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Hi! I was just re reading the rivals series and noticed you make Makka a male but in later writing here a female. Me myself always saw hen as a male but now I’ve shifted and think of hen as a female. What are your thoughts about it and do you have any preferences for a canon confirmation? (Not to trigger any gender debate/hate, I’m just curious)

I really have no preference for canon confirmation. I originally went with male just because that’s what the English subtitles used but I’ve heard that both the creators answered differently on what Makkachin’s gender actually is so I really don’t mind. I used ‘she’ in the PJ AU because someone sent an ask about it calling Makkachin a she and so I just automatically went with that because I don’t really have a specific gender for Makkachin in my head anymore

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Ok, I was gonna be anonymous but I can’t so I have to do this with you knowing who I am. Life can get hard sometimes and people can make you mad so find someone you can vent to. Find something to let out your emotions through. I felt depressed for a while so I wrote a lot of poetry, which helped. A lot of things can help you feel better. It may take time, but you’ll notice. I’m sorry for this but I feel the need to help people if I can...

That’s okay, I don’t really mind getting advice and everything from others, I just don’t want people stressing themselves to make me feel better

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im very sorry if this has already been asked before, but would it be alright if we used your art as an icon with credit? it's ok if not though, i hope you have a lovely day!

go ahead! as long as you credit me, i really don’t mind at all!

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why has your upload schedule kinda changed? we all understand that you just got back from tour, and i really dont mind it, but im just curious since i feel like its kinda weird now :b

It’s the exact same as it’s always been. I just streamed twice, that’s about all that was different

French students harass and bully me for asking them to speak English in an English-taught class, so I get them expelled.

This happened a few years back in China, at one of the universities there. Here, I was studying Chinese language and I shared my language class with some people from France and Belgium (the French speaking part). Our Chinese teacher was a really nice little lady that happened to also speak French. So often, whenever the French speakers had a question, they would ask it in French. Now, I didn’t really mind it all that much but at some point, it got to the point where about half of the questions in the class were asked in a language I did not understand. Obviously that is detrimental to my own learning experience since understanding the questions is important for me to learn the language. So I politely asked them if we could just do the class in English because about half of us didn’t understand what was being asked.

Laoshi (the teacher) was very nice about it and afterwards, asked the students if they could rephrase their question in English when they asked it in French. But apparently the French and Belgian girls and guys didn’t take it so well. They were constantly glaring at me, and whispering among themselves in French. Well, I just shrugged and moved on.

However, outside of class they were always sticking together in their own little group, doing things together. At first they would just walk past me when I was sitting down having a beer with my friends, and they would simply glare. But at some point it came down to them cursing, talking shit about me to other students and spitting on my lap when I was sitting in the park. Obviously I was seething so I might have called them a few words which were a bit too unsavoury. Anyhow, they didn’t take it well.

So the next day, I found out that they scribbled all sorts of things on my dorm room. It said ‘肏你妈’ (basically: fuck your mother) and 'nazi’ (I don’t actually know why they put this one. I think they thought I was German, which I’m not). Obviously I was pissed, but I didn’t really know what to do so I reported it to the International Student Office. ISO was really nice and understanding, but told me they can’t actually do much unless I provide proof that something is happening.

Thus, I went on Taobao and and bought a little recording camera (looked a bit like a dashcam, it had the time and date and everything). After the university had painted my room door over (they couldn’t get the markers off apparently) I hung the camera up in a corner of our dorm corridor and pointed it at my door. Then I left and made sure to loop around a little bit to walk past the group of French/Belgians so that they knew I was leaving campus towards the metro station.

I had some nice dumpling soup and a beer and when I came back, look and behold! Once again they were hardly creative with their insults (just more of the same) but this time I had proof! I checked the video and I was very pleased: 5 out of 7 of the group were actually there, and all wrote down something on the door with permanent marker. One of the guys even kicked the door which caused a crack at the bottom (these doors were not very sturdy). They seemed to have a lot of fun doing it.

Now, of course the school was properly pissed when I showed them the video. Normally the students would just get a stern warning but because ISO was aware that they were doing it before, and also about the fact that they were harassing me all the time (I reported everything to them when it happened) they were less than understanding this time and suggested the board that had to decide on this (no idea what their name was, I couldn’t recognize their name in Hanzi) to expell the students.

And so they were. All of this took place over the course of a couple of months, so we were nearing the end of the semester. The five students who scribbled at my door got expelled just before their exams, which meant that all the time they spent at the university was effectively worthless since they did not receive any credits for it. But it gets even better. After this whole ordeal, I sent a neat (anonymous) letter in Chinese (one of my Chinese friends helped me write it) to the Public Security Bureau that these students had engaged in vandalism at our university. A few weeks later, after I had already returned home, I was told by a friend of mine who was on good terms with their group that some of them had booked tickets and hostels to travel in China at the end of the semester. However, their visa extension was denied by the Public Security Bureau on the basis of their misdemeanour at the university.

