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Since WHEN have there been 15k of you guys????

I’m actually floored with the amount of people that stuck with me through all my hiatuses is that really a word and continued to support me ♥

I’m also happy with all of my new followers *waves* and I’m very VERYYYYY excited you’ve all decided to join me in rolling around in this trash fandom


to celebrate this milestone as most accounts do on Saturday I’m gonna be doing that “match-up” thing PLUSSSSS a mini headcanon with whomever whoever? I match you up with

I’ll post the guidelines either tomorrow or Friday, and DON’T WORRY, I’ll be tagging the whole event so I won’t blow up everyone’s feed!!! 

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Go Fridge Season 3 Episode 3

anonymous asked:

what if steve & buckys first pup is just rlly big, bc the serum would make a very healthy baby, & people tease steve asking if hes sure hes only got one in there??

Oh, how I love this! Here you go Nonny! -Ree

“Steve you okay over there?” Bucky chuckled at his very pregnant husband struggling to get off of the couch. 

“Shut. your. face.” Steve hated to be thought of as someone who needed help. God his stubbornness was awful, but nonetheless, Bucky loved him for it. 

“Come on then, you and the triplets aren’t moving anytime soon without me.” Bucky gently lifted Steve up to help him to his feet and held back a laugh as he walked away.  

“There is only one. You know this.” Steve’s tone was sharp and totally not in the mood to deal with any shit from Bucky or anyone else right now. 

Bucky loved going to appointments with Steve, he loved the new technology they had and watching his pup grow.

“Wow Steve, would you like to know the gender?” Steve and Bucky both nodded excitedly. 

“Well, your baby girl is so far nine pounds eight ounces and is ready to meet you any day now.” The Nurse smiled widely at the two of them and could see the excitement pouring off of them like rain in April. 

Seventeen long painful hours, eight stitches, and a popped exercise ball that's seen better days later…. And there she was. Natalia Ann Barnes was born at 3:02 am on Saturday the 4th of July. She weighed ten pounds three ounces and was twenty-one inches long. Steve snuggled into his alpha as the other avengers piled into the room, Thor actually whispered and Clint was silently tearing up. 

“Damn Steve, you weren’t kidding. You really did only have one in there!” Tony popped off as Peppers’ hand met the back of his head. 

“Thank you,” Steve whispered, to the blond alpha. 

“Can I hold my Goddaughter now? Please?” Natasha stepped closer and took the baby with the red mop of hair into her arms. 

“Hello, Natalia. I’m your aunt Tasha. And I will always. Forever. Protect you.”