—  i am the apology never accepted
the sorry never said
the feeling of guilt caged in your head
i am the sorry that was never meant
but whispered none the less
the feeling in your heart kept under your bed
i am the apology written in words no one read
the letter that wasn’t sent
the feeling of being alive yet dead

GOOD EVENING. I have just finished gifting my humans with a not-quite-dead-yet snake, which I deposited right in the middle of the living room so that everyone can have a clear view of it. My humans were not pleased, and I am confused. Maybe next time I should bring them a larger snake?

Life update + fic updates!!

Hey guys!! Um, this is just an update to tell you guys that I’m not dead yet haha😅 I’ve been gone for like a month? and I just wanted to say that I’m so so so sorry for this mini hiatus. I’ve been so busy and stressed with life, and I’m just really tired haha

I really just want to apologise to those who sent me their requests, I’ll try to work on them as soon as I can!! I’ve tried so hard to write but everything wasn’t going the way I wanted to and I’ve been so frustrated and I just idk hah

Okay, anyways, I have received some requests to write another Avengers x Reader series but for Civil War and I got really interested but of course I’ll have to but that off until I finish the other requests. If you guys have any inputs or things you want to see in that series when I start writing it, please feel free to drop in an opinion or whatnot!!

To end of this weird lil’ update, I just want to say that hopefully I could start posting again and I just want apologise again. I’ll try to get my life under control haha…thank you everyone for understanding, I’ll be back soon I promise😊