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Wait, so you didn’t get arrested

Summary: Calum offering y/n a ride because of the thunder and well there’s something in the air.

Characters: Y/n and Badboy! Calum

Word Count: 2.3k

Author’s note: When I saw Calum during soundcheck he looked so good, idk something happened and this came out of it. I’m not sure if I’m going to do multiple chapters, but if that’s something you guys want request to and I might do it. Also HOLY SHIT this took forever to write idk why


Originally posted by fightlashton

“Y/n! did you hear what happened?” your best friend Emily was rushing down the hallways with excitement.

“What now? I swear if you start talking about the Kardashians I’m gonna loose it” You dragged, grabbing the last book from your locker and placing it into your bag, slamming your locker in the process.

“Apparently Calum Hood got arrested last night” she squealed quietly, making sure no one heard her. It was a ritual that Emily would meet you at your locker and talk about the daily gossip. Even though you rather rip your hair out than listen to whatever she talked about, you still listen because well that’s what best friends do.

Her recent obsession was Ashton Irwin and his 3 other delinquent friends, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood. Sure you’ve heard a lot about the four of them, such as their love for partying, drinking, smoking fighting, clearly they were the cliché bad boys of your school. But the only thing was that you never really heard of a story just of Calum, yes you heard him doing stuff with his friends but never anything by himself. He was so quiet in the two classes that you shared with him, something was different about him.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the bell signaling for you to exit the building. The two of you started making your way out of the school when suddenly Emily stopped in her tracks.

“shit y/n I forgot I had cheer practise today ‘til 7 I totally forgot to tell you, I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad” she apologized. Your car was currently on the shop getting fixed for the day and needed a ride. Different options started flowing through your mind.

“uh its okay, I love your cheerleading life but I don’t think I can sit through that and stay alive” you joked, as she let a small laugh out, realizing that you weren’t made at her. See the both of you were complete opposites, she was girly and did cheerleading, whereas you wore band shirts and loved art. When you first met the both of you hated each other, but after being forced to spend time because of your moms, the both of you slowly became friends, and now sisters.

“I can take the bus” you concluded.

“you sure” she asked wearily.

“yeah its fine” you encouraged her to go to practice.

You saw her run off in the opposite direction to cheer practice as you made your way through the parking lot to the bus stop, when suddenly hear a large boom. Thunder. Fuck. That was the last thing you wanted to hear, as thunder well isn’t really your friend. You started running to the bus stop where there is a little shelter, but the rain kept pouring. It slowly got harder and harder, pelting your body, you tried running faster. Knowing that being in the little shelter would be safer than nothing at all.

Suddenly a car came to a stop beside you and then honked. You glance to see none other than Calum Hood. Wasn’t he arrested? At that moment you really didn’t care, you just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

He rolled down his window and yelled out “You want a ride?”. His voice being way deeper than expected. You started contemplating your options, waiting for the bus and then sitting 40 minutes on the bus or getting into his car.

“You don’t even know me” you yelled back, trying to fix your hoodie to stay a little dry from the pouring rain.

“yeah your name is y/n, you’re in my AP writing class and in art with me” he stated, you were shocked, he hardly came to school and the days he did he hardly spoke.

“so you coming or not?” he asked, smiling at you trying to gain your trust.

For some odd reason you trusted it, him. Knowing that Emily would kill you if she knew what you were about to do. You walked up to the car and opened the door, being greeted with the scent of mint, cologne and slightly smoke. Weirdly enough it was a pleasant scent.

“how can I trust you” you ask unsure of what to do.

“don’t worry y/n I’m not gonna hurt you” he chuckled, trying to comfort you.

He asked for your address and then you were on your way. The silence was killing you, it was so awkward, he noticed it too. As he turned on the radio, On my own by the Used flowing into the car. Just like that and the awkwardness is gone, the both of you start talking like you’ve known each other for years. He looked over to your side, noticing your smile, the both of you talk about music, family school and well anything else that pops up.

The both of you stop talking, but it’s a comforting silence, when the thunder goes again, making you flinch.

“you okay?” he quietly asks, looking back at you with a concerned face.

“uh um well I don’t really like thunder” you answered quietly, trying to ignore the sounds by listening to the music, when all of a sudden a warm hand is over yours. You glance at him, but his eyes are on the road, but you can’t help but notice the small smile across his lips, making you smile a little.  You move yours slightly just so you’re able to hold his better.

