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“When I’m home sick or tired because I’ve been on the road for a long time — which is where I am now — I remember how much I believe that people were meant to do certain things. So sometimes, when I feel like I can’t do something, I end up having my best day and making my best work. I’m like, "Come on Shawn, this is what you are meant to do!” Other than that, perspective is the best thing in the world. I’ve just begun telling myself, live day-by-day, and when things get really hard, live hour-by-hour. It completely calms me down.“

Dear Younger Students,

I completed the last of my semester coursework yesterday and made an interesting observation that might assuage some of your worries.

I used to be a procrastinator. I was the kid who started their science project at 9pm the night before it was due. I was the kid who cranked out 20-page AP lit essays the day before it was due. I was the kid who did the reading for my next class in the class I was currently in. I was a hard core procrastinator until sometime during my MSc (around age 22-23). 

Slowly, I started doing my work earlier. Studying earlier, reading earlier, drafting earlier. Then I started finishing a week early, getting classmates to proofread my work, and writing 2nd and 3rd drafts (I used to just turn in my first). At times when I would’ve blown off my work, I started to sit down for a couple of hours and hack away at it. Fast forward four years and I managed to get 2 critique papers, 2 presentations, a final draft of a mock dissertation proposal, a stats homework, and a stats paper asking a novel causal question all done within the past two weeks (when they were assigned), and I got them all completed early.

I’ve thought for a while how weird my transformation was. Procrastination felt like a pretty embedded psychological trait of mine, so how was I completing my work early during the hardest semester of my academic career?

1) Maturity. It’s worth recognizing that my 26-year-old brain is more developed than my 15-year-old brain or my 20-year-old brain. At those time points, my prefrontal cortex was still developing, so naturally I had less discipline than I do now. It’s also had a lot more practice regulating my behavior in a variety of settings. 

2) Practice. People tend to cite perfectionism as a reason for procrastination, and I think that’s true, but I also think it comes down to practice. I’ve been doing academic work since I was a wee toddler, and I’ve been writing hefty (~20 page) academic pieces since high school (thank you Mr. H!). So after roughly 10 years of practice, I know how long it takes me to read information, synthesize an argument, draft it, and edit it. More to the point, it isn’t painful. It isn’t always fun, either, but the mechanics themselves are pretty fluid.

3) Enjoying the topic. Like most people, I do my best work when I like the topic. I was a procrastinator for years because I just didn’t enjoy spending that much time on the topics. I loved reading and debating ideas, but I didn’t like them so much that I wanted to write about them for days, especially when the prompt only wanted regurgitation and not unique thought. Only when I hit my MSc in Forensic Psychology did I think, “Yes, now this is REALLY cool.” Because they did want novel ideas and critical thinking. I did really well in that program because I didn’t just copy ideas and parrot them back; I took heaps of literature and gave them something new, or at least gave them nuance, and they loved it. I have enough practice now that I don’t need to enjoy the topic so much to perform at par, but I still do my best work when I do.

I’m addressing this to younger students so that you know that if you’re dissatisfied with your current study habits and discipline, you can change. And to some extent, if you’re in an environment that demands better habits and discipline, some of this change will occur naturally; be patient. Don’t get stuck in the mindset of “This is how I am and this is how I always will be.” Because it isn’t true. Keep practicing. You’ll get there.

so here’s some character design advice if anyone wants it:

first of all, a character design is a visual symbol, or a collection of visual symbols. when you are representing a character visually their design needs to convey some information to the viewer.

every part of the design needs to be there for a reason. “because it looks cool” is absolutely a valid reason, UNLESS it conflicts with some other aspect of the design or character. it has to make sense, or you have to find a way to make it make sense, otherwise it’s simply bulk with no substance.

you need to especially consider this if you’re trying to deliberately subvert a trope with a character design. If your character is a rugged-looking badass with fly outfits and a dope-ass weapon, but they’re actually an optimistic creampuff who likes baking and kittens, that discrepancy needs to be a part of their personality and their story, and in depictions of them you should try to contain hints of the character’s gentleness alongside their cool toughness.

otherwise you have a visual design built simply on random traits that you like that has nothing to do with who the character is. in that case, the design is communicating no information, or wrong information, to the viewer, and is therefore unsuccessful.

to kinda touch on that a little bit, here’s one i’m pretty proud of:

Y’all know Roadrunner, he’s one of my favorite things to draw. Here are some design decisions for this character, and this piece in particular, and why i chose them:

- Physique: This character is small and very fit because he is an acrobat. 
- Hair: the long hair is a cultural symbol, but also a deliberate choice for this character because he is very active, and it’s a great visual tool for showing movement and grace
- Crop top: This character is flirty and a little vain
- Shoes: this character is a freerunner
- FLY: This one’s kinda sneaky. Roadrunner has a circus arts background and is a “flyer” (in partner acrobatics, the smaller partner who does aerials, as opposed to a “catcher” or “base”). There’s also a recurring bird motif with this character (I mean, Roadrunner…) that I’ve used this to hint at as well.
- Floral print bomber jacket: I just think it looks cool, but it still fits in with this character and his style so it works with the design and ties the color scheme together.

