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Louisa Im working on my thesis and I have a flu and Im so stressed, can you please give me some kaisoo moments where the love is obvious. Thank you, youre the best. <3 You put so much effort to make everyone who asks you happy so thank you

ahhh good luck and i hope you feel better and thank you so much my lovely you’re welcome <3

of course

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SouthrnFresh 5 x Street Driven Tour was pretty nice, but I got there late around 3ish because I had to work. I still managed to network with some people, might actually shoot the car that won best 2 door (Porsche Cayman that had work done by SuperStar customs).

idk, i only took these two photos on my Nikon D5100. I just don’t feel like shooting digital anymore. I took around 33 shots on 35mm Kodak Ektar, 36 shots on 35mm Fuji Provia 100F slide film, and 12 shots on 120mm Ektar. expect them to be uploaded around late august after they get developed. 

Because sometimes it needs to be reposted:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Hi, I’m Jillian, also known as the Lady of the Manners or Cupcake Goth. In addition to running the Gothic Charm School site, I wrote the book Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide For Goths And Those Who Love Them.

  • Where can I get a copy of your book?

Your local book store should be able to order you a copy! The Gothic Charm School book is also available from and

  • You really dress like that at work? What sort of job do you have?

Yes, I do. In my day job, I’m a technical editor/writer.

  • RealHusband? StuntHusband? I’m confused.

The RealHusband is my beloved spouse, Pete Venters. Yes, THE Pete Venters. In addition to doing the illustrations for my book, he’s done a LOT of art for Magic: the Gathering cards.

The StuntHusband is one of my best friends. We’ve known each other since college, and have mock-bickered about fashion, music, and the Goth scene for over two decades. You know that stereotype about the “sassy gay friend”? While I would never, EVER call the StuntHusband sassy, that stereotype holds a certain amount of truth.

  • I want to send you a thing! What’s your address?

Yay, I love getting things in the mail! The Gothic Charm School mailing address is:

Jillian Venters

P.O. BOX 70331

Seattle, WA 98127-0331

  • Clovis the Devilbunny? What?

My fanged toy bunny, who is going to rule the world one day. Declare yourself a minion and show your loyalty, and he might spare you when he finally gets the mind control lasers running.

So remember a little while ago I mentioned that I was having a sexuality crisis? Well, I figured out pretty quickly that I was gay and I told my best friend last weekend when we were falling asleep, drunk off our asses. I was terrified, which is why I was doing it drunk, despite the fact that we’ve been friends for like 10 years and I knew it wouldn’t really make a difference. Her response had me in stitches!

Me: Ok, so before I lose the courage to tell you. I’m not bi, I’m gay.

Her: Yeah, I thought that. Glad you figured it out!

Me: …. seriously? I worked myself up for nothing!

Her: Can I take you to that gay bar now? You need a girlfriend!

My best friend is amazing. 😂

I tried to explain it to a naturally thin friend years ago, in a bar in Brussels over fancy infused vodka shots, what it’s like to be a woman who isn’t wanted by every man she meets, and why I am unwilling to alter my life to change that. And I think it’s the best way I’ve ever explained it: let’s say 3 out of every 10 straight men I meet is attracted to me as I am now. I could starve myself, wear only the most flattering clothes, work out for hours every day, do everything the world tells me I’m “supposed” to do, and you know what would happen? That number would change to 4 out of 10. I’d rather enjoy my life and my youth and be a bitingly sarcastic chubster with messy hair and a moon face than get that 4th man. Because, let’s be honest, he’s probably just a shallow dick anyway.

i’m sure nobody cares but i just got a rejection email from muzzle mag and it was the best part of my day, i’m so happy. i probably shouldn’t be this geeked about having my work turned away yet again by them, BUT i’ve been submitting to them since last year, and usually it’s just been straight rejections, nothing extra. this time though, they encouraged me to keep submitting because my poems made it to the final round before being dumped!! i felt like my writing had improved, so it was nice to get some outside confirmation. (btw if anyone wants to see, i can post one of the poems they rejected)

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This isn't an insult, but what makes Jin special? I know NOTHING about him OR his personality! Please help me balance the BTS love in my life D!


Jin is the eldest of the group and he has a lot of responsibilities because of that I guess??? He’s like the mom of the group, cooking, checking up on the other members– he gets treated like a mom with annoying kids too they’re always interrupting him and it’s the funniest thing omg.

Jin works really hard too!!! He’s not the best dancer but he works so hard to at least be okay and not look like he’s doing his traffic dance 24/7 (but when it does lemme tell you it’s heartwarming  and hilarious)!!! He has an amazing singing voice and should really get more time to show that– he clearly loves doing it and is working to improve!

