I just think Marvel are really missing the boat with Hawkeye. They’ve been doing such a good job of sticking to the classic superhero format but with their own twist. Guardians of the Galaxy was the ultimate risk and it paid off big time.

So why not make a small, independent-level movie with Clint Barton. Get a cool young director, give it a modest budget, just have Clint somehow coming to be the owner of an apartment building in Brooklyn. And Barton, who in the MCU is used to being a spy and fighting in war zones, suddenly has to defend a whole building of ordinary people from a gang of tracksuit wearing douches.

And amongst the building’s tenants is Kate Bishop, an Avengers fan girl who is so excited to meet Clint. Except then she does meet him and she’s not that impressed. But she still hangs out in his apartment everyday for some reason? Probably because the dude who helped save New York from aliens also tries to put knives in a toaster to fish out burnt bread.

(“God, Clint! You can’t put a knife in a futzing toaster! You’re gonna blow the whole building up before those tracksuit yahoos get a chance to.”

“Why are you ALWAYS in my home, Kate?!”)

I don’t know, I just think the next step in Marvel’s “We’re going to do everything the other studios are afraid to do and get rich doing it” plan would be to make a movie that is intentionally NOT a blockbuster. Make a really cult action flick with the least well known Avenger and let word of mouth spread so fast that casual fans have to see this Hawkeye movie that people won’t shut up about.

SO Katie in L.A…you saw the preview for Hawkeye #13, right?

Ah, yeah. <3  This mental image would not let me go:  Kate, broke ass for the first time in her life, spending like $1.50 (in .. mostly quarters) on lipgloss because it makes her feel in control of her existence in a way she can’t quite explain. It is cheap.  Scary cheap. (You can’t tell me that Kate isn’t fussy about what goes on her face). It is In a little glittery tub with a unicorn on it and tastes somewhat more like paint than grape.  But it is purple.

Also, if you don’t like freckles on Kate, I don’t know what to tell you.

(no joke!)