Here’s another one where I think I did a good job conveying information about the characters.

not gonna go into a ton of detail about it since it’s not my best work ever, but i feel like you get a good sense of who they are, who they are to each other, and how they’re gonna kick your ass.

which is another thing. if your character does some kind of combat on the reg, that’s going to affect their morality and disposition. if your character is the best swordsman in all the land, they got that way by fighting, and killing people. with swords. unless they are practicing it specifically as a sport, in which case that will not translate to real life combat skills.

obviously there’s some room for leeway here – all fiction presents augmented reality, and therefore augmented morality. a D&D character might kill 10 random encounter bandits before breakfast. in a superhero universe, a city-destroying battle might not even make headlines.

but you do need to consider your setting, and what your character’s combat skills and experience mean in that setting. if your character is a hardened, seasoned warrior that means they have blood on their hands. probably a lot. you need to meaningfully consider what that means to them, and if and how they justify it.

i think this is something people forget a lot considering how many of the asks sent to @howtofightwrite are variations on “how can my character knock someone out without injuring/killing them” and how many of the answers are variations on “they can’t.”

anyway, sorry this is kinda rambly and nonsensical, just stuff i’m thinkin’ about after a healthy all-nighter! hope some people find this interesting or helpful.


april flowers may bring showers

Dean Winchester is your average high school senior. Still figuring out who he is, stressed for the future, crushing on a boy he knows he could have, but is too afraid to act on it. So when the senior camping tradition and Dean’s final school cello performance come into view, he decides to take a risk. And dive headfirst into something new.

fic by dreamboatdean ( @ssinchester)
art by @crxstalcas

it’s finally here!!! I had the pleasure to illustrate an amazing (and sUPER cute) fic and I just wanna thank Willa for putting up with me for the past few months haha
SO go read the fic guys you won’t regret it!


Prompt: “The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming”

Pairing: Warren x Fem!Reader

Warnings: A few bad words…

Word Count: 2, 795

Summary: The reader thinks Warren hates her but he’s really just trying to protect her because he caught the feels.

Tagged amazing beings: @emmcfrxst @iamplaguedwithideas


A/N: I used this lovely website that generated a random first line writing prompt and decided to give it a go. Definitely not my best work, but I really liked the idea I just had no clue how to end it so this not-so-hot mess happened. I had trouble finding a title but everyone knows that Warren is the #1 Soft Boy ™. I was maybe thinking of writing a mini part 2 as a sort of bonus epilogue thing. Hope you like it sweets!

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The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming.

Warren Worthington III is the most infuriating person you have ever known. Since the day you started at Xavier’s and even now when you’ve just become an official member of the X-Men, he’s never given you a break. From the start you were always kind to him, but he always maintained a stoic presence when you were in the room. It was a rare occasion when you would actually have a civilized conversation with him or when he wasn’t constantly on your case, especially around the squad. During training he’d be harder on you than anyone else, and then afterwards he’d just ignore you like he didn’t just spend two hours nagging you about your form and technique, or relentlessly knocking you to the ground. At some point you started sassing him back until it became a regular repartee, which usually ends with one of you storming off. You simply do not understand him.

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Requested by: @likiyoshi-lijie

Request: What I was thinking is maybe you can write something like reader can’t tell Fred and George apart. Because it’s a George x Hufflepuff reader, so George thinks it’s funny because his girlfriend can tell every colours with very similar values apart (she’s very sensitive with colours), but still can’t tell them apart. So Fred and George decided to pull a small prank and tease her.
Like it’s total fluff

Pairing: Reader x George

Warnings: none

A/n: THIS IS TERRIBLE! I am so sorry that this took forever I had literally 0 inspiration and I am soooo sorry!!! This is definitely not my best work but I hope you like it, if you don’t feel free to request something else I’m totally fine with that!


You held your books tightly to your chest and continued down the long corridor towards the potions classroom. You found a comfort in the silence that was only disturbed by the sound of your shoes hitting the stone floor.


Your head swiveled around and you smiled at the sight of your boyfriend jogging down the hallway towards you. George Weasley. He was a fourth year like yourself and even though you had only been dating him for a couple weeks now, you felt like you had known him forever.

“Where are you off too?” George smiled, slowing his pace as he came to your side.

“Potions…I wanted to be a little early so I get a good seat.” I continued walking and George nodded.