Jin is just so cool man omg he has a huge ass Mario collection I’m talking plushies, figurines, etc., it’s crazy. He loves to eat which is awesome, and he likes the color pink, Disney princesses, and according to the rest of Bangtan he has the best body?????

He’s more than just the visual he’s an amazing singer and has a wonderful voice and an amazing personality and he’s just wow??? save me the seokjin bias feels are coming back at alarming rates.

Personality wise I feel like Jin is the more quiet and hushed kind of person? But like he laughs a lot and he talks in a way that makes you feel like he’s directing addressing you (if it’s a one on one camera thing) and the way that he interacts with the members is just wonderful. He’s very sweet and calm but can definitely be more ‘ahhHHHHHHH’ when the time calls for it??? He’s the coolest wtf. :^)

- Darby

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intelligent-h00dlum asked:

Any tips on blending eyeshadow? I always have trouble getting that airbrushed/diffused look..

•invest in some good blending brushes (doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be expensive, but i used to be like oh i don’t wanna buy fluffy brushes this flat brush that came along with some kit will work for everything i’d rather spend my money on actual makeup!! but no… eyeshadow application or any other kind of makeup goes so much farther with the right brushes lmao)

•buy a few blending brushes especially if you like to play with color so you’re not mixing colors and creating a muddy look

fluffy brushes are the best kind to blend with!

•prime your eyes which will help you achieve a really blended look bc it’s creating a smooth base. this also helps prevent creasing and helps your look last longer

•use a base this is usually an eyeshadow or cream product that’s actually sold as a base which is similar to your skin tone, sometimes people even use concealer. this is great for someone who wants to cover up discoloration around their eyes or for a look that u want to pop and show up well. don’t forget to go over your base with a eyeshadow that matches your skin tone to get rid of any tackiness and help all your other shadows lay down smooth

less is more build up ur product slowly don’t go in with a huge amount of dark eyeshadow and then scream just slowly work your way up to the look u want. also be careful of the look changing from blended to muddy when using a lot of colors and brushes.

•stretch your skin out obviously don’t overdo it but gently pulling your eye in certain directions when blending can help the brush and product get into all the little creases around the eyes

•change how you hold your brush experiment with the different looks you can achieve by pointing your brush up, down, in circular motions, windshield wiper movements, ect. this helps blend out sharp lines and helps spread the product nicely

here’s some good tutorials too! +/+/+

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Which are your cosplay you are most attached to /you like most? Your Levi is the best!

I have a love/hate relationship with my Levi cosplay. I LOVE wearing it because hell yeah Levi, but.. those straps. While I love the cosplay I pretty much feel “uuughgh noooOO” at the thought of wearing it, and the thought of suddenly feeling the need to take a  bathroom break still gives me the chills. Despite everything I will probably keep cosplaying Levi at conventions once in a while because Levi. And since I worked really hard to get the straps adjusted properly I’m quite attached to it. Blood, sweat and tears and all that.

So while Levi isn’t my most comfortable cosplay or my first pick, it’s definitely my favorite!

raspberrystrudel asked:

Ok, so by now, you've noticed that I am absolutely in love with your TF2 art. It's beautiful, I can't stop liking/reblogging. I have to restrain myself so I don't overload my followers with game art, LOL. Keep up the amazing work. It's gorgeous! <3

Oh gosh, I’m really glad to hear you love my tf2 art (ノ*゜▽゜*) ♥
And eep, I’m honored you like a lot of my drawings ;///; It’s okay if you need to restrain yourself, knowing you love my drawings already makes me so happy~ 
And thank you so much, I’ll try my best to! :D

pjetronnaximoff asked:

Will you do a breakdown on 5x06? :) Because your breakdowns are really some of the best <3

These posts are sort of related to the episode, but not standard breakdowns. 

Other things that I know suspect mean something, but I haven’t had the time to ponder it (it’s still holiday mode at casa Mona):

Parrish and his apartment 


We get some very deliberate shots of his work desk with lots of wires and electrical stuff. The things sticking up of the jar actually looks like they have little red buttons on them, which makes me think of detonators. We know Parrish is a bomb expert. But is he also making bombs?

Did he make and plant the bomb at the sheriff’s station in 3b? He was the one who made sure it was put on the sheriff’s desk, but also made sure they were not there if he also planted the fake bomb… did he intend to take out Chris and Derek?  


More shots of the apartment and his stuff. We also see a lot of monitors (which is very interesting in relation to the missing “monitor” from the deadpool stuff in s4). 

