I find great irony in how the guy who censors cursing has a curse-word in his name! :D

(Also: @xedramon, sorry for dragging you into the comic itself.)

Fresh_Hell belongs to @xedramon (related AU-blog: @fatal-error-blog)

The trio this guy consists of belongs to @loverofpiggies




This is probably my favorite one yet. As soon as I saw this prompt my first thought was “BEE MOVIE SCRIPT.” ‘Cause y’all already knew Anti is a meme-loving fuck. XD

EDIT: I split up the first text into two pictures because the original single photo was too blurry to read.

Read parts 1-31 here!

“Are you going to just stand there for the rest of the day, John?”

“Oh no, I’m taking photos, too. What happened?”

“I miscalculated the intensity of the pheromones I was experimenting with.”

“Pheromones, eh?”

“Bee pheromones. Could you call a beekeeper now? This is getting a bit warm. Also, they are beginning to crawl into my shirt.”

“You’ll need help looking for those later, I presume. Wouldn’t want to leave any in your clothes, would we? And should you get stung, I have a cure for that.”

“What a selfless offer, doctor. I think I can imagine the ‘cure’.”

“Good for you.”


My entry for this month’s @sherlockchallenge: Experiment Gone Wrong


ig: a.quixotic

The Rose Queen
Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24"

My piece from IMC in 2016, finally finished and polished up and scanned properly! The glamorous Rose Queen, attended by her bee courtiers, all vying for her particular favor. I’ll try to wrangle the preliminary sketches and studies to post a bit later (there was a lot of prep for this one!)

I will have prints of this available at MoCCA Fest and Spectrum, of course (they arrived yesterday, barely in the nick of time!) Including big poster prints! Because you kind of have to see it big to get all the detail…

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It’s so amazing to see my solo show all together! ☺️🖼💖I spent a year working on “Submerged” and this is the first time I’ve seen all my pieces in the same room 😊❤️ so just had to share a few with you! 💗This show was a reflection about duality and the exploration of the world we live in contrasted by the way humanity thinks and sees it. 🙂🙃🐠🦋🌚🌝 ❤️🖤There is so much mystery in the world and the perceptions of people that I’m constantly amazed by our micro universes as we interact in the one we all exist in ☺️Nature and the soul of humanity are so beautiful yet different, I wanted to explore how we coexist with each other in this body of work. 😄🌎🌕✨I hope you enjoy it 💘I’m so excited for the opening tomorrow (march 31st) at 5:30! 😸 I hope to see you lovelies there 😘Please contact if you’d like to inquire about my paintings and make one of them yours!! 😊💖💖💖💖 Smooches to you all!