when people say liam isn’t the best singer in 1d

Whoa Nellie! I hope this morning is not a predictor of my week to come. 

  • My child clearly thinks I speak some form of Old Norse because he was acting like he didn’t understand a single word coming out of my mouth this morning. Unless he thought I was telling him to totally go wild, in which case he needs to brush up on his Old Norse. 
  • My husband called me to let me know my only set of car keys were safely tucked away in his car at work. 40 mins away. (On Saturday I grabbed something out of my car before we left in his car and just left the keys in there. Whoopsie!)
  • In Old Norse, I attempted to tell Harry to get dressed. But since he doesn’t know any Old Norse except battle cries, it fell on deaf ears. I managed to wrangle him into clothes, wipe his ever snotty nose, get myself dressed and pull the stroller out because without car keys we were walking!
  • Got about halfway to daycare before I realized I have my period, yet never utilized a pad or tampon before leaving the house. I let out an Old Norse battle cry. 
  • Harry’s communication skills returned once he was in the stroller and he used those skills the whole way to daycare as if he just returned from the desert and words quenched his thirst (this is a really nice way of saying “Do 3 year olds ever STFU?”)

All in all, it wasn’t really bad, just a little more chaotic than usual. I got in a walk - which is happening regularly now that the weather is “nice”. We read a book before we left. My happy little guy had a blast watching the squirrels and spotting flowers and drinking his orange juice on the walk to daycare while his benedryl kicked in (he’s still fighting either allergies or week 3 of an unforgiving head cold). I told the daycare it was my gift to them (that I dosed Harry with Benedryl this morning). And we got to spend a little more time together as we ease into the week.

Happy Monday, y’all