any list of “best tv shows of all time” that doesn’t have avatar: the last airbender on it is a waste of my time and also a lie 

Ok girls. Listen up….

I don’t know why you care how much your POT is worth, how much does he make, or what his occupation is. You need to be concentrating on HOW MUCH HE SPENDS ON YOU/HOW MUCH ALLOWANCE HES GIVING YOU.

I dated a billionaire and all he did was buy me food and waste my time. Don’t get stuck in this. Spenders will spend! They won’t “wait” to buy you stuff. Those guys are LIARS! Guys are either generous or not.

I also dated a guy that made $150k but gave me $5k a month. He doesn’t have a fancy job. He actually drives a Honda Civic!

I seriously am so annoyed with these guys in Ferraris and they get mad when you ask for gifts. “WHAT KIND OF GIRL DID YOU THINK YOU WOULD ATTRACT WITH THIS CAR YOU IDIOT!!!”

Then there’s guys like my bf… he has a lot of nice cars, $3M in watches and he loves to spoil his women. He’s a unicorn I get it but there’s more out there! Keep looking. I promise you he’s not the only one.

So stop wasting your time and only concentrate on guys that spend money on you!! Make them spend lots of money on you every time you go out so he’s invested in you. My nail lady told me my bf will never leave me because he’s already spend so much money on me he’s invested in me.

I once had this guy buy me 2 ugly ass dresses that I knew were marked too high. I had him buy it so he gets used to spending money on me. He knows if he wants to see me he better bring his wallet. We ate $500 meals every night and Uber Lux everywhere. He spend over $2000 a day on me, every date and treated all my friends too.

Wake up girls. If you have a guy that’s asking you for nudes and not giving you money you need to drop his ass. You’re just fucking an old dude… he ain’t no sugar daddy.


I definetly am open to different movements when it comes to global politics. Other countries have different struggles and threats, obviously those who are victims of economic imperialism will have a way different approach, and I respect that.

As far as the US goes, we won’t go anywhere without a revolutionary party of organizing people and spreading the message. I believe in a central congress functioning as a national government and coordinating production with elected committees representing industries. Use of unions to mobilize control of the workplace also.

Antiglobalization under capitalism and environmentalism are also very important to me. I oppose what the first world has done to control the third world (military intervention, economic imperialism, etc) and don’t believe “FALC” would be a moral achievement without liberation of this oppression (besides it being, you know, pretty unrealistic currently).

So no, I’m not an ancom or ML, but I don’t waste my time arguing over superiority because ultimately we aren’t all in the same position and it’s foolish plush inefficient to think so.

So that’s a very BASIC (and somewhat vague, sorry) overview of my approach/opinions, which I thought would be worth sharing because lots of people only know me as a staunch anticapitalist and nothing else.

If you start discourse on the basis of this post I’ll kill you. And yes, this remains vague because some of y'all are a bit much when it comes to ideological purity Also if anyone unfollows me for that I’ll laugh.

Baking 101

A prompt from the darling @alecsplushpillow​:  what about malec baking together? Like.. just casually trying to make a bday cake for izzy and they’re both idiots when it comes to baking. So it all ends in a mess and flour war and frosting kisses and they Finally end up buying a cake? 😂💕

“How do you not know how to do this?” Alec sighed in exasperation as he surveyed the counter in front of him like it was a battlefield.

Magnus twirled on the spot, eying the other man with a cool expression. “I don’t appreciate the accusation. You don’t know what you’re doing either.”

Alec balked. “I’m not hundreds of years old!”

“Alec, just because I have been alive for centuries does not mean I’ve ever wasted my time on such frivolous things. I have magic for that.” Magnus picked up the can of frosting and eyed it suspiciously.

“Wha- why did you say we had to make it ourselves, then? You could just magic one up!”

“No no no, I said that you should make it yourself. I’m just here for moral support.” He patted his boyfriend on the shoulder and stepped carefully around the counter space, placing the frosting down between them.

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Okay I need to say this now cause I’m tired of getting asks like these. 

1.Don’t send shit in the ask box or submit box about like

shit that doesn’t like work in this blog like the asks but there?????? like how am I suppose to respond??????? If you think I can’t respond or like you’re talking about something I might not care for

Don’t send it.

It wastes my time and builds up the ask box more.

2. This is for the second one

Just idk asks like that FREAK me out and gross me the fuck out so PLEASE no weird skull fucking or stuff like that ( I’m fine with normal like nsfw asks but that crosses the line).

3. Don’t send cringey rps like the third one????? It’s like

I’m not an rp blog??? I’m an ask drawing blog. Yes I may answer some things with text but, that’s only for asks I don’t know how to draw out but I can type out.

I’m sorry I had to be harsh about these but please.

Think before you send.

@jeffthelover14 @antonia-the-midnight-slayer

yes I’m tagging these people cause I don’t want anymore asks like these from them. 

Just based off the gifs I am seeing already, I do not regret being at work instead of at home wasting my time watching OB. What’s funny is that most of the posts  I am seeing about this ep are coming from the official OB Tumblr. Yes keep on pushing the Hendrix down our throats until the very end. 

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Dear Boynie, I just saw a post asking me to reblog if I've never sent anonymous hate to someone who shipped the wrong ship or some such thing. I've never thought to send hate to anyone, but I have sent anon love to bloggers I like. So here it is, Boynie. Roci and I love you and your wee cheeties and your blog. Oh, and we can't forget Murtz because we love him too. We're glad you're back and thanks for the podcast. Anon #46.

Sunday, June 25, 2017 (1815 Standard Outlander Time)

Dear Anonymous Rider of Rocinante, AKA Anon #47,

If this isn’t the sweetest message I’ve ever received, I’ll eat raisins. Sigh. ❤️

I’m with you, Dear Anon #47, I don’t get the hate thing either. Of all the things I could think of to waste my time, that’s not one of them.

Thank you SO much for expressing your love for me 🙋🏻, Rerun 😺, Belle 😸, my blog ♉️💩, and Murtz ⚔️. We’re delighted to say, “We love you too, man!”

Hope you and Rocinante have a wonderful Sunday and a great week. We’ll be thinking of you and your positivity.


boyneriver-fraser, BS, MS, PhD, lots of shady trees

File No. 47W

P.S. Your third-next message will be your 100th. Perhaps we could celebrate with a reveal of sorts? You must know I’m always wondering about “Don Quixote’s” alter-ego… 😬

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Wow the virgo prediction was so true. This friend promised me he would hang tonight? And it's nbd he didn't. But he made a great speech yesterday like "I want to hang out with you tmr! I made a commitment to!" And we were gonna get LIT, and have a good time, cause we're close and can just chill. He was even like "text me tmr when u wake up" so I did. And I had to be like "is it canceled" at 11PM and all he said was like "ya sorry." Like buddy u had allll day to cancel thanks for wasting my time

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Jessie, James, Cassidy

“Uh… I’d commit a crime with Jessie. We could… Pass in a no passing zone…?” She’s not willing to admit more given her boyfriend is a cop, kind of. “James is banished from borrowing make up without returning it. And… Cassidy can get bound by handcuffs. I’m not gonna waste my time tying her up. Get caught by the cops for all I care…”