MBTI and Big Five

Hi! Lately, I came across the Big Five (or Global 5) personality model. I found that they also made a system of 32 personality types. The test is here. It will tell you what your type is and also what your dominant trait is.

Please, could you add your MBTI type, Global 5 type and the dominant trait right here? I would really like to know if there are any correlations (I personally have some theories.) Thanks a lot!

INFJ - SLOEI - Inquisitive

I started this comic on Saturday and because of time zones I wanted to be able to publish it before the episode (and I have who can testify that I realized it during the promo “Sleepover”).
P.S. I have not seen the episode yet, I’ll see him soon ~

Meanwhile, here is my silly theory! HOPE IT WILL HAPPEN!

p.s. sorry for my bad english and my quickly drawing! I’m pretty sure that I forgot something color or make some mistake ;-; 


oh my god

so i went out to subway for lunch, and just happened to run into my 12 year old brother and a group of his friends.

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t for the fact that:

1. they were skipping school

2. he was ordering nine cookies


When he noticed me standing there he just froze in horror before whispering “don’t tell mom”


to be continued…

BrotherHood’s Twist comic! XD well i still haven’t finished the next pages.. (thanks to mr. time) but here i wanted to post the current pages..(even when i already posted a link about it long ago X3 )

i’m sorry about the bad english grammar.. these have been corrected a few times.. but still..

on the next pages i’ll try to get someone’s help to correct my english..before to post it anywere..

here you can read it in a better way and also subtitulos en Español


hope you like it

Official Kurobas novel - Replace V : Stopping on the way

Spoiler alert!!!
Some brief idea of “Replace V : Stopping on the way”.
The story of Nijimura met Himuro in LA.
Both English & Japanese aren’t my mother language, sorry if there are incorrect information and mistakes! I just try to express the brief idea what the story told.
Written by a Himuro crusher ((((((

  • Nijimura claims that he never saw such a beautiful hero before. (HOLY JFC)
  • Nijimura was new to L.A, and was having some trouble. Himuro helps him out by punching some bad guys.
  • Nijimura expresses that :
    That guy probably is Asian (by his black hair color),
    but his skin color looks snowy white, maybe he also a Japanese.
    And he is tall, about his height that’s 1.8 sth.
    He has a slender body shape but not looking weak at all.
    Besides, the most impressive part is, his face.
    Decently beautifully framed.
    (…Nijimura are you okay? O« … and I’m not ok asdggh)
    Every part of his exquisite face looks so beautiful and delicate. (OMG…)
    The side bangs that covers his left eye replenishing a slight mystertic mood for him.
    With a slight smile on his decent handsome face, I guess most of the people will be gasped and speechless by seeing it.
  • Nijimura thinks this guy (Himuro) is as handsome as Kise.
  • Himuro looks back and smiles at Nijimura.
  • Himuro then punched that 2 meter tall strong bad guy with his bare fist, although he got a bishie face which tender like “never have a gut to kill any tiny bugs”
  • The guy fail unconscious.
  • This Beautiful… NO, Chaotic villainous guy runs by, grabbed my wrist, yelling “Run!!” & pulling me out of the basketball court. Everything runs like a movie.
  • Himuro is 15 years old that time. (Same as Nijimura)
  • Niji: “Really? Your calmness doesn’t reflecting your age. ”
  • Himuro: “You look mature too, Nijimura kun.”
  • Being called “Nijimura” by Himuro, Nijimura don’t know why but blushed a bit.
  • He even added “kun” after the surname, does he trying to being friendly to me?
  • Niji: “Well, calling my name is fine. Is it okay if I call you ‘Tatsuya’?”
  • Himuro: “Got it. I call you ‘Shuu’ then.”
  • Me, Nijimura Shuuzou and him, Himuro Tatsuya looked at each others face, and smiled together.

  • Then Himuro brings Nijimura to his basketball club, they talk a while.
  • Himuro introduced Alex as his basketball teacher.
  • Nijimura arrived L.A the next day after graduated from Teiko, because of his father’s treatment.
  • The bonding between Nijimura and his father is deep.
  • The predicted time of this story should be March.
  • Nijimura is the biggest brother in the family. He got a younger brother and sister. They’ve already moved to L.A at December.
  • He is weak at flights.
  • Nijimura wanted to visit his dad who stays at hospital, with so many stopping on the way. He lost his way and his phone was broken.
  • He end up playing street basketball (?) with a kid called Mike who invites him to join. Then they met that bad guy stated before.
  • Anyway, they then heard that Mike was kidnapped by the same gang of that bad guy.
  • From some chats Nijimura knows that Himuro somewhat get along with some people from underworld. That surprised him.
  • Nijimura and Himuro started the rescue. Succeed.
  • Both of them together punching and beating so many people (…)
  • They both seems experienced and good at fighting. Nijimura knows about warehouses pretty well. Himuro was curious about these but Nijimura kinda refrain from telling more about it.

