I haven’t played The Old Republic, but this is a real scene from the game, right? Complete with Force-ghost Darth Marr who’s just finished baking a batch of cookies? (He’s using his afterlife to explore all sorts of new hobbies.)

@theladynoir comes up with some great commission ideas for me. :)

funsizedkola  asked:

Do you find yourself in need of supplies where you're at? Like food, batteries, etc? Or is that somehow supplied to you?

* it’s not so much supplied to me as i seek it out. i can technically eat Void food, but i have to have the real stuff too since i’m pretty much only half-Void. so Paps’ll send me things via interdimensional box - now that we’ve at least got that figured out - but outside of that i do have to eat real stuff too.

* problem is, people can’t really… process me. your eyes slide over me even if you manage to focus enough to see me, and you’ll forget me immediately. if we somehow interact - let’s say i bump into someone - you’ll get real confused - it’ll feel like you tripped over nothin, only for a second you know you bumped into someone - but you’ll forget me almost immediately then too. the bigger the interaction, the bigger the headache and the missing chunk of time and memory.

* …. so it’s not like i can really go up and order food somewhere, or go to the market. ‘n since people can’t see me properly, it gets even more confusing if they see me grab something - let’s say some syrup from the store - because part of ‘em is tryin to recognize my existence, and part of ‘em is trying to convince them that they’re seeing a bottle of syrup floating in midair.

* it was a big problem for a while. since the object would stay in reality, but i wouldn’t be there enough to keep people from, uh… losin their minds a bit. after a lotta research and a shitton of trial and error, it was Dings who finally helped me solve the issue and made me somethin to handle it - got it about six months ago now… lemme grab it outta interdimensional storage….

* here we are. he calls it the Rift Scythe, i call it a really useful bad joke.

* heh, nah, really - it allows me to create a partial rift into reality. slash it, hook onto the item with it, and pull it in - then bam, real item in the Void, which leaves it defaulting to being half Void with yours truly, and no longer can be rightfully ‘noticed’ by people.

* let’s me have food, snag supplies, that sorta thing. i uh, can’t pay for things properly, so i either take from surplus or things about to be tossed so employees don’t get in trouble, or i do some sorta somethin to make it up.

* it also let’s me snag tech items and books and things to send to the fam and Alphys and some of the others - before that, i was havin to research and memorize every piece of information and send notes to them all manually since i can’t put items straight from reality into interdimensional storage. we’ve got a shared box, so i can pop it in there where they can grab it - ‘s also the only way i can talk to ‘em. we trade letters through the storage space.

* … Dings insists the scythe was practical for the rift-tearing portion of the show, but the way his writing wavered on that bit told me he was laughin hard. they’re gettin a kick outta me gettin called the Grim Reaper everytime a human on the cusp sees me.

Just went to change the email I use on here only to find the email I was going to use already has a Tumblr. Went to see why I had two accounts. Found a fucking. Jean-Jacques Rousseau roleplay blog. No posts. One follower, a bot. Not a porn bot, a cheese bot. What the fuck.

Phoney and Smiley being assholes but also kinda dropping some truths which somehow makes it even worse.

Please read ‘Bone’ by Jeff Smith it’s my favourite comic of all time. (The Black and White version is better though. I just couldn’t find this panel online in BW and my book is too thicc to scan)

anonymous asked:

About that reputation thingy, I havent been in the fandom for long so Im not sure where you stand in the fandom but for me personally, you are my go to person for anything aizawa related. Like Im totally obssessed over him rn so I keep checking your blog everyday for new content cuz I felt like I searched the whole internet and theres still not enough aizawa. So keep up the good work! And if you can point me to other amazing websites or fanfics or literally any aizawa related stuff I'll be glad

You’re so sweet. Thank you, anon. The Western fandom has definitely grown, but when you’re completely obsessed with a character, it’s never enough. That’s when you have to turn to the fandom in Japan for more content.

I hope this helps. Lmao! Thank you for dropping by.

From Heaven to Hell in 24 Hours

This morning I rode my bike to work and it was cool enough to wear a balaclava under my helmet, and a sweatshirt.  Tomorrow a Speedo may be too much (and trust me, nothing you’d want to see!).  I’ve never been a fan of summer, but especially not when the one of the hottest days of the year falls on the first day of autumn, with a projected heat index over 100.  Gross.