’  I think that this is partially true.  Ryan and Jon had begun to write music on their own.  They had also started to make fun of Brendon’s attempts at writing music.  The tension was building.  They did try to work things out by going to a cabin to write their next album,  Crickets and Clover.  Never heard of it?  That’s okay.  It was never released.  Now.  Now we talk about Cape Town.

Cape Town

This was it.  The End.  I can’t really talk about Cape Town.  No one knows what happened.

The Young Veins

Ryan and Jon left.  They formed their own semi-successful band.  There’s a few song we need to talk about.  Lie to the Truth is all about how Ryan tried to love Keltie, but couldn’t.  About how he wanted needed their relationship to stay private.  But I really need to talk about Cape Town. Yes, they wrote a song about.  BUT IT’S RYAN ROSS SO NO ONE FUCKING KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT.  POETIC LITTLE SHIT. Specifically, the contrast between it and The Calendar.  I think that The Calendar is very important so I’ll talk about it separately later.

Cape Town vs.  The Calendar

The Calendar

And I meant everything that I said that night.   Brendon did mean everything he said.  Presumably they had a fight.

I will come back to life, but only for you.  THIS CHANGES THE LAST LINE.  Yes, Brendon meant what he said, he was mad. But he was still in love.  He can forgive him.  Only him.

Cape Town

Woke me in the morning, asked me if I meant it.  I’m assuming Ryan said some pretty shitty things to Brendon.  But he didn’t mean them.

I loved, I left you, in Cape Town.  Ryan did love Brendon, but they couldn’t stay together.

Vices & Virtues

I love this album.  So much.  I cried the first time I listened to it.  I swear this entire album is about Ryan Ross.  Every song has meaning so this’ll take a while.

The Ballad of the Mona Lisa

Say what you mean.  Ryan stop being so cryptic and just TELL BRENDON WHAT YOU MEAN.

Let the sun rain down on me.  Sun and Moon theory.

Give me a sign, I want to believe.  Brendon wants Ryan to show him he’s still in love with him, Brendon wants them to be together.

You’re guaranteed to run this town.  Good job, Ry!  You finally have control over you music.  Even later into 2009 Ryan and Brendon still struggled with how Brendon was singing Ryan’s lyrics.  This is Bren being petty.

I’d pay to see you frown.  Brendon wants Ryan to fail so he’ll finally realize that he needs Brendon.  

Pleased to please ya.  Brendon felt like Ryan thought that it was a privilege for Brendon to sleep with him.


You’re behind my eyelids when I’m all alone.   Brendon misses Ryan.  A lot.

I led the revolution, in my bedroom.  This is talking about the fact Ryden was a LGBTQ+  relationship.

They don’t look like me.  Brendon’s a cocky lil shit.  Brendon knows that Ryan isn’t going to be with anyone more attractive than him.

They don’t sound like me.  No matter how hard Ryan and Jon try, none of those songs they write can sound like his.  They don’t have the vocal ability.

This one hurts too.  Memories

With an unrequited love.  Brendon felt that Ryan never really loved him back

She was the youngest of the family, and the last to be let go.  Brendon was the youngest of a large mormon family.

Then they decided that they would try to make it on their own.  The original four all risked everything for this chance that they would make it in the music world.

Oh memories, where’d you go?   You were all I’d ever known.  I actually think this is about Ryan and Spencer’s friendship.  One of the unanswered questions of the split is, why did Spencer side with Brendon even though Ryan had been his best friends since they were five?

How I miss yesterday.  Brendon and Spencer both just really want it to be 2009 again.

When July became December.  An overarching theme of this album is summer ending.  This is often related to the split.

But they couldn’t quite remember what inspired them to go.  After the underwhelming debut of The Young Veins, Ryan and Jon would have to watch Panic!  Make a comeback, without them.

They were fighting for their love, it was growing tired.  Brendon and Ryan tried to make it work.

When the money lost momentum.  Ryan and Jon were probably rolling in Panic!  Royalties after they left, but although they still gain a little money from their Panic! Days, it’s definitely slowed down.

They were young and independent, and they thought they had it planned. Should have known right from the start, you can’t predict the end.  At the beginning they were young, and desperate for separation from their parents.  They thought everything would be perfect.  You can’t predict how things will end.

Don’t let it fade away.  I think that this is a message to us, the fans.  Don’t let these first two albums be forgotten.

Trade Mistakes

I think this song is about Brendon’s mistakes as a lover and friend.   About how it bothers him that Ryan can seemingly just keep going without him.  Brendon knows he fucked up by letting Ryan leave, he wants to trade those mistakes for peace of mind

Ready to Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)

You’ve got these little things, that you’ve been running from.  Ryan had a troubled childhood that still haunts him, it’s why he can’t stay with someone from his past.  These tiny things following him everywhere.

I’m ready to live.  Fuck Ryan Ross.  Brendon is learning how to be in Panic! Without Ryan.   Learning to live without Ryan.

Get me out of my mind.  Brendon wants to think about anything but Ryan.

Always  this song fucks me up too

When the world gets too heavy, put it on my back.  I think this is about how Ryan wrote songs about his struggles, then Brendon had to sing it.  Brendon would have to carry part of the burden.

You’re taking me apart.  Brendon is slowly being pulled apart, Ryan left him.  His band is split in two.

It was always you, falling for me.   Brendon now sees that Ryan did love him.  

I’m the light blinking at the end of the road, blink back to let me know.  Despite everything, Brendon is still waiting for Ryan.  He’s begging Ryan for a sign that there’s something worth waiting for.

I’m a fly that’s trapped, in a web, but I’m thinking that, my spider’s dead.  Brendon is still very in love with Ryan, but he’s beginning to believe that there’s no hope for them.

Lonely, lonely little life, I could kid myself, thinking that I’m fine.  Brendon feels alone without Ryan.  Yes, he has Spencer, but it’s not the same.  Even though he knows that Spencer can’t replace Ryan in anyway, he can make himself believe that.

The Calendar

If you don’t let it out, you’re gonna let it eat you away.  Ryan and Brendon were keeping their love a secret and it was slowly destroying them.

Pray I could replace her, forget the way her tears taste.  Brendon tried to replace Ryan and Jon with Dallon, but it wasn’t the same.

Put another X on the calendar, summer’s on its death bed.  Summer was when their love both blossomed and and died.

There’s simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends. Brendon had said in interviews that he’d hoped that they’d be together forever.  I bet if you’d told 17 year old Panic! That it would end with them all hating each other, not talking.  Toxic relationships.  They would have hesitated before signing to decaydance.

And I meant everything I said that night, I’ll come back to life, but only for you.  This is hinting at the resurgence of Panic!  Literally 90% of the songs on V&V were about Ryan.  Panic! Came back, but for Ryan.

Don’t want to call it a second chance, but when I came back, it was more of a relapse. Whenever Brendon gave Ryan a second chance it felt like he was doing drugs again, like he was high.  Like he had broken a promise to himself.

Sarah Smiles


Nearly Witches.

This song is special because it’s technically the last song written by Ryan Ross for Panic!  He didn’t write all of it though.  We need to start with the french.

Dès le premier jour, ton parfum enivra mon amour, et dans ces instants, j'aimerais être comme toi par moments, mais depuis ce jour, je n'ai qu'un seul et unique regret

From day one, my love your perfume intoxicated, and in these moments

I want to be like you at times, but since that day, I only have a single regret.  Most of this comes in again later.

Here I am, composing a burlesque.  What’s really important about this line is how Brendon performs it.  This is the last line Ryan ever wrote.  Brendon will often perform it mockingly, many people have interpreted it as Brendon being petty af and making fun of Ryan.

I only shoot up with your perfume.  Only Ryan can get him the high he craves.

I’ve got just one regret to live through, that one regret is you.  Brendon regrets Ryan, regrets their love.

I’ve got just one regret to live through, and I regret ever letting you go.  This changes the meaning of the original line.  Now, it’s about Brendon regretting letting what he and Ryan had die.  He thinks he should’ve held onto it as long as possible.

Mona Lisa, pleased to please ya.  This makes me think that the Mona Lisa is Ryan.  Even though Brendon regrets leaving Ryan, he knows he was never as much to Ryan as Ryan was to him.

The album as a whole

Brendon is a salty bitch.  

Not much happened between this and Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die.  Brendon cried while performing Northern Downpour.  Idk not much.   Oh yeah, Brendon and Sarah got married.

Too Rare to Live, Too Rare to Die

I think this album is a lot of Brendon accepting his sexuality, Ryan+Jon being gone, and the future.  A fair amount of this album was written by Dallon.  

This is Gospel

This song is about Spencer and his struggle with addiction.

Miss Jackson

When I saw Panic! In concert, Brendon said this was about a girl in Vegas.  I think that there’s some parts that apply to Ryan though.  I think when Brendon sings about no one knowing who was there, he’s talking about how they’d had to keep their love a secret.

Girl That You Love

This song was dedicated to Ryan Ross in the album notebook.

Drop every pretense.  Pretense literally means an attempt to make something that is not the case to appear true.  So basically Brendon is saying, ‘hey Ry, yeah remember how we pretended we weren’t in love.  Yeah stop that’


The song’s about how Brendon felt addicted to Ryan’s love, always saying that it would be the last time.  


I actually think this isn’t about Ryan, but instead Brendon realizing that it’s okay for him to have these feelings for another man.  

Casual Affair

This song is talking about how they’d both just said, ‘Oh it’s okay, we’re young, fooling around.’  If you want to cry watch this video of Brendon singing Casual Affair and breaking down.  In Seattle.

End of All Things

I am always yours.  Yes, Brendon’s married and loves Sarah.  But this song is about the end of an era.  Ryan will  always have a hold over Brendon, but this song is Brendon trying to move on.

We are young again.  Brendon wants to go back to the beginning.  When they were young and happy and carefree.

In these coming years, many things will change, but the way I feel, will remain the same.  Brendon wants Ryan to know things will change, he’s married now. But a part of him will always care about Ryan, no matter what.

After Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die Spencer left.  He left to go get help for is drug abuse.  Brendon began to work on Death of a Bachelor.  Ryan….  Ryan kept being emo™.

Death of a Bachelor

Doab is about Brendon falling in love with Sarah, getting married, AGAIN trying to move on.


My life started the day I got caught, under the covers.  Brendon didn’t know what life was truly like before Ryan.

Who was I trying to be?  Why were they trying to hide it?  Everyone guessed anyway.

Then the time for being sad is over, and you miss them like you miss no other, but being blue is better than being over it.   Brendon knows he should be over Ryan by now, but he still misses him.  And to Brendon, being sad about the split is better than forgetting about the love he shared with Ryan.

Death of a Bachelor

Do I look lonely?  Hey Ryan.   Ryan look. I’m married and still in the band.  I’m still friends with Spencer.  I’m not lonely.

And when you think of me, am I the best you ever had?  Does Ryan still miss Brendon like Brendon misses him.  Is Brendon still the best relationship he ever had?

Share one more drink with me, smile even though you’re sad.  Brendon is married.  Ryan can never be that person for him anymore, but Ryan has to pretend that he’s happy for Brendon.

Golden Days

Fuck this song.  If I went through every song that could possibly reference Ryden/Original band it would take pages.  So here’s some highlights.

We’ll stay drunk, we’ll stay tan, let the love remain.   The summer before the split, where they toured around the world.  That is summer that Brendon is talking about.  The summer when the band got along, where they ALL loved each other.

Golden days.  Brendon thinks these are the best days of his life.  He knows that when he’s older he’ll look back on his life and remember the summer spent with his three best friends is the of his life.

Time can never break your heart, but it can take the pain away.  Brendon knows that eventually thinking about the split will hurt less.

