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Notable actors of South Asian descent in Western Media (from left to right)

Avan Jogia, Mahesh Jadu, Riz Ahmed, Manish Dayal, Dev Patel, Irrfan Khan, Suraj Sharma, Aziz Ansari, Ben Kingsley


ill compile a proper eye tutorial on monolids and epicanthol folds and the basics of drawing “asian” eyes (notably in e/s.e asians however monolids and epicanthol folds can appear on people of other races too)

however this is the basic concept that i use for drawing any eyes: blue dots for the corners, green line is the top lid, red bottom lid. the idea is that the eye will generally look the same on everyone in some cases bigger/smaller, what im really trying to teach is how to draw the skin and fat that shapes the eye tbh


I was watching Disney Channel this morning and spotted this commercial that highlights notable Asian-Pacific figures like Jeremy Lin, Amy Tan, Yo-Yo Ma, Steven Yeun. I do wish they could’ve incorporated some South/South East Asians in their commercial but I find the commercial overall nice. It’s basically telling kids, “Hey, if you want to lead, be an artist, actor, basketball player, author, etc. you can do it because they did it”.

Notably, the Asian American activist community’s confrontation with the punitive white supremacist state has at times resorted to making normative reference of exceptionally poor and policed Southeast Asian and Pacific Island immigrant populations (most often Laotians, Cambodians, Hmong, Samoans, Vietnamese, and Pilipinos) and undocumented migrant workers as evidence of an Asian-American inclusion in the sweep of the contemporary U.S. punitive carceral formation (such references, incidentally, obscure the constellation of socio-political antagonisms that compel many within these communities to explicitly disidentify with the ‘‘Asian American’’ panethnic-coalition rubric).
—  Asian-American Studies in the Age of the Prison Industrial Complex: Departures and Re-narrations, Dylan Rodriguez

This Day in Disney History

November 14, 2007:  The new Yak and Yeti Restaurant opens near the base of Mt. Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This sit down restaurant is in the Asia section of the park and has some notably good Asian cuisine. With a distinct lack of full service restaurants and Animal Kingdom, Yak and Yeti was definitely a welcome addition!

wow i love how many asian (east, south, or west) main characters in american superhero comics that i hear about every day. i LOVE it. i LOVE this diversity. and by that i mean THERE ARE BASICALLY NO NOTABLE ASIAN SUPERHEROES AND IM PISSED.

Just found out Wong Kar-Wai’s next film is a biopic about Yip Man, Bruce Lee’s mentor/grandmaster who taught him kung-fu; with Tony Leung as the lead. And that dude from the “Six Days” video (and a few other WKW films) Chang Chen, might be playing Bruce himself. The female cast also includes WKW regs Briggite Lin and Zhang Ziyi.

A Wong Kar-Wai kung-fu movie??? This could be either super amazing or the artsiest kung-fu movie ever made. Either way, WKW + Bruce Lee is all sorts of win.

EDIT: This is yet another WKW film without Christopher Doyle as the DP. More like Wong Kar-WHYYYY?!?! :(


Little Dragon - Forever (live)

Yukimi Nagano…SWOON.