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Just classified over 40 questions (that was a bit hard), now it’s time to answer them! I’ll probably post two of this compilations each day, starting tomorrow (except on Monday-Tuesday; I’ll be working on the new chapter those days). Hope this is okay for now guys; hopefully I’ll answer everything I have left within two weeks.

Kirishima Touka.

Anon said: Touka’s hasn’t appeared as much and all the other characters have been introduced more, but I feel that Ishida might be using Touka for a bigger role. Touka was one of the first characters Sasaki met in the first chapters of Tgre, what do you think?

She recently appeared, but it seems like she’s taking a passive role for the moment. Maybe when Kaneki returns to Anteiku she’ll become more active. Also Ayato; if he gets in some serious problems (like trying to break into Cochlea to get Hinami or something that crazy) she might help him go unnoticed.

Anon said: Hello! What do you think of Touka and her significance as a character in tg

Kaneki is the main character in this story; a half-human, half-ghoul. We know that Hide is his tie to the human world. However, Touka was the first ghoul he met, the first one who questioned his nature, the one who helped him while he was weak, the one who missed him the most when he left, the one who made him see how wrong he was. She is one of the people he wants to protect the most. Touka is Kaneki’s tie to the ghoul world.

Anon said: Hellloo! I’ve never seen any theories or character analysis of touka so I’m wondering if you can do one of her.i wanted to know how important she is to the plot and sometimes it doesn’t feel like she one of the main protagonists

I have a bunch of stuff about Touka here. You can check that out. Also, a couple questions about her in this post (if you want to ask something in particular you can always do that).

Anon said: why do you think touka was going to the hospital?

You can read my full theory about that here.

Anon said: What if touka wasn’t visiting anyone that day in the hospital but instead was spying on the qs to gather some info??

I guess it’s also a possibility, but I doubt she would do something so risky unless it was absolutely necessary. Also, in the latest chapter it is implied that she is willing to wait for Kaneki to come back by himself, so I doubt she was there to get information on him. About the Quinx, there’s not much to learn about them; they’re pretty much the same as Kaneki, but with more limitations.

Anon said: I wasn’t sure, but when Ayato fought Touka during the Aogiri arc, did he eat her kagune off? And because of that, is she unable to use it now? Also, if that’s the case, did Ayato do it to protect her (so she would stop fighting in dangerous places)?

He ate it, indeed. Still, she can regenerate (and he knew that). He did it so that she wouldn’t be able to fight, thus she would have to leave.

Yomo Renji.

thestrangerprjct​ said: Hello. I just want to know your opinion about Touka and Yomo. They formerly worked in Anteiku, the coffe shop where the one-eyed owl lived and owned. And yet, both Touka and Yomo are living freely and even have their own coffe shop. If i were a CCG investigator, i would be very surprised that two “normal” people who were so close to a ghoul (an SS~ one) are still alive to this day. And I would bring them under my surveillance or at least bring them in for a Q&A. (sorrybfor my bad English, btw) 

Before the raid, Irimi and Koma got rid of all the documents:

Thus, there’s no record on who worked there. Unless someone who had gone to Anteiku saw them, they are safe.

Anon said: Since Yomo like to sit at high places, do you think he had tried committing suicide before?

I doubt it. For a ghoul to die by jumping off a building, he’d have to suffer some extreme damage. I think he just likes to see the city.

Nishio Nishiki.

Anon said: About Nishiki in :Re - we all know that he hates the Aogiri and he was looking for Torso who we know was selling information to Ayato and Aogiri by blending into human society. Is it possible that Nishiki is taking moves against Aogiri and that he may even take the fight to their strongest ones ( he’s already an S~ rate ), maybe even with other ghouls such as Touka or Yomo?

We saw recently that he is with :re. I assume they wanted Torso to get information on Aogiri’s moves, either because they are acting against Aogiri or so that they can prepare to act only if necessary.

Anon said: There are always “fake” glasses with lenses that don’t really do anything. Also, they don’t have to be expensive, at least they’re not where I live. Maybe Nishki’s sister figured he’d appear more human if he was wearing them, so she bought it for safety? Surely, it’s possible we’re overanalzying, though. It might be a small detail Ishida simply never thought about it.

Here in my country those are almost as expensive as normal glasses, but who knows.