  • After the rescue, Nijimura started some more self-disclosure talk with Himuro, about the story of himself and his father.
  • Nijimura was a furyo (“rascal”?) when he was even younger. But his father saved him. After that happened a short while, his father became very sick.
  • The two guys friendship grew even stronger after facing those adventures and personal talks.
  • Himuro held Nijimura’s hand, blessing his father getting well soon, this gentleness and kindness making Nijimura feels a bit embarrassed.
  • They promised to play 1 on 1 someday, after Nijimura has settled everything.
  • Alex came by and scolded at them. They seems facing even more “stopping on the way”…



I do not want to be a “bad girl”. I will never smoke, or drink in excess or before I am of age, or do drugs. I will not give away my virginity before I am married. But there is one thing I will do. I will challenge the assumption that innocent is synonymous with naïve. I will challenge anyone who thinks that I cannot be kind and fierce at the same time.
—  a shockingly inspiring thing I churned out in English class

My attempt to Stevonnie is here to say that we are over 40k su-aesthetic fans!

Thank you a million times! Muito obrigada, de verdade <3 I know I don’t have so much time to post like before but I’m always trying to do my best. I read every message but most of them I can’t reply and I’m sorry, I feel really bad about it ): I wish I could interact more with you guys but I’m always shy about my wrong english grammar hahaha I swear my portuguese is good at least.

This blog started one year ago when I felt the need to post the edits I was doing for my personal blog. The art of @stevencrewniverse always fascinated me, every little detail, and I wanted to share my vision of this amazing show - something I’ll continue to do for a long time, thanks to you.


aww yish (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) ♡ 
it’s about kaneki who swap the bolster that tsukiyama hug before he replace it with himself, then….. about a minutes later Tsukiyama wakes up because he feel something is warmer than before.

so yeah….. he saw kaneki in fron of him and he hug him tighter ( not really tight because he don’t want kaneki to be woken up)

// sorry for my bad english m(_ _)m


(I’d like to apologize before hand if my English isn’t 100% but coming from a Japanese male, I needed to talk about this. )

I made a sketch of them and there will be more soon after I finish coloring this haha. This is my first picture I drew of them 5 years ago:

I know, it’s bad but Bleach also inspired me to begin drawing as an artist. I’m in my 20s now and wow, does time fly by. I’m truly amazed.
I waited many years for these two to finally become canon and yet I see people from here and there saying that Orihime deserves better because Ichigo never noticed her feelings. It’s important to know that she never forced her feelings on him yet she still loved him and over time there was character development that these two gained. Rangiku herself explained that Ichigo would not forever stay the way he was with the feelings she had. It more than enough to compensate the feelings for these two to have an understanding and sense of “love”. You cannot tell me that these feelings didn’t grow stronger either at heart. This “love” either it be romantic, platonic or just to care for one another. A word that can be taken through many ways and has been seen differently in this fandom, especially for a shounen manga,

 It refers to an intense feeling of deep affection and there sure as hell was that coming from Orihime. Kubo Sensei did what he felt was right and I’m sure of it. You can say that what he did was wrong or it should’ve ended differently but it’s also a matter of opinion against his, the one who created Bleach from the beginning. The one who devoted his time toward a creation that he wanted to draw on paper and express with a pen. Hell, 10 years is more than enough for them to have even more development and that’s what happened yet he chose not to pair Ichigo with anyone else or even become single. I bet he’ll appreciate in the end those who stuck with his decisions because that’s the best celebration to have is being with those who actually support and care his work of 15 years. Be that as it may, in that 10-year frame we can think about what happened and conclude that he wanted them to be together. You can ship what you want and say what you wish, it is your right. But he shouldn’t change anything because that is what he felt should have happened instead. I felt the ending was happy, the characters are happy. Let Kubo Sensei be happy too. It is what I truly wish from all of this.

(3/100) 10/10/16

I did some flash cards for Lit this morning before math class at the library and the group of people in the table behind me would not shut up!! I even heard them talking bad about me, I’m just trying to live. Afterwards I went job hunting for a second job, and now I’m going to shower and continue my flash cards.

Seventeen Reaction: You're Dating Vernon //requested//


Him: So why don’t we…*winks*

Y/N: Well actually…I’m with Vernon

Him: And that’s my cue to go *gif*

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My hair is way better than his 

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I’m rethinking my entire life

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Him: Where is he?

Jeonghan: Chill Joshua *holds him back*

Him: But I liked her way before Hansol did!

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It’s because he speaks English, isn’t it?