I’m not sure if the second part was caused because of my letter, or simply because the university informed the police, but I like to pretend that it was the former. So I was just laughing my ass off as they slaved away half a year in courses for which they would receive no credit, and had to cancel thousands worth of travel plans. That truly was a sweet, sweet feeling.

Hunk: Oh geez, sorry, dude! He had a rough work day! I can take him off—

Keith: IT’S FINE!

Hunk: Uh…are you sure? I mean, Lance can be pretty heav—

Keith: I said it’s fine! *coughs* I mean…I don’t really mind…

Lance works a lot of part-time jobs aside from being Mr. Blue and often falls asleep at the oddest times. Meanwhile, Keith can’t fathom whether he should call himself lucky or not (because his heart rate keeps going off the roof). Hunk is just confused.

Mr. Blue AU (x)

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Hey I've been looking around your account lately and I really love it I'm a drarry account myself, but uhh can you recommend me some good drarry smut stories, preferably with Harry topping but I don't really mind. Thanks :)

Hi nonnie, I’m so pleased you like my blog and I’m sorry it took me forever to respond to this ask. Hope you’re still around to enjoy these. 


Unbuttoned (6K) by eidhann

Summary: Harry asks for Draco’s help in finding a birthday gift for Narcissa. Draco doesn’t suspect ulterior motives. Until he does.

- For when you’re craving a buttoned up Draco coming completely undone thanks to a very hung!Harry.

One of Those Nights (7.7K) by l0vegl0wsinthedark

Summary: “I never would have thought you had it in you,” Potter’s heated murmur against his jaw is dark and full of depraved promises. “I’ll give you this much, Malfoy, you sure know how to get a man’s attention.”

- For when you just need some mind-meltingly hot porn.

A Touch of Silk (4.5K) by raitala

Summary: Harry has won a bet and Draco Malfoy has to serve him afternoon tea while wearing a dress. This should be amusing, Harry thinks.

- For when you can’t get enough of Draco tormenting Harry with his ruffled skirts and silk petticoats and Harry making Draco fall apart inside them.

His Little Something (6K) by chibaken

Summary: Malfoy claims he can fuck anyone he wants, which is absolutely ridiculous. And Harry is going to prove it.Meanwhile Draco just wants another glimpse of Potter’s cock.

- For when nothing but Draco’s adorable pricklet complementing Harry’s huge cock will do.

 Draco at Nineteen (5K) by birdsofshore

Summary: It’s the middle of the night and Harry Potter is sitting on my bed looking distinctly weird. I’ve had some fucked-up dreams in my time, but this one… this one is something new.

- For when you want an inexperienced younger Draco being given a super hot first time by a strong older Harry 

Heat of the Heart (6.5K) by Carpermaid

Summary: Draco was recently bitten by a werewolf in the line of duty as an Auror. He’d been dealing with it as best he could, but then his first heat came on hot and fast in the middle of filling out reports with his Auror partner, Harry Potter. Luckily for him, Potter has a knack for saving his arse.

- For when you want some scorching A-B-O dynamics mating smut

Sex, Lies and Veritaserum (18K) by lettered

Summary: This entire fic is one long conversation about sex.

- For when you need your dirty talk extra filthy and delicious.


Hope these hit the spot and please don’t forget to leave some love for the writers.:)

‘Doubling Down’ Rant.

I feel like one of the most prominent aspects of this episode was the portrayal of the characters’ psychology, the writing and the dialogue did a great job depicting how people get into toxic relationships in the first place, and why it is difficult for them to get away once they’re in.

Kyle for instance, is portrayed as a caring and moral-ridden individual, that although rational, lets his emotions and sense of justice get involved in his course of action. He desired to intervene because he considered it to be the right thing to do, never once questioning his personal interest for Heidi until the girls pointed it out. While all the other kids aknowledge Cartman’s demeanor towards Heidi, none of them are willing to get themselves involved in it, whereas Kyle has always been the one to confront Cartman’s wrong doings and pursuit him, positioning himself as ‘good’ and Cartman as ‘evil’, dynamic that has ultimately served to feed both Cartman’s enthusiasm to torture him, and Kyle’s sense of selfrighteousness and tendency to see himself as a martyr, trait that he shares with Cartman, but as he stated, 'We all wrongly see ourselves as the victim sometimes, but Cartman sees himself as the victim ALL the time’, the main difference being that Kyle is able to aknowledge his mistakes and learn from them, unlike Cartman.

