You Mean Too Much

Title: You Mean Too Much

Characters: Dean, Reader, a bit of Sam

Word Count: 961



Anonymous Said: Could the story be about the reader locked herself in her room for day. Haven’t been showering or eating. She cuts herself and starts to drift off. Dean kicks down the door and takes care of her. I’m sorry if this is confusing.


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Dean came into the library just as Sam was heading out. “Have you seen Y/N? I told her I wanted her to help me with this research.”

“Haven’t seen her, maybe she’s still sleeping?” Sam started to climb the stairs as Dean turned to the direction of your room.

“She slept all day yesterday though.”

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I know I worship nature… but please do not mistake me for a “peace, love, and harmony” only pacifist type. Nature is not pacifist in the least. It’s gorgeous and soul-confirming, and will devour you whole if you are not careful. It’s wild and primal and will fill you with a sense of understanding, but it will also trick you to feed you to it’s roots if you step out of line. Remember this.

I am not a pacifist. I am a mother protecting her cub. If you fuck with me or mine I do not sit obediently fearing future retaliation, I will peel the skin from your face and tear out your flesh with my fists and consume it while you watch.

Sometimes the best defense is an overwhelming display of power. Fuck off.




The coffin scene (I almost died)

The coffin scene almost killed me. Like, I couldn’t breathe, my heart was racing, and had get a tight grip on the sofa because the tension was making me dizzy.

But it was everything I could have ever asked for.

Sherlock in panic. Sherlock begging. Sherlock willing to do anything (even hurt her) to keep her safe. And it isn’t until the second ‘I love you’ that he realises that he has to keep her safe, because until that point he hadn’t realised how much she means for him. He needs her to live, she is in his blood as much as he is in hers. He CAN’T afford to lose her. In the second I love you he realises that he loves her (doesn’t have to be romantically, but still. HE LOVES HER)

And when Eurus says there aren’t any explosives at her flat, he loses his shit. Because he has hurted her. He cares a lot for her and hates being the cause of her pain.

He destroys the coffin, enraged (how fucking strong do you have to be to be able to do that?) He has been really close to losing her, and he has hurted her very deeply. Also, I think he’s somehow sending a message: As long as he lives, he is not going to allow ANYONE, to touch her, he will destroy ANYTHING that threatens to put Molly in that coffin.

Some may say he’s manipulating her he doesn’t mean it. I’ve seen his face, I’ve seen him trembling, sweating (100/10) He was scared because he was going to lose her. The first may sound  awkward and artificial. But the second…

He said it

and he meant it.

I’ve seen some mentions of Jaune’s speech to Ruby being OOC and I really don’t think that’s the case?

Actually, I’d argue this is the most in-character he’s been in a long time.

Like sure, he’s gotten progressively more cynical as the volume as progressed and this built up to him being really pissed at Qrow but… he never  blames Ruby for anything that happens. 

 As much as people love to claim that Jaune only cares about himself he’s always been somewhat protective over his  teammates and tries to cheer them up no matter how  he feels about himself at the moment so of course he would try to make Ruby feel better despite the shitty situation they are currently in.

I think you could certainly argue that it was a bad choice not to have Ruby say more about her own issues but I find that to be the result of the writers just not really knowing how to write her at this point rather than deliberately choosing to focus on Jaune(at least this time) because ultimately the focus isn’t technically on him. It’s just using him as a mouthpiece to prop up how strong Ruby is/recap what she has gone through and I think that’s just the method they found the easiest.

Even if the scene does highlight Jaune trying to comfort Ruby that’s not even character development on Jaune’s behalf- that’s to be expected since they have a friendship that was built up since the start of the show. I don’t believe it really highlights how good of a person Jaune has become. He’s always been a good person at heart despite his numerous flaws.

His abundance of screen time is a flaw yes but that doesn’t count since it’s not something he is doing in universe.

I’d argue there’s some character development on Ruby’s behalf but this was honestly just restating what we already know about Jaune.

I realize now just how lucky I am to have her. She picks me up when I am lonely and tired. She reminds me of all the good things in the world. She helps me take care of myself. In her eyes is hope and carefulness, and I feel myself hope again.

I lived to meet her. And you will live to meet somebody who will cherish you for the rest of your lives.

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Hah ! Are you really care with hime, accept her ending to be with ichigo. Can you see it, she is happy, not sad. She is happy because she now have a family, she have a man that she dreamed. She deserve him because she love him. Can you see how sad her life, how lonely her life. She already drop out from school, her dream is drop out. LET HER TO BE WITH ICHIGO, SHE DESERVE A HAPPINESS !!!!!! I don't care if you really care about her, you only care about her just for make her away from ichigo !

