Pretty pumped about this one! I kept saying to myself that less than 5 minutes would mean podium or nothing (I had done some looking up of last year’s times). I pushed way out of my comfort zone and didn’t have anything left for a final sprint, which feels like a race well run!!

Avg 19+mph on the bike and 7:50s(!!) on the run. The swim was no wetsuit (83F, almost too warm), about 15 min (right where I expected to be), plus a long run to transition. I was really happy with my transitions over all, very short, no wasted time!

Edit: Oh I need to add a shout out to my new BFF Bonnie, who I was back and forth with on the bike, she caught me on the run and went on to win her age group (60-64!!). She was SO FAST. I was trying to keep up with her amazing running cadence, hence the 7:50s! Life goals *swoon*

pastellrain replied to your post:ive hatched like fifteen 2k eggs in pokemon go…

one time i saw a snorlax spawn on the street but then the game froze and i COULD NOT CATCH THE SNORLAX AND I AM FOREVER SALTY

the heck do you live that you’re seeing wild Snorlax???

The Tinder Tutorials

I get a lot of asks about Tinder and I thought it would be worthwhile to collect my “best of” posts right here.  Each of the topics I list has the relevant links immediately following.  These tutorials will have you swiping and matching in no time!

Is the guy that just matched you more vanilla than sugar daddy?  These links help you figure out which he is and include a sample text/message. It clearly communicates that you are a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy, not a vanilla FWB!

I met a POT on Tinder a few weeks ago, I stopped talking to him because he seemed more “vanilla” than SD. But he’s reached out to me recently, but I haven’t responded. He’s a really nice guy, but I don’t want to waste my time. Do you think I should reply? If so, what should I say to steer him towards SD?

 I have a match on tinder with an 48y man and I think he’s a sd. I haven’t told him yet I’m a sb but I think he suspects that. He just asked me what I’m looking for but I dont know how to make it clear. Can you please help me?

 So i met this nice gentlemen on Tinder and we have texted and really hit it off but since I took the tinder approach I am not sure if he understands that I am a sugar baby and need certain things. How do i SUBTLY let him know what I’m looking for? I could do the spoiled girlfriend approach but I dont want to ruin something with such potential.

Tips on how to set up a Tinder profile as a sugar baby.

How do I get a sugardaddy on tinder?

Besides outright stating I’m a SB, what else should I put on my Tinder profile to attract sugar daddy’s? Like is it the same as a profile on SA or should I keep it short?

Initial messages on Tinder are critical, yet guys don’t always grasp the importance!  Here are my thoughts to “get the ball rolling”

How do you spice up conversation with men on tinder/SA who have nothing in their bio that you can use to your advantage to spice up the conversation? I keep getting the hi , how you doing , nothing , where you from type of conversation. You would think older men would be clever and interesting in messages.

So after matching on tinder with men that are interested in being a sugar daddy wth do I talk to them about lol, do I tell them what I want because I really have no clue what to keep talking about after that. I’ve read post here to not talk to them about allowances thru there but to do it in person but I have no idea want to talk to them about after they say they are interested.

This post details the basic steps of moving from Tinder match to Arrangement

So I met this pot on tinder, and is it me just being paranoid or is it sketch that he would rather talk through the site. I offered him my email and offered to take his number

Don’t try to judge a guy’s wealth based on a Tinder profile.  

I was thinking of using tinder for SD searching, but I’m not sure of how to tell real wealth. I know that the clothing is apart of it. Do you have any tips to identify it in pbotos

And last, but definitely not least, I am including a link to a post that I found (the sugar baby who posted it has been since deactivated, so I can’t give her a proper shout out) that gives great tips on how to use Tinder.  As an added bonus, her tips can be used with sugar websites as well.  It is very good and definitely worth the read!

