About my favorite couple

I like beru ani .
Because Bertolt loves Annie.
I prize character’s personality when I draw character in main story.
Bertolt said “I don’t have intention”.
Nonetheless, he loves Annie.
This is his important intention.
Honesty, I dislike couple that contradict his intention. And I dislike changing his beloved from Annie .
There are people that likes it in would.
It is not bad.
But I can’t see it.
I can’t follow your blog if you drawing or reblog it.
I’m very sorry.
I can’t forget that he shouted Annie’s name at the very beginning before he dead.

Thank you for reading this to the end.
Sorry my poor English.

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Just two cuestions.1.- I noticed a diference in Reimu's personality in WaHH and FS. In WaHH she is portrayed like someone lacy and even dumb, meanwhile in FS she is more efficient and serious, what is your point of view for this? and the second cuestion is... the 47th chapter of FS no longer exists in Batoto, where i can find it? sorry for my bad english.

I’ve written about this before, but the basic idea is simply that to Kasen, Reimu is a stupid kid who needs supervision. While to Kosuzu, Reimu is a cool adult who lives on her own and can do whatever she wants. I’m sure a large part of that is also Reimu intentionally showing Kosuzu her best side. She wants to be looked up to, whereas she doesn’t really care if Kasen approves of her.

As for seeing chapter 47 on Batoto, at some point a long time ago they changed it so that you need an account to view older chapters. It’s free to make one, but I recognize that this is incredibly annoying.

Happy Birthday to the cute and precious @someone-stole-my-shoes <3 ILU and I love your work, and I love talking to you, and the way you’re kind and patient with me even if I struggle a lot with english. I wish you all the best for this new year on earth <3
I wanted to wait until you get the real painting in your hands before I post it on tumblr, but I can’t wait anymore. I’m really bad at surprises TuT
I hope you’ll receive it tomorrow <3 ;3;
Much love <3


Hi. Long time no see.
First of all, I am not good at English so I’m using translation machine.
Please understand my poor English.

I have bad news.

I wasn’t active as much as before because of these kinds of people.
Over the past few months, I have been under a lot of stress due to too many unauthorized use/reposts.

Is this really what you want?
Is it correct that you want me to understand and watch my pictures being used without my permission?

I can’t understand and I won’t understand.
There are some good people, but there are some people who act like this, so it’s hard for me to continue drawing.

If you can’t find the artist, don’t use it.
Is it that hard?
It’s damn easy.

When the artist asks for pictures to be removed,
Delete the picture.
Is this really that hard?

I really thought meet the nice people on tumblr.
But I guess I was wrong.

Of course there are good people. I know that.
But there are so many people without basic concept and manner which makes me weary and tired.

DO NOT upload my pictures to other sites.
DO NOT edit my artwork.
DO NOT use my artwork for roleplaying.

Even if I uploaded my artworks online, it is not right thing to re-post and use it without permission.
As it is wrong for people to rob your house even if you posted your home address online.

Please stop this. Not just me, but to other people as well.

I will come back with good news next time.
Please, please, don’t make me stop wanting to draw.

I started this comic on Saturday and because of time zones I wanted to be able to publish it before the episode (and I have who can testify that I realized it during the promo “Sleepover”).
P.S. I have not seen the episode yet, I’ll see him soon ~

Meanwhile, here is my silly theory! HOPE IT WILL HAPPEN!

p.s. sorry for my bad english and my quickly drawing! I’m pretty sure that I forgot something color or make some mistake ;-; 


Sorry for bad English. It’s not my native language
Some kind of my AU headcanon: 3 years after 686 chapter Rukia dies. She rebirth in Living World. She woke up in the hospital after the accident. She doesn’t remember a huge part of her life. She studies at school. Her age about 18 years. One day she meets Ichigo. He called her by name. She asked him if he knew her before, because she doesn’t remember. After that they often meets near the school. Somedays he told her about little shinigami with short hair and strong heart and about her adventure. She doesn’t believe in his histories but every time she listens to him with great interest. One day she cut her hair and come to Ichigo. She asked him “does she look like that shinigami” and smiles. He cries but smiles too. He still love her.

