Happy 21st Birthday, Justin Bieber
I can’t believe that you are 21 already! Watching you grow up these past few years have been quite a journey. Sometimes I forget that you aren’t that 15 year old anymore. I remember people telling me that I wouldn’t even like you after a year but here I am 6 years later and every time I look at you, I still get butterflies like I did when I first saw you.

You have made your share of mistakes and caused me a lot of anxiety but I would never give up on you. You have come a long way since last year and i’m proud that you have found yourself again.  I have seen you at your best more then your worst and no matter what the media may say I know you are a genuine person with a heart of gold. 

No matter what anyone else may say, you are an amazing person, Justin and I hope you realize that. You are the light of my life and one of the only people that can make me smile for no reason. I owe you countless thanks for everything you have done for me. You have always been there for me and I can’t thank you enough! Happy Birthday, Baby! 


IMDb’s top 10 highest rated episodes of White Collar

it’s fine if you wanna ship two people together, because it’s your fantasy and I’m not gonna try to stop you, but please remember that these are real human beings with emotions and that it’s NOT FINE to harass them about their relationship with someone, or to invade their privacy for the sake of “finding evidence.” please be respectful of the members of your various otps. and be polite to all celebrities. and be gentle with people in general.

this just in: i broke my glasses and according to my sister without them i look like justin bieber so here’s my best bieber impersonation bye

So I can't believe I never posted about this before

There’s one thing in s1 of Psycho Pass that STILL really gets me whenever I see it

Remember in ep 13 when Akane used that new technology to do a memory scoop of Yuki’s murder to get a pic of Makishima’s face for the division? And remember how Gino just basically bitch-slapped her to snap her out of it once the helmet was taken off?


like really

Not Gino

Not Shion

Akane be like “Oh dont worry—im fine, guys. Just had to rewatch my best friend die and as a result I am puking my gutts out all over the floor (by the by Shion, really hope my vomit isn’t hitting those brand new heels you got there because that would be TRAGIC). Don’t even offer to get me a glass of water or anything. TOTALLY FINE. TOTALLY-BLEGHFSIHFSOIFWUIQGFiuewgbghaoi”

Am I the only one who thinks if Kou would have been present in that scene, he would have been like holding the sides of her hair back or getting her a drink or some shit? 

Kougami would have been like

"SHIT" *runs out of room at top speed and returns with bottled water and wet cloth* "Here, Inspector. Just take deep breaths"


Better Call Saul (“Mijo”)  //  Breaking Bad (“Full Measure”)

Jimmy/Saul & Leg breaking

Hihi! My name is Kim and I am a tiny British gay blogger, nice too meet youu! <3

(i look like trash im sorry ;-;)

hi yes we need to take a minute to appreciate people who write fics
like??? they take time out of their day to create masterpieces that they dont even get paid for jesus fucking christ how do they do it
its just
thank u. ur dedication is real and i love u for it.

okay. i was a little shaken and angry about that last post. sorry for the foul language and/or rude behavior but srsly tho. i acknowledge the fact that the members are being complete assholes. but if translating wording that you think will raise the blood pressure of a couple fans. it doesn’t take long to write a little caption that would make people understand the context of it so that they won’t misinterpret it. 

i finished yay.

You can read the caption on my deviantart cause i’m lazy lol