Contact with him helped you calm your nerves, when you realize that he just parked into your drive way.

“Thank you so much Calum, you’re a life saver I really didn’t want to take the bus” you say with a chuckle, trying to mask the sadness that your time spent with him is over. And that by tomorrow the both of you will pretend like it never happened.

“Are you gonna be okay by yourself?” he asks, concerned about your tiny phobia, remembering how you told him that both your parents are working late. Making your heart flutter, knowing that he was concerned about you.

“Uh i-if you want I can stay until your parents come home” he suggested, smiling slightly reassuring that he wasn’t go until he knew you were safe. His words making you smile, cheeks slightly turning red.

“Um if you don’t mind I would really like that, I uh like talking to you” you blurted out, your cheeks slowly becoming more red. The two of you got out of his car and went inside your house, and up the stairs.

He slowly walked behind you up the stairs and into your room. “I know I’m really hot but I want until after the date for this” he smirked at you, sitting down on your bed, making himself comfortable. You got a pillow throwing it at him, unsuccessful as he dodged it. He started looking at all the posters in your room, and commented on the ones he recognized, as the two of you made small talk about the band.

“I’m going to the bathroom to change my clothes, don’t make a mess” you scrunched up your nose in laughter, looking at him in making sure he wouldn’t touch anything that was hand off. He put his hands up in surrender and let out a small laugh.

You came back in sweatpants and a tank top, thinking that there was no reason to wear something uncomfortable. You see him laying on your bed with one of your sketch books, wait he can’t see that. You run up to him and jump on the bed trying to take away the book from his hands.

“what are you doing you’re not allowed to look at that! Calum give that back” you exclaim, trying to pry the book out of his hands. He had a slight smile on his lips as he tried to move the book out of you reach, it didn’t really work because somehow you ended up straddling him. He cleared his throat making you realize your position, making you get off him, turning completely red, as you sat on the other side of the bed. He got up and leaned against the headboard.

“You’re really good, are you going to do this in the future, because you should?” he asks, once you had the book out of his hands. Looking at you with his head slightly tilted to the side. His comment making you blush, even though you thought it was impossible to even get this red. You notice all his features, from his hair, to the colour of his eyes; brown, but it wasn’t just brown, there was something else.

“Uh I don’t know, I wanted to but everyone tells me it’s such a hard field to get into so…” you trailed trying to look away from him. He realized that it was sort of a touchy subject and ended the conversation.

“wait aren’t you supposed to be arrested or something?” you ask, remembering what Emily had said earlier in the day.

“Now where did you hear that” he cheekily smiled, showing off his small little dimple. “people in school were going around saying that you got arrested, I don’t know for what though” you answer back, turning your body so you could face him, moving your hair out of your face.

“Well I promise you that I’m not supposed to be arrested- “he moved his arm so his head would rest on it- “my mother would kill me” he chuckled.

“Ooo Bad boy Calum afraid of his mommy?” you teased, reaching to pull at his cheeks. As he swatted you arm away, he suddenly grabbed it pulling you closer to him. To the point where you were almost on him. You stared at him for what felt like forever when you realized that nothing would happen.

“I’m going to get something to drink do you want something?” you ask, quickly jumping off the bed, turning away from him so he couldn’t see your red cheeks.

“yeah I’ll come with you.” He answered back, grinning, making the butterflies rush around your stomach. You barely knew the guy and all of a sudden you were feeling like this? This isn’t normal? What is he doing to you?

The two of you made you way to the kitchen, as you started to make coffee. Asking him to grab mugs from the cupboard, you turn low key staring at his figure, as his muscles became taut as he stretched to reach, quickly returning to look at the coffee before he would notice.

“so what do you wanna do?” he asks, slowly sipping the hot liquid. The two of you moved to the living room. Both of you sat on the large sofa, your legs intertwined. You didn’t even know how you got in the position. Not realizing that it was almost 9 o’clock, until you let out a large yawn.

The both of you agreed to watch a movie on Netflix, not really caring what he chose, as your thoughts moved back to the sounds of the thunder. Spending time talking to him kept you distracted, but as the movie started the both of you became silent. You didn’t even notice that Calum was calling your name until he grasped your shoulder.

“hey y/n?” he shifted closer to you, “you’ve been staring at the wall for like 3 minutes and shaking are you okay?” he slowly brought his arms closer to your body, hugging you. You didn’t realize that you needed that hug until now. It took away all your nerves. You broke away from the hug.