To get some insight into Kyle’s remark: 'In a way, I feel like we’re all going out with Cartman right now’ reflecting on how all of them are, at some degree, and specially Kyle, always been involved in a toxic relationship with Cartman’s mind games. Kyle has been, for a long time now, Cartman’s main sympathizer, he can’t help but look out for his personal improvement, and often attempted to get him to do the right thing and gain counsciousness on his own warped mentality, desire that Cartman would not hesitate to take advantage of, tricking Kyle into commiting to a cause if he could profit from his support.

In this episode, Kyle appears to have come to the conclussion that Cartman is beyond help, and that neither he nor Heidi can do anything to change that, for the best thing they can do for him is not to feed his sociopathic needs, furthermore demonstrated by their encounter on the hallway, with Kyle continuously trying to reason with him and assure him it was all for his own good, Cartman making deaf ears to his claims, finally leaving Kyle no choice but to knock him out in self defense, who apologizes regretful.

Cartman, on the other side, is miserable with Heidi, but also without her. As I stated on my last post concerning their relationship:

'He can’t bring himself to end the relationship and thus giving Heidi freedom of choice, she’s a property and so Cartman can’t stand the idea of his belongings moving on to other people. Cartman thinks of Heidi as a tool that exists with the only purpose of being at his disposition to offer him constant attention and validation, nothing more, nothing less.

Simultaneously, Cartman can’t stand Heidi, because she doesn’t fit the description of Cartman’s ideal image of her. Naturally, Heidi isn’t the tool Cartman expects her to be, she is an human being with her own individual needs. Whereas Cartman looks for a relationship where he is the center of attention, never giving anything in return, and a partner willing to follow him blindly against all the odds, without him having to worry about losing their support; Heidi looks for a functional, healthy romantic relationship, were all the parties involved contribute their part. Cartman is unwilling to fulfill this role, because doing so would position him as an equal of Heidi’s, which means, to him, degrade him from his high-entity status.’

Nearing the end we realize Cartman has found a way of manipulating Heidi into believing she’s in the relationship she craved for, and thus avoiding any sign of resistance from her. He has learned that if he wants to manipulate Heidi successfully, he needs to put a little effort on the relationship every now and then, offering her reassurance. This way, Cartman can act selfishly while at the same time 'rewarding’ Heidi for her subservience, throwing away any doubt she might had in him. He fools her into believing his wrongdoings are common human flaws that need to exist in order to keep improving himself.

Heidi is portrayed as someone who desires to aid the needy, she cannot bring herself to refuse someone’s cries for help, which is, besides the ironic effects of peer pressure, the main reason she continues to be stuck with Cartman and allows herself to be manipulated by him. He sees in Cartman someone who takes bad decisions, but is fundamentally kindhearted. Someone who is in need for her guidance. Even when ditching Kyle after being indoctrinated by Cartman, her kind nature is a definitive trait of her character. Cartman was persuasive enough to convince her of his beliefs, he made sure until the last moment that his ideas appeared to be reasonably fundamented. He told her what she wanted to hear when she was feeling the most guilty, deflecting the blame for the failure of their relationship unto Kyle instead, but reassuring her image of Kyle by telling her he hadn’t been counscious of his actions. He convinced her of attributing her own supposed flaws ('being moody’) to her ethnic background, and this way implying she has no control over ever improving herself, comforting her but making her feel helpess over her situation at the same time, this serves to Cartman as a mechanism to increase her emotional dependence to him, by making her feel he’s the only one who will ever love her despite her imperfections.

Regarding Cartman’s idea of Kyle, I feel like Cartman projects all of his own corruption unto Kyle. He subcounsciously thinks of Kyle as his equal, although he cannot recognize the corruption from within. Kyle’s intentions are never pure in Cartman’s mind, he must always be plotting something against him the same way he himself does to him. To him, Kyle’s purpose in life is to get in Cartman’s way. As the series progressed, we’ve seen Cartman gradually watering down his hostility towards Kyle in latter seasons the more time they spent together, and instead replacing it with an odd sense of familiarity and trust, until this point, Cartman’s friendly demeanor towards Kyle that even manifested itself at one point earlier in the episode, takes a sudden turn the moment Cartman finds out he might have been responsible for his breakup with Heidi. Following this event, we see Cartman’s hatred towards Kyle reach its peak when he goes batshit after his trippy jewish dream sequence, spewing all his resentments against Kyle in spite of the latter’s attempts to excuse himself, Cartman feeling betrayed after letting himself 'fall into Kyle’s claws’ by allowing him the benefit of the doubt previously.

Having stated all this, I think Cartman has taken care of the problems he had with Heidi, and now that the challenge is over, the last scene leads me to believe he has shifted his interest from the pleasure he obtains from having domain over her, to the impact his behaviour towards her has on Kyle instead. He’s using his influence on the people around Kyle to make them into proxys as a mean to inflict pain onto him. Heidi is no longer the tool, his entire relationship with her is now a tool on itself.

