who I really want to start fights with is the instructor for one of my courses.

His response to my initial post:

Andrea, you cited the statute and quoted it. Your citation needs the year of last official publication so please make tthat minor correction.  Please aslo break down the statute into its key elements using an outline form.  Please see my effort at breaking down a statute in the General Course Question Forum and in reply to Marya’s post earlier this week.  

In bright blue 15 point comic sans no less check it:


in this statute

a: you can

b: suck my dick

c: which doesn’t exist

d: fuck off

e: I hate you

f: not in the sexy way

g: in the set on fire way

anonymous asked:

so idk if u follow gender of the day but one of them was the phrase "*sexy guitar riff*" in red comic sans on a black background and it reminded me of trans murdoc and also of something you would probably tag as "assthetic"

u know what your probably right and idk how this post hasn’t reached me yet

ok so this is a little snippet from an article about how using times new roman on your resume is less likely to get you a job. sure, that’s really helpful, but here is where the line was crossed. comic sans is a “silly font” but it’s designed for dyslexics. each letter is designed differently to allow for there not to be mix ups between letters. this is why a lot of teachers use it on homework assignments (or at least for me at my school)
I understand that comic sans has become sort of a joke but “clown college”??
please spread this and stop hating on comic sans??