“Well don’t forget you promised to help me with Transfiguration homework tonight, I hope you intend to keep that promise.” George nudged your shoulder lightly and you stifled a giggle.

“Don’t worry Weasley, I always keep my promises.”

“Right then! See you at Lunch!” George chirped. He pecked your cheek and turned around, walking back down the corridor you had just walked through.

You smiled to yourself, a glowing feeling erupting in your gut. You were looking down at your shoes, hiding your blush, as you rounded the corner and to your dismay, you ran straight into someone.

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking and I – George?” You furrowed your eyebrows at the sight of your boyfriend, his eyes wide and his lips pulled back in a smile.

“Funny running into you, love!” George smiled, a playful gleam in his eyes. “Where might you be runnin’ off to?”

You furrowed your eyebrows again and shook your head slightly. “Potions, I already told you that…”

“Oh, that you did. Sorry! See you at lunch then?” George asked.

“Yeah….how did you get here so fast? You left in the other direction…” I looked around the corner but saw nothing but walls and floor.

“Oh uh….Secret tunnels. They’re all over the school. I’ll show you some of em’ sometime.” George rubbed the back of his neck and smiled. “I’ve got to get to herbology, see you around.” George smiled before passing you and turning the corner, walking down the corridor for the second time.

This wasn’t the first time that had happened. Ever since meeting George, you would see him everywhere. You would walk him to class but then bump into him as you walked to your class, You would be walking down the stairs and he would run up them only to run up them again two minutes later. He would often ask you questions twice and sometimes he would forget thing you told him but you just assumed that’s how it worked with George Weasley.


You pushed open the door to the Gryffindor common room where George said he would be.

“Thought you weren’t coming.” George smiled when he saw you. You placed the textbooks down on the table and sat down in the loveseat beside the fireplace.

“I keep my promises.” You shrugged, flipping the book open and searching for the pages required. The sound of footsteps coming from the staircase caught your attention and you lifted your head towards them. Instantly your eyebrows furrowed. George was standing on the stairs, a surprised expression on his face. But George was sitting across from you on the opposite loveseat.

“You didn’t say she was coming over.” George from the stairs said to George on the loveseat.

“I did you buffoon. I said ‘Oi Fredy, Y/n is coming tonight to help me with homework, stay upstairs.’” George from the loveseat replied.

“There are two of you!” You nearly shouted. Everything began to make sense then. All of the times you bumped into him after dropping him off in class, there were two of them.

“Y/n, meet Fred, my twin brother.” George smiled and Fred came and sat next to him.

“All this time and you never told me you had a twin. I thought it was just you all the time! This makes so much more sense!” You sighed.

“We wanted to see how long it would take you to figure it out.” George smiled. “But Fredy messed it up.”

“Yeah yeah she would have figured it out anyway, she’s smart.” Fred replied.

“Well now that all of this is cleared up and makes sense now, how bout we do some of this transfiguration homework.”

Just a quick sad lance to practice the grayscale

Just a Kiss

Wanda x Reader Drabble

Warnings: smut, it’s short

Wanda’s fingers locked with yours under the large cotton blanket. Your heart skipped a beat when you realized you weren’t imagining it. You glanced around the cuddle pile, making sure that it was her hand, and not Natasha’s or Maria’s. No, it had to have been Wanda’s, she was the only one who wore rings.

Natasha and Maria continued on with their conversation as you peered over at Wanda. Her eyes were beaming, pupils dilated and hiding the color of her irises. A devious smile crossed her lips before she shifted closer, careful not to draw attention to herself.

“Not a sound.” She whispered in your ear before releasing your hand and slithering it between your legs.

All it took was Wanda making the first move and merely holding your hand to get your underwear soaked. You could feel the puddle between your legs growing as Wanda moved her hand underneath your nightgown. She hummed in delight when she felt ran a finger over your clothed cunt. 

She teased your clit delicately, applying just enough pressure to have you squirming underneath her touch. You could feel your wetness dripping through your panties and down onto the bedspread as she continued the movements. Your thighs twitched and a moan threatened to escape. Nat and Maria glanced over at you.

Wanda questioned your behavior, never ceasing the torment. All eyes were on you as you threw out a flimsy excuse; they bought it. Their laughter drowned out most sounds in the room and Wanda took the opportunity to turn up the heat.

Her fingers dropped from your clit and to your entrance. Your heart raced as she pulled your underwear to the side and coated her fingers with your wetness. She slid her rings off before lining two fingers up to your entrance. You fought back a loud groan when she slowly pushed her fingers in and curled them.

She moved languidly, not wanting to get caught. The tips of her fingers brushed against your needing g-spot and drew you closer and closer to orgasm. Your body squirmed and you reached a hand out, underneath the blanket, and clutched her thigh. You were ridiculously close and, fuck, was it embarrassing.