It was also interesting to see the conection between B plot and A plot relying on the parallel of the toxic relationship between Cartman, Kyle and Heidi, and that of politicians with their supporters, instead of having each storyline intersecting with the other, though I don’t have a strong stand on the matter, since I’m for the most part ignorant concerning the USA political status.

The weakest point of the episode in my opinion was the introduction of elements that seemingly served no purpose in the narrative, and ultimately aimed for a specific purpose in order to lead the plot in a certain direction. For example, Cartman’s dialogue when making fun of Heidi for gaining weight after tricking her into introducing meat into her vegan diet, indicated he had a goal in mind by doing this, though we never get any insight on what this particular goal may be other than to reassure his dominance over her. Besides this being a dangerous move for Cartman to make just after getting Heidi’s trust back, it seemed like it didn’t serve any purpose other than to incite Kyle into intervening in the relationship. Another example would be Cartman visiting Token’s house, there wasn’t really a point for Cartman to do this besides giving him the chance to make racial remarks some more. Finding out about Kyle being responsible for his breakup with Heidi through Token’s dad seemed too coincidental, though I don’t really mind, even less after being presented with Cartman’s fantastic Kyle delirium sequence.

I really enjoyed the execution of the humor, there were some great jokes, the animation team did an amazing job and overall I think this was a fantastic episode with a rather dark thematic.

Dabi Theory Series: New Chapter, Small Detail, Super Important

Pushing back my entire theory schedule for this because I think it is so so so important. In this post, I will be discussing something from the most recent chapter that I think is absolutely key to the Todoroki Dabi theory.

Notes: This is just theory. You don’t have to agree or disagree. I really don’t mind! Just please don’t be mean.. I spent a lot of time writing this out and just wanted a place to share my ideas. I don’t even believe all of it, it’s just thoughts I had.

In the News

Dabi is making the news now. For what? Murder. More specifically, murder by burning. Endeavor, the flame hero, JUST became the top hero. And what’s happening? People are being burned to death.

Endeavor being the top hero is a very controversial subject among the citizens as is- people don’t know how to feel about him, his temper, etc. Some words associated with him rising to the top spot are “hated”, and “scary”. Endeavor is not the proper replacement for All Might. He is not making the majority feel safe. He is not a symbol of peace.

This will only add fuel to the fire. If people were skeptical before… I can’t help but doubt that these burn murders would go unnoticed and unrelated. 

Aside from everything else I’ll talk about here, I want to note that this is a huge parallel between the two- both father and son are in the news.

Even if Dabi’s crimes and Endeavor’s controversy never relate like I think they potentially could, the sheer fact that Dabi is making his name in the news as a villain who burns people to death is important enough to make the same case: Endeavor will for sure begin to piece together that his older son is not only a villain, but a murderer.

What could this mean? What is Dabi doing?

In Chapter 115 Dabi killed a group of uncompromising criminals via his flames. Is this it? Is this what the Sand Hero is talking about? I don’t think so. 

Posting this image again so it’s easy to reference…

It says “string of burnt corpse cases in various areas” meaning that this is something Dabi has been doing not only across Tokyo, but perhaps the entire region and/or surrounding provinces. It’s also a “string” of “cases”, meaning it’s been ongoing.

I believe that this is the main reason for his absence during the Overhaul arc- he was busy “recruiting” is what was widely thought. But is that it? Could he have been up to something else? Seems like it.

Also, looking at his reaction.. He’s pretty pleased with himself. Almost as if this is the outcome he intended. As pointed out to me, this is a little odd for him. Before, he seemed to like to keep himself on the DL. Now he wants attention for his crimes? Why?

The Questions

Is he only killing criminals who don’t decide to join him? Are innocent civilians being killed? Could this be in response to Endeavor’s becoming top hero and the current reaction to it? Could it be a form of blackmail? What’s the media’s current reaction to this? Will Dabi be targeted for it? Does he mind if he is? Is that his goal? Or something else? So many questions…


Like I talked about before, the citizens are already very uneasy about Endeavor being in the top spot. Now people are being murdered by a power like his- fire. I think this is a very very very very VERY very very important detail that can’t be ignored, especially when it comes to the Todoroki Dabi theory.

I think this could signal that the Todoroki Dabi revelation may be sooner than we thought. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but perhaps it’s even the start of it… I don’t think Horikoshi would put this detail in if it wasn’t important. 

(But honestly I want this theory to be true so badly I’m probably just reading into things. )

Long story short: Endeavor the flame hero is a hot topic in the news right now due to becoming an uneasy #1. Now, burnt bodies are too. 