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If you’re looking for someone more experienced, call me

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W O N W O O 

Him: Wow she’s beautiful

Jun: Yeah and she’s Vernon’s

Him: *gif* Woah..for a second there I thought you said she was with Vernon haha…wait

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Too bad. You’re missing out on all of this 

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*internally screams*

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Him: *glares at Vernon*

Scoups: Alright kids break it up

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Wow okay how do I put this….Vernon is mine and I’d appreciate you backing off

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But do you really want to be with him? Are you sure?

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Please don’t leave me for anyone else, jagi. I love you!

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Oh Boy, Sans underestimated UfPaps, and had no idea UFPapyrus is quite fast and was paying attention to Sans’s abilities throughout the days they spend together.

 Next pages are going to be pretty mature-content, 

Note: I mentioned before that my computer crashed a few weeks ago and I lost most of the Underdown files including the coloring so sorry for the inconsetnectly  and sorry for the bad English (I am Dutch)

special thanks to @maple-and-pie

previous pages:


Sex for Homework

Summary: Dan is failing English Language. His teacher gives him an extra credit opportunity.

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: rough sex, dirty talk, spanking, choking, dom/sub, age gap, it’s pwp people

Word Count: 3.3k

A/N: This is the second part of Only Bad Boys Will Get Good Grades; they can stand alone but I would recommend reading the first one before this. Thank you to Destinee my partner in crime for editing! Read on ao3

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Some news: Okay, listen, I’m super busy with my final exams and I don’t have time to draw… anyways, I think I will have at least one drawing done for next week… but for now, I’ll be posting some of my best old traditional drawings (not undertale related)… hope you understand u.u

This is Mega Lucario from Pokémon, it’s my favourite <3 so… hope you like it :3

Watch on

Ok, I did the thing.
Please don’t mind my bad English/pronunciation and remember that I’m not a makeup artist, I’m just a kid who likes to dress up as her favourite cartoon characters :)
Few things I didn’t mention/show you in this video: take care of your skin and clean your contact lenses!
Before doing your makeup for a Con I suggest you to use a good primer and most of all HAVE FUN, because it’s the best part of this hobby! :3

For those who are wondering these are my contact lenses (Eos New Adult Green), but PLEASE ask your oculist before wearing them!

I don’t own the music, all credits go to Jeremy Zuckerman.

Oh and thank you Marco (mynerdybedroom) for editing this, I would be nothing without your endless support :)

Flustering Face

Pietro x reader || Request || One-Shot ||Let’s see how fast I can do this..

Anon: Hi beauty ! I’m in love with your blog. Can you do pietroXReader Were she is the quiet and the innocent girl who love reading. So when pietro comes to her room shirtless for some reason she blushes and try to hide that from him. And when pietro find out how innocent she is - he finds that adorable - he start doing and saying somethings to make her blushing more ? And ends that when he asks her to go out in a date with him ? Make it cute please :( and sorry for my bad English

“What’re you reading there, (Y/n)?” 

You finished reading the page of your book before looking up into the big brown, curious eyes of Tony Stark. You raised an eyebrow at him,

“A book.” You said quietly.

Tony grinned and gave a nod, “I noticed…What’s it about?”

You continued reading, smiling to yourself. “Stuff.”

Tony let out a soft sigh and stood up straight, looking down at you with an amused glint in his eyes. You merely focused on the books and tried your best to continue reading, but Tony sat on your legs and you let out a strangled cry, laughing soon after. “Anthony Edward Stark! Get off my legs!”

Tony let out a quiet, “Meh.” and you marked your page with a book mark before closing the book shut and glaring at the man sitting on top of your legs.

“Tony. Get. Off. Now.” You breathed, trying your best to keep an angry glare.

Tony merely giggled and poked your nose, “Aww, that’s cute.” He commented as he leaned against the couch, putting his full weight on you. “You can’t even stay mad at me for more than a second. So precious.”

“I will hurt you.” You told him as seriously as you could.

You waited for Tony to say something more, but he only smirked. Knowing there was no way you could make him get off, you decided to call in for back up. “STEVE! TONY’S BEING A PUNK, AGAIN!” You hollered.

“Am not!” Tony protested, sitting up straight. “Are too!” You shot back.

Feeling a lot of weight lifted off your legs, you took the opportunity and shoved Tony off of you. You got off the couch before he could make another move and calmly began to walk towards the elevator. “Are too.” You said again.

Tony chuckled and sat up on the floor, “Am not.”

Before you could argue again, the elevator closed and took you up. When you had reached your floor, you headed for your room and  opened the door.

You carefully set your book down on a dresser and sighed contently as fixed your hair before looking at yourself in the mirror. As you looked at your reflection, something behind you caught your eye. You turned around and spotted a pair of Pietro’s shoes lying by your bed side.

