As far as serial killers go, Ted Bundy was certainly among the smartest. He also used to make sure he was up to date with the latest news in politics and, of course, crime. In 1976, he asked his lawyer about execution.

What’s going on with executions now?” Ted asked. “Where are people most likely to be executed now?”

“I suppose it might be Georgia….No,” Bundy’s lawyer corrected himself. “It’d probably be Florida now.”

“Florida?” replied Bundy.

The lawyer said the constitutionality of Florida’s death penalty had recently been upheld by the U.S Supreme Court.

“Florida,” murmured Bundy, “Florida Hmmmm.”

It makes you wonder why Bundy started killing in Florida at all if he had knowledge of this. It’s most likely that his arrogance got in the way of his judgement and he didn’t think he’d ever be caught.

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Hi! *wave wave* I haven't gotten to read Attack on Titan. (Yet!!! I really really want to!) But I've seen to anime! (I'm so lame I know!) So I'm going to ask something stupid. If the Eren, Levi, Ect. Where to throw a party, who would be in charge of what? Who'd DJ!?

All I can think of is them having a children’s birthday party I’m a bad parent

Mikasa: Makes snacks
Reiner: Decorates
Bertholdt: Decorates in high places
Annie: Does shopping
Eren: Helps Annie shop
Jean: Coordinates the party and assigns who does what
Marco: Sends out invitations
Sasha: Helps Mikasa with the snacks
Connie: Organizes music
Historia: Builds and fills a pinata
Ymir: DJs
Armin: Organizes a room
Levi: Makes sure everyone stays focused by yelling at them
Hanji: Brings the decorations and builds creepy lights
Erwin: Sets up a dress code so the kids don’t start to frick
Nanaba: Barkeeping
Mike: Security

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Doesn't that mean her relationship with K... is on the rocks since she was tearing up or maybe something else is wrong with her family... she hardly ever cries, the last time we saw her tear up was when she sang Ronan.

No. I don’t think their relationship is on the rