Morning Glory 💐

💐Morning Glory is a plant that can be used in binding rituals and attraction rituals- note the heart-shaped leaves and let your witchy intiuition guide you~
💐Morning Glory can also be used for luck, success, and reportedly for rituals involving transformation and insight, including to the spirit world.
💐 Its not unheard of to plant morning glory and moon flower next to eachother, and has been suggested that the two combined give a space a sense of balance.

💀 Be Aware- morning glory is reported toxic. Use with caution.
💀 Be Aware- this vine grows like mad. It can take over a garden if not properly trimmed, and may choke out other plants.

~~ as always, research before using any plants youre unfamiliar with~~


Goals AF! 💯👌🏼
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“Dream Big, Eat Well & Travel On!”
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Can we stop with this need to compare the accomplishments of groups/acts to each other? Yes, BTS is getting massive success. Yes, other artists have had massive success before. One doesn’t have to discredit the other.

The reason BTS is accomplishing so much now, particularly in regards to western success, is because other artists like SNSD, BoA, 2NE1, Utada Hikaru, and PSY (among others) did the hard work of introducing the idea of value in Asian music to countries that have a hard time accepting any entertainment not catered to them. It was the same thing in Japan when Kpop first started moving there. BoA and DBSK had to perform at malls like a new artist when they already had fans back home but because they did the grunt work people like SNSD and Big Bang were then allowed to go beyond the success that their predecessors found. And now the future gen groups will build off of that.

Someone on twitter said it well, other artists paved a road for BTS’ success in the west, they made it easier for them to reach the heights that they have, and now they are continuing that road. BTS is extending that path so that the next artist to come through won’t face as many obstacles as the ones that came before them. It doesn’t mean that anyone worked harder than any other artist. One group’s success doesn’t invalidate anyone else’s.

How not to get bored while studying:
1. Take Breaks
This might seem like an obvious one but it’s often forgotten about. Second-level students should study for 45 minutes (which is the length of our concentration span) and then take a 5-15 minute break. Whether you go to get a quick cup of tee or go for a walk - it works. Returning to work is easy and you take in more information.

2. Switch Subjects Every Hour
If you have a LOT to do for, let’s say, history then do as much as you possibly can for an hour (with breaks) and then switch subjects and study something different. As a result, when you return to your history, it will be easier and seem more manageable.

3. Set goals before hand.
Before you start, I think that it’s easier to set out some goals. For instance, if you have 5 subjects that you have to do - create a plan. Set a goal that you will finish your Maths homework in 20 minutes, or your English essay in 40 minutes. Set a timer on your phone and if you go over the allocated time try to finish up quickly. That way, you will complete your homework more quickly, and be more organised & focused.

4. Switch study techniques.
By using different study techniques, you keep your brain on edge and interested. By using fresh and new methods, you will increase the amount of information you absorb and not dread studying.

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