BTS reactions to wanting to have sex, but you tell them you haven't shaved


You were making dinner when Jin had come home from the recording session, he even turned down the offer of going out with the members to eat because he was feeling incredibly needy today. He hugged you from behind and you could feel the imprint of his dick on your backside; immediately you told him.. He looked at you completely stunned, like he wasn’t able to process what you just said. To him, he felt sad that you thought you have to be shaved in order to please him.

“Y/N? Why do you think that’s a problem? It’s not!”

“I don’t know, won’t it be uncomf-”

“No!” He whisper yelled, while gently planting kisses down your neck.


He had his hand on your thigh, gently running his hand over it as he inched closer to you, where he then initiated a kiss. His hand slowly began to move up towards your inner thighs. That’s when you choked out a “S-stop..” His hand stopped abruptly, and he quickly turned to face you with a look of worry.

“I haven’t shaved..”

“Why does that matter?”

“I haven’t shaved in two weeks, Yoongi, it’s kinda messy..”

“Hair is a natural thing Y/N, it doesn’t matter to me.” His hand went up to softly caress your cheek.


Hoseok was too busy with trying to get you undressed, that when you abruptly gripped his arm right before he could unbutton your shorts, he was scared that he had hurt you.

“I haven’t shaved..”

“Ah! Y/N! I thought I hurt you! Don’t scare me like that, and not being shaved doesn’t stop me from showing you how much I love you” He wiggles his eyebrows playfully at you as he pulled your shorts down.


You two were cuddling on the couch in his room, enjoying each other’s company, when a small slip of hand turned the completely innocent cuddling, to a very heated make-out session. When the words left your mouth though, Namjoon hovered over you with a pained look.

“Baby, don’t think like that, you don’t have to be shaved for me to make love to you.”

“But I thought it’s better when It’s shaved.”

“It’s best when it’s you.”


You continuously ran your hand through Jimin’s hair, sometimes taking some strands and twiddling them around your finger. Jimin turned to face you, he watched how focused you were on his hair, then his gaze slowly shifted to your lips as he bit down on his bottom lip. It didn’t take long for Jimin to push his lips against yours and have you lying on your back, but you hastily tried to squirm out from under him and run away, but his grip on you was too strong. Then you told him.

*mumbles into the crook of your neck*
“Mmm, I really don’t mind jagi, just come to bed with me please..” 

“Are you sure?”

“Why wouldn’t I be, I love you.”


You sat on Taehyung’s thighs with your legs around his waist, his arms held you closely as you rested your head on his shoulder. You both stayed in that position for a while until you could feel the growing bulge between your legs. You looked up to find Taehyung staring at you, and you knew exactly what that stare was asking for..

“Tae…I haven’t shaved..”

*he erupts in laughter*
“Jagi! W-What!? Why is that important?”

“I don’t know, I just thought it is.”

“Well it’s not, so don’t worry about it.” He then picked you up and rushed you into his room.


Once Jungkook returned from practice, he couldn’t keep his hands off you, he told you he was thinking about you the whole time, and couldn’t wait to see you. His hands slowly snuck down to your waist as he wobbled the both of you around, eventually pulling you down on top of him, onto the couch. His incessant whining of not returning his gestures rankled you, until you finally told him.

“ you really think I care about that right now?”


“Exactly, now can we fuck?” He gave you a long look before you rolled your eyes at him, and he immediately flipped you over.

Imagine running into Bill when you go for a swim in the lake at night.

You took a deep breath in as you took a look at the lake, smiling softly at how beautiful the moon looked shining over the calm water. You reminded yourself to thank your friend once more for suggesting you take a break from work and stay for some time in her cottage, which you still didn’t know why she didn’t visit that often. Sure, the house was a little secluded, not close to the town and rather closer to the woods but there were still a few houses nearby that people lived in and this gorgeous lake in addition. What more could anyone need to relax?

You took a deep breath in, all the plants around you filtering the oxygen better than anything and making you feel fresh all over again with just a deep breath. You smiled, setting your towel aside on a rock and slowly taking off your shoes and socks, you took hold of your jeans later and took them off as well. Soon followed your jacket and shirt. It was a little cold but you knew the water would be warm enough to make up for all of it.

You were only in your underwear, maybe not the most attractive ones you had or classy. Something to make you feel comfortable anyway. You had not bothered to bring a swimsuit because your friend had not informed you about the lake, but not really caring when you were all alone in the middle of the night and nobody could-

Water splashing and movement caught your attention, and you knew it wasn’t from you because your feet were barely under the water. Your head snapped in that direction and your heart leapt to your throat when you spotted a man standing a few feet away from you, shirtless the very least. You didn’t want to try and look below the waist.

“I’m- I’m sorry!” he said immediately once noticing how stiff you were “I- I didn’t mean to scare you.” he raised his hands, shaking his head.

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Don’t you see me?
I, I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.
Don’t you need me?
I, I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.
And on this night and in this light,
I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.

