This man. Seriously. ❤️ Absolutely thronged by a large crowd of fans after hours of filming today, and he made sure every last person got a photo. And then he made sure all who brought something to sign got an autograph as well. 😍

Lucky enough to be in Steveston all day today for Bobby-heavy filming. Took tons of pics. Hopefully I can get some up soon… Adam H was there too, and I may have caught a couple of Adam/Bobby hugs…

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no matter how nice the photo is, i don’t reblog from ‘picture aggregator’ blogs that pull from a bunch of different people’s flickrs. Even though the credit is still attached with the share from flickr option, it REALLY bugs me when people do that with my bjd photos, spreading pics w/o telling me and letting me follow up on where my content goes. So i make sure i’m not supporting any blogs who do that to others. i don’t understand what those bloggers get out of it anyway :/


chanchanieeeeee:누나가 보내줬음 누구냐 너

My sister sent this(.) Who are you

Pic trans:

Himchan’s sister: 

  • I’m sure that a BABY is working at Samcheong-dong’s Etude
  • SKYDIVE was playing a lot and they have updated once the new song came out
  • It really plays frequently kekekekekeke


  • Kekekekekeke
  • I should upload this on Instagram

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anonymous asked:

i just found your blog yesterday and i love it i like your kd spam posts your answers,can you please make gifs of kd gayest moments you know i haven't seen that kind of post before :)

Hi anon!! Thank you for liking my blog~ that’s really sweet of you! <3 

hm i’m not sure about “gayest moments” ya know, BUT i’ll give you some moments where there’s lots of sexual tension huhuh ;)) 

(as always, credit to gif/pic owners!!! some of these gifs are mine tho)

that’s a gulp

well here we got soo watching nini dance, and getting a lil bit affected, later making sure he’s not sporting a b0ner on stage xD

soo’s sporting an obvious b0ner this time and needs his bae to hide it.. (discussion: who brings their BRO to sit on their b0ner??) 

soo is touching the nini D and giving it a little squeeze here :—-)

well.. very suggestive

nini apparently liked the handjob finger massage (who moans like that if it’s only their bro?)

making eyecontact and thrusting at each other o___o

claiming the soo booty

they were bodyrolling and making eyecontact, totally normal bro activity

more thrusting.. 

this was the performance when both were sporting such obvious b0ners it was so funny xD soo just had to give the nini booty a lil squeeze

they both like each other’s thighs 


who presses their D to their bros ass like that? 

Soo clearly likes when nini dances ;—-)

soo is literally on top of nini

not even a little bit *sarcasm* 👀

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I was talking about renjun's old drawings? Im still kinda new to fandom and Ive never seen his drawing so im just asking

Aah! Thanks for clarifying! I’m not sure if I’ve seen all of them but here are some ^-^ And welcome to the fandom!! Sorry for misunderstanding your question.

First! Here’s a Moomin he drew on his profile on Dream’s Vlive

Second! Here’s what he drew on MY SMT :’) The first one is a screan shot and the second picture is apparently taken by the one who won the drawing so credits to them :’‘D lucky

Here are some super high quality Moomin pics that he showed on an interview not as high quality screen shots I apologise Boy loves his Moomins but I can’t really blame him,,,they’re adorable

And here’s what he drew for Chinese New Year’s since it’s the year of the Rooster :’‘‘‘)

Such a talented kid :’‘‘‘‘))) These are the only ones I’ve seen but feel free to add if you find more ^-^

@harriettstella we look like we’re about to drop the hottest tent-related indie album of 2016

(New LLL credits video is out everyone!! Make sure you check it out to see all the talented peeps who worked on it and get a look at Special Behind The Scenes pics!!)

“You know what? I don’t necessarily want to shed my Ygritte character. I absolutely love her; I really, really, really did love her. She holds a special place in my heart. I think that’s an obstacle that any actor who’s fortunate enough to work comes across; it’s really making sure that you play characters that vary, and that you’re able to show your range, and do something that’s not predictable.” (Rose Leslie photographed by Sophia Evans for The Guardian)

On con picture manips

Because I’m seeing a lot on it on my dash, and maybe not everybody has considered this: 

If you see a manip made from one of the photo op pictures with the fan edited out please check the captions and source to make sure it was the fan themselves who did the editing, or explicitly gave permission to a fan artist to do so. Otherwise, those pics were stolen, a fan who paid a lot of money for the photo to be taken removed from it and reposted without credit. 

So don’t reblog them, please, unless you’re sure the owner was fine with it. 

Time has given me the lesson that coincidences don't exist in this fandom.

For those who don’t understand spanish: it says that Harry was spotted at Selfridges, where you can buy a Snoopy T-shirt. A few days later, Louis appeared with THAT t-shirt. Also Harry has one. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 

It says that Harry has a new Barcelona coin bracelet (I’m sure it’s from Barcelona). But who was there recently? Yeah, Louis. So basically I think Harry bought that t-shirt for Louis and Louis bought that bracelet for Harry. And I’m sure you too. 

*Credits in the pics, it belongs to my Twitter acc*


(hey guys! Look, it’s proof I’m at Anime North this weekend! Yaaaay! These cosplayers were fantastic and I’m really glad that they said I could post these pics. I’m not sure who they are though, so if anyone happens to know their tumblrs (if they have them), can you send it along so I can credit? So happy to see some BH6 cosplay running around today! But so far these were the only BH6 costumes I saw. I’ll keep my eyes peeled though! And once again if anyone is at AN and wants to say hi, I’ll be wearing a Yveltal costume tomorrow. Hope to see some of you there!)

Edit: Thank you to blackbirb, who has helped me identify the cosplayers! waytres, your cosplays were awesome, thank you for letting me get a photo!