“(Y/N)! Truth or dare?” Nat shouted your name after she took a shot. You jumped at the sound of her voice. “Come on, choose!”

“D-Dare.” Wanda continued her torturous movements. 

“I dare you to…” Nat tapped her chin with her index finger. “I dare you to kiss Wanda.”

You glanced over at Wanda, eyes sparkling with anxiety, excitement, and nerves. She shrugged and leaned towards you, her fingers continuing their movements. Her lips parted and she brought a hand up to your cheek, caressing it before gently laying her mouth upon yours. 

Your mind was racing, you couldn’t focus on anything. Wanda’s fingers were torturing you, her lips were softer than a cloud, she seemed to know exactly how you like to be kissed, and you couldn’t make a sound. Her thumb reached up and rubbed your clit and your walls fluttered. 

A whimper escaped your lips and Wanda chuckled. Your orgasm was fast approaching and she knew it. Your back curled and her fingers moved faster. Your lips were dancing dangerously together and Nat and Maria cheered. Your arms wrapped around her neck and you broke the kiss; your orgasm washed over you and your body tensed, mouth hanging open as you held her tightly. Wanda closed her arms around you and laughed sinisterly. 

“You okay, (Y/N)?” Maria reached for you and you held up a hand. 

“Yeah.” You fought to catch your breath and shook your head. “I’m fine.”

“You’re really out of breath, you know,” Wanda rubbed your back. “For just a kiss.”

A/N: Not my best work but I hope you liked it!

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii :) I hope you’re having a good day! Idk if you’re still writing but it says fanfic requests were open so I thought I would ask if you could write a mini Drabble about nalu and their kid? If not it’s okay! I just love how you write, especially fluff and it’s just the kinda thing I need to read rn after the disaster of anti posts ive seen 🙄 LOL but if not it’s okay! I hope you’re doing okay 💛

Hello!!! I am indeed, thank you! Haha well I haven’t given up on writing, but true, I’ve been on a rather long hiatus. You know what? Sure!!!! I was excited about the Nalu kid and we need to celebrate it somehow. Mini drabble it is! Thank you so much!! I hope you have a lovely day :3 Hope you don’t mind that their kid is a baby… Idk that’s just kinda what my fingers did. Also this is short and pure pointless fluff and I don’t really know but I tried:

Lucy usually woke up to the crying first.

Maybe it was a mother thing, but a single wail from Luna would cause her eyes to snap open while Natsu snored away beside her. Every once and awhile, she was completely exhausted and would smack his shoulder, mumble about how it was his turn. He always went, if not with minor grumbling.

Tonight, however, the cries she awoke to were accompanied by Natsu’s most soothing, “Shh, hey, ohh, it’s okay, it’s okay… we gotta be quiet so that Momma doesn’t wake up, alright? Papa’s here, it’s okay…”

It was sweet of him, but she was already awake. Stretching her arms over her head, Lucy let out a yawn and slowly slid her legs from under her comforter. She rubbed her eyes, straightened her nightgown, stuck her feet into her fluffy slippers. Padding from her room, she peeked into the one next door, where the door was cracked open and Natsu’s back was to her. He was rocking the baby back and forth slowly while humming, Luna’s thick, pink hair splayed over her father’s shoulder.

Luna was still sniffling, occasionally whining, so Lucy started forward until-

“Well, I guess I can’t hum or sing for the life a’ me. Sorry, kiddo. I mean, I never wished that I could before, but anything for you…”

Lucy couldn’t help but smile, and rested her head against the door frame.

Natsu looked down at the little girl, wiping a tear off of her round, rosy cheek. “You know, even if you’re all whiny sometimes, you’re the best thing in the world. You’re the best thing I’ve ever seen. You know that, Luna?”

The baby’s eyes drooped, and she relaxed against her dad. He went on, “When I met your mom, she was different than anyone I’ve ever met. She was nice to me. Me, that guy that everyone was always annoyed with! I mean, she was annoyed with me too sometimes, but still nice… So I asked her to be my partner, and she said yes!”

From his angle, she could just make out his smile. His eyes were brighter than she’d ever seen them. He kissed the baby’s head, and rubbed her back. Natsu’s head tilted in thought as he added, “And then she was selfish and weird sometimes, but she became all brave, strong, and patient. So I married her! You have her eyes, ya know. You’ll be just as nice as her. I know it. It made her powerful, see. Powerful enough to make me her friend and love her and stuff.”