“uh yeah I’m okay, thanks, your hugs are very comforting” realizing what had just come out of your mouth, you wanted to slap yourself. You hear him slightly laugh, as he grabs your hand.

“I don’t know why but I find you so intriguing” he whispers, slightly pulling you closer to him. Your legs touching his, you can hear his heartbeat speeding up. He takes his other hand, bringing it to your chin so you face him.

“I don’t understand what you’re doing to me” he adds, making you blush. With that he presses his lips to yours. His lips are soft but slightly chapped, and tasted like peppermint, a taste you thought you hated until now. It felt like time stopped and there was only the two of you in the world. Nothing matter, just the two of you in a safe space, he was your safe space.

He broke the kiss, leaning his forehead on yours. Your eyes still closed, the both of you gasping for oxygen. His warm hand cupping your cheek.

“that honestly was the second best decision I’ve ever made” he chuckles, making you open your eyes. His other arm was holding on to your waist as you leaned onto his chest during the kiss.

“what was the first?” you quietly ask, staring into his eyes.

“asking you if you needed a ride” he answers, with a huge grin, you smile back with a slight giggle. He pulls you so your entire body was on his. You lay your head on his chest, hearing his soothing heartbeat, calming you down.  He plays mindlessly with your hair as you draw random shapes on his arm. The both of you spent the night talking away until 3 am, where you fell asleep in him.

Calum slowly picked you up and took you to your room. As he tucked you in he kissed your forehead, leaving you a note.

Hey Y/n if your reading this you realized I tucked you in, don’t worry I didn’t leave your house unlocked. I locked the door with your key. Be ready for 7:45am I’ll be at your door to take you to school. I want to show off my girl first thing in the morning

xx Calum

Playing Too Hot with Hoya would include:
  • Him letting out an odd laugh when you asked him to play 
  • “Really you want to play that?”
  • Him trying to find the best place in the house to play it
  • He would pick the couch  
  • Once you two would sit down he would get nervous
  • “So I can’t touch you at all? And if I win I can do whatever I want to you?”
  • “Yes” 
  • When you guys would start, he would almost lose instantly before he caught what his hands were doing he stopped them
  • He’d end up sitting on his hands
  • You two would be kiss for awhile before you pulled away and moved down to his neck
  • “Isn’t this cheating?”
  • “I can’t use my hands, I’m not so I think it’s fair”
  • His eyes would close, enjoying your lips on him
  • He’d let out soft moans and groans as he starts to lose himself in the moment
  • Soon enough he would feel you smirk against his neck as you pulled away
  • He would be very confused 
  • “You lose”
  • He would look and see that his hands had made their way to your hips
  • He would sigh and look at you
  • “What do you want?”
  • You would smirk and shove him down on the couch before grabbing onto his pants and begin unbuttoning them
  • He would be shocked but excited to see where this was going
  • “I’m gonna make it simple baby. I want you”

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say you all are amazing and I am really speechless at the thought that so many of you like me blog enough to follow. We are almost at 1,000 followers and I really want to do something special for all y’all but I’m not sure what to do yet. Granted it may take me a bit cause over the next few weeks or month or so I will be off and on do to my move to another city but I will do my best to try to find a place quick so I can setup and start to post regularly and start up my stream again. 

I will be posting and stuff as much as I can but until next time just remember I think all of you are amazing and awesome people and I even though I may not know you I believe in you. ^ ^

Gender journey - Katie

I was born with male genitalia. I’ve always had long hair. My parents just thought it looked nice and I was young I didn’t really care. People would always mistake me for a girl simply because of my long hair. I’ve had quite a few strange looks as I walk into the washroom. One time someone even yelled at me: “YOU’RE GOING INTO THE WRONG BATHROOM!!” I never really cared when people used she/her pronouns for me. It was just something that always happened. Then as I got older and my body started to change I noticed people weren’t mistaking me for a girl anymore. It bothered me for some reason and I wasn’t sure why. Then in grade 9 I had an art class with @garbagewife. They were one of two people I had know in that class and we are now best friends. They started to explain gender and sexuality to me and it all started to click into place. I now identify with demigirl. It has been very confusing for me. But I did it.


