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You said you'd have all of your requests written in a week. Its been two weeks and I've yet to see mine. thanks a lot. I'm taking it somewhere else to someone who wants to write it

Let me start with asking you to send me another anon letting me know which request was yours so I can not waste my time writing it please.

When I opened my requests and said I would get them done HOPEFULLY within a week, I was expecting to receive maybe 10 requests. Altogether I received 53 in just over 24 hours before I closed my request box again. I didn’t turn a single request down and I’ve even taken a couple extra that were sent after posting requests were closed.

Find anyone who can write 53 requests in seven days while also working 40 hours and sleeping, eating, cleaning, and spending time with friends/family.

I am seriously churning out 2-4 (hopefully) decent content stories a day. And in two weeks I’ve gone from 53 requests to 15 left. Not only does this include having to come up with a unique and good idea and plot based on the request or song, but having to write it out and edit it.

I am honestly fucking pissed off right now that I have to defend this. I’m worn the fuck out with the negativity and shit right now. It sucks all the pleasure out of doing this.

So, an observation:

A few weeks ago on Twitter, I mentioned that with the rise of the alt right (aka white supremacist) it’s now our job to fight against white supremacists and other hate groups. I got some snarky replies from conservatives and white supremacists of course, this is Twitter, but one thing stuck out to me in particular.

All of them took “fight” as physical fighting.

That was their word choice. One said I’d “never have to pick up a gun.” Another said “you’ll never have to fight anyone special snowflake.” And so on. No matter the responders conservative background, all of them took fight in the physical sense.

Here’s the thing. I’m a 5′1 woman with noodle arms and little athletic ability. In a physical fight, I’ve useless except perhaps as a human projectile. I know better than to get into a physical fight: it’s a waste of my time and energy.

No, when I mean a fight, I mean an idealogical fight. I mean sharpening my words as spears and shaping paragraphs into shields. Putting my time into organizations larger than myself, serving one of their fighters by typing what they need me to type, carrying messages where they need to be sent. Organizing rallies, donation drives, things that require communication.

I’m a scribe, not a solider. And here’s the wild thing: I think that’s far more of a threat than a pair of fists.

Because a physical fight? I knock down maybe one guy, tops, if I get lucky. But a fight with words, with persuasion? People like me, people far more talented than I, can break down enemy lines, convert enemies into spies, shape narratives in our favor, turn an army into a frazzled mess. And that’s far more of an impact than two fists can get me.

And so I guess that’s the difference between the hecklers and I. When they picture a fight, they see a pair of fists and a showdown.

I see a piece of paper and a pen.
4 Must See Documentary Videos On Black History: Lost Kingdoms Of Africa- Not Just Egypt, Pharaohs & Pyramids!
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​How many people will share this???????? “The media doesn’t tell us about when we were kings and queens” Actually, the BBC made a whole series about the many kingdoms of Africa… Sadly, some people never heard about it and some people just didn’t bother to watch it. I have put the 4 documentaries in this one post. No excuses. If you want fact checked knowledge watch. If you want other people to be aware of this click share. If not stop complaining. I will find the other series if enough people share this link- otherwise i won’t waste my time again. Enjoy

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Ok hi c: I'm Trina and I really love your blog. You seem like such a frickin sweetie and I think we'd get along great???? :) Also your hcs for the gang Tyrannosaurus wrecking Darry's date is pure gold.

OMG YOU ARE SO SWEET!!!! This was so nice thank you so much like this means a lot :) (lol when I first read this I thought you said Darry was a trex and like I didn’t even question it lol) BUT YOU ARE SO SWEET!!!!!

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Hello, I really don't wanna waste your time but, here we go. My life's kinda boring and I have no self confidence and I get depressed easily, seeing people's art makes me feel better about myself because I really love to draw, and your art is just so amazing and I really love it, so please, don't listen to bad and rude comments, (like I do, it sucks) sorry again, for wasting your time. Love your art

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Aww, hey. firstly thank you, but most importantly, are you doing aright recently? I hope everything goes well for you, and I’m overjoyed that make you and others feel better even on gloomy days!

You are not wasting my time, it’s absolutely wonderful to hear from you. You like the draw you say? If there’s anything you need advice, you can come to me. My replies can be very late, and sometimes I forget, but I’ll try :)

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Hiii! How is possible that you're only 17 yo and you have a phd qualificaton? Omg!!😍 Please, tell me about your studies!

Hey! I finished high school when I was 15, and I was going to pursue a degree in physics, however, the head of physics at my university thought an undergrad degree would be a waste of time for me and put me in the masters program. I took that phd test last year :)

I wanna draw fanart and work on digital art but from now to Christmas vacation is crunch time for school work and college stuff, and during Christmas vacation I’ll lose the motivation and drive and just lay around wasting my time, I gotta push myself during my vacation days I gotta make something every day no matter what!!

actually forget that post i made i regret going into the creative field. no one cares about you as an artist or whatever you are in fashion / art unless you are successful. the world already revolves around money and what’s so great about being in debt and doing what you love when you can’t even pay school loans. i wish i didn’t waste my time i regret my entire life lol i would rather have a boring good paying office job and do what i love on the side for fun. why bother making your hobbies your career it’s not worth it

  • please do NOT say “come visit me here in _____” unless you plan on paying for me to get there. Seriously?
  • please do NOT ask me questions I’ve already answered. It’s like asking a prof their email when it’s clearly on the syllabus ? Don’t be dumb
  • forever and always I DO NOT want pictures pf your dick

Summary: I’m as easily turned off as I am on. Don’t waste my time and because I won’t waste yours.

Im sorry for the inconvenience and sorry for not posting, but im turning off messages unless i follow you. Someone keeps harrassing and manipulating me and ive had enough. Im already stressed as is and this person is wasting my time.