I've just thought about this

Ok, so what if Lance didn’t want to go in Garrison?
Like he and his grandpa made a promise when he was just a kid before his abuelo died
So, he goes to garrison and meets Hunk and then Pidge and when he sees them he thinks ‘woah, they’re amazing guys, LET’S PROTECT THEM ALL COAST’ so he puts a lot of effort to being a good friend and pilot and he becomes a fighter pilot (in that he was still in the cargo class) and he feels very proud but , as we know, when he make littles mistakes they always go with “you’re just in the fighter class ‘cuz the best pilot of our generation droped out” and that makes him feel as the worst and start to miss his family MORE ‘cuz “If they say that, then its better to go back home”. Hunk and Pidge always notice that and they try to make Lance feel better (in the night they listen Lance crying and being homesick). Thanks to this, Lance starts to love being a pilot and thanks his abuelo for making with him that promise and still he misses his family but starts to feels comfortable because he feels that Pidge and Hunk are like his family but in garrison.
bUT then happens the voltron thing and the sadness :-) and :-) homesickness :-) strikes :-) again :-).
He tells to Blue every night about his family and his friends in Cuba, his story about how he ended in the garrison and he “secret” (it isn’t, the mice and hunk already know about that) crush on Keith.
Blue always feels happy of having a paladin like Lance who fits perfectly in the role of the blue paladin. But also feels sad because “i dont want you to be sad :‘c you look really good happy :)”
Anyways, the team starts to hang more with eachother except the fact that nobodys ;)))) knows about :)))the depressed Lance :)))
And they start to make him unwanted, not-the team sharpshooter the cargo pilot the comic-relief the paladin that can be replaced easily, in conclusion THE SEVENTH WHEEL.
They fight against Zarkon and Shiro dissapears, they feel worried and sad, Keith becames the black paladin and Lance the red one, and then comes.. Lotor.
So he captures him and uses his weaknesses and breaks points to torture him.
The team (now with Shiro) rescues him, puts him in a pod and waits until he heal.
But, when Lance comes out, the team starts to argue to him, saying that he needs to hear the others and not to be mocking around, and Keith tells him “YOU’RE JUST A CARGO PILOT!” And “ITS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT” aaaaand Lance explodes.
So he tells everything, about the promise, about his crush on Keith, about the seventh wheel and finishes with “I’VE NEVER WANTED TO BE A PILOT I DIDN’T ASK FOR BEING A PALADIN”
All the team shuts in silent, Pidge starts to sob, Hunk is horrified and asks himself “is this the Lance i know?”, Shiro feels guilty for not listening Lance, Allura feels like the worst because she treated Lance like he was nothing, Keith feels super super super confused, angry, sad and happy in the same time and Coran…well, Coran already knew about Lance insecurities and feels bad for not telling the team about the selfless Lance
The Lions are angry (Lance treated them good and he puts to them cool pet-names. Also they heard a lot of Lances confession to Blue and when they heard him sing [yes, Lance can sing] they feel relaxed ) and refused to open to their Paladins.
Reds tells them that they need to fix this but first they need to convince Blue, who is extremaly angry with the team.
Shiro says that maybe Lance needed time to himself and that they will talk to him later.
They didn’t notice that Lance left the castle until dinner time.
They notice that Voltron is not gonna to be Voltron anymore.

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Can you tell us more about the tattoo and piercing au? Headcannons or whatever you feel like sharing I guess. I've seen the drawings but there's not a lot of info about it 0:

-Well, first of all the place where they work belongs to Mako, he was working as a tattoo artist for 15 years. 

-Amelié and Gabriel are tattoo artists too (they were working with Mako for five years). 

-Jamison is the only one who does piercing. 

-Mako taught him a bit about how to tattoo safely (since before Jamie had tattooed himself with sewing needles and ink).

-Mako designed all of Jamie’s tattoos (and tattooed them).

-At first Mako had to force Jamie to follow the basic hygiene rules for piercings, eventually he got used to it.

-The two have been together for over two years, but Jamie moved with Mako not long ago.

-Gabriel offered the job to Jamie (without telling Mako just to annoy him)

-Jamie lost his leg in an accident when he was a teenager (he asked Mako to tattoo his right arm to combine his prosthesis and now he has a tattoo with a biomechanical style)

And that’s all for now :^) I will add more things later.


okay i don’t know if anyone noticed that before, but look at the way even neck is pulsating. it doesn’t look like some sort of muscle spasm but it usually happens when your heart is beating really fast…so henrik probably had his heart jumping out of his chest during this scene…or i’m just going insane


I’m here.

@prinxietyhell u said u wanted to see this

so. i decided to actually write a fanfic for the first time in forever. and it’s prinxiety, which i’ve never written before. don’t worry, i’ve used proper grammar in the actual fic, lowercase is only my aesthetic in contexts where it’s appropriate.

trigger warnings: anxiety/panic attacks, self-hate, suicidal thoughts (at one point)

ship is, as i said, prinxiety, but it’s really light and can probably be seen as platonic if that’s what u want.