Natsu absently carded a hand through Luna’s hair. “That’s what’s important, okay, Luna? You don’t need to be have powerful magic or big muscles or beautiful or anything. Being kind is the most powerful thing out there. You hear that? Nah, you’re already out… that’s a good girl… I’ll tell you again someday, kiddo, when you can remember…”

With a smile that felt as if it would last forever, Lucy finally crept into the room and hugged her husband from behind. She kissed his neck. “Thank you for getting the baby.”

He turned, so that he faced her, and put his baby-less arm around her with a soft grin. “Well, she’s my baby, ain’t she? Sorry if I woke you up.”

“Nah, I’m glad I did,” she sighed, eyes settling upon her sleeping child. “She’s the best thing I’ve ever seen, too.”


“Yeah. Tying with you, of course.”

“Well, look who’s being all mushy tonight,” Natsu teased, carefully laying the baby back down and brushing her bangs from her face. Afterwards, he turned back to Lucy and encircled her within his embrace. Natsu rested his forehead against hers. “What happened to ‘shut up, Natsu’ or ‘Why do I bother, Natsu?’”

Lucy slid her arms around his neck. “Yeah, I dunno. I must love you or something.”

“Yeah, somethin’.”

She laughed, and after a quick kiss (or three) she moved her hands down his arms, past his scars and strength, and squeezed his large hands in her own. “Back to bed?”

And he held her as they laid back down, consciousness already fading.

“Natsu?” she murmured without really thinking.


“I think you’re pretty nice, too.”

A breathy laugh. “Well, thanks. I’d hope so, considering how you married me and all…”

“I’ve always thought you were nice. And you’re an amazing dad.”

And now a pause. “Thank you, Lucy.”

Natsu was warm, humming lightly to her, her baby was in the next room, and for at least a single moment before Lucy fell back to sleep, everything was perfect.

Exactly (YJ Tim Drake x Reader)

Summary: The Team ditches training without telling you or Tim in an attempt to finally push you two together. 

Request?: Nope

Word Count: 1015

A/N: I saw a post with “I win” “What are you talking about, I’m pinning you down as we speak.” “Exactly.” And so I wrote this. It’s definitely not my best work but I like it and I hope you enjoy

Oblivious! That boy was so god damn oblivious. I have been dropping hints for months that I’m interested in him and he still hasn’t gotten it.

Or, maybe he has and he just isn’t interested back. No, Tim wasn’t the kind to drag stuff out. If he wasn’t interested, he would tell me. It happened when he broke up with Cassie shortly after he asked her out. No fluff, just a curt, “I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore, I hope we can still be friends,” the second he realized he wasn’t able to go through with the relationship.

So there was no way he knew. He had to have been the only one who didn’t know. The entire team knew at this point. If it wasn’t obvious to him now, the only thing I could do was flat out say it to him, of course, I wasn’t going to do that.

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Battle of Wits - MadaSaku - Pokémon AU

Battle of Wits
Pokémon AU

Written for @madasakuweek.
Warning: it’s long.
Theme: Impulse

A frustrated frown marred Haruno Sakura’s expression as she searched through the medicine cabinet in the hospital’s storage room. All the bandages and pain medicine were in their place, as were all of her healing potions and ointments. All except one. Her Hyper potion.

Chewing her lower lip, Sakura closed the lower door and straightened from where she had been kneeling before she began rifling through the cabinet located above the counter as she wondered where exactly she had left the expensive item. Her Godmother and the hospital director was going to kill her if she didn’t locate it.


At the soft call, Sakura turned and looked down at the pink Pokémon to find it was holding the very potion she had been searching for. A deep sigh of relief passed between her lips before a smile broke out across her face as she bent down to accept the glass bottle. “Thank you, Chansey.”

The gentle creature repeated its name happily before it led the way out of the large closet and into the hall. Chansey waddled off in the direction of the Recovery Ward as Sakura paused at the filing desk that held the charts for all the injured Pokémon on the floor. The pink-haired medic quickly scanned the section reserved solely for Fire-type Pokémon before she thumbed through the numerous files lining the shelves.

“I didn’t know you were still here, Sakura?”

Having found the chart she was looking for, Sakura pulled the file from the shelves before she cast a side-glance at the woman next to her. Shizune was the second-hand to the hospital director, Tsunade, and someone Sakura considered a close friend. While Sakura’s Godmother had taught her the basics of medicine and healing, Shizune had trained her on diagnostics and how to handle emergency situations. Shizune was practically a sister to her and Sakura felt the weight of her busy day ease from her shoulders at her mere presence.

“I was supposed to leave yesterday, but you know how it goes,” Sakura said as she flipped open the chart. “A medic’s work is never done.”

The older woman made a noise of agreement in the back of her throat before she finished updating her own chart and slipped it back into its place amongst the Rock-type Pokémon files. “What did you get held up on?” she asked as she leaned her hip against the tall shelves and peered at the file in Sakura’s hand. “Is that the Growlithe that came in last night?”

