anonymous asked:

Do you live in Japan? If so is it fun over there?

I live in the U.S. ^ ^; I have lived in Japan before, and your experience will differ on where you live, just like any other country. It has its pros, like great food, access to merch (if you know where to go and what to do), super clean cities, amazing public transport. It has its cons, a lot of social stuff that clashes with my more or less American upbringing, a lot of red tape and hoops you have to jump through and tons of memberships and whatnot if you want to do a lot of things, and standing in a ton of lines…

Just wanted to put out a quick apology. I know I haven’t been super active, I had a rough patch mentally as well as a lot of major life changes.

My sister took me to my favorite florist/greenhouse today though so that really made me happy!

I’ll try to get a que going, I’ll have to sit down possibly with J and just brainstorm a bunch.

Thank you all for being so patient!!!!