An illustration of a future tidbit of the movie’s story.

Since graduation four years have passed, Yugi as expected wins at the world game contest, and begins walking the achieved dream path of a game creator. Yugi’s game is given a high valuation, so what ends up happening is Kaiba Corporation embarking on joint development.

Yugi’s invented sphere-faceted-model fighting game = Spherium II prototype model is complete, so right now Kaiba and Yugi commence the fight on the stage of space!

From now on Yugi Muto becomes the new Yu-Gi-Oh! = GAME KING  has departed for his goal~! END

This is just one possible future story.

Thanks for cheering on the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie this year~~!

It’s great to have drawn an illustration of what Yugi’s prospective future felt like together with Kaiba!


Happy Birthday! (October 25th)

  • Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Bandit King Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!) 
  • Miyuki Takara (Lucky Star)
  • Koala (One Piece)
  • Prompto Argentum (Final Fantasy XV)
  • Jason Silver (Kuroko no Basuke)
  • Douglas Hein (Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within)
  • Kuroobi (One Piece)
  • Nunnally vi Britannia (Code Geass)
  • Rolo Lamperouge (Code Geass)
Themed-Day: Re-birth of Blue-Eyes

It’s the first of several themed-days scattered over the next seven days…And what better way to start than with a day celebrating the birthday of one’s favorite character: The Blue-Eyes user himself, Seto Kaiba. Today will feature a bit of a twist….Instead of three cards used specifically by Kaiba, today will feature three cards that Kaiba never used, but certainly wouldn’t be out of place in his Deck in a 2016 iteration.

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy today’s three cards (one of which was a user’s request) and have a great rest of your day.

anonymous asked:

I looked up one of my friends usernames for Overwatch into Google as a joke and accidentally found his DeviantArt. He has 970 pages of hentai favorited. I also found his ex-girlfriends page and she has 70 pages of Yu-Gi-Oh yaoi favorited.

970 pages.

Not pictures.



It’s good to celebrate in the most grandiose way my birthday!

By the way the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie includes bonuses in a stupidly expensive BD, but there’s no way you’re buying it right… it’s all JP… or the producer called Jitsumatsu’s fault, but well wear the Kudaragi t-shirt while appreciating the BD!

Such a dweeby t-shirt I’d absolutely never wear… Hn!

BD next year 3/8 on sale!!

Arc-V 128 Highlights

I guess some people become parents and some people have parenthood thrust upon them. Lol. He stopped the duel to change a diaper.  

A lot of D in this episode. I mean a lot of D. Double D’s.

I was never a big fan of Declan. He seemed really two-faced but it looks like he is genuinely on Yuya’s side. Not trying to jinx anything here. 

Wow. Things just got real. Baldy pendulum summoned… when the bad guy also knows your trick, it gets tricky. ;)

And of course, my two favourite characters of all time talking to each other. It’s so beautiful. It just makes sense. Love it!

Abyss Actor - Pretty Heroine
Once per turn, when you take battle damage by an opponent’s attacking monster: You can activate 1 of these effects;
● That opponent’s monster loses ATK equal to the battle damage you took (even if this card leaves the field).
● Add 1 face-up “Abyss Actor” Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck to your hand with ATK less than or equal to the battle damage you took.

Once per turn, when a player takes battle damage: You can target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; it loses ATK equal to the battle damage that player took. When this card is destroyed by battle, or when this card in its owner’s Monster Zone is destroyed by an opponent’s card effect: You can Set 1 “Abyss Script” Spell Card directly from your Deck.
Can Be Found In: Booster SP: Destiny Soldiers (SPDS-JP021)

Abyss Actors belong to a Pendulum archetype all about field control. Many of them manipulates the ATK of monsters on the field, assuring that we have the lead in battle against any enemy. They also carry all sorts of effects to obtain Abyss Actors outside Pendulum Summons, which along the Abyss Script cards they’ll assure they have the right resources to deal and dominate Duels with. And while many of them requires to tribute each other to use their effects, thanks to the nature of Pendulum Summons they can easily recover from such heavy costs.

“Abyss Actor - Pretty Heroine” has a focus on punishing opponent actions depending of her position on the field. Being either in the Pendulum Zone or Monster Zone, “Pretty Heroine” will punish monsters dealing damage to ourselves by reducing its ATK equal to the damage we took. In the Pendulum Zone however, “Pretty Heroine” can instead allow us to recover an Abyss Actor form the Extra Deck back to our hand with ATK equal to the damage received. While as a monster, if destroyed by an attack or effect we can Set an Abyss Script directly from the Deck. “Pretty Heroine” might not be the most powerful member, but can become a troublesome creature as consantly weakens attackers or let us obtain archetype cards to compensate against incoming attacks.

Abyss Actors in general have wonderful resources to gather their members, with “Pretty Heroine” being no exception. “Abyss Actor - Extra” tributes itself to place “Pretty Heroine” from the Deck straight to the Pendulum Zone, and with its low stats it becomes a reusable searcher thanks to Pendulum Summon. Similar to her ability to obtain Abyss Scripts, “Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie” and “Abyss Actor - Wild Hope” will obtain “Pretty Heroine” after their defeat by a destructive source. Since the archetype relies on Abyss Scripts for their best plays, “Magical Abductor” can gather Spell Counters in the process to let us search for “Pretty Heroine” and any other member in the Deck. Since the entire archetype consists on Pendulum Monsters, “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon” becomes a highly reliable searcher to obtain “Pretty Heroine” and others. Obviously “Pretty Heroine” herself can assist us with other copies, recovering them from the Extra Deck if we took atleast 1500 damage. Abyss Script - Rise of the Dark Ruler" give us the chance to look for “Pretty Heroine” and other Abyss Actor or Script if is destroyed while Set, something we can plan ahead with “Pretty Heroine” ability to Set Abyss Scripts with her defeat. But if you wanna go a few turns ahead, “Entering the Abyss Actor Dressing Room” allow us to place “Pretty Heroine” and other Abyss Actors directly in our Extra Deck, specially helpful for some Abyss Script effects.

“Pretty Heroine” can be a nasty monster to face against regardless of where is on the field. In the Pendulum Zone will be more dangerous as will be out of danger from attacks, allowing us to punish opponent monsters or retrieve Abyss Actors regardless of them direct attacking or facing other monsters. In the Monster Zone can be easily get rid of and hardly be affected by her weakening effect, but if we have “Abyss Stage Prop - Escape Stage Coach” active she can confront tougher enemies without being destroyed in the process and thus reduce their stats. However we don’t need to worry much about her safety, as her defeat will get us Abyss Scripts. And with the nature of Pendulum Summons becomes an abusable searcher of key cards such as “Abyss Script - Opening Ceremony”, “Abyss Script - Rise of the Dark Ruler”, or “Abyss Script - Abode of the Fire Dragon”. If we have Life Points to spare, “Pretty Heroine” can declare suicidal attacks each turn to keep gathering Abyss Scripts.

Like many cards in the archetype, “Abyss Actor - Pretty Heroine” is all about punishing opponent actions. In general is able to cripple enemies so our monsters will take care of them without many problems, but otherwise will allow us to prepare archetype cards depending of her position on the field. This is both her best and worst purpose, as while will constantly threaten the opponent from facing us while she’s present on the field it makes her effectiveness completely dependant of the opponent when we could be focusing on cards such as “Abyss Actor - Superstar” and other ATK changing effects to obtain immediate results. “Pretty Heroine” is more like a safekeeping card, and regardless of her place on the field will assure us a wonderful ability against any bad outcomes.

Personal Rating: B+

+ Reduces the ATK of monsters dealing us damage
+ Able to retrieve Abyss Actors from the Extra Deck to our hand
+ If destroyed as a monster will Set an Abyss Script from the Deck
+ Highly supported

- Completely dependant of opponent actions
- Her weakening effect works much better in the Pendulum Zone