It’s going down; I’m yelling Tinder

this is getting out of hand

okay so recently ive gotten a hateful anon calling me ugly and dumb. believe me, i dont give 2 shits about that, it doesnt offend me the slightest. they come back day after day to offend me, not my problem if they wanna waste their time on that, ya feel me?

however theyre getting really disgustingly rude. they wrote to me “ok lady this was ironic im not sad also don’t forget to tell us how your own vomit tastes since you’re probably gonna fuck him again” (about me getting in touch with my ex again, which i didnt publish) which to me is really crossing the line. this is so gross lol why would you write that to anyone? its pathetic, really.

to everyone who wrote me kind messages about it all: thank you. ive read it all but i dont wanna publish everything cause im tired of feeding the shitstorm.

also im sorry for cancelling another stream. but a person, who just happens to me my ex, have gotten in contact with me and i haven’t spoken to him in legit 2 years. he met our beloved grace in Lund and she set us up, and now were talking again. no i’m not gonna hook up with my ex but to talk to him after 2 years? it meant a LOT, especially considering we didnt break up because we didn’t liked each other, but cause it just didn’t work with long distance and yada yada. i do value my real life relations SO MUCH, and sometimes they crash with streams. i apologise for that. i don’t regret it though, ive been on the phone with this guy for 4 hours now and you know. i’ve really had 4 great hours. you’ll get a TON of chances to watch me stream in the future, i promise promise promise

ANON THIS IS FOR YOU. i know you’re reading this so might as well adress you directly. i’ve been reading ur messaged pretty light heartedly but lets get real now. i have NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE and yet you’re feeling the need to want to offend me. you tell me you’ve been following me for a while, (which i believe since you know what my ex looks like and knew that i had really old selfies with him) but you say you dont like me. there is one simple solution to this problem. unfollow me fam. you don’t NEED to constantly think about how you’re gonna harass me. idk if ur happy or sad or lonely or jealous but it honestly don’t matter. you can tell me im ugly and stupid all you want lol i know thats not true. a person who has to hide behind a screen to “be honest” can’t make me change my mind about that. i’ve been trying to troll the troll but after attacking my friend, eg the message about my ex, i’m drawing the line. attack me all you want but attack my friends? nope im not having that.

im not turning off anon asks but YOU. if you wanna talk it out im right here. im not replying to any anon message that could come from you. my followers have seen enough of your shit. but if uve got the balls to get the fuck off anon and talk to me “in person” i promise i will not publish your messages and talk it thru with you calmly. and if thats not enough for you, if you wanna continue being a tumblr bully then by all means, go ahead. but im not gonna spam my followers with your crap to provoke a reaction, got it? 

dunwall out

anonymous asked:

hahahaha Uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

You sent me exactly 10 messages. Do something with your life and stop being an asshole. Also, unfollow me right now, and stop wasting my time.

like no fucking offense but when i make posts and don’t intend for them to blow up, no im not going to waste my time and energy giving people sources and shit on what I’ve said when they could easily find these things on their own. i don’t know why so many people on this website act like they’re incapable of using Google like stop expecting everybody to hand you the information you’re looking for and just google it

I’m slightly scared about my future to be honest. My grades aren’t the best and I know that grades are not so important. But let’s be honest, they are. I have to work a lot in the incoming courses to get higher grades. I know that I can get the grades I want but I am so fucking lazy most of the times. If I know I am going to pass easily, I take the path of least resistance. I hate myself for this sometimes. Then I have some moments when I am 100% productive. Zero distractions, self-disciplined, hard-working. I think about how great I feel when I get As and I am highly motivated to go to study. But the others, when I don’t care about anything, I am anxious and binging, I just want to lie in my bed and waste my time on the Internet. And I can’t let the lazy-self take control of my life, especially because I want to get a master’s degree and maybe I’ll go for a PhD. I don’t want to have the doors closed when I take this decision.

I have all the tools in my hand, I know how I should use them, but. Sigh. 

Guys, most of you don’t cause problems on my blog or intend to but, I think that for now, I would appreciate if you didn’t ask me personal questions on my blog. It seems as though some of my answers, anger people lol. All I try to do is help.. And people somehow always find something to get upset about when none of them are doing anything for me. Why they feel the need to get angry and “go off” on me is beyond me! But I’m not going to continue entertaining them. I would disable the anon feature, but I know that some of you don’t have blogs and still have questions so any rude, sick, immature, or taunting anons will not be answered at this point they are just a complete waste of time and space on my blog. Thanks guys! ❤️

ghost-mantis  asked:

Did you enjoy your time as Turaga Dume? It seems like all the paperwork and public functions aren't really your style.

The public appearances were absurd wastes of my time, and negotiations with the Metrus could be nothing short of aggravating. But, as the months passed, both the public events and the districts’ complaints became less of an issue.

To be sure, my reign as “Turaga” had its benefits: Matoran are far easier to rule than the Brotherhood, and it was refreshing to be the subject of their praise and respect. Still… it was hollow praise, for it was not my mask they honored. I could not… no, would not be truly content until the Matoran revered the Kraahkan over the Kiril.

Agent Carter Harry Potter AU: Background, DOROTHY “DOTTIE” UNDERWOOD.

                               “I’ve pulled out my own teeth… my own nails… my own hair.
                                        I’ve burned my own flesh with a fire-making spells.
                                               I’m not like any other Death Eater harlot.
                                                         And you are wasting my time.”

Dottie is a halfblood witch/veela who grew up in a muggle orphanage after she witnessed her mother, a Veela, assessinating her father in an outbust of anger. After being chased by both, muggle and wizard community, she decided to run away leaving her daughter alone. From a very young age, Dottie had been aware of her halfblood heritage and there was a time she showed them proudly to her muggle friends whom later start calling her a “freak” making her wish she was born like normal girls of her age.

After getting her letter of acceptance at Hogwarts, she took it as a chance to get out of that living hell and learning how to find revenge of all the girls who bullied her during her childhood. She was sorted in the slytherin house and prove everyone she was an exceptional witch who stood out among her peers, especially in potions.

Once back home, and just at the age of fourteen, Dottie commited her first murder, violating the law that didn’t allow under-age wizards and witches use magic out of the school. Knowing she had broken a very important law in her world, she escaped finding refudge among Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters, who were impressed of her skills and the way she had survived for three years, changing her image with polyjuice potion in order to not catch people’s attention.

Years later, Dottie was caught by the ASR and sent to Azkaban from where she was released by Peggy Carter herself, taking her to America under a few conditions, but the boss of the Aurors Office back in Englad and fellow Death Eater, Jack Thompson caught her in order to take her back to Azkaban. Yet he was taken by Death Eater and Minister of the Law Enforcement Department Vernon Masters t Whitney Frost’s house where he’d torture her to take information of what was the Order of the Phoenix planning to do. Refusing to speak, she faced Whitney Frost’s unknown powers making her sing like a bird. That same night she was rescued by Peggy Carter and her partner Edwin Jarvis.

Dottie’s actual loction and real name remain unknown.

Read Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa, Howard and Jarvis’ backgrounds.

Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

I’m probably taking too many breaks, but I have been busy with my new job and what not, so I apologize.  Just hang in there with me folks.

Sharknado 2 leaves right where the first one picked up, but instead of LA they ravage the city of New York.  Not that I really care what happens to the city of New York, but you know it’s a great setting.  Unlike the first one, there are lots and lots of cameos and BIGGER names this time around.  I mean, we have the two main characters, but we also get Mark McGrath!

That’s right, the hottest dude from the late 90s-early 2000s in this movie and let me say he has not aged well.  However, his comedic performance is fantastic.  He has plenty of great lines while they are running from sharks at a Mets game.

There are a lot of cameos so I won’t waste my time posting photos of them all, but I will say Biz Markie is one of my favorites in the movie.  Playing the role he was always meant to play, an owner of a pizza place but also a weapons specialist.  Genius writing going on here.

Basically, lots of sharks get cut in half with chainsaws and the Good Morning America crew reports it all.  Even Al Roker.  It’s a lot of fun and even features the ultimate cameo by a fricking American Hero.

Just for that, this movie deserves the three I’s.  Intelligence, intensity and integrity.  This also is not the first amazing wrestler cameo in this series.  Stay tuned folks!