House of Memories

This song is a problem.  I hate it.  So much.  HOUSE OF PROBLEMS.  It has the same problem as the last one.  Highlights;

Memories turn into daydreams.  Brendon longs for days of Pretty. Odd   And the memories have slowly morphed into daydreams about what could’ve been.

Promise me a place, in your house of memories.  Ryan promise me that you won’t forget what we had.

I THINK OF YOU FROM TIME TO TIME, MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD, YOU WERE JUST TOO KIND, AND I WAS TOO YOUNG TO KNOW.  Brendon knew he’d miss Ryan, but thought it would be rarer.  Now looking back, Brendon realizes that what they had was worth keeping.

These thoughts of past lovers, they’ll always haunt me.   This is a message  to Sarah saying I love you, but I can’t let go of him.

Bonus Lines

Memories tend to just pop up. Brendon doesn’t want to miss the old Panic!  But he can’t help is.  -Don’t Threaten Me With  Good Time

My father and I drove down from our home in Northern California to visit the hodgepodge of aunts, cousins, uncles, and other distant relatives living in Southern California. One afternoon, we ended up at my father’s cousin’s place, and he had an older teenage daughter named Sarah. She was the first person I’d seen in a week even remotely close to my age. Plus she had a car, a license, and the most perfectly worn-down Converse sneakers. She was an instant rock star in my eyes, and seeing that we were getting on quite well, the adults encouraged us to go hang out at the mall. First, however, Sarah informed me that she needed to stop by a friend’s house to pick up a sweater. A friend’s house in East LA.

Our parents had warned us about East LA. Even as we walked out the door, Sarah’s mother – still in hot rollers, with a dishrag wrapped around her thick neck – explicitly forbade us from going there. But Sarah was unfazed and told me we would only be there for a minute. After all, we were just going to retrieve a sweater. What’s the worst that could happen? Sweater-mites? Moth attack? Drive-by shooting?

Sarah parked on to the right side of the street, in front of a small house with a chain-link-fenced yard. She blew the horn, and shortly after, her friend – complete with worrying-to-a-14-year-old shaved head and tattoos – came out with a sweater in his hand. Sarah introduced me, I nodded, and sat idly by as they talked about school, how this one bitch was acting like a bitch, and other notable world events. I stopped paying attention.

And then there were gunshots.

How A Simple Errand Put Me In The Middle Of A Gang War

Previous parts: one, two

Past Laurent keeps trying to kill Damen. Eventually Paschal and Damen negotiate with him that they will take him back to Vere if he stops trying to kill Damen. He agrees warily. Damen is the only one who believes that Laurent is going to keep his word in this agreement and Nikandros keeps watching his back. No one wants to let Laurent go off to Vere by himself but they also can’t really keep him in Akielos against all of his objections, so it’s hard to know what to do. Damen is moping and alone since Laurent avoids him.

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cottoncandyyandere-deactivated2  asked:

I'm curious about komaedalovemail, can I please get an explanation? Thank you, I understand if you're not allowed to reveal info tho

Sure! Komaedalovemail is a Komaeda-themed surrealist blog that originally started in 2015, posting positive self-help posts and support for anons; like a really classic positive-[character] blog. On May 2nd 2015, they posted a bunch of strange things and went on hiatus after this post.

It wasn’t until July 2016 they started posting again, answering this ask as their second revived post. They didn’t start posting in the volume that they do now until September 2016, following the end of the DR3 anime (they posted a lot of naked Komaeda during this time period, aka the screen cap from the anime, so I think that’s worth mentioning.) 

From here, they started adding in new pages and new features on their tumblr, like dress and classified. These pages have eventually gotten more and more complex, like organic and thoughts

Personally, I’d argue that Komaedalovemail was still pretty underground until around September too, as this is when their posts started getting more popular (here’s a good example of one)

There’s some more notable events within the Komaedalovemail timeline, like Halloween 2016 saw some pretty strange, almost arg like posts, and the first fetus Hinata was posted on the 14th of November. Komaeda Jr. was “born” on November 24th, and posted on the 25th. It’s hard to tell if this is a single story line, or if they’re just posting whatever and whenever they want to. 

