if man i feel like a woman isn’t played as my casket is carried out by a troupe of male models in skimpy underwear at the end of my funeral, then i will haunt the shit out of everyone responsible

I been kinda baffled for years that people use Lora Croft as some kind of feminist icon of gaming or something.

Um, no she’s not. Lmao.

Did you know Angelina Jolie was made to stuff her bra to play Lara Croft so she could meet some disgusting ideal of beauty? Her video game counterpart was originally Jessica Rabbit with dark hair, yet another cartoonishly objectified woman running around in shit that is skimpy for the sake of being skimpy. Because apparently men can’t pay attention to anything longer than five minutes without boobs and middriff waved in their faces.

Seriously, if I was a guy, I’d be insulted by the implication that I need constant tits and ass to pay attention. But male gamers defend this shit. So I guess that says a lot about them.

I just don’t get it. Why can’t you just go look at porn? Why do naked women have to permeate EVERYTHING????

Sheperd was a better female protagonist than Lara Croft, but because she’s often put at odds with Male Shepard in an ongoing debate about which Shepard is cooller (please, guys, grow up – they’re both cool) most of the time male gamers shit on her instead of looking to her as an example of a great female protagonist.

And even still, that’s just ONE example. Having ONE character that you can point to doesn’t make gaming any less sexist.

At least these days we can say it’s the fans who are sexist and not necessarily the games. /random rant