Also much of this looks old fashioned and outdated, like it’s from another time. Parrish has been associated with clocks before, so perhaps 

And I find the flyswatter on his wall, show in many shots interesting especially with all the flies we’ve had in especially season 3 which was when he turned up. 

Stiles can control his heartbeat

Stiles lied about his shoulder. If so he can control his heartbeat and camouflage a lie. OR he omitted the truth and the story about the hood falling on his shoulder is true, but not really the reason why his shoulder hurt now. No matter, it’s still impressive since Stiles knows exactly what caused the thing Malia asks about… 


So far this season we’ve had Liam, Stiles and now also Kira in ringer shirts. Kira and Liam wears it this episode.

Lydia wears red, possibly for the first time?

Red = power, empowerment. She does understand her banshee power this episode, and manages to tap back into the memory, so kudos to her. Not sure how wise it was though. Also the flower, which I know athenadark has mentioned the name of many times but I can’t recall it, is associated with death, which does indicate that her power is linked to the banshee stuff. 

Stiles is also in red this episode. 

The rest is pretty much all in grey and white. 

Malia once again in stripes - her’s are concentric, encircling her entire body. Stripes does seem to indicate possession, or not being fully in control. This supports my theory that Malia is being controlled and used without realizing it herself, and has so ever since she was introduced. (see also my Theo/Malia parallels)

Liam is also in stripes, but not concentric. Only his back is striped, the front is solid gray. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any beauty tips??? you always look good

thank you, i try my best lol (i look like crap a lot though haha)

i do i guess, but bare in mind these would just be my opinions and also im quite blunt lol. and my idea of beauty tips might not fit certain sub-cultures so take this w a grain of salt 

-dont bleach your hair yourself!!! i dont know anyone ever who bleached their hair at home and made it look good or healthy. nobody. even myself. some people thought they looked good. they didnt. i thought i looked good. i didnt. go to the salon!!! 

-dont bother with makeup especially foundation until you have good skin!! good skin is the basis for all makeup and you look 10x more beautiful with nice skin. put off wearing skin makeup as long as possible and wear it as little as possible. foundation over bumpy dirty looking skin looks bad (some people cant help it but keep workin!)

-imitate other people you know are good at fashion before trying to be original to save embarrassing memories haha. less is more!! shoving a lot of colours and patterns and clips on yourself normally doesnt look good

-if you get greasy hair easily, try washing it as rarely as possible. if you have nowhere to go the next day, just go with greasy hair. stripping your hair of natural oils so often is bad for it and will lead to greasier hair. eventually you’ll end up with hair that takes longer to get greasy (i wash my hair every 2-3 days and it honestly doesnt need to be washed more than that if i use dry shampoo on the last day)

-i know its annoying but better to spend lots of money on a few really nice, high-quality pieces of clothing than lots of cheap clothing. it wont look anywhere near as nice and will fall apart quickly. in the long term its way better to spend more on less and you’ll look better even if you have less outfits

-dont pluck your eyebrows too far apart!!! its so hard for them to grow back as they were before :-(

-really short bangs are super hard to pull off. also if you have bangs/want bangs, get a flat iron and use that on them. flat unstyled bangs look nasty.

-limecrime lipstick looks like crap

-pick a couple of pieces of makeup to splurge on. i use expensive face products and mascara and then buy drugstore products for everything else. more expensive foundation and mascara can really make you look much nicer (like in the $30-$40 range) and they tend to last longer

-there is such thing as dressing for your body type, but im not talking about weight. im skinny and there are things that look like crap on me. your clothes need to fit well!! buy the right size and make sure it fits every part of you just right! most people fit into one of the main body types regardless of weight (apple, pear, hourglass, etc) dress for your body type as much as possible to enhance your good points and hide your bad points. if you have a nice waist, wear tight waisted skirts. if you have short legs, wear your skirts a bit higher to make them look longer.

-the way you walk can be so important, if you walk with a straight back and shoulders back you look so much more put together. practice walking nicely and it will become more natural.

But can you imagine how Jake Gyllenhaal must’ve felt when he discovered that he would be working with Em for everything with Southpaw? Like, he must’ve been a bit nervous. Like, “Damn, this dude never smiles. What if I accidentally offend him and he raps about me? He’s probably the only person who could actually come up with something in the English language that actually rhymes with my last name and makes sense. FUUUCK.”

But then when they met and actually started talking and stuff he was all pleasantly surprised like “Fuck yeah! I never thought we would get along so well. This is the best bromance ever! I can’t wait till the gay rumors start!”

