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lol everybody knows that. we don't need a teen whore telling us that

lol. “whore” okay. and actually,not everyone does. what world do you live in that everyone knows that they are allowed to feel their own emotions? where they aren’t told by their parents to stop being so emotional,to stop taking everything so serious,that they were just joking. that is actually fucking emotional abuse.

people are actually raised thinking that they can’t feel any of their emotions,that they should just ignore them. that they’re just being sensitive,and it’s not such a big deal that their parents just spent 2 hours insulting their passion. that they spent 30 minutes spewing hate about a community that their kid is a part of.(with or without the parent’s knowledge of them being included).

it doesn’t “build character” as people say. it fucks people up. majorly. that shit hurts enough,but when it’s from the people who raise you? the ones you were pretty much taught were your heros and were going to protect you?

it’s fucking shit. and please do not try to say “well gee buddy better get used to the real world~” because the “real world” shouldn’t make a normality of fucking hurting people esp. on purpose. but apparently that is exactly what the ‘real world’ is right now.

thanks for ur input friend.