Sakura nodded without looking up as she reviewed the nurses’ notes. “Yeah, I couldn’t get him to eat anything this morning and it looks like the nurses didn’t have any better luck this afternoon. It’s going to be a long recovery if he doesn’t get some energy into him.”

“Did you try the special blend?” Shizune offered.

Again, she nodded. “He turned his nose up at it. I don’t know what the hell his trainer did to him, but I think he’s too scared to eat.”

A dark frown settled upon Shizune’s face at the implication of her statement, but the women had been medics in the field long enough to know that Pokémon abuse wasn’t uncommon amongst trainers. It was only in recent months that it had become common practice for trainers to abandon their Pokémon when they became critically injured in battle, delivering them to the hospital and never returning to collect them once they were in good health again. Tsunade was struggling to keep up with the influx of the wounded as many of the Pokémon had endured some type of abuse with their trainers and were too frightened to accept treatment.

It was this very reason that Sakura found herself in Saffron City. She had only been at the hospital for a few, short weeks to help out her Godmother, but already things were turning around for the better. With the extra set of hands hands and a lot of patience from the staff, the number of admitted Pokémon were already decreasing.

“Poor guy,” Shizune murmured. “Did you scream at this trainer too?”

Sakura shot Shizune a small, amused smirk as she recalled the incident that had occurred during the first week of Sakura’s visit. She had been exhausted after performing a grueling surgery to save the life of an Oddish that had been pushed to its limits and beyond, and Sakura had lost her temper when the trainer had asked her how long until it could battle again. She would have given the man a black eye if Shizune hadn’t intercepted her and dragged her away from the clearly baffled imbecile.

“Unfortunately, no. He was left on our doorstep this morning. I doubt his trainer will come back for him. And if he does, then I will do a whole hell of a lot more than just yelling,” Sakura said darkly.

Shizune merely shot her an amused look, fully aware that Sakura would keep her promise, but before she could voice her opinion on the matter, the Chansey that had been with Sakura moments before ran towards them. “Chansey! Chansey!”

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There’s a book my sister and I came across at Barnes and Noble last night called A Brief History of Time Lords. Towards the very back is a photo of Twelve and Clara questioning about the Hybrid. I kept looking at it, wondering where their pose came from, until I realized it was two promo photos from Hell Bent put together. When we got home I proceeded to search for the two photos, easily finding them, and making my own manip (full and cropped).

Their lighting was so contrast, it felt better to remove the color and add hues, giving it a Classic Who look. I had some trouble removing his guitar from his waist, so the full image isn’t my best work. I very much like the old movie look of it, though!

Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Summary:  Y/N passed away, and Luke can’t cope with the loss of the love of his life.  But there was this saying Y/N would say “The rain will make the flowers grow” from her favorite show Les Miserables.  Luke never got the meaning of it until she was gone.

Requested: no

Warnings: grieving, death, loss, depression

A/N:  I’ve been listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack the past few days and I can not stop listening to “Little Fall of Rain”.  It’s so beautiful and heart breaking, and I just fell in love with the words Eponine would use “The rain will make the flowers grow.”    This is not edited, I apologize! I hope you enjoy.  Requests are open on my blog!  Also feel free to stop by and talk to me if you’d like! :)

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

“The Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow”

Luke’s POV

It has been one year, 3 months, and nine days since the worst day of my life.  I remember getting a call from Y/N’s mother saying she collapsed and died unexpectedly and there was nothing anyone could do.  The hours before getting the phone call had been normal.  Y/N would always wake up before me, shower, prepare breakfast, make coffee, and I would always wake up around the time she was getting ready to leave.  

It was a routine.  I loved that routine.  I would sit down at the counter while she sat across from me and we would eat a quick breakfast together before she had to go.  We would talk about what was happening in the day ahead, and when we would both would get home, what was for dinner that night, you know, that normal stuff.  You never realize how amazing the “normal stuff” can be until it’s gone.  Something so simple as a cup coffee every morning, or little conversations.

She left for classes, and she kissed me before she left.  She texted me after her first class telling me she was heading to the gym then, and that she would meet me for lunch at the café close to campus.  I remember waiting there, and getting an uneasy feeling when she was late.  She was never late.  And then, I got the call.  In the very moment, it felt as if someone had ripped my heart out and stomped on my chest.  I couldn’t breathe,  I couldn’t cry, I was just frozen.

When the funeral came around, everyone kept telling me that time will heal the wounds.  Time has done nothing for me.  I still feel pain, everyday.  I wake up alone, I eat breakfast alone, I am alone all the time.  My whole life has changed.  She was my life.  

