SO Katie in L.A…you saw the preview for Hawkeye #13, right?

Ah, yeah. <3  This mental image would not let me go:  Kate, broke ass for the first time in her life, spending like $1.50 (in .. mostly quarters) on lipgloss because it makes her feel in control of her existence in a way she can’t quite explain. It is cheap.  Scary cheap. (You can’t tell me that Kate isn’t fussy about what goes on her face). It is In a little glittery tub with a unicorn on it and tastes somewhat more like paint than grape.  But it is purple.

Also, if you don’t like freckles on Kate, I don’t know what to tell you.

(no joke!)
Freakytrigger: Let's talk about Kate

I have an enormous number of feelings about Kate Bishop, the teenage pursuit of experiences, Jamie McKelvie’s art, Kate Bishop, Billy Kaplan’s Precious Little Life, having feelings about feelings and Kate Bishop over on FT as part of my ongoing series of writing extended essays about how much I love characters instead of actually talking about Young Avengers.

Jeff Lemire (W) • Ramon Perez (A/C)
• A boy at odds with his big brother. A hero out of sync with his partner. Team Hawkeye, both past and present, is fractured. Things come to a head as Barney, Clint, and Kate learn what it means to carry the name Hawkeye.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99