oh my gosh yesterday and today (i’m currently typing this at 12:48am) was amazing. i started the day by meeting the best friend at a mall. nothing was open, so we bussed around and went for breakfast. we ended up waiting for about fifteen minutes for a seat, but it was absolutely worth it!!

we went shopping, but i didn’t end up getting much. it was fun walking around the mall and looking at stuff! after that, we went back to their place and i dropped off some shit before we went downtown vancouver. we walked around a mall there for a little before going for gelato. we waited a whole half hour just for a single scoop of gelato that cost us $5.50 but it was also absolutely worth it! then, we hung out on the waterfront, ate gelato, took photos, etc.

afterwards, we took the train out to richmond for korean bbq. again, waited about half an hour, but that was okay! it was so so good and so fun! then, we went to starbucks and got coffee (that was our second starbucks of the day) so i could charge my phone. when that was all charged and nice, we went out to the night market. i only ended up getting socks because me mum wanted socks haha.

then!!! we realised we didn’t have food for breakfast! so we went shopping at friggen 10:30pm. this is the life, mate. we got back to the train station around 11, and had to wait until like 11:15 for the train. after that, we bussed all the way home. we ended up getting home around 12:15am. i showered at 12:30 before finally settling down on my friendo’s couch, bringing me to now, 12:54am.

tl;dr: this was the first amazing day i’ve experienced in a long, long time

Confessions & Blessings.

Flowered bed sheets and fairy lights were draping over an air mattress on Maya’s living room floor. An impromptu canopy had been created, a gorgeous secret space for two girls. Fluffy, feminine pillows and improvised tea sandwiches were scattered on the mattress. Placing down cream soda in gorgeous, vintage glasses and ketchup chips disguised in a fancy bowl, Maya was pleased with the set up she’d created in the Matlin household. Maya’s mom was out back cooking up a storm for Maya’s best friend who would be spending the night, her best friend for the past few years. Sure, Maya and Tori had their ups and downs, but they were stronger than ever now. It was important to Maya that they had a fresh start for the new year, and she wanted Tori to know that their friendship mattered. Tori was the dictionary definition of a princess, everything Maya secretly wished she could be. This would be their night to indulge in juicy gossip, flip through teen magazines and just enjoy each other’s company in its purest form. When she heard the door, Maya audibly exclaimed, loud enough that her mother crooked her neck and shouted from out back. “Tori’s here? Perfect timing!” The blonde woman suddenly appeared, hot dogs and cheeseburgers waiting to be devoured by the two tiny girls. “I’ll take those!” Maya happily sung, swiftly taking the plate from her mother and leaving her a kiss on the cheek. “Did I mention you’re the best mom ever?” She complimented, a soft grin landing on her face. “I may have heard that a time or two.” Mrs. Matlin replied with a chuckle, happily waving as Maya opened the door. “Hi Tori! We haven’t seen you in a while! What’s the deal, you getting sick of the Matlins, or what?” Mrs. Matlin asked, offering a hug to the girl who came ready with her sleepover supplies in tote. “Mom, Tori is a super hot fashion model now, she’s on to bigger and better things. She simply doesn’t have time for us nobodies!” Maya happily teased, grabbing her best friend and pulling her inside. “Wait until you see what I set up, you’re going to feel like a total princess, I swear.”

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"Whose this idiot" says dub Genos, I was like "Oh my god Genos just called his precious sensei an idiot, that's going to change really fast" then he calls Saitama sensei and mr and master and mixes of all three and just. Is this going to be a purely dub joke where when Saitama asks him to stop calling him one title Genos switches to another? If so I completely approve because it would be SUCH A GENOS THING TO DO AND IS PRECIOUS!

The second Genos said ‘Who is this idiot’ I just started laughing so hard because just //////

This borg has no idea /////

What life changing event has just taken place //

And before he knows it he’s in such awe of this guy that he’d begging to be his disciple and switching between every polite title he can think of (Genos politeness dub meme is the best ever, may I cherish that freshly baked meme? Because that’s 500% a very Genos thing to do ////)

Genos: Sensei!

Saitama: Quit calling me that!

Genos: ……Ma-

Saitama: If I hear ‘master’, I swear Genos–


Emily showed up to Sarah’s place bright and early. She was friends with everyone going on the road trip - well, all but her ex who she still currently hated, but she was even close with his best friend - but Sarah was her best friend. She knew Travis was going - the ex, and she had tried multiple times to get out of going but Sarah wouldn’t let her. Which was why she was showing up to her friends bright and early, catching the ride with her to where they planned to all meet up, hop on the RV, and head out on their post-graduation road trip. 