Date Night

You were running around the bedroom after your shower, slipping on underwear, picking out dresses, blow drying your hair.

Pennywise was watching this all unfold, sitting on your bed as you prettied yourself up, spending a few hours on your make up, ridding your hair of any kinks using an iron.

“What are you doing (y/n)?” He asked, not really used to seeing you even bother with make up before.

“I have his thing my friend invited me to, I’m kinda third wheeling but I don’t really mind too much” You said under concentration of adding eyeliner.

“Third wheeling?” His face twisted in confusion.

“It’s when a person tags along with another couple because they don’t have a date or someone to hang out with them. When the numbers are odd” you say simply. He sat silently for a moment, processing the information. Then he finally spoke up again.

“Why not take me?” He asked, playing with beads from a necklace near by.

“Babe,” you started, looking over at him. With his ruffled dirty clown, while pale skin, unnatural look. It’s not that you were necessarily embarrassed of him, but he was literally the killer clown that would probably have angry mobs after him.

“Killer clown” you said to yourself, almost scoffing as you looking over at him, watching his “killer instincts”. snuggling into a pillow, looking a little offended over not being invited to a simple evening outing.

“Why do you want to go so bad? You said you didn’t even like the way (y/f) smelled” you turn back around, finishing off your make up and walking over to your closet.

“You could of at least mentioned it to me, you didn’t even ask if I wanted to go..” he said, pouting grumpily. You sighed, feeling bad about not bringing it up to him. But also, in what way would it be normal to take a 6'5 pale vintage clown to a formal dinner? As much as you loved him the way that he was, it would definitely be the elephant in the room. You sighed and smiled at his adorable pouts, finally saying “fuck it” to yourself.

“Would you like to join me to dinner my love?” You said after a few minutes of just watching him, he perked up almost immediately, a toothy smile spreading across his face. You were unsure about how going out with him would look, but before your eyes he had turned into a more “human” looking man. Tall, handsome, brown haired goof ball with Penny’s same blue eyes and wide grin.

“Shall we my darling?” He extended his hand towards yours, you still in a robe completely in aw of his human form.

“L-let me slip into my dress, yeah?”


Later than night, you had showed up with Penny in his human costume. Girls turned heads when his large figure past tables, your friend seemed to almost completely avoid her date due to the admiration towards your dashing date.

“P-Penny was is? My my what a hunk” she would make jokes about it, and the guy next to her seemed jealous. But your favorite part of the entire night was how Penny would turn to you over nearly everything. Not only was he not used to being in public, but he also didn’t want to say something to upset you. He would crack his joke though, and you swore a giggle escaped from every girl in the room. He had caught everyone’s attention, but when you spoke with others, Penny would instead turn his head and admire you. He liked the tone of your voice and the elegance of the words you used to seem intelligent infront of people.

By the time the night had come to a close, you were exhausted. You sat in the back of a taxi leaning into Pennywise nearly falling asleep when you felt his lips atop of your head.

“How was I (y/n)?” His whisper interrupted the sound of traffic outside. You smiled and hummed a little. “Does that mean good or bad?” He whispered again.

“You were absolutely perfect” you said, eyes still closed, “but as soon as we’re back home, I want my Pennywise back.

"Don’t you like me like this better?” He asked, almost quieter as before. Your eyes opened as you pushed yourself up to face him.

“I think I fell in love with a clown, not a regular person. I like this look, but whoever I intend of holding tonight is my clown, yeah?” You said, pinching his cheeks slightly. He nodded, a bit of color coming to his cheeks as you leaned back into him again. “No more clowning around and get back to being my clown” You smirked at your oh-so clever line and kinda dozed off the rest of the ride in his chest.


First off shout out to @fuck-the-clown

Second off, I gotta say I’m so grateful you guys allow me to write these things down and allow me to express myself. Gotta be free to be weird somewhere :-)

Lastly, if you don’t like what I write then don’t fucking read it.

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BTS Reaction to Their Crush Accidentally Kissing Them

GENRE: fluff


A/N: you are so kind ilysm! i switched the rolls a few times, but i hope you don’t mind! i really enjoyed writing these, and i hope you enjoy reading them! have a lovely day:))



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— The innocent cuddling session you shared with Jin was caused by the cold temperature that was thanks to Jimin. You didn’t know it, but Jimin was the reason why the dorms were always freezing whenever you were around. He would lower the thermostat, knowing that you would end up cuddling with Jin. Jimin was always on the other end of Jin’s gushy words that were in regards to you, who he deeply admired. Jimin was in between a state of despising the cheesy words that Jin would use to describe you, and simply wanting you and Jin to finally date, being that he believed you two were soulmates.

