DOES - Bakuchi Dancer single cover


i need a gangsta to love me better than all the others do. to always forgive me, ride or die with me, that’s just what gangstas do. i’m fucked up, i’m black and blue, i’m built for all the abuse; i got secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knows. i’m good on that pussy shit, i don’t want what i can get, i want someone with secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knows…

S/O to @looselybound who is probably realising that encouraging me to make more videos was ultimately a Bad Idea lol


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco


Ladynoir on the eiffel tower, hands drifting closer together? Or ladynoir playing tag on the rooftops of Paris? (I am such  sucker for these kids)

i drew the end of the game @lochnessie