Sometimes I want to like find a fresh start on different social media that’s more positive, less bogged down by bitterness or constant political vigilantism, where I can just ignore all the weird social stuff that plagues the modern world for a while 

But like, I can’t seem to find a lot of traction with twitter, and I just don’t know what else to waste my time on haha 

Anon again…

Anon. Please. So good evening. Have had an interesting couple of days. I first shared of my incest experience then after pangs of guilt, another more open one. Went over yet again to see mom and dad today. Dad was napping so it was me and mom. Strange hanging at the table drinking coffee, not even discussing my cock in her throat just hours before. Then my brother knocked on the door. He came in sat down and began to join the convo. As it turned to sex talk, my brother piped in, moms been sucking me for years. She’s just been waiting on you. I looked at her and she nodded as she blushed. I acted shocked and then said wanna do is both? Mother readily agreed. We went to the living room where Mon stripped off her robe. Her massive breasts sagging perfectly framing her round tummy and her graying pussy hair. My bro wasted no time whipped his cock out, and buried it in my moms waiting mouth. On her hands and knees I plopped behind her and began to kiss her ass and gently probe her asshole. I could smell her pussy and my cock sprung to life. Damn bro, you’re just like dad! Bastard must have sucked the old man too. I began to lick her pussy. The moist juice was dripping from knotted and wet hairs, I spread those beautiful labia and devoured her. Her clit flicking off my tongue, as she moaned on my brothers cock. I rose to my knees and entered her backdoor. Pushing and with a moan/ grunt from mom I entered her. I pumped her for all I had. My balls smacking off her pussy. Watching her head bounce on my brothers cock. I’m coming my brother said he pulled out and I leaned forward and jerked his hard veiny cock towards my open mouth. His cock erupted into my mouth and on my face. Damn bro he said falling on the couch. That was cool. No sweat. I kept pumping but wanted to cum inside that glorious pussy. I pulled out and told my brother clean it up. He shook his head and my mom said listen to your brother he leaned back and shrugged and opened his mouth. I thrust my glistening cock into his mouth as he grabbed my shaft and began to stroke me. Sucking I could feel his stubble on my balls, my mom moved to the couch and began fingering herself. The wet sounds and her moans drove me crazy. Seeing her womanhood exposed, dark full labia, open hole, semi gaped backdoor was too much, I pulled out and aimed my cock at them. My cock exploded as I furiously shot my streams of cum onto my brother and my mom. Cum drippings on her hair and tits, on his chest and cock. Well mom said I guess tomorrow we will have to do lunch. But first let’s shower….;)

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how about you do more then three bloody updates before you start begging for money?

Woah there fella I never said I was desperate for money. I only made ko-fi so others would like to support me. I’ve been on tumblr for about 4yrs and I felt the need to try something new. So mind ya business and quit wasting my time ^\o\^

as far as this net neutrality fiasco goes I’ll be satisfied with whatever fiscal barriers are put in place to me wasting my time on this site and you lot wanking to hentai

My over all grade for Justice League is...

Originally I made a quick post that said my thoughts on this movie boiled down to a ‘meh’. So I thought I’d go into a bit more detail. Here’s a letter grade for it and why I graded it as such

I give it a “D”

Details that made me give it a “D”

  • They spent millions of dollars on this movie and hired over 9 different visual effect companies and the CGI was still shit
  • Batfleck
  • some of the acting was just really - god it was really bad and it was not limited to one character either
  • like super awkward acting
  • too many upskirt shots of Diana (there should have been zero)
  • the exposed midriffs of a few dozen Amazon warriors 
  • Dickbag Batfleck
  • the inconsistent aesthetic
  • Joss Whedon had his filthy perverse hands all over it
  • Diana deserved better
  • Oh My God the God Awful CGI
  • Diana’s skirt was definitely made shorter for this movie
  • Lois literally did the “you died and my life could go nowhere without you in it” speech
  • the poor attempts at Marvel’s quirky humor
  • Batfleck’s shitty cowl (like oh my god it was like someone shrink wrapped his head in latex)
  • Diana was greatly disrespected 
  • the weird wardrobe changes for Diana that made no fucking sense???? Like suddenly one of her outfits had flat soled boots and a red scarf when in the scene just before she was in stiletto heeled boots and had no scarf ??? Or how she suddenly just had this red cape draped about her while she was still in her armor????? (they were cool, but completely inconsistent)
  • oh my god the plot was a mess

Things that kept me from giving this an “F”

  • Clark Kent’s mom called Lois thirsty
  • Diana shoving Dickbag Batfleck when he badmouthed Steve
  • the clear indication that Diana was still romantically into Steve and not romantically into Batfleck like halle-fucking-lujah 
  • Barry Allen
  • That background lady in the red dress walking by the cop cars
  • Lois: *wrapping up her ‘my life paused’ speech* “- now I have to let you go.” Clark: *dramatically looks away and up and speaks in a raspy voice* “Bruce.”
  • Jason Momoa was pretty cool (especially his left peck)
  • Barry and Clark racing
  • Diana stepping on her sword and having it arch into her hand
  • Arthur’s super awesome fall from the sky that would have made Legolas proud
  • Diana’s fight scene in the beginning of the movie

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a map replied to an ask you got just so you know, btw love your blog

oh, i know. i’m just not going to waste my time arguing with a dense reprobate who tries to force themselves in a community that has declined them multiple times. i could watch hours of vine compilations instead of trying to get my point across to a degenerate, so,

+ thank you so much!! i’m glad that you like this blog ❤❤

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honestly i spend most of my time choosing whether or not I should waste my time playing WoW or wasting my time playing comp attempting to get my 2nd gold wep but getting frustrated because comp so i just end up turning off my computer but then turning it back on because i have nothing to do. any advice? I love you.

play neither as an act of self-love

i just wanna be around people who always wanna experience life n get drunk on beaches n drive around until 4am with the windows down blasting music n sit in forests drinking tea & coffee out of travel mugs n lay under the stars in a fuck tonne of blankets no matter how cold it is bc the earth is BEAUTIFUL