Some of the mods, who are apparently numbered (?), started posting some things about taking a break not too long ago, but the blog still seems to be up and running. We think it was more about making complex and intricate pages for Komaedalovemail, like message, rather than not posting at all.

Keeping up with Komaedalovemail can be pretty long, but it seems to have ‘stages,’ so to say. These are determined by what the blog theme is! Right now, the blog theme is pink and frilly, which is, I assume, because of ‘Maidmaeda.’ You can skip around on this webarchive to see the other stages of the blog. I’m not sure they’re all saved on there, but it’s a pretty easy way to get a feel for it. 

As a side note, we’re not sure what the changing mod numbers mean yet, but they’ve drifted from 0 to 7000+. 

Hope this helped! You can scroll through our blog and other Komaedalovemail-themed analysing blogs (there’s a few!) for more information. 

Science books for space witches

Astronomy - General

Cosmos - Carl Sagan

So, anything by Sagan is kind of a “gimme” but his writing style is absolutely delightful. Cosmos is probably his most comprehensive overview of the 14 billion years of cosmic evolution and covers everything from the origins of life, black holes, stellar evolution, the planets, and space exploration. If you’re going to pick up any book on this list, go for this one. 

Cosmos - Giles Sparrow

This book is fucking GIGANTIC (14″ x 17″!!!) and filled with gorgeous high resolution space photos. I have this book on my coffee table and can spend endless hours just flipping through it and marveling at the beauty of the universe. Well worth the money.

Planets - Giles Sparrow

Another book of high resolution space photographs, this time of the planets in our solar system. 

Origins: 14 Billion Years of Evolution - Neil DeGrasse Tyson

A great overview of our universe, it’s evolution, what we know, and what we don’t know. 

Astronomy - A Self Teaching Guide

This is a book pretty commonly used in Astronomy 101 courses and is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about the science itself on their own. It’s formatted like an easy to read textbook and contains workbook sections to test your knowledge. 

Astronomy 101:  From the Sun and Moon to Wormholes and Warp Drive, Key Theories, Discoveries, and Facts about the Universe

Extremely easy to read book covering a huge breadth of topics. This book doesn’t go terribly in depth on any subject  but it’s great for picking up and reading a bit at a time and  for figuring out what in particular you’re interested in. 

Basic Physics: A Self Teaching Guide

A practical, easy guide to the basic concepts of physics.  Requires no math and easy to understand for “non-science” people. 

Observational Astronomy

Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

This book is a great introduction to stargazing with loads of star maps, information on astronomy equipment, a basic introduction to astrophoography, and information on notable upcoming astronomical events. My personal favorite thing about this book is that it lists objects in the night sky by how they can be viewed - naked eye, binoculars, small telescope, etc. This book includes charts for both the northern and southern hemisphere so it’s applicable no matter where you live. 

50 Things to See With a Small Telescope

In a similar vein, this book is precisely what it sounds like - a guide to cool shit you can see with an inexpensive telescope. The best feature is that it has pictures of how the object will appear through your telescope rather than just illustrations or photos taken with powerful equipment. This makes it much easier to  find the objects in the night sky.

Turn Left at Orion

One of the most popular stargazing books of all time and with good reason. This is pretty THE  beginner’s guide to observational astronomy and gives clear, easy to use information about how to find various objects in the night sky. 

Binocular Highlights - 99 Celestial Sights for Binocular Users

A great guide to star gazing for those of you using binoculars. 

Space, Time, and the Universe

A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking

A classic and probably the book on this list that everyone’s heard of. Exploring the origins of the universe, the big bang, quarks, black holes, and the nature of time and space.

The Universe in a Nutshell - Stephen Hawking

A companion to A Brief History of Time providing updates to what we’ve learned about the nature of time and space since A Brief History’s publication.

Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimension  - Michio Kaku

Exploring the weirdness of string theory, the search of Einstein’s theory of everything, parallel dimensions, and quantum physics. This book is really cool and mind bending in the best way. 

The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory  - Brian Greene

On the same topic as Kaku’s book and highly recommended to read in tandem. 

The First Three Minutes - Steven Weinberg

What happened during the creation of the universe and how do we know?

(Please feel free to add your own suggestions)


Tony Stark and Wanda Maximoff have in common many life-changing events, most notably the creation of Ultron. However, they react to these occurrences in completely different ways. Here’s a quick analysis of their actions and reactions after the events they have in common :

1)      Getting hit by a Stark Industries mortar shell:

TONY: Has his chest filled with shrapnel. Is tortured by terrorists by means of invasive surgery without anesthesia, followed by waterboarding. Sulks for five minutes. Talks for another five minutes to Yinsen and that’s all he needs to convince himself to fight back. Rises from the ashes. Becomes Iron Man. IMMEDIATELY shuts down weapon manufacturing upon his return home. Ultimately kills Obadiah Stane, who was probably the one who sold the bomb that killed Wanda’s parents to the people who fired it.

WANDA: Loses her parents. Becomes homeless. Becomes a rage-fueled rebel. Vows revenge on the man who owns the factory that built the shell that destroyed her house, but not on the people who fired said shell. Joins HYDRA, a secret Nazi death cult. Lets HYDRA experiment on her to be able to fight Iron Man. Is finally presented with the chance to kill Tony but instead messes with his mind, making him create Ultron. Joins Ultron when HYDRA is defeated.

2)      Parents death:

TONY: Thinks it was an accident. Mourns only his mother, because his father was always a dick to him. Tries to cope, but fails. Becomes a party guy and ginormous asshole as a defense mechanism… until Afghanistan happens. Always tries to make his father proud despite their strained relationship. Meets the man Howard would never shut up about during his childhood, who immediately dislikes him. Is willing to put their differences aside for the greater good on more than one occasion. Finds out in the worst way possible his parents’ death wasn’t an accident. Understandably loses his shit. Tries to avenge them by killing ONE MAN, who… well, is clearly their assassin, despite Rogers yelling “It wasn’t him, Tony!” (It was, brainwashed or not. There’s video proof of that). Also finds out that Cap knew the truth and never told him. Is beaten to a pulp by a supersoldier. Receives a letter from said supersoldier which deserves a place in the Guinness World record as the worst apology ever conceived in the history of mankind. Is still willing to help his former “friend” by subtly telling Ross to fuck off.

WANDA: Is scarred for life by the event (fine, I would be too, but wait before you judge). Grows to hate Tony Stark. Vows revenge (see above). Plans her revenge on the wrong man for something like fifteen years. Grows to hate the other Avengers by association. Decides she not only wants Tony Stark dead, but also all the people he holds dear. Forces Tony to create Ultron instead of killing him. Joins Ultron, whose crimes and other horrible actions she is totally FINE WITH as long as she gets to see the Avengers burn. Understands the errors of her ways upon finding out Ultron’s plan involves Armageddon (big shocker, even Loki or Red Skull would have jumped ship at that point). Decides to join Captain America, but not before warning him that Stark is the real bad guy in all of this… despite her actions being the primary cause for the whole mess.

3)      Creating Ultron:

TONY: Loses JARVIS, the most constant presence in his life for God knows how many years. Sulks. Nearly has a hysteric attack. Takes the blame from everybody (Thor even gets physical) despite only being a tool in Wanda’s hands. Tries to reason with them and justify his actions. Doesn’t tell anyone of the Scarlet Witch-induced hallucination that was his main motive. Doesn’t EVER blame Wanda, not even once. Goes to work to try and fight off Ultron. Sulks with Fury. Keeps trying to fix a mess that is only partly, and indirectly, his. Finds out JARVIS is still alive. Is willing to sacrifice JARVIS to create Vision in order to eliminate Ultron once and for all. Creates Vision. Is willing to sacrifice himself to stop the meteor city in Sokovia. Feels responsible for all the destruction Ultron caused. Retires from the Avengers, with Captain America being the ONLY ONE to wave him goodbye. Takes the blame for the death of Charles Spencer without uttering a single word. Signs the Accords because he wants to be held accountable.