As if being stuck with Travis wouldn’t be hard enough, he managed to do something that Emily didn’t even see coming. Shame on her, really, since she knew how much of an asshole he could be. The second she heard he agreed to go on the trip, she should have known he would do something this petty, this hurtful, but then again that’s what he always did best - hurt her. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Emily was the first one to speak up, breaking the silence of her and their other mutual four friends around them as Travis walks up - bag in hand, and in the other hand was a ditz-looking of a girl he introduced as his new girlfriend.

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Hi, guys. Do you remember me? I hope so. It’s been a while, huh? But I’m sorry - I’m not writing this because I’m back.

Actually, I’m writing this because I may never come back.

I didn’t meant to, but it happened so, so fast. I got approved in med school; but I only had a few days to digest the idea. ‘Cause I had to move completely alone to a city I don’t know, and after all the rush to find a place to stay, I start college tomorrow. And it’s been only a week since I knew I was approved! And here I am, about to start a journey I’m pretty sure I’m not ready to do. So I’ll make my best.

And that implies being a full time student. It may be exaggerated, but I like to think that I’m studying to save lives - and I can’t, under any circumstances, be negligent with this. So I beg your forgiveness, my friends… I made you all wait for too long.

But thank you all, and especially Six. You guys made my experience in this fandom completely unbelievable. If any of you want my contact (email or even whatsapp number), I’ll be happy to give it to you (but, please, no strangers. I’ll only give such information for the ones I used to talk to).

I’m sorry… And thank you. Thank you so, so, so much!


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I'm not trying to say anything bad against Rucas but this is a theory I have for the game changer. What if Lucas is the one to explode? Lucas has anger issues in the past, and in ski lodge 2, he tells Riley that he wants her to only talk to him about important things. What if Riley tells Farkle first and Lucas gets really angry and starts going off? That could make Riley reconsider her feelings for Lucas.

That is a Great Theory but I don’t really see Lucas getting mad at that. The Boy has seen Riley and Farkle drag each other out of places 3 Times Now. He knows they have a history. Farkle is after all Riley’s Best Friend. 

And we really don’t have a lead up for him being jealous especially since Farkle and Smackle are together and I’m sure he knows how Farkle feels about her.

But hey, I’ve been wrong before and this would be an interesting way to go.

How to Write a Book: 4 Simple Steps to Getting Started

Step 1. Develop a Kick-Ass Idea

All book writing has to start somewhere, and the best place to kick off your manuscript is by coming up with a great idea. Book ideas come in all shapes and sizes and can be found anywhere—an article you read from your local newspaper, a conversation you overheard at Starbucks, a recent experience you during a vacation, etc. You’re overall idea should be narrowed down to one-to-two paragraphs, similar to the back cover copy you find on most books. When writing books, idea is king. Always remember that.

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i am a journal junkie. a blank journal is an open door, to any realm you should choose. here are some ways you can fill the empty notebooks you have sitting on your desk. i do not claim all of these ideas of my own, only one is actually  an original idea - as usual, original ideas are marked with an asterisk (*). i did my best with a brief summary to what a journal of each type may include but there is no right way to journal- feel free to customize each to suit your needs. anyways, here we go…

i. daily journal

dear diary…

ii. bullet journal

to do list of sorts… a whole other post is needed to explain this.

iii. prompt journal

this is great for writers that are lacking inspiration, or can’t write a lot everyday. find journaling prompts online (pinterest is a good place to start) and try to write for one prompt each day.

iv. art journal

these can be sort of like an illustrated diary or a place to keep any art that you create. people sometimes sketch/paint the pages, tape in pictures, sew the pages, etc.

v. brain dump journal

just fill this journal with anything and everything that comes to mind. lists, ideas, things you need to do, literally anything. it is a brain dump after all…

vi. junk journal

this is the category where a smashbook would fall under. basically, you know all those ticket stubs and receipts and things that you should throw away but don’t want to? this is the place to put these items. i’d call this a type of scrapbooking, but it requires less time and effort.

vii. dream journal

this is exactly what it sounds like… a place to quickly (or not) write down any details you can remember of the dream you had the previous night. one may illustrate things, but it is primarily a summary of what you dreamt.