As I was cleaning out our apartment I was going through all of her stuff.  My family and hers thought it would be healthy for me to move back home, and not be surrounded by things that will remind me of her everyday.  As I was cleaning out, I was going through all of her old magazine she would read.  I remember she would put mini sticky notes on certain pages.  And that was when I remembered her dream for us.  She wanted us to live in a small, quaint house with a white fence on the outside of it, with a garden.  She loved flowers.

When I told my parents of me planning on buying a house exactly like that, they thought I was crazy.  Maybe I was, but I was determined to find it.  It felt like decades, but I found a house that she would have loved.  I painted the house white, and painted the door red, just like she wanted.  I built a fence on the outside of the house, and painted it white also.

I went to the local stores and showed the workers there the magazine pages with the flowers that she wanted, bought the seeds, and went home and started planting.  I put the seeds in a pattern so that they were in the color order like she wanted them.  Then it was waiting time.  I went out everyday and watered them.  I planted them so they would be in the direction of the sun, but nothing seemed to work, the flowers just wouldn’t grow.

“I was so frustrated, so I came here to relax and talk to you.”  I say to her gravestone.  “You’d love the house.  The kitchen is big enough to bake all the cookies and cupcakes you want.”  I say laughing.  I then start to laugh really hard, so hard, that I begin crying.  I start crying so hard that I can’t stop.  

I sit on the bench with my head in my hands, and just have a long cry.  As my head is down, I feel prickles of rain drops hit my back.  I didn’t even care at that point.  

“I miss you so much.”  I choke out.  “They say time heals, but you have not left my mind since the day I met you.  How can I forget the love of my life?”

“I should stop crying.”  I say rubbing my eyes. “Because we both know that if I am crying, then you are crying, and we don’t want that.”  

I stand up from the bench, and place the flowers on her gravestone, and I drive back to the apartment.  When I am back at the apartment, I play guitar lightly to the sound of the rain outside.  After strumming random chords for about a half an hour, I decide that it’s been a long day and I head off to bed.

When I wake up, I don’t have the feeling of loneliness that I have woken up to feel everyday.  I make a cup of coffee, and eat a proper breakfast, which I haven’t had in a long time.  I turn on a playlist that I made for Y/N a few years ago for her birthday, and decide to eat breakfast outside on the porch, because the sun is shining, and it looks beautiful.  When I step outside, I see the flowers starting to bloom in the garden.  I almost cry with happiness, “Rain will make the flowers grow”  I hear in the background.  That was Y/N’s favorite line of the song.  It always stuck with her, she was the most optimistic person I knew.  I never had understood that line, until today.  

A/N:  I know this is short, but I just thought of it and thought I’d post it, it may not be my best work, but I just liked the idea, and thought to just get it down.  Requests are open on my blog!

You were sitting on the red leather arm chair in the common room, listening to Padfoot as he was telling you about all the pranks the Marauders had come up with. You were trying to pay attention but you had a wicked headache you were sure it would go away within a few hours. It was right before first period, you looked around and wondered where everyone else was.

“Listen! I know what I’m talking about?!” Potter exclaimed- you wondered who and what he was talking about, he floated off the stairs followed by Peter and Remus. “Pads! Would you talk some sense into Peter?”

You were waiting for first period to begin, you just wanted this day to be over. “Everything alright?” Lupin asked you, you didn’t even realize he was leaning on the arm chair next to you. “Yeah I guess, not really. I don’t feel well” you responded, you felt guilty for giving him the cold shoulder. He rubbed your back and gave you a reassuring smile, “anything I can do?” he pressed. “No, I should be okay” you didn’t want to trouble anyone. “Wrong answer, dollface”

You were getting ready to leave for class when you felt a pair of hands on your waist and before you could process what was going on Remus pulled you up and held you in his arms and headed for the stairs. “Remus John Lupin! Put me down right now!” you squealed, Merlin’s beard what was that boy thinking? Ignoring your protests he walked you up in the boy’s dorm and walked up to his bed and started fumbling through his trunk looking for something.

“We’re going to be late for class!” you huffed crossing your arms, you were not about to start skipping class for Remus. “Your not going to class, little missy” You were not in the mood for this,

“oh, and why’s that?”

“because your sick, I’m going to help you feel better so deal with it” He must have found what he was looking for because he closed his trunk “here put this on” “its just a shirt?” you looked at him confused. “Well your not going to sleep in your uniform are you? Just put it on” he demanded, you have never seen this side of him before. You felt as though he was mad at you for not feeling well. You put his shirt on it was nice and soft and two sizes too big for you, you felt as though you were wearing a dress.

You placed your hand on your hips trying to look seductive, “how do I look, love?” you teased. He just starred at you, were you flirting with him or were you just not being your self? “I think you need some rest, my love” You knew nothing would ever happen between you however you kept convincing yourself something could happen.