WANDA: Is, without question or shadow of doubt, the real responsible for Ultron’s existence. Is never blamed by anyone. Immediately joins Ultron because he sees him as the instrument of Tony’s demise. Fights with him in Africa. Storms the U-GIN facility in Seoul with him. Finds out his true intentions. Runs away instead of fighting him. Takes her sweet time before joining Captain America into fighting Ultron (and in the meantime Black Widow is kidnapped). Still thinks Tony is the only one responsible. Tries to stop Tony from building the only thing that can stop Ultron, and that also happens to be her future boyfriend. Joins the Avengers only because otherwise the world would end. Half assedly fights Ultron. Understands she’s at least partly guilty (Boy that took long enough) and crawls in a fetal position until Hawkeye talks her out of it. Is trusted with keeping Ultron away from the meteor’s core. Goes off to destroy Ultron Prime, abandoning the core and allowing another Ultron to activate it (Dammit Wanda, you had ONE JOB!). Formally joins the Avengers without anyone questioning, because “poor girl, she was angry and misguided and she just lost her brother”. Is conflicted when the Accords are presented to her despite wanting Tony to answer for his actions (actually his company’s actions, or more probably Stane’s actions). Ultimately goes for the “fuck accountability” line of thought. Keeps prancing around and basking in her supposed moral high ground despite having caused every major disaster in the Avengers’ lives since Project Insight.

4)      Sokovia Accords:

TONY: Agrees to be held accountable for his mistakes. Immediately signs the Accords. Goes with Ross to Avengers facility to try and reason with the others. Confines Wanda to the facility but tries to make it as comfortable as possible for her, even leaving Vision to keep her company. Tries to be the mediator and the voice of reason. Bends over backwards trying to find a middle ground that Rogers would at least hear out. Convinces Ross to let him try to bring Team Cap in after Barnes goes haywire. Is double-crossed by Romanoff. Almost loses his best friend. Doesn’t frame Romanoff. Admits he was wrong to not listen to Steve as soon as he finds evidence of Barnes’ innocence in the Vienna bombing. Takes all the shit Barton, Lang and Wilson throw at him in stride, being considered the only responsible for their imprisonment in the Raft (Ever heard of something called “preventive detention”, guys? What did you expect, a suite at the Hilton?). Immediately goes against the Accords to try and help his “friend”. Ultimately gets his ass handed to him by said “friend” as a result. Moves on trying to fix Rhodey. Doesn’t frame Team Cap. Doesn’t try to get a rematch when given the chance. Basically tells Ross to go fuck himself.

WANDA: Is unsure she should renounce to her independence despite blowing up a building full of people not a month earlier. Reluctantly accepts being held in the facility… until Barton arrives. Talks with Barton for TEN SECONDS and immediately changes her mind. Wastes Vision. Escapes. Joins team Cap. Fights Team Iron Man no holds barred (“you were pulling your punches”). Gets imprisoned. Scowls at the security cams with a murder face as if they were in the wrong and she was in the right. Gets busted out by Rogers. Is granted asylum in Wakanda. Never pays for her part in the events of Leipzig. Or Lagos. Or Sokovia. Or Seoul. Or Johannesburg.

5)      Blame:

TONY: Is blamed for even existing. Never fights back. Only tries to explain his motivations. Always does all he can to make up for his mistakes.

WANDA: Is never blamed. Never apologizes, EVER, to ANYONE, about ANYTHING. Only apologizes to Vision - after he apologizes first - and only because she has the hots for him. Never does anything to make things right.

Draw your own conclusions.