Meanwhile, Marshall’s probably the one secretly starting the rumors. Like, “I’ve been leaving a bread crumb trail of gayness for years. It has always lead to Jake. ”

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Today I found out that my husband has sex with with another women while on a business trip. I'm currently 20wks pregnant and now terrified what todo. Do I leave him and be a single mom? He didn't lie when I confronted him. Just feel like my whole world just shattered

damn that sucks, first of all im an 18 year old guy, so i dont think i know that much about marriage but ive heard people say that u should give ur all in a marriage and try ur best to make it work especially when theres a kid involve because it will affect their future but i think thats all bullshit, and you should just live ur life the way u want and do what makes u happy because i dont think its worth living a miserable life with someone just because ur trying to make it work just do u, but yeah u do gotta think about ur kid and im sure ur strong enough to raise ur kid and maybe who knows u will probably find an even better father for him/her

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im so embarrased to say this in an ask thing but here goes! I love this blog and everything about it! i share the quotes i know and like with my besties! they think its cool! but i really need to say, i love your work! so nice to know that i can sit on my bed and read these! your blog makes me happy! also, which quote is your favorite? id love to know!

Hey, friend!

I don’t think either Fiona or I could possibly choose a single favorite quote…so the best thing for you to do is to go browse hers or my favorites tags!

Thank you for the kind words!!!

also on a unrelated note, let’s talk about the body and the mind and how sometimes the two are not friends. 

it is safe to say that i have a really distorted look on my body and at times it’s not healthy. i also suffer from anxiety pretty bad but it isn’t something i talk about often, i have a hard time admitting that it is an issue in my life so i just deal with it. somedays are pretty bad. i mean so bad where i want to just crawl into bed and escape reality for as long as possible. like tonight i was meeting some friends for dinner and practically had a meltdown trying to find something to wear. i let my mind take over and just let my insecurities come out and get the best of me. 

anyways, what i really need/want to start working on is getting back to a healthier place with my body image and how distorted it gets sometimes. and i almost feel like distorted is too harsh of a word to describe how i feel, but let’s just call it what it is. tonight solidheart-strongbody posted a beautiful picture of herself at the beach in a two piece. she said “ don’t ever underestimate the power of giving yourself love and support every day” and i fell in love with how much growth she has had with her body image and it inspires me to do the same. 

i could say it until i’m blue in the face, but i was in a good place for awhile. then life happened and my living situation changed, my anxiety started coming back, and my mind was just in/is in a different place. i’m ready to get back to the happy place in my mind and in my body, the place where the two are friends and not enemies. the place where my mind feeds my body with complements and love, and doesn’t tear me down day by day. 

there is a line in the song, head full of doubt road full with promise, by the avett brothers and it says “decided what to be and go be it” . so i am going to do just that. i am going to find the love in myself again. 

anonymous asked:

Dair was the best thing to come out of the shithole that was Gossip Girl. I loved how good Dan and Blair were for each other, how they truly brought out the best in one another. I loved how they supported each other, how their relationship was built on respect and kindness, how they saw each other as equals. I love everything about them. Such an amazing ship!

Don’t talk to me about Dair. I’ll get really sad and want to slam my head into a wall.

That’s a ship that actually worked and was built up well. It’s not something you would have expected, but when it happens, you’re like “Oh…this makes sense.” and I love that. He calls her out on her shit but also loves her as she is, and she excites him but also teases him so he doesn’t take himself too seriously. It just worked. They said it very well in the play scene.

“He cares about you you, not in spite of who you are, but because of it.”
“Dan loves me for me.”

What was best about that ship was how they started out as friends and fell in love. Whereas Chuck and Blair, there was no friendship. It was just lust and unhealthy attachment.  Why on EARTH would you ship Chuck and Blair when he says things to her like:

“I don’t want you anymore and I can’t see why anyone else would.”

“Now is that it? Or are you going to tell me you love me?”

I don’t want to look up any more quotes. He’s disgusting.

If you look at so many of Blair’s scenes with Dan, she’s happy, she’s smiling. It’s rare that those two had any scenes of anger or sadness. If they did, one was quick to apologize. Oh look at that, a healthy relationship. Unlike Chuck, who never apologized for anything he did to her because he never thought he could be wrong. 

It was always obvious that Dan just wanted Blair to be happy, whether it was with him or someone else. He respected her and her decisions. Chuck was the polar opposite of that. He couldn’t stand the idea of her being with anyone but him and did everything in his power to make sure she would be with him. Yeah, not hard to see what’s better here.

Someone let me know when they understand why Dan and Blair weren’t endgame, because I still don’t get it.