i want so many pictures taken of me. i want pictures of me writing in journals. i want pictures of me reading. i want pics of me watching the sky and i want pictures of me being excited. i want pictures of me jumping up and down after hearing the best news ever and i want pictures of me having to fix my glasses. i want pictures of me with my hair being blown everywhere because of the wind and i want pictures of me so blurry that im not even sure what im doing in them. i want photos of me sitting on my bed with my phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other whilst laughing the hardest i’ve ever laughed. i want pictures of me looking out windows and pictures of me sitting on the floor with paint all over my hands in nothing but a long flannel. i want pictures of me running in all types of directions in fields. i want pictures of my facial expression the second someone calls my name. i want pictures of me dancing and jamming to music and i want photos of me when im in deep thought. i want pictures of me when im a mess and sobbing on the floor. i jus want so many pics of me doing things bc i wanna know what kind of person everyone else sees. i want to capture every raw moment.

whats up yall its ur least favorite shit mutual here!!!!!!!! i wanted to do something since ilu all!!!!!

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@lilypotthr: soph!!!!! my hetero child!!!!!!! im so proud of u!!!!! u gained so fast after deleting ur blog!!!!!!! ur my favorite b99 lover,,,,,,,, and always will be!!! i will always support u finding ur james potter or jake perelta!!! ilu

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WHAT?????? NEW ART???????? and yes, it’s mr. howell again, back at it with them aesthetic pics. i will probably draw phil tomorrow?? i’m not sure what im doing with that, i have like at least 8 phil wip. (((also, soon i will post phan art on @florallylester‘s fanfic “Danny and the Houseplants” so go read it before it comes out bc ash’s writing is sooooo Good)))

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Dean is going to be pissed.

No, scratch that. He’s going to kill Sam, that simple. It’s not like Sam doesn’t really deserve it. They had talked and finally made an agreement and well… now things are bad. Real bad.

Sam wonders, for a second, if he should kill himself before Dean gets home. At least he could make things quickier and a little less messier. Unfortunately the devil seems to be summoned by his thoughts, and in the next second his big brother is entering the room. Sam gulps.


“Hey yourself.” Dean replies, smiling easily. He’s relaxed and in an obvious good mood, so maybe, just maybe Sam can escape that one– but he’s a Winchester and good luck isn’t something they have. “Is everything okay, baby?”

“Yeah, sure.” Sam says, even if things aren’t okay at all. He hopes his anxiety doesn’t show on his face. “So, I know you said only one cat, but listen–”

Dean isn’t really listening. He’s whistling softly, too happy about some random reason, and Sam is starting to freak out because his big brother is just going to enter the goddamn room and…

“Dean– wait, don’t open the door!”

Too late.

The moment the door is open, a dozen stray cats escape the room and hide everywhere across the Bunker. Not that it really matters right now, not with Dean staring at Sam with such an unreadable expression that Lucifer would back away. Sam licks his dry lips, suddenly feeling like a 10 years old again.

“…I can explain.”

“You better start talking, then.”

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this is really selfish and hurtful

the url @abloodbat is no longer viewable. i cant tag it. this means i’m either blocked by whoever is hoarding my url or they hid their blog again. the two posts that were there the days before i made my first post on this blog are still gone, as well as their icon, and their background. whoever has my blog is being really selfish and im not sure what to do, honestly. im a bit down. i was really looking forward to roleplaying as my little bat god again and making posts for the fandom tag again, and it doesnt feel right without the persona that i created. 

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What is love? The question that plagues the human race. There is no denying it’s existence, it is the very force that powers us all in some way. It was stronger than gravity or reality itself. It drives each and every one of us to unknown extremes across every border and every sea. No one can control it and it comes in every shape and form that the mind can conjure.

But what is love? Is it the release of chemicals in your head when certain criteria are met? Making you react with a racing heart and dilated pupils?

It it the steady thump of two hearts synchronizing as lovers hold each other, chest to chest? The will to burn the world for another person.

Is it a mother, who suddenly would give her own life with no hesitation or thought, for her childs?

Is it a teacher who looks at children’s faces and lives and sees the potential and drives them and shows them that they can do it… no matter who else says otherwise?

Is it a leader who looks at his people and realizes that there are many looking to them and relying on their guidance and knowing they are responsible for the outcome?

It is the love one has for their religion? Their undying devotion and the solas they find knowing what will happen to their soul and knowing that they are also loved?

All of this is love…but what is love really? Gravity, force, matter, can all be proven. They can be put in a formula and shown with science to the world. There is no equation for love, no solution.

Is it an idea? A concept or philosophy? Something like morality or justice, concepts the human race has invented to conform to… no you can feel love…

So is it that? A feeling? Like joy or anger or sadness? When love is lost the heart breaks and causes sadness. When one is in love they feel joy. When love is betrayed it breed anger in the deepest parts of our hearts.

Why do our hearts feel love? Why does the muscle that pumps blood throughout our bodies feel love the hardest. Why do our hearts break or soar?

The truth to it all is love is like time… something solid and real and all around us, but also a concept or a feeling. Time exists but not in the measure of hours and days and months and years as we know it, but as a fabric blanketing the entire universe that moves it forward and backward and sideways through its own twisted chronology. We know it exists and we don’t understand it but we try, and we are helpless against it.

That is what love is, the helpless choice that none of us actually make. It is a force so strong and comes in so many different forms. One can love with passion and sexuality, to desire another being so intensely you become two parts of one whole together. You can feel devoted unconditional love for your children putting them above all others. You can feel the love of your god, whoever you choose that to be, you can feel safe and warm knowing you are apart of a whole in this vase world.

One can feel love for destruction, for terror, for fear.

A single person can love the thought of power and topple the world with it.

So, have we answered our question? What is love…

Love is the sheets under the blanket of time that wraps around us all on a cold winter nights. It surrounds us and we can’t help but feel it because it demands to be felt no matter its form.

In the end no one can escape love as no one can escape time.

But who would want to?