The Dark Side of the Moon Door

When we last left Alayne Stone in the Vale, we left her on … an almost surprising and positive note. It’s Day 0 of the Tourney she’s put together for the Lord of the Vale; noting that Sweetrobin takes solace in stories of the Winged Knight, Artys Arryn, Sansa concocts her very first “scheme” as a ‘player’ (a term I use loosely); surround the Lord of the Eyrie with his own bodyguard of “Winged Knights” to give him a sense of security. And what better a way to choose these Winged Knights than to make it a spectacle- invite every young, single knight in the Vale to compete for the positions.

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pre asoiaf meme ♔ the tourney at harrenhal 

The tourney Lord Whent staged at Harrenhal beside the Gods Eye, in the year of the false spring. A notable event. Besides the jousting, there was a mêlée in the old style fought between seven teams of knights, as well as archery and axe-throwing, a horse race, a tournament of singers, a mummer show, and many feasts and frolics. Lord Whent was as open handed as he was rich. The lavish purses he proclaimed drew hundreds of challengers. Even your royal father came to Harrenhal, when he had not left the Red Keep for long years. The greatest lords and mightiest champions of the Seven Kingdoms rode in that tourney, and the Prince of Dragonstone bested them all.

Take a Tour of 'The Americans' Writers' Room, Where the U.S. Meets the U.S.S.R.

The Americans Writers’ Room Photos

Welcome to Brooklyn

Inside the Brooklyn-based writers’ offices of FX’s The Americans, showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields chat on the purple couch alongside writers (from left) Stephen Schiff, Tracey Scott Wilson, Peter Ackerman, and Joshua Brand. A cardboard cutout of former President Ronald Reagan watches over the roundtable.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Portrait Pranks

No, these aren’t Philip and Elizabeth’s latest disguises. These crude doodles were made by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, who snuck into the writers’ room, where the cast’s portraits are taped to a wall, and drew all over each other’s photos. Rhys gave Russell an uneven unibrow; Russell retaliated with a lopsided goatee.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Key art from previous seasons (the one on the left comes from season 1) and propaganda posters used on the drama hang from walls around the office.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

1984 Meets 2017

On an aptly red-colored wall, writers have constructed a timeline of notable events from 1984, during which season 5 takes place.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Joel and Joe

Showrunners Joel Fields (left) and Joe Weisberg talk inside their office.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Beat the Clock

Three clocks hang right outside Weisberg and Fields’ shared office - along with a punchline only The Americans can deliver.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

From the Roundtable

Ackerman talks as Brand listens. More posters can be seen in the background.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Reagan Ergonomics

Cardboard Reagan has some trouble staying propped up against a propaganda poster.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

On Their Shelves

The Americans’ writers’ offices have bookcases filled with novels and non-fiction titles to help them craft a realistic Cold War spy story.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

For the Good Days

For The Good Days

{Jeon Jungkook x Reader}

Epoch (n)


a time in history or a person’s life that is usually marked by notable events or certain characteristics.


It’s at the age of video games and late night outs with best friends that you find him. When all you ever have to worry about was wrapping up shoots and editing content for a class project and showing up to your shifts at the quaint little bookstore down the street. Routine that he disrupts with his coffee eyes and spring smile.

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Types as Cool Words

INFJ: Clandestine; kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit.

ENFJ: Phosphenes; a ring or spot of light produced by rubbing your eyes.

ISFJ: Ubiquitous; present, appearing, or found everywhere.

ESFJ: Benevolent; well meaning and kindly.

INFP: Celestial; positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy.

ENFP: Quixotic; exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical.

ISFP: Limerence; the state of being infatuated with another person, typically experienced involuntarily and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings. 

ESFP: Mellifluous; (of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear.

ESTP: Luminescence; the emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence.

ISTP: Capricious; given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.

ENTP: Ineffable; too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

INTP: Zenith; the highest point reached by a celestial or other object.

INTJ: Eloquent; fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.

ENTJ: Epiphany; a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

ISTJ: Ambiguous; (of language) open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning.

ESTJ: Epoch; a period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics.