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Manifesting is a lot like making a cake. The things needed are supplied by you, the mixing is done by your mind and the baking is done in the oven of the universe.
—  Stephan Richards

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¡Yo tengo una pregunta sobre español! How can you use "besando" without "estar"? I saw it in your Spanish expression of the day; I got confused because I think a Spanish teacher told me that wasn't so. Thanks in advance and love your content!

Hola! :) So I’m a native speaker that has never received any spanish education :/ so Im not sure im qualified to help but let me try: you can use the gerundio of a verb without estar if it’s not the principal verb of a sentence. In this case,  would be the principal verb, while besando is a secondary verb. However, since both actions are occuring at the same moment, the second verb uses the gerundio.

idk if that makes sense… sorry!! 

A lo mejor esto puede ayudar (x) :)

highlights from my d&d campaign
  • Me, the DM: You see a dark elf--a drow--standing before the statue. And up on the ceiling, you see a giant spider, twice the height of a normal human.
  • Wizard, OOC: Did you make fucking Magic Brian???

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i admit to using your art as a reference, but i dont trace it, i just copy it to learn anatomy. i havent posted any of them, either. its just sort of a warmup thing i guess. im really sorry that people are doing shit though and ill stop if youd like me to

same apologetic anon here, to say that i also genuinely enjoy your art and i think that youre super cool!!!! i look up to you a lot and i hope there’s no hard feelings

hi! i just wanna say upfront that there’s nothing wrong with referencing art to learn. you’re okay with what you’re doing, it’s a normal process to reference art to learn and to admit to using art as reference. the problem only stems from people who copy art and then claim it as their own, who think it’s okay to redraw other people’s pieces and then deny it and say “oh it’s just a coincidence that these pieces are exactly alike” 

thank you so much and no hard feelings at all! you’re fine! my anatomy isn’t the best but i hope it’s helping you :’)

edit: i meant to say my anatomy isnt the best omfmgng