viii. collage/moodboard journal

cut out pictures from magazines or whatever and glue them in… these can be in the typical collage style… messy, or in a moodboard (grid-ish) style. each page (or spread) can have a theme or it can just be purely random.

ix. book journal

keep track of things like books you’ve read (& what you thought), books you want to read, books you’ve lent out or borrowed, book challenges, a paper accounting of your personal library, etc. this could also be used for movies!!

x. travel journal

use this to keep track of where you travel and your experiences on your adventures. you can junk journal this by sticking in postcards or other mementos that you obtain on your trips. some keep day-to-day accounts of everything they did each day on a vacation.

xi. *people journal

this is a collection i have in my bujo for dudes i have interest in lol, but i could (and may) easily turn this into an entire journal. it’s basically a record of significant (or not) people in your life. things i list are their names, the date and how i met them, their birthday & zodiac sign, and just a summary on who they are to me and experiences we’ve had together, etc.

xii. spiritual journal

this depends on what your faith looks like. for me, a witch, it would be a grimoire or book of shadows. for a theistic believer, this could be prayers, sections of text from whatever Book you follow, etc.

xiii. gratitude journal

many bujo-ists keep monthly gratitude logs, but why not turn this into an entire journal? each day, write a or a few things that you’re grateful for.

xiv. ready-made journals

any journal that has a singular purpose that you can buy at the store to work in. examples: wreck this journal, listography, smashbook.

Make fun of a cashier with a speech impediment? Enjoy some extra time in line.

I was at a Craft Store in my town, and it wasn’t too busy, but only one register was open. The cashier, a teen aged girl, I could tell was working as best as she could. The process was a tad slower however, because she had a stutter, and a bit of a lisp.

As she worked through the line, asking the usual questions probably mandated by the big wigs (I’ve worked in retail, it’s a thing), the man behind me began to huff and puff. He muttered something about having places to go, he was in a hurry, etc. I ignored him, until I heard him start to mock her to his kids.

W-w-would you l-like y-y-y-y-y-y-your reSCHKeet?

The kids began to laugh. It really made my blood boil. Especially since I could tell the cashier heard his mockery. That really made my blood boil. When a person doesn’t respect retail employees as people, it’s the best way to tell whether a person is an asshat or not.

So, when it was my turn at the register, she asked me in a small voice “Are you a member o-o-of the rew-w-rewards club?” And I looked smugly at the guy behind me, and back at her.

Me: The rewards club? Oooo that sounds great! Please explain it to me?

She seemed surprised at first, but then looked at the guy behind me, and then it clicked.

I have never given my information so slowly in my life. Never had I asked as many questions as I did. She smiled and answered my inquiries, while the guy behind me was seething.

Him: Can you hurry up, please?

Me: And miss out on these great rewards? As if!

I only held him up for about 5 minutes… but wooo child, it felt so good.

Edit: My first reddit gold!!! Thanks to the users who thought I deserved the honor! :D


Regrowing a Store-Bought Dehusked Coconut

I don’t even know how the curiosity struck me, but I wondered if a common dehusked coconut (from any supermarket) can be regrown. And apparently it can be! But like every thought I ever had…I was not the first to come up with this idea! TheKiwiGrower has a great video series on this, and my process mimicked his. I tried my best to get a tight and sturdy looking coconut. Soaked it in water for 24 hours. Wrapped it in a moist paper towel and trapped it with in a Ziplock bag to simulate humidity. Now I started this in Zone 7a, winter of March. 2016. To keep it warm, I placed it close to my heat vent. For extra warmth, summon your demon cat straight from Hell to stand vigil, but if you can find the proper incantation, an adopted wobbly cat is a fine substitute.

After 3 weeks, I noticed first signs of germination in the form of a white nub. Two months later, the root started to form. I’m currently at month 4 since the initial soaking process. The root has been growing vigorously as the leaves are pushing out.

Very soon I will be potting this beauty. Wish me luck!

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Hey Manda, what's your opinion on Too Short to Ride? People have had some really mixed opinions and there has been some hate cropping up. I'd like to hear your view on the episode.

All the Amethyst hate, you mean? ‘Cause her actions were completely in character.

Amethyst starts off the episode subdued and patient. She’s trying to help Peridot assimilate, and she doesn’t want to rub the wrong way with a badly-translated joke.