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Confession:  When I played DAO for first time, after like 5 minutes of taking with Sten I was like “Ok, bro, I get it, you’re thedosian equivalent of Slav. Let’s get vodka and we can talk about shits our grandmas said!”. Maybe that was some kind of vibe, maybe my non-English VA… Well, more I was talking with him more surprised I was that Qunari Society was modeled on Soviet Union. Like, what kind of white Americans males make things like that?? In 3 games we see that Qunari are Big Bad Guys, and I guess it’s not so bad lens, Soviets were Bad, but what about people?

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The Protective Soldier

Request: Can I request a Bucky x reader please? Where Bucky met the Avengers and is atracted to the reader and protective over her, and one time he gets into winter soldier mode and everyone is worried he might hurt the reader but he became extremly overprotective and dont let anyone and anything touch her cause is dangerous (like even killed a fly that is too close to her). Hope its make sense, English is not my native language :c Thanks!

A/N: Fem!Reader. This one kind of ran away from me before I could reign it in, so it’s longer than I planned. I almost made it a two parter, but I liked it more this way. Enjoy!

Warnings: Possible use of language, I can’t remember. Reader is temporarily abducted by the bad guy.

Word Count Total: 1939

Title: The Protective Soldier

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Before you read this: this post probably contains REALLY bad English. You have been warned.

Imagine Alternate Universe, where just listening to the singing troll makes Bergens happy. There’s no need to eat them. The problem is that Bergens capture them and treat like they’re pets - most of the them are locked in the cages like birds. Usually there’s one troll per Bergen’s house. The only exception is King Gristle, who has at least one troll IN THE ROOM (he’s a king, after all).

Among the trolls he owns there are Poppy and Branch. Their rooms really close, so when they sing loud enough, they can hear themselves. It takes them some days for that, but they fall in love with each other’s voices.

At first Branch didn’t want to sing for anyone, but when he heard Poppy, he needed to let her know that she’s not alone.

Poppy sings about happiness and hope everyday. Sometimes she doesn’t even sing, she literally screams, so she’s sure that Branch can hear her. see the ocean in your eyes

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: some swearing

Words: 933

Summary: You had a pretty bad day. As you sit in your favorite café you notice Sebastian. He wants to be alone, so you head home, but not before you do something nice to brighten up his day.

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my first fiction I´ve ever wrote. I´m sorry if there are any mistakes in it - English is not my mother tongue. If you like it, I´ll maybe continue the story. In this part Sebastian is just a side character.. . Hope you guys like it! Love you xo

To say it was the most uneventful week of your life would have been the understatement of the year. None of your friends were available and none of your clients of your photo atelier had a job for you. And though you had loads of pictures of a wedding to edit it was the most boring week you´ve ever had.

“I´ll call it a day, Hannah!” you shouted towards your co-worker, who prepared herself another coffee in the kitchen. “Yeah, see you tonight! Don´t forget to wear something hot”. You rolled your eyes. Hannah wanted to hook you up with her friend Tom for about 2 months. Actually you weren´t really interested, but you knew she´d never shut up, so you agreed to a double date tonight. You grabbed your belongings and exited the building. At this time of the year it was still pretty cold in NYC and – lucky you – it just started to rain as you walked outside the main exit. At least it´s just a light drizzle, you thought while you headed to your favorite café. The small, cozy place belonged to the family of your best friend Dave and over the years it became your second home. Finally arrived you opened the door, muttered a “Hey” towards Dave and made your way to your favorite spot. The broad window-sill with the plaids and cushions. It never looked more welcoming. You stuffed your belongings under the table and made yourself comfortable on the window-sill, on which at least 2 people could lay. Dave offered you a large coffee you happily accepted. “Bad day?” he asked. You shrugged and mumbled something into the cup before you took a sip of the hot beverage. Dave chuckled in response and nodded. He knew that, although you were the personification of sunshine, rainy days affected your mood in a significantly bad way, but he also knew that you loved taking those days as a little break from everything. So he decided to walk back to the counter and let you be. You pulled your favorite book and your earphone outside your bag and began to read. Usually you observed the people outside on the street but you needed a little time to yourself, so you opened the book, turned to page 394 and began to read the last chapter. During the passing hour you completely drifted away and got to finish the book and two large cups of coffee.

