I will never understand Regina’s insistence that she is the only one who has ever experienced certain problems in her life. Like, every fucking time someone tries to comfort her by saying they know how she feels because they’ve been through a very similar experience (usually because of her) she insists that they haven’t and that only she has ever been through this particular experience. She’s always trying to downplay everyone else’s problems (mostly Emma’s) like its some sort of competition. Why can’t she just understand that she’s not some special snowflake and accept when people relate to her?? It’s like she has to be miserable and all “woe is me” all the damn time otherwise she’ll melt or something.

captainquagsire  asked:

My friends keep calling Quagsire ugly... Validate my favorite blue blob please.

Quagsire is charming, I still remember the episode of the anime that focused on Quagsires, it stuck with me. Also, competitively, in its tier Quagsire can become an invincible monster if you don’t have the right coverage to deal with it.

I am not entirely pleased with the rumor that Adrien will have competition in season 2 but like im not upset either cause its so vague. what does that mean? competition as in Marinette might start to like someone else? competition as a superhero? in school? fencing? modeling? what dOES IT MEAN??!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

For all you Ace-Phobic people out there:

Asexuality is not a movement that seeks to destroy your sexual orientations.

Asexuality is not out to discredit your sexual orientations or present itself as something purer or above other sexualities.

Asexuals are not inherently heterosexual and can in fact be gay/lesbian, bisexual and pansexual in the pursuit of a relationship or not seek one at all. We have many and varied areas within Asexuality that differs from person to person.

Asexuals, while we might not seek out purely sexual relations or hold sex as a major factor in our lives, we do not hate nor dismiss others who do wish to have a sexual relationship aside or on top of a romantic one.

Asexuals do experience Corrective Rape due to our orientation as we too are also seen as broken.

Asexuals do experience discrimination against our sexuality and are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community as well as its struggle for equality.

Oppression is NOT a competition. Every sexuality experiences it in various ways.

In saying that, this post isn’t here to play the oppression game. It exists to show that our struggle is just as valid as yours since there is a failure to recognise our legitimate sexuality in a community that exists to support legitimate sexualities struggling with oppression.

tbh i don’t even have nothing against oli/city, because in that show this ship is like their own subversion of stereotype. you know, oliver had laurel as his OH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, the typical hot girl mary jane style, and Felic/ity was to be the funny nerd girl that appears 2 episode to use computers, and she basically owned the show because, hey, NERD GIRLS ARE AWESOME. and the hero can love them too. 

this was before they made the BYG with sara and killed laurel because they didn’t need her anymore. 

tf2 devs: damn, those Overwatch fellas are really making things tough for us… but fear not! for we have the Meet Your Match update! its a doozy too: new taunts, competitive mode, casual mode, new class reworks and best of all, all out WAR between the Heavy and the Pyro, the winner getting NEW WEAPONS!!! this will be sure to get everyone in the Team Fortress 2 mood again!

overwatch devs: here. have a Grandma

everyone: *freaks the fuck out over Overwatch Grandma*

tf2 devs:

honestly im so bummed about pearlidot lately…. 

like i love steven universe and the show is great but the ship is what kept my interest in the show for so long and now it feels like I’m the only one here that cares about it anymore and its really sad…

somehow this ship was more popular when it was utter crack, and now that the characters have actually interacted its completely undesirable to most people and I don’t quite understand that

Even outside of shipping it, I still lack any sense of closure between those two, and I feel a little cheated that they havent had time to reflect at all on the events of back to the barn and how their relationship has vastly changed since then

today i played a game of overwatch with (probably) a 14 year old boy who kept calling everyone the r slur on our team

so i said “hey dude, you ever heard of a video game? we’re playing one right now, it’s really fun and interactive for people of all ages” and he rage quit and i lost

so that’s fun, i love playing with assholes and i also love losing