*gamely tries to support yuri’s bro’s dramatic wedding news*

*is quickly informed that’s not what we do in this fucking family*

Thrilling Intent Week day 5 - Crossover:
i bet you expected ashe as princess mononoke. sike! so did i

ashe - nausicaa
markus - howl
gregor - ashitaka
kyr - fio (you know the cute mechanic from porco rosso)
inien - kiki

  • kaito: -and then i tribute zarc's dragon which I just stole and my galaxy-eyes cipher dragon-
  • ryouga from the distance: WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING
  • kaito: to special summon! hERE COMES THE MONSTER THAT'S MORE SAVAGE THAN A SUPERNOVA, WITH THE COSMIC CATACLYSM OF TEN BLACK HOLES PUT TOGETHER, a cosmic scourge that vaporizes anything in its path! galaxy-eyes photon dragon!
  • (and then arc v ends because zarc got tributed for a lv 8 effect monster)

Viola Desmond will be on the $10 bill!!!! She was a black rights activist and will be the first Canadian woman on our money! Please go watch the Heritage Minute about her!!!!!!

I play ‘Champion of the Forest’, which allows me to draw two ‘Masked Warriors of the Forest’ and play then both in attack mode!”

this is called “elfy’s obsession with arc-v is going weird places but xin is BASICALLY A YUGIOH VILLAIN C’MON”

so au where everything is the same but all the fights are duel monsters instead

nevermind shrimp charoth struggling to hold his cards…

So @lolisyn and @thesummoningdark and I decided that if Vasquez were a monster hunter a la Supernatural, there’s a 100% chance that Faraday would be a guilt-riddled half-incubus. This is a little doodle of a moment from a longer scene where other hunters use Vas as bait and Faraday goes to save him anyway.

Sorry for the lack of fic recently but hopefully maybe this helps!

Christmas Shopping

(Modern Au)

(Markus is the main character)

Markus wandered through the château looking for just the right gift for one of his remaining friends. 

Markus always tried to find the gift that was perfect for his pals, and was always rewarded with the awed look on their face when they unwrapped the present Christmas Day.

He had already gotten a Lovecraftian storybook for Verne, had a polearm arriving in the mail crafted from a traditional European Blacksmith for Gregor, and had placed an order for hard to find  Delorean parts( Kyr was a mechanic and huge Back To The Future fan, he’d slowly been assembling the iconic car for the past six months). That left Ashe, Thog, Inien and Colvin.

Inien was an easy one as she liked pretty much any free stuff, but the others were tricky shoppers. 

Colvin wasn’t necessarily hard to shop for concept-wise, but finding stuff he didn’t already have was almost impossible. He worked as a package deliverer and was able to find cool oddities often and cheap. 

Markus had connections to get unique antiquities for him though.

Ashe liked fine wines which is why he was currently in the winery for a nice bottle of brandy or chardonnay. He would grab a nice bottle of each by the time he left.

The most difficult however, was Thog. 

The guy barely talked openly in conversations and everyone got him gifts which he accepted with a polite “Thanks”.

Never genuinely smiling over the gifts.

Now, Markus would only slightly be annoyed at this if it weren’t that Thog’s gifting skills rivaled his own. 

Not being able to give him something great, but getting something perfect in return really bugged Markus.

This year he would get the most amazing gift ever given, that would make Thog smile do wide his face would hurt.

All he had to do is figure out what that gift was.

The only things Markus knew for fact that could figure into his gift choice was he obviously had a thing for Ashe(who was to nervous to notice that the person she liked had mutual feelings) and that he saved all his money that didn’t go to living expenses. He was also the GM for the Pathfinder campaign they occasionally played but there wasn’t much he could use for that in way for gifts.

“Well I can’t buy him a piggybat bank” Markus mumbled to himself walking through the shop.


Markus had an idea.

Getting the attention of one of the clerks, Markus asked for “The most vintage, romantic wine” they had, regardless of cost.

The attendant went down to the cellar to grab one of the house’s specialty bottles.

While he was momentarily left to his own devices, Markus grabbed an average bottle of brandy and looked for an alright medium-cost chardonnay.

He started to think of what the note to try inspire Thog should say.

“Go for it. It’s mutual.”? Nah, to brunt, he’d feel embarrassed.

“She likes you back, trust me. I know you can do it.”? That felt a bit closer.

The employee returned with a nice looking red wine. “The taste of this wine set is nice, but its rarity and the story behind it is what makes it our most valuable and Romantic.”

“A story you say? Please, do tell.” Markus asked, batting his eyes at the man.

The guy cleared his throat, looking kindof nervous, “W-well, you see, back during World War II when Germany invaded France this producer’s vineyard was raided.

All the grapes used for the wine were picked, except for a small patch.”

“And that patch made this?” Markus interjected, lifting the bottle up.

“Yes, it aged in the owner’s cellar for the duration of the war. And then was bottled once the news of V-E Day spread around. It’s an older drink but the taste is amazing.” the clerk explained, gingerly taking back the bottle. “Because of the limited supply and historical significance it’s a bit expensive… Are you sure about this?”

“Positive.” Markus’s work as an author paid the bills, while his Magic and Singing show paid for his special purchases.

“Alright, let’s go over to the counter so I can ring you up.”

Markus went to the counter, payed what he was due and left the store with a very noticeable dent in his bank account.

Two weeks later everyone was sitting in front of the brightly decorated tree at Markus’s house with their Holiday drink of choice in hand.

Gregor had water.

Verne had laughed at the storybook Markus bought and Cthulu plushie Thog had knit.

Gregor was testing out the the two similar weapons a little ways away, noting of the different weighting and balances of each.

Kyr was exasperated by the combined amount of pieces the two had gotten him. He estimated that three weeks of handcrafting parts had been shaven from the time to put it together.

Inien was deciding on which of the two ironic shorts she’d been given to wear.

Colvin was proudly wearing the golden necklace Markus had given him that had supposedly belonged to a Senator from Pompeii. Instead of his normal eyepatch he was also wearing a special piece of cloth Thog had given him that matched the shirt he’d given to Inien.

Ashe was in her second glass of brandy, making a connoisseur’s remark about the flavor and texture of the drink, sitting atop the barrel of Whiskey from the brewery Thog’s family owned.

Thog and Markus were discussing the presents they had given to each other in a different room.

“Come on, it’s obvious you both like each other. That wine has a serious history behind it. There’s no way she’ll say no to ‘hanging out’ over a bottle like that!” Markus was really trying not to yell.

Thog’s face was flush, “Listen, it’s none of your business who I like, and it sure as hell ain’t your place to tell me to ask her out. It’s just like how you aren’t accepting that Verne would love to watch that cheesy movie with you.”

Thog had given him a VHS of the cult classic Troll II which was known as being absolutely terrible. “He loves ironic stuff. He’d kill to get a copy of that.”

“Sh-shut up.” Markus was embarrassed that Thog had picked up on his crush on Verne and wanted to drop the conversation.

He sighed.

“Okay, let’s just agree that we each gave the other what they needed to get and to each man up and ask them out later." 

"Fine by me.” Thog replied looking at the wine.

They went back into the living room and started singing Christmas songs with the rest of the group.

Everyone was very pleased, with their presents. 

And, coincidentally, Verne and Ashe had each given each other Mistletoe as an excuse for their crushes.