As you looked up, to put back your book, you noticed the guy, who now sat on the other side of the window-sill. Something on him looked familiar to you. He wore a bright blue beanie and a jeans jacket with a striped jersey underneath. While he took a sip of his drink you noticed the stunning jawline this man was blessed with. As his phone rang, he took down his sunglasses and you got to catch another glance on him. You knew this bright blue eyes…

Oh my god! Your heart skipped a beat. OH. MY. GOD. Sebastian Stan. Sebastian FUCKING Stan! You quickly turned off your music, because it distracted you even more. Calm down (Y/N), calm down. Don´t hyperventilate. Everything´s ok. You heard him sigh and saw that he ran his large hand over his face. “No, Chris, listen, everything´s fine. I just needed a little break. Y´know, some alone-time. I´ll call you tomorrow, ok?” He looked pretty stressed and tired, but still like the cutest cinnamon roll you´ve ever seen. “Yeah, ok. Thanks man, really appreciate it. See you.” He sighed and let himself fall against the wall behind him. It teared you apart to see him like this. And though you wanted to help him you thought it would be too weird if you just started to talk to him and as he said: he wanted some alone-time. Of course it was a hell of a chance to have Sebastian fucking Stan right beside you, however you couldn´t do it. You couldn´t force yourself to talk to him. Sebastian wanted to be alone, he wanted to calm down after a pretty rough day and you couldn´t bear the thought of you interrupting him in his intention. He´s such a good and sweet guy, I can`t do it. He deserves some privacy…I mean, I could, but…No, no, no. You knew if you stayed any longer you couldn´t bear the sight of him and eventually talked to him, so you grabbed your bag and you went over to Daves Mom to pay your coffee. “Hey Mrs. Miller.” you greeted her. “Oh, hello sweetie, Dave already went home. How can I help you?” You glanced over your shoulder to see Sebastian, who still leaned on the wall with his eyes closed tightly. Suddenly an idea popped up in your head. “Ummm…Mrs. Miller, could you do me a favor, please?”


As you walked out of the café, along the window, you saw Mrs. Miller in the corner of your eye, as she brought Sebastian a delicious looking piece of chocolate cake… and she was pointing at you…

You couldn´t help but grin to yourself at the thought that you just made Sebastian Fucking Stans day better! At least you hoped so. Ok… maybe this was a sign, maybe not…however, now is the time to pull yourself together (Y/N)! You´ll never meet him again so it doesn´t matter. Date night´s tonight. Time to get ready. You turned on the music on your Spotify, but still felt like the coolest fucking person on this planet.

Unbeknownst to you, Seb ran outside the café trying to catch you.


Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader

771 Words

Warnings: Jared isn’t married to Gen, for the sake of this writing. No hate to her!. I’ve never been to a panel before, so I might have the wrong idea, sorry. Also a bigger sorry for the bad writing, this is my first one D: and my first language isn’t english, so maybe some words are wrong.

Summary: You’re an actress on SPN and Jared has a surprise for you at a panel.

It didn’t matter how many times you’ve been to a panel, you always were nervous to be in front of so many people, but you were lucky enough to have amazing co-workers and they’ve always been so nice to you, ever since you joined Supernatural.

You started a few years back with a minor role, but  it was decided that you were going to be on it for as long as the show would be running (a secret Jensen told you). You were on the TFW and also Castiel’s love interest, and it was always fun, mostly because it was impossible to be bored with Misha around, and with Jensen being your best friend, but things with Jared had always been a little more awkard… of course, that was because you had a huge crush on him and were afraid that he would know, because there was no way he could also have a crush on you (not that you were ugly, you were actually nice looking and a good person, but you considered yourself to be boring and weird, and let’s be honest, a hobbit next to him).

On previous times, you shared panel with Misha mostly, a few other times you had the panel for you only. This time, you had to share it with Jared.
The panel started and you greeted the fans, most of them were screaming for Jared, who looked as handsome as always, with a black and grey plaid shirt, and you were making a big effort to not stare at his perfect smile. He was saying some welcoming words, when he realized you were nervous, so he started to make jokes to light the mood.

It was time for the questions, but before anyone could get the chance to ask something, he looked at you;
“Before we start with the questions I’ve got a surprise for you, Y/N.” The audience started to scream again, and you looked at him surprised because you had no idea what was going on.

“I don’t like surprises, Jared.” you said laughing, and the fans laughed too. He looked at them smiling.