And you and the other IR are misogynist ! You doesn’t care about orihime sad life. You doesn’t care about her dream. You doesn’t care about her love one ! You hate her ambition and hate her EVERYTHING EVEN HER BOOBS OR HER BODY ! YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR FUCKING SHIP ! Ship her with another man like ishida is not work for her, she already know ichigo and know everything about him ! ichigo also more understand about her than about rukia ! YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT IT !

Wow, my I.Q. just plummeted lower than the abyss of the ocean after reading that. Back to pre-school for you, cupcake. Clearly, kindergarten reading comprehension didn’t quite sink in for you. 

she already know ichigo and know everything about him ! ichigo also more understand about her than about rukia !”


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I love seeing Mercy with her hair down, and god, getting to see her tummy. But have you noticed the winston in the background doing his own exercises?

Yes but I don’t care about him because I have no soul :D

“Breakfasts have been impossible.”  HOPE PLASTERED OVER SISTER JULIENNE’S FACE “Breakfast?”

"I’m expecting a baby!”

“And I’m so afraid.” *SOBS* “And I’m not…because I never stopped praying.”

And that is how I died of Shulienne feels.  

And I don’t even care.

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As shitty as this ep was, my SE feels shot through me with all that tea stefan was serving. "Elena would've never looked at you twice if I have been there that day" I was like PREACH!!! And then there was Caroline goin on and boostin de just bc she insecure about her relationship. Like care, honey we both know if they had the chance stelena would be happening right now so don't give me this deep and magical love that DE supposedly have

Yeah in a weird and probably unintentional way, the episode was pretty Stelena-esque. The dialogue belonged to DE but like always the narrative is SE reminiscent.

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I'd like to hear your thoughts on Hanji's character. I'm not sure if you've given your opinion before but I guess I'm just curious to know what you think of her in general.

Thank you for your ask Anon! I don’t think I’ve ever had an ask about Hanji before :} Short answer is I love them to bits. They’re one of my favourite characters after Levi and Erwin.

I really like the way that Hanji is very much their own person; they don’t hide their eccentricities or compromise their personality.  I also admire them for their intellect, even if it can sometimes blind them to the people around them. That’s not to say that Hanji doesn’t care about people, far from it, they just get carried away from time to time.

I also enjoy Hanji’s interactions with Levi, they really spark off each other despite, or perhaps because, they’re almost polar opposites.  I loved the way that Levi and Hanji worked together during the Uprising Arc. I think Hanji really gets where Levi is coming from but at the same time they don’t take any shit off him. It’s going to be interesting to see how their relationship evolves now that Hanji is Commander.  They clearly didn’t approve of Levi’s decision not to give the serum to Erwin, though whether this will lead to conflict between them further down the line is hard to say.  

I think Hanji’s going to be a very different style of Commander to Erwin, though I expect them to be every bit as ruthless as Erwin was.  One of the few things I’m looking forward to over the next few chapters is seeing where Hanji takes the Survey Corps from here. And of course it’s important to remember that Hanji didn’t become Commander by default, they were chosen by Erwin himself to be his successor, and tbh, it’s hard to come up with a higher recommendation that that! 

So yeah, Hanji’s just really pretty damn awesome.

You know what I love?

After all the years of filler, fanfiction, and unfavorable comparisons, Sakura goes and blows the shot she finally gets to have Sasuke rush in and rescue her, because she’s so freaking awesome that even getting kidnapped by a big bad and having her chakra suppressed wasn’t enough to get her to stick the ‘damsel in distress’ thing. Sasuke shows up just in time to see Sakura didn’t wait around.

It’s got that great angsty romance trope too, where Sakura doesn’t believe Sasuke cares enough to come for her when he is actually rushing halfway across the country just for her…but mostly there’s just the awesome amusement that when she decides he’s not coming, she just smashes things too quickly for him to do much more than help take out a few stragglers.

Take that, filler which had her just replay Rin’s role and sit and wait for Naruto and Sasuke to stop bickering long enough to rescue her.

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How would rfa members act if they knew that mc has a very serious heart disease? Plus their reaction to her death because of it? Love your blog♡♡♡

I s2g you guys are trying to kill these men. And don’t worry we will be back on schedule tomorrow.{Don’t forget to vote in my poll ok!) And I know a lot about this subject so this will be sad and kinda easy for me!