When you found yourself falling asleep, Jin wouldn’t dare bother you in any way, knowing that you always slept the best in his arms. He loved the contact that you two shared, and the only thing that bothered him in that moment was that the other boys were also present in the dorms. One of them was bound to run out screaming by now, and he prayed that he could just pause the time and lay with you forever. He took a deep breath, and you listened to the soft pounding of his heart.

“I’m freezing! Could someone turn the heater up instead of down?!”

You awoke suddenly, not realizing how close you had been to Jin. Time seemed to freeze more than whoever the voice belonged to whenever your lips brushed against Jin’s. You closed your eyes, being that you were both tired and enjoying the sensation. But once reality broke in only a second or two later, you removed yourself from Jin and heard Jimin’s snickering. Your cheeks flushed red, and you covered your face as Jin sat in shock. The one thing that you and Jin had always desired had occurred, but not in the way that either of you had dreamt about.


— The one person Yoongi would cuddle with for hours on end without complaints was you, but the times whenever both of you had no plans were rare. The moments when the two of you held onto to each other were special, more so for Yoongi, who wished that he never had to let go. He had loved you for years, but being that his fear of rejection had always been high in regards to you, he hadn’t confessed. The boys all knew about his undying crush on you, but they mostly tried to not interfere. Yoongi appreciated them for that, but he sometimes wished that they would just mind their own business.

This was one of those times.

You were asleep on his chest, wrapped in his arms and blankets, your arms tangled around Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi was glaring at the maknae line who stood in the doorway giggling, appearing as if they weren’t going to leave either of you alone anytime soon. He knew that Jin was attempting to get the boys to leave you two alone, but his scolding had no affects on the undefeated maknae line.

The boys began bothering Yoongi more and more by walking closer to the two of you. When Yoongi’s anger couldn’t take it any longer and he shouted at them, his voice startled you, causing your body to jump and end up with your lips pressed on one another’s. The maknae line screamed and ran off, and Yoongi, unthinkingly, began to get up and chase after them. He acted as if the kiss hadn’t affected him at all, but that was until he stopped in his tracks and faced you, his eyes full of light.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you!”


— The choreography that Hoseok had came up with was beautiful, and that was the least you could say about it. Whenever you and Hoseok got together your smiling faces never could fade, especially whenever you danced together. Hoseok had came up with a choreography for the two of you to do, which was very exciting. You were up for anything involving Hoseok, but once he began showing you that it was more of a romantic dance, you tensed up for a bit. You were more comfortable now, knowing that there were no feelings between the two of you… or so you thought.

You smiled as Hoseok’s fingertips glided across your waist, touching the bare skin that had been revealed because of your rising shirt. He grinned back at you as you spun around on your foot, the years of ballet training finally being put to some good use. The closest part of the choreography was soon, but there was no doubt floating around in your head. After all, Hoseok had been your best friend for years now, and you had done dances worse with people you barely knew.

Hoseok placed his hand on the small of his back, but both of your movements had been too sharp, which ended in your lips colliding. To your surprise, neither of you broke away instantly. You stood there, your hands clutching the fabric of Hoseok’s shirt, feeling the steady movements of his chest caused by his breathing. Then reality sunk in, but still you just slowly pulled away. Your eyes met Hoseok’s, and you saw the fear in his pupils that revealed that he was reacting the same as you. It didn’t take you long to realize that your friendship meant more than what you first assumed.

“Did you plan that, Jung Hoseok?” “Only if you enjoyed it.”


— You had been writing with Namjoon for a few hours that had seemed to pass by with speed. You smiled widely as he made another joke about something he wrote while extremely exhausted. Namjoon whined about the awful handwriting he possesses while tired, in which you only responded with the fact that your handwriting is worse than his constantly. Namjoon smiled and shook his head, pulling the blanket off of the back of his chair and onto his lap.

You let out a yawn and leaned back in Hoseok’s desk chair in which you had claimed for yourself while spending time with Namjoon. Because of science, Namjoon yawned right after you. You both began to laugh, the moonlight shining through the window, symbolizing how late it actually was. You had planned on going home after being with Namjoon, but it appeared as if he was not going to let you go. Namjoon hated whenever you left during the night, being that you walked to the dorms instead of drove.

Standing up, you stated that you were going to head home, in which immediately caught Namjoon’s attention despite how drowsy he was. He raised his eyebrows at you and sat up, shaking his head. You knew that he would explain to you that it was dangerous, and that you’d be safer staying at the dorms. You just highly disliked barging in on the boys. Namjoon stumbled to his feet, tripping over the blanket that he previously placed on his lap. As a result, he toppled on top of you, crashing your lips together. The sudden contact made your heart stop for a few seconds, but once it resumed beating it was pounding faster than ever. As you broke apart from Namjoon, your cheeks reddened and a small smile formed on his lips.

“I didn’t mean that, but I’m not mad.”


— You had always been shy, it was a characteristic that everyone close to you used as a part of your identity. You always told someone else your order at restaurants, and hopefully they would be kind enough to order for you; you would never make eye contact with workers anywhere; you would never confidently walk up to someone and start a conversation. That is why everyone questioned how you ended up being an idol, and best friends with Jimin of BTS.

You giggled as Jimin waved to you as you stood in the recording room, Namjoon, Jimin, and your producers on the other side. You were recording your solo song that would be featured on your group’s album, which was a huge accomplishment. You couldn’t be more ecstatic, being that it was the first time your solo song had been featured. You smiled as the music began playing and you sang along to the lyrics you had in front of you, just in case you needed them. You swayed side to side lightly, making sure not to look up or you’d smile at the boys.

Once you finished a few minutes later, everyone on the other side began to cheer excitedly. Your cheeks warmed at their praising, having never been good at dealing with support from those close to you. You placed the headphones on the microphone before beginning to walk out of the room, in which Jimin beat you to it and rushed towards you. He smiled widely, wrapping his arms around you, not realizing that his movements were too quick. In seconds, his lips went from cheering for you to kissing you. Your cheeks reddened more than they had previously, and you both pulled away.

“Y/N! I– I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to! Please forgive me!”


— You were preparing dinner with Jin, your best friend. Anytime you were free, Jin invited you over to the dorms and you both cooked a big dinner for the boys. Those were the moments when you and Jin could really bond, being that nobody really bothered you while you two cooked. Music played quietly in the room and the sunset shone through the window in front of the sink. The scene was incredible.

You and Jin made light conversation while cooking, which was nice to catch up with one another. You hadn’t even noticed Taehyung walking into the kitchen, curiosity filling his senses. You and Taehyung got along well, but you got along with everyone in BTS. They were like your protective brothers who always ensured your comfort and happiness. You loved them to death. You turned on your heel and smiled at Tae, who gazed down at the bits of the meal that you and Jin had completed. Taehyung appeared cheerier than usual, which made sense because he once stated that your cooking was his absolute favorite.

The next thing you knew, Jin was asking you a question when he bumped into you on accident, causing you to crash into Taehyung. Your lips pressed against his, and the surprise contact instantly made you pull away. You didn’t dare to glance at Taehyung before facing and scolding Jin relentlessly. Jin’s cheeks would be redder than yours, feeling guilty for the act that he had just witnessed. Being that your back was turned to Tae, you didn’t see the wide smile and amused expression he wore on his giddy face.

“Jin, I can’t believe you just acted so carelessly! Could you not see that I was that close to Tae?!”


— Nights when you and Jungkook got together and played video games were easily the most fun nights of the week. Sometimes Taehyung would join the two of you, but for the most part the gaming evenings were declared as belonging to you and Jungkook. You didn’t mind, enjoying the time you got to spend with Jungkook, being that often both of you are working. Neither of you took the moments for granted.

Jungkook leaned on you as he turned his car in the game, in which you scolded him, knowing he did it on purpose. Jungkook knew how to annoy you in a way that would sabotage the game and he would win, which was annoying, but you loved him anyway. His competitive side was what made the games interesting; it was not the actions or battles of the characters. Jungkook laughed evilly as you struggled to get back on the track, but once you did you quickly caught back up to him. Jungkook went quiet, knowing he deserved the karma that he received. You giggled, leaning on him.

“Stop it, Y/N!” Jungkook giggled as you leaned on him more than he ever did to you. You both were neck in neck, driving right beside one another. The finish line was just up the road, and the thought of him losing was probably too much to handle, because the next thing Jungkook did really showed his competitive side. Jungkook completely laid on top of you suddenly, halting your car from progressing at all. You were about to cry out from the pressure of him laying on you, but before you could, Jungkook’s lips pressed onto yours. You didn’t hear the jingle from the passing of a car on the game, and you didn’t feel the need to grab your controller. As your lips parted, Jungkook’s cheeks flushed lightly before he spoke.

“I won the game, no matter who passes the line.”


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All my fandoms have those, especially in shounen, horror and sports so it’s nothing really new. I don’t mind shippings in fandoms as I usually leave them alone (feel free to ship) and I don’t really care for your ships canon or not. But if rude shippers force to me if I don’t want none of it, I’ll not hesitate to smash their faces in hehe :D

Thanks XD

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Mini Rant

Sometimes my classmates will post these pictures of their study materials on Instagram with everything perfectly placed, expensive pens, etc. I don’t really mind. I get it. You want to make studying look aesthetically pleasing.

What I don’t understand is the necessity of having your stethoscope in every post. Like, what are you using it for? And why is it so close to your Starbucks pastry? Did you forget how many sweaty backs that thing has touched!?? Y’all gross.