“Oh, just wait.” He walked to the right of the stage, where a black screen was. He went behind it and suddenly, a music started to play, the kind of music typically associated with strip tease. Fans were screaming, when a plaid shirt went flying through the top of the screen; it was the shirt Jared had been wearing just some seconds ago. He walked outside the screen and everyone started to scream even more, and you started to laugh, amazed of what he had done. Jared wearing Castiel’s outfit. The music was still playing and Jared was doing a little sexy dance walking towards you. You could tell you were blushing, but smiling at him.

“So uh,” he stood next to you, “You want to kiss me?.” He said in a voice trying to imitate Cas’s one, and everyone, including you, started to laugh. You looked into his eyes and wanted to melt right there. He wasn’t being serious, wasn’t he?.

But he was.

He leaned closer (and down) to you, fans screaming even more, and then, it happened. YOU reached up and kissed him right on the lips. It was just a quick one, but to you, it had been amazing. He looked at you and smiled wide.

“I uhm… (he smiled) wanted to have an excuse to kiss you.” Thanks to the heat of the moment, all your shyness was gone.

“Jared… I should tell you… you don’t need an excuse to kiss me.” He smiled and laughed, and after a few seconds he looked at the audience,
“Guys, you’ll get your questions, but before that, I’ll make one.” Saying this, he went closer to the edge of the stage and turned his back to the fans, raising a hand. You laughed at his actions.

“You, the guy dressed as Castiel.” You were all laughing. Jared acted all nervous and silly, pointing a finger to his chest and making a face like ‘oh my god, I get to ask a question’.

“Hi, I’m Jared,” he raised a hand waving at you, “my question is for Y/N”. Your cheeks were starting to hurt of how much you’ve been laughing and smiling at this point. “I want to know if you wanted to go out on a date with me.” All the fans were screaming again, and you were surprised. Was this actually happening?.

You laughed, “this has to be the best question I’ve ever got.” Jared laughed too. “Yes, of course I do!”.

So, hi! I’m totally new to this community, I started this studyblr because I’d like to become much more organized and stay motivated during this year. 

You can call me sohyun (she/her), I’m 16y/o. 

This 2017 I’m starting my last year of high school. I’d like to major in English, I’m also interested in graphic design, photography and everything related to that. 

But before I start doing all of those things I’d like to get rid of bad study habits by being part of this amazing community. ^^

I’m also a full-time kpop trash, and a fellow slytherin who would like to improve on study methods, and help other people to do that as well. 

My native language is Spanish, I studied English on my own, and the language I’m currently self-learning is Korean. 

(Please like/reblog if you’re a studyblr so I can follow more people!)

Some of my favorite studyblrs are:

@rahaflearns@fuckstudy@intellectus,  @studykitties@c-athyna@elkstudies,  @studyblr-for-life, @19tc, @catestudies, @emmastudies, @uglystudies, @tbhstudying, @focusign, @genericstudyblr, @studyign, @studyblr, @nehrdist 

처음 뵙겠습니다!

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I really love your art >///<Your style is so beautiful!! I'm just a beginner, and I am lost in relation to anatomy. I try to make gesture drawings but does not work out. Could you give me some tips on how to really start training anatomy? Thank you, have a great day^^ /sorry for my bad english hehe/

hello anon! thank you so much, i appreciate it a ton :) anatomy is a very difficult thing to draw, i hope you know that. It’s probably one of the hardest things out there in the ‘art world’ (pfft what is this, harry potter?). So please don’t get frustrated if things arent looking right the first time, it happens to everyone and even to artists who have been drawing for years. First we need to look at the whole body proportions before we get started.

heres a rough idea, excuse the terrible sketch haha. Keep in mind its all approximate, every body is different.

so now that we know the proportions, we can move on to gesture drawings!

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Hello! I love your blog and I want to ask you. In the chapter 113, in one of the frames, Sebastian is speaking with Abberline and behind Abberline is the man in the hat. When I saw this frame I thought: his hairstyle looks like "updo" behind his hat! Maybe he is UT?! And while I was reading 121 chapter I saw this frame again. What do you think about the man in the hat? P.S. Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my first language. And sorry if someone asked about it before.

Hey, Anon! Thank you so much! And no need to worry about your English. :)

You have a good eye, I didn’t even notice that guy but yeah, now that you mention it he does remind me of UT’s disguise during the Weston arc.

And he appears several times throughout the arc.

Here’s how Undertaker looked in the Weston arc:

So there really is a similarity. However, it’s really hard to tell since there are also other guys wearing a top hat:

But if UT is the real mastermind of the cult (which I think is likely) there’s a good chance he’s not only working behind the scenes but observing himself what’s happening. So maybe you really found UT. ;)