~He probably just cries
~He’s a broke college student who just loves and cares about you so much
~After a few days the doctors say you should be ok for a bit
~And he cautiously brings you home
~Then in the middle of the night its like your head is spinning your a sweating mess 
~You can barely make out to the sleeping Yoosung
~This boy shoots his head up and grabs his phone
~And those were your last words
~He feels as if he wouldve been able so see that you were struggling that night you would still be alive right now


~Ok so he has a pretty decent job so he can pay for the basic treatment
~The expesive one just was way to much 
~Even the cheapest one really was a lot
~But he loved his princess so much
~But sadly during one of the surgerys you didnt make it
~He quits acting and just drowns himself in his beer


~Mama Jaehee ACTIVATE
~Will take notes and write everything down
~She is not losing her MC
~Researches all the possible treatments within their price range
~Once she finds one she is so happy 
~But when they call her in they say that it had gotten so bad they cant perform the surgery
~Jaehee just kinda shuts down
~You guys know you only have a few days
~But Jaehee tries to be optimistic about it 
~Watching movies and snuggling all day
~When you do finally pass she just loses it and cries for days


~When he finds out he automatically will get the best doctors to take care of you
~They say it will take a few days before you an go into surgery
~Jumin is a little mad about that but as long as it gets done he is satisfyied 
~”Yes MC”
~”If the surgery fail please do not do anything to those doctors”
~”But M-”
~”Just promise”
~”I promise”
~You know when you get that feeling that something is going to go wrong 
~Thats how you felt you just knew you were to far gone
~And you were right right before the surgery you died 
~Jumin did as you told him and didnt sue the hospital or anything
~But he didnt react well either
~He just kinda sat there and hugged Elizabeth the 3rd for hours 


~Hes not much for doctors
~But he cant hep but notice how weak you’ve been lately
~Or how you can barely get out of bed
~You always used to go grocery shopping with him but now its so bad that you can barely walk with out falling down
~Sh he goes to the best doctor he can find
~Web MD
~No but really thats where he look but even everywhere he put your symptoms in you get the smae result Arrhythmia
~A very serious heart diesase 
~So eventually he does take you to a doctor
~And its true you do have it
~And its to late
~You guys waited it out so long that surgery would hurt it more than leaving it alone
~When you die he blames himself for not taking you to a doctor sooner


Conrad: This is my favourite spot

Leo: Why here?

Conrad: Because it looks really cool up here, and Dez is too little to play here so I get time on my own. Plus sometimes mom or dad will come out and tell me to be careful. So I get some attention sometimes. Were you ever left out because of your sisters?

Leo: Well your mom always had a lot of attention from our parents so I always tried to steal the attention from her, I mean I was the cute younger brother right? Then there’s Layla, we are twins so I wasn’t just the cute younger brother, I was also the boy. So everyone wanted to play with the cute baby girl instead. But it’s okay I love my sisters so I just try and do cool things to get attention when I can. Like this cool tattoo and skipping school. But don’t do those things.

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Heeey there it's me imao xD I have been wondering about this. (Hope I am saying this right) But which place would Luna want her child to be delivered at? I think/headcanon for example she'd want to spent her last days/weeks of pregnancy at Tenebrae. Because it looks really more peaceful then Insomnia in my opinion (though Insomnia is really cool too, i mean the looks, but I hope you know what I am getting at).


Ahhh, yeah, she would probably love to be in Tenebrae for it~ Head out a few weeks early, get everyone settled (cause probably she’s got a care team with her lol that traveled with her and then update everyone in Tenebrae, cause she’s the Queen lol), relax, and wait~

I’m sure Noct can be gone from Insomnia for awhile to be with her while she delivers where she feels most comfortable~ Probably he was the one who suggested it, knowing that Luna wouldn’t be likely to voice such a selfish-seeming desire~

She would be so much happier and more comfortable at home, I think~ Tenebrae must be so much quieter, and it’s more nature-centric, while Insomnia is a City that Never Sleeps (lol) and it’s all buildings and cars, and it’s COOL, but it’s vastly different and not as peaceful

I relate, Luna, lol. I’m a rural gal, cities make me tense

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Ok so I know this question sounds a little weird, but do fake tits feel real? I know freelee has fake ones and I'm assuming you've been with women with natural ones. My gf is thinking of getting hers done and she wanted my opinion and the only problem id have with them is if they feel really fake. I would still love her, regardless of her rack because I like her personality and everything so I'm not a jackass haha.

If you are with someone for their personality then you wouldnt really care if they had A cups, G cups or 3 tits, bolt on tits or no tits.

You wouldnt ask this question either as you would be neutral wether she got the op or not. You would be like a duck swimming in fresh water or salt water - neutral AF.