This sketch was supposed to be cute and adorable… I don’t know what happened

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So apparently matt just posted asking the fandom to SPECIFICALLY avoid week 3 and 4 spoilers, like I guess it's a really big deal or something. Might want to batten down the hatches here and be careful. I don't know if there are any out there but just in case.

Unfortunately I can’t reliably avoid spoilers unless I completely shut this blog, its kind of one of the pitfalls of running a big fandom blog. But hopefully everyone will be mindful and respectful of people regarding these spoilers and not

Y’know, it would be immeasurably helpful in avoiding leaks if Cartoon Network would fix the security flaw in their servers that allow people to get the leaks in the first place

Keep going L.A. team! Everyone there is awesome and I wish you the best of luck today!

@scribefindegil, here’s another song to add to #CipherHuntLove!

Lyrics (and Chords for the ukulele if interested!) under the cut:

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Honestly, I think that Miller still cares about everyone at the base too. He may have suffered a severe psychological trauma, and physical one too, but I think that through his dialogue, you can still see that he's still a caring person at the core. When Eli is a little shit, he justifies him and, with time, he starts to worry about Quiet too. I just wish Kojima had actually all the time he needed to finish his last Metal Gear... We would've seen a lot of interesting development.

(i somehow missed this ask…)

hmm, i know there was a supposed ch 3 in the making but i also wonder if kojima would have had a different ending for quiet. i wonder if he would have had her stick around for a little longer. i definitely would have been all for more quiet/ocelot/kaz interactions

(as a little followup to that last ask lol)

Sehun: *with no official intention of coming out whatsoever* I like men

Overdramatic, gay-fetishizing EXO-L: HE! IS! A! GAY! ICON!!!! WORSHIP!!!! HIM!!! OR!!!! DISINTEGRATE!!!


These are the only photos I have atm. One of my staff peeps took a set of me and when I am able to get some copies I will share them. I also had quite a few people at the con take some of me from roaming the halls so I’m hoping to track those down at some point. I know it takes a while for people to post stuff after a con so I’m both patient and won’t be upset if they choose not to post them here. There is always facebook. Anyway.

If you see yourself here please let me know! Like a dummy I forgot to ask if these lovely people had a tumblr or facebook I could tag them. Honestly, I was so nervous just asking to take photos that was the last thing I was thinking about lol I will scroll the metrocon tag in a week or so and see if anything pops up. For now, have these lol

tbh as a middle eastern lesbian it’s so fucking upsetting and disgusting to me when y’all claim that “my family and friends still expect me to end up with a man and have a family” and “they tell me that i just haven’t found the right man yet” are exclusively ace/aro problems and scream #aphobia like. what is the extent of your ignorance, tell me. when are you going to stop. 

so i spend an entire fucking night trying to avoid flirting with this guy i went to high school with, but I’m too nice to just end a conversation, so i keep calling him “bro, my friend, man” and making sly gay comments but he keeps on going saying things like “i havent talked to a girl in a while, how am i doing” and everything. so i literally faked “accidentally sending him a message” and he was all like, lmao thats funny… but then he was like, back to before, how am i doing? so i’m getting frustrated and becoming very very obvious until I’m completely d o n e and just straight up said “we’re on the same page right? i’m a lesbian” 

he said it was cool, he figured i wasn’t interested in him, but that i was pretty anyways