Crossing your arms “how many times do I have to tell you? I’m fine!”

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way, your choice but your arse is staying here one way or the other” “fine! But only if you tell me why your being so moody” Sitting down on his bed you waited for him to do something, to say anything. “I’m not moody” he protested, giving him a look he gave in.

“Alright. Fine, its just I don’t like seeing you like this”

“Rem its a headache, I think I’ll survive” You wrapped your arms around his waist “I appreciate your concern, but I swear I’m fine” Titling his head to look at you he was wearing an obnoxious smirk “Can’t take any chances”

Relaxing yourself you were laying down on the bed while Lupin was studying a book on the edge of the bed. He glanced over and covered you up with his comforter and kissed you tenderly on the forehead. He layed down next to you still reading his book, as you drifted in and out of sleep you wondered if he would get in trouble being a prefect and all. You kept tossing and turning over, you couldn’t get comfortable and the pain was getting worse. Remus turned over and held you from behind resting his head on your neck “everything okay over there?”

“Yeah, I think I’m famished is all” you lazily rolled over to catch a glimpse of him you could see the worry plastered all across his face. “I’ll go get you something to eat” he was off before you could protest.

Walking down the moving stairs Remus was heading for the kitchen to make you something to eat, nothing too rich of course that might make your headache worse. He was fumbling around looking for something he knew you would eat he hadn’t realized how picky you were..until now. He settled on soup “who doesn’t love soup?” he thought to himself he placed a few drinks and sweets on the tray as well and walked back to the common room.

You heard a subtle knock on the door and assumed it was Rem letting you know that he was back. “I’m back doll face” he walked in with a tray and placed it in front of you “here, eat” he ordered. You began to eat the soup which happened to be your favorite, you wondered if that was on purpose or a happy accident. “Thanks Rem” you softly said a few minutes later, you were thankful he was your friend he didn’t have to do any of this.

“Whose the chocolate for? You?” you asked he always had sweets with him. He took the candy bar placed to the side of the tray and unwrapped the foil and broke off a piece “eat it, you’ll feel better. Its the best remedy there is” “I think your the best remedy there is” he began to feel flushed, covering his face out of habit. “Has anyone ever told you that your cute when you blush?” “stop it Y/N! I’m not cute at all, you need your rest” he managed to get out, why did you have to say things like that? Didn’t you know that everything you did made him nervous?

“How much more rest could I possibly need?” you pressed “I-I don’t know okay? You just need to relax” he said curling up next to you burying his head in the crook of your neck taking in the scent of your hair. “I think your the one who needs to relax Moony” you teased as he gently squeezed your shoulder. You stayed like that until around dinner time, when you suddenly forced yourself to get up. It was doing you no good laying around all day and you were sure Remus was bored out of his mind.

Getting dressed quickly you then walked down the stairs where he was waiting for you, for once the common room was relaxing although you knew it was because no one else was in it with you. “Ready?” you nodded, you walked together down the stairs to the great hall. You were about to enter the double doors when you felt his arm grab you, when you looked up into his eyes you couldn’t read them to know what he was thinking, to know what was going to happen next.

He looked into your eyes and kept the gaze for a few moments, you could tell he was nervous.

“Everything alright Lupin?”

“Yeah, its just-”

He cut himself off and leaned in to kiss you, you stood there feeling frozen unsure of what to do when you deepened the kiss subtly feeling his muscles through his windbreaker. He had his hands on your hips holding you close, desperately wanting to keep you in his arms forever. Breaking it off he placed his forehead against yours looking you deep in the eyes.

“well, well, well. Look what we have here”

You turned around to see Sirius leaning against the wall wearing a proud smirk on his face. “Moony finally made a move, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess” you causally stated

“Yeah, well you hurt him and I’ll hurt you. Now come on you two”

“Wait, what do you mean finally?”

– A few days later –

You were relaxing in the common room trying to read while Remus was resting on your shoulder, the Marauders were sitting around you laughing and trying to pull pranks on younger students. “Y/N can I borrow your lover?”

“No Prongs and he’s my boyfriend

“That’s basically what I just said, c'mon Moony say goodbye to Y/N” Before you could say anything James ripped your boyfriend off the couch and they were running out the portrait. “Where’s Lupin?” Lily asked You shrugged your shoulders

“James took him away, I’m sure their pulling a prank”

There you were on the couch clutching your book you couldn’t get enthralled with the story, your thoughts were pulling your attention else where. You were imagining what kind of havoc James was creating for Remus, you just hoped it wouldn’t be too bad.

(OOC- this is so bad, definitely not my best work -_- I feel like it could be better, anyways lets show Wolf Boy some love :)

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