Fanfics I 100% recommend!

I was thinking a lot about some of these lately, so I thought I would share a list of some of my favorite fanfics! Some of these I honestly think I like more than some of my favorite books. 

My top favorite fanfics are: 

1 - Oblivion by southspinner. This fic has one of the most beautiful styles I have ever seen. It is a JeanMarco fic based off The Fault in Our Stars. I cannot put into words how much I love this fic. 

2 - Future Earth, Future Sky by Inky. My favorite Free! fic of all time. It is a SouMako fic that means a lot more to me than just the amazing story. This fic actually helped me a lot in understanding my own anxiety problems and it has helped a lot of other readers as well. That is just amazing to me.

3 - Shadows and Light by not_poignant. Not_poigant does an amazing job with characterization and taking Jack Frost on a completely transforming journey about finding yourself. I love it and even though I’m less into RoTG now, I’ll still recommend this fic to anyone!

Some other really great fics! 


First Love by kickcows : MakoRin 

Happy Household Club by trixiechick : MakoRinHaru 

Vows by NoveltyPinapple : Reigisa

Attach on Titan

Droplets by theprophetlemonade

Playing Off Him by LensMind

Wisteria by butterflychansan

Rise of the Guardians 

Myth Amoung Myths by FrostInTheWarren

Payment to not_poignant for their amazing writing. I can’t give you my soul, so this was the next best thing.

I tried to get augus’ waterweed down, you guys know how I am about plants. Also, Gwyn’s hair? My struggle. I love Augus, but Gwyn?? I’ll have to try again. Please note, these are sketches. I’m hoping to draw them more in the future, heaven knows I reread 600,000 words this weekend, I’m feeling obessed.


Hi guys! I would just like to take a moment to recommend one of the best fanfictions I have had the pleasure of reading in my life. It’s called “From the Darkness We Rise” and it’s a Rise of the Guardians fanfic by the amazing Not_Poignant (

It’s a beautiful, intricate story with a sequel that somehow manages to one-up itself!  

Bonus:  This wonderful human composed a few incredible songs to listen to while reading!!

I am made of impossible things. Swamps that grow in darkness without the sun to kiss the leaves awake and unfurling. I was born in a lake that had no love for me and demanded my survival. I was given a brother I was never supposed to have. I was an Unseelie King who fell for a Seelie King who wasn’t Seelie.
—  Augus Each Uisge’s Thoughts, Game Theory by Not_Poignant

“Would you leave me,

if I told you what I’d done.

And would you leave me,

If I told you what I’ve become.”

So I was rereading ISWF today and listening to my ipod when No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine popped up. I swear this song was made for Jack and Pitch. It hit all the feels for the story like whoa. Seriously, reread some of the newer chapters and listen to this song, it makes everything ten times more feel-y!

I have done a horrible thing...

   I am a shipper, and when I ship it can get very very bad. As in to the point that I’m embarrassed about myself deep in the back of my mind. My newest obsession is RotG. When I first watched the movie, I was sure that I shipped Rainbow Snow cone (Jack and Tooth. I mean seriously, when they hugged at the end it was just so damn cute!) but after reading From The Darkness We Rise by not_poignant I am addicted to BlackIce (Jack and Pitch…. don’t judge me, okay? I like when ships have fun names =P). So much that I haven’t even TRIED reading JakcXTooth. My favorite thing about FtDwR is the back story. I love that the back story is mostly correct according to the books. All of it is just so wonderfully interesting and well written. However, this was only the start.

  I went to Sakura con this weekend and I didn’t have very much fun. The hotel quoted us the wrong price, they didn’t have internet (without paying money to become a “member”), and I ended up being sick. The only good thing however, is that I got to see the BlackIce ship sail before my eyes via cosplay. This made the whole weekend worth it. I fangasumed so hard that I blacked out for like 15 seconds. I came to face down on the pavement screaming and they were gone. This is very bad. I ship this way too hard. It’s ZADR and Synlet all over again and I am scared. My friend managed to get me a picture (which I will be sharing in this post). Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of when they were actually kissing because the Pitch’s makeup started to rub off so they pulled apart really quick. Oh well, I’m just glad that they were nice enough (and shipped this with me!!!) to indulge me with the picture. Anyways, time to share this beautiful thing =)

Sorry that this post is weird. I’m not very good with words and it’s been a long day.


Every time you think your writing sucks, or its inadequate and you don’t have confidence in your writing abilities, just remember that this was published. Some editor out there thought this was perfectly acceptable material to publish. Now laugh, cry, and enjoy, but remember to feel good about yourself.