• Victor: Yurio, I really know how it feels to think you can only find your strength on your own but believe me, one day you'll realise it's not enough and I just wanted to you to remember that no matter what Yuuri and I will always be there for you...
  • Yurio: geez, will you shut up I think I'll throw up
  • *five minutes later*
  • Otabek: hey, Yura, you know I'm always here for you, right?
  • Yurio: ...
  • Yurio: *almost crying* that's the most beautiful thing someone ever said to me

Everyone’s praying for good vibes and fatter wallets and better times in 2017, but you know what I think? 

I think instead of hoping for an easier road next year you should hope that this year made you strong enough to handle the inevitable hardships that are coming next. 

I think you should tell yourself that the storm you fought through in 2016 left you weather-worn but wise, with a new knowledge of your own indomitable strength.

I think you should know that the hell you lived in last year taught you what it means to be a survivor instead of a victim for the first time in your life.

And I think you should be aware that more fresh hell is coming, but that you’re equipped to handle it this time.


These are my babies, Heart the Metallic Doll and Clover the Wooden Doll

They were based on a cute yet eerie dream I had where tiny doll children had to fight to protect themselves. I found the dream really intriguing so I’ve been making a story out of it ever since then! 

I think that you should not revolve your life around what someone else is doing. You should find your own strength and your own happiness.
And if somebody’s there to add on top of your pie, that’s great. But don’t let anyone take a slice of it.
—  Shailene Woodley
Simple Rituals you can do in Minutes
  • Bless your morning tea of coffee to give you strength, confidence, creativity etc.
  • Make your own herbal tea blend. 
  • Smudge/Cleanse your home or workplace to produce positive vibes and to reduce negativity. 
  • Thank your deities (if you have any) before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning. 
  • Start a self reflection journal and write in it every day.
  • Write a page in your book of shadows/grimoire everyday. 
  • Make a bracelet/necklace (anything you can wear), bless it, and wear it everyday. 
  • Do a daily tarot reading. 
  • 5-10 minutes of meditation. 
  • Spend some time in your garden whether it is weeding, watering, or just meditating. 
  • Paint some sigils on your nails.
  • Go for a walk in nature.
  • Do a simple cleansing ritual in the shower. 

==Moonlight Mystics==

How Do I Make My Relationship Great?

No relationship is perfect all the time; it takes effort. There are many things you can do to help build a healthy relationship, but you can’t do it alone.

Here are our top 10 tips for a healthier relationship:

  1. Love yourself. You’ll be a happier partner. Know your own strengths and be proud of them. Take care of yourself, including your emotional health.
  2. Share your feelings and listen to your partner’s. If you’re upset or concerned, talk about it. Working through difficult situations builds trust and helps make relationships stronger.
  3. Be honest and expect honesty. Be truthful about what you do, think, and feel.
  4. If you want to know what’s on your partner’s mind, ask. Be ready to listen to what they have to say, and don’t assume you know what someone else is thinking or feeling.
  5. Spend time on your own and encourage your partner to do the same. Sometimes people think true love means spending all of your time together. But it’s actually healthier to spend some of your time with different people. That way you can grow as individuals, and have meaningful relationships with friends and family too.
  6. It’s OK to have disagreements. Partners often have different desires, opinions, and ideas. Everyone has the right to think differently. Make sure you respect each other’s unique points of view.
  7. Forgive. Even in a healthy relationship, no one’s perfect — making mistakes is a normal part of life. Apologizing and forgiving helps you move on, and holding grudges isn’t healthy.
  8. Help your partner(s) feel good about themselves and expect the same in return. Acknowledge each other’s efforts and accomplishments.
  9. Talk openly and honestly about sex. This is the only way your partner(s) will know what’s comfortable for you and what gives you pleasure. Make sure you have each other’s consent every time, and never pressure, guilt-trip, or pester.
  10. Take care of your sexual health. In a healthy relationship, partners protect each other’s sexual health. Getting tested for STDs and having safer sex are important. Make an appointment at your local Planned Parenthood health center to get birth control and/or STD testing.

broken, but brave.
she consumes our sins.

And at times it will feel like the entire world is plotting against you and the weight of it will feel like iron upon your shoulders.
You must stay strong.
You must not give in. Under no circumstances do you give in to the voices.
I know that it is hard. I know that right now you want nothing more than to give up.
Better days will come one day. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday. Your story isn’t over yet
—  @aplacecalledhope (via wnq-writers)
Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.
—  Susan Gale

I’m a little swamped rn so I reused my Remember Orlando picture template of Steve (but I removed the tear). I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m also living with close minded, Trump supporting family that I am often exasperated with. 

My good friend @beardysteve also did this lovely bi colored stucky picture. If you ask nicely she might send you a special widescreen, computer background version. It’s subtle enough for your average clothesminded, conservative mother not to get the lgbt(ect) subtext. Perhaps it can be your own little rebellion to remind you to have strength. 

It is a great virtue to overlook and offense. Proverbs 19:11
The honorable thing to do in a situation where you have been hurt or insulted is to refuse to become offended. Yes, you may have been wronged, but we are to handle situations like these His way, not the world’s way. The reason taking offense is displeasing to God is that it’s destructive to relationships. It divides people and causes conflict. It can break up families, friendships, and even churches. It’s one of satan’s most valuable weapons against God’s kingdom. I know it is impossible in your own strength, but with God’s grace and strength you can.