You gently bent down and picked them up, looking over them carefully before heading back out the hall. You hadn’t talked to Pietro much, but when you did, you always enjoyed his company. How his shoes were at your bed side, you had no clue. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask and find out.

So you set out for Pietro’s room, swinging his shoes back and forth as you walked. When you finally reached his door you absentmindedly opened the door as if it were leading to your own room. You set down his shoes by the door and were about to call out for him when you realized he was in the bathroom. You glanced at the door and noticed steam rising from underneath it. Your cheeks suddenly heated up and your eyes widened. 

Pietro was in the shower. 

You turned around immediately after realizing and nearly ran out of his room. You tried to keep from picturing…No, no, no. Bad brain. 

You scolded yourself mentally and carried on to your room, grabbing the book from the dresser and jumping on your bed. You and Pietro were friends, and as far as you knew, Pietro wasn’t interested in you. You shouldn’t be thinking of Pietro in any other way than a friend, because you wanted to respect him. 

The longer you read, the more you got absorbed in your book, finally being able to block out the other thoughts. Just when you thought you were alone in peace and quiet to read a good book, somebody knocked at your door.

Your head snapped up from your book and your eyes instantly found Pietro’s. His hair was wild, his skin glistening. You shivered at the first sight of him.

And that was when you realized he had no shirt on. Pietro was shirtless.

“(Y/n), I am not intruding?” Pietro questioned as he stood in the doorway.

You swallowed and shook your head, finally peeling your eyes off of the man in front of you. You could already feel the color rising in your cheeks. You kept your eyes on your book, glancing at him as he came closer.

“Is something wrong? Are you sure this is not a bad time?” He asked again.

“P-Positive. Whatcha need, Pietro?” You asked softly.

Pietro quirked an eyebrow at you, slowly moving towards the end of the bed. He put a hand on his hip and looked at your face carefully., but you brought your book closer to your face in an attempt to hide your flustering face. A smirk slowly made it’s way onto Pietro’s face as he figured out why you were so quiet. Pietro put one knee on the bed and leaned closer towards you.

“The real question is-” Pietro carefully took the book out of your hand and set it down on the bed as he looked at you intensely, “What do you need?”

Your face quickly turned a darker shade of red, your ears coloring as well. Your lips parted as if you were to speak, but nothing came out of your mouth. Your eyes flickered from Pietro’s stunning blue eyes to his perfectly chiseled abs.

“Me? Wh-What? I-I-I don’t need anything…” You stuttered.

Pietro coked his head, “You were in my room earlier, no?”

You averted your gaze and leaned back against the bed, hands gripping the bed covers. “W-Well, yes. I was…” You said slowly, sliding off the bed. You stood straight and looked at Pietro who had stood up as well.

“I was returning your shoes.” You stated finally.

Pietro nodded in acknowledgement, “I see. Was there anything else?”

You looked up from the ground and noticed Pietro running a hand through his hair. You could already tell your mind was blank. He was gorgeous. You had tried so hard not to look, but you finally let your eyes wander his body. He really was perfect. And then suddenly you stopped. As did your heart.

Scars. Scars were scattered across his chest and abdomen, arms and shoulders. Pietro’s smirk suddenly fell as you came closer, the red of your cheeks fading. The closer you came, the more tense Pietro got.

Pietro stiffened as you reached out a hand and gently traced one of his many scars with your finger tips. Feeling him tense, you looked up at him. His eyes were no longer on you, but you could still see it in his eyes.

He was self-conscious of his scars. 

You looked down at his chest and ran your fingers gently over a scar that was next to his beating heart. Your lips formed a thin line. You placed your hand over Pietro’s heart and he looked down at you. The moment his eyes met yours, Pietro felt as if his breath had been taken from him. Stolen from him. The compassion and adoration in your eyes was enough for him to know that you were not disgusted by his scars. That you cared about him enough to know that those scars were part of him, and that you wouldn’t change it.

Pietro took your hand away from his chest, clasping his hand in yours. He looked at you carefully, “…What are you doing tonight?”

Your eyes suddenly lit up and you smiled, “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

Pietro pressed a kiss on your knuckles, “Then dinner– with me?”

“Like a date?” You asked softly.

“…Yes. Like a date.” 

“Then dinner it is.”


After watching episode 1 of Roots I just burst into tears being a damn mess. It’s so painful to get a glimpse of what my brothers and sisters from the West went through and form what we now term ‘African Americans’. They weren’t supposed to even know English or have the names the have now. They had their culture and identity beaten,killed and raped out of them. I would never know how it would feel not being able to speak Swahili or lingala, I’m so sorry all that horror has been in your lineage. I don’t think there’s anything white people can ever do in this world to change my feelings towards them.

I really have to prepare myself mentally before watching an episode of Roots because EP.1 just gave me really bad anxiety, I was having mini panic attacks through it. 😔