She’s encouraging towards her, herding her into Funland and showing her the best places to have fun. She’s honestly pumped about spending time with the spazzy green dorito.

She’s the first to jump into helping Peridot win the plushie (Squishy the Martian lives on!). Which has gotta be some sort of speed record, seeing how Steven destroyed the idea of having a perfectly okay father-son vacation to instead help Pearl and Greg get along literally two days ago. 

She’s the most noticeably angry of them when it fails (because let’s face it; Amethyst doesn’t know how to take this sort of thing lying down) and judging by the way she averts her eyes when Peridot complains, she’s ashamed of herself for failing. So she cheats.

Cheating is far from a concern, of course, but using gem powers near or around humans is a big no-no with the gems. Finding out she shapeshifted where a human could bump into it, trigger something, etc, would be heavily frowned upon. (when she cheated in the arcade, she just climbed onto the machine; no gem powers there.)

Peridot has only soured as the day goes on (for a good reason, mind you), and it’s starting to strike a nerve. Amethyst has done her best to make this visit a fun one, and her every attempt has only done the opposite.

She also doesn’t appreciate Peridot lying to her. Out of the all the gems she’s met, Peridot has been the most honest with Amethyst, bluntly informing her of her defect and telling her things about Homeworld, and the difference is jarring.

Her copout is an especially weak one, which probably doesn’t help. Steven and Amethyst both are, in a sense, “an insult to their intended form.” Amethyst, as I just stated above, is defective, whereas Steven is a perfectly good quartz gem they wasted on a squishy organic body.

Trying to help only makes her short fuse lower further. Whenever she helped train Steven, he at least did something. His gem would glow or he’d make something else happen by accident. Peridot has done all but flop over and take it.

To her, it must seem like Peridot isn’t even trying.

Real talk: Amethyst doesn’t do personal. She just doesn’t. It’s part of the reason her character development so far has been lacking (that and the time for her arc has yet to rear itself)- Amethyst will literally run away screaming from any attempt made to talk to her about her insecurities. She hates it.

When things were so bad between Garnet and Pearl during Week of Sardoynx, and Amethyst took on a bunch of responsibilities while also sinking into her own personal low point (something I’ve gone over before) she only verbally expressed herself about directly to them once.

And Peridot is ignoring her. Amethyst is doing something that is really hard for her to do, and she’s practically spitting on her face. She’s pulling an Amethyst.

Defective or not, Amethyst is a quartz, and quartzes are made to do two very specific things. Protect and destroy.

She wants to protect Peridot from her own fears, keep her safe like a good friend would. But she can’t. 

This tablet has formed a wall between them, letting Peridot ignore her attempts and delve into the internet, which she views as toxic. (and, in this case, it kind of is. Not all around, but the way she’s using it.)

Protect and destroy.

Chucking Peridot’s limb enhancers into the ocean was what lead to them being friends and teammates in the first place. What worked once will work twice.

Things will be rough between them for some time afterwards, and she knows that, but getting back her Peri is more important than all that. (take that as platonic or romantic; whichever you prefer.)

Amethyst is a soldier, and Peridot lacks any sort of super strength, yet there was still a small tussle. The closest she’s ever gotten to a gem-level of power was when, under the influence of adrenaline and fear, she managed to snap a dog leash. A dog leash.

You could make the point that she unlocked two powers during all of this, but that seems a bit overkill. Peridot seems to be lacking in the basic set of gem powers, which includes super strength.

Amethyst isn’t using all of her force. This is as close she can get to gently grabbing something out of her arms while still making her point.

It was never about the tablet. It was about breaking Peridot out of her funk. The moment she gets her powers she immediately backs off.

All it would take is one startling push and Peridot would drop it into the ocean. She moves to stand right beside her, for pete’s sake. But she doesn’t.

Was it right, trying to throw it into the water? Of course not. But it wasn’t a baseless act of impatience or anger; it wasn’t ‘A Dick Move.’  It was Amethyst doin’ her Amethyst thing and trying to help and- admittedly- falling flat on her face.

Sorry this took so long! Tumblr glitched so my screenshots destroyed my text two times, so eventually I had to make a file just to get the text out without fear of losing all of it. (If this isn’t what you meant, just say so and I’ll fix it!)

Starting again today
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So, today I had my first personal 『ROCK AND READ』shoot in a really long time. It’s been about 4 years so way too long which is why I was a little puzzled but I’m glad it turned out to be a really fun shoot. 
We were shooting with the whole athmosphere and feeling of that place but I feel like the photos turned out really nice so please look forward to them!

He Kisses You for the First Time

Y/n was sat in between Ashton’s legs as they sat on a blanket in Boston common watching Daughtry perform on the stage in front of them. A baseball cap on backwards and glasses covered Ashton to the best of its ability, and it seemed to be doing a pretty great job. His arms wrapped around her waist, head resting on her shoulder as she leaned into his chest enjoying his company, a small basket of snacks packed next to them. “Enjoying yourself?” He whispered in her ear as Used To started playing around them. She nodded her head giggling as Ashton placed a soft kiss to her cheek before turning back to the stage. “What else do you listen to?”

“Anything and everything. Pop, rock, country, whatever I’m in the mood for,” she responded looking at him slightly, smiling before turning back to the stage. “I’m glad you talked me into going to this with you.”

“I’m glad you said yes,” he said back laughing now. “Does that mean I get a date number 2?”

“We haven’t even finished the first one!” He laughed at her response turning her head to face him just as Home started playing this time.

“I’m already planning date number 3, love,” he muttered leaning in hesitantly waiting to see if she would pull back before pressing his lips to hers entirely. He pulled back slowly, too soon for her liking earning a scowl from the girl. “What’s wrong?”

“I wasn’t done. Come back here.”

“I’ve never had such good pizza before. It was just…I don’t know how to explain it,” y/n rambled as Calum walked her back towards her small off campus apartment. “What was the name of it?”

“Stavio’s. Ash and I order from there all the time,” Calum responded as they climbed the stairs while she fished for her keys. “We should do that again.” She looked at him biting on her bottom lip nodding.

“We should,” she responded smiling slightly before turning to unlock the door, only to have him turn her around. “What is I-,”

“Can I kiss you?” He asked cutting off her sentence, a slight blush on his face as he looked away from her. She grabbed his hand pulling him towards her before wrapping an arm around his neck, a smile appearing as he took the hint and leaned in pressing his lips to hers. He brushed his tongue along her bottom lip lightly before biting down on it, dragging it a bit as he pulled away. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Only if that can happen again,” she muttered causing him to laugh before kissing her again.

The two were stood in the front right by the stage, Luke’s arms around her waist from behind y/n as she swayed softly to the beat of the song playing singing every word. “I really didn’t peg you for a girl that likes Good Charlotte.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Luke,” she said back laughing turning in his arms to face him, running her nails up and down his clothed arms.

“I’d like to know you,” he said back pressing a kiss to her forehead causing her to giggle.

“You missed.”

“Pardon?” He questioned causing her to giggle again as she pulled him towards her by his neck.

“I said you missed,” she muttered before pressing her lips to his, the blonde tensing up for a moment before getting into the kiss, nibbling softly on her bottom lip, his hands rubbing at the exposed skin on her waist. “You don’t need to be so shy with me, Luke. Although, it is kinda cute.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he responded before kissing her again, only to earn public humiliation by Good Charlotte moments later.

“Fuck yeah! Level 50,” y/n yelled sitting in between Michael’s legs, both holding an Xbox remote as they played zombies, running around like crazy people in the game. They were currently at her house in her room, two beers from the mini fridge under her desk propped open next to them on the nigh stand

“Why are you so good? Damn,” Michael questioned not taking his eyes off the screen.

“I have two older brothers, and most of my friends are guys so I have to fend for myself,” she responded leaning into him more getting comfortable and just loving the feeling of his arms around her. “You?”

“If I could’ve just played video games as a child instead of going to school, I would’ve,” he responded leaving it at that causing her to laugh. “Zombies shouldn’t move this damn fast.”

“You sound nervous, Michael,” she teased back using the ray gun on the crazed zombies killing them in one hit. “Don’t be nervous, baby. I’ve got you.” He paused the game abruptly tossing the controller to the side causing her to look at him confused. “What are you doing?”

“What I’ve been dying to do since I met you at the concert yesterday,” he responded having her turn in his lap, straddling his legs as he pulled her in for a kiss. His hands were rested on her hips as she cupped his face with her hands, lips moving in sync as she slipped her tongue in his mouth, a smirk appearing on his face. They both pulled back, a smile on each face as she giggled a bit.

“Can we just forget the game and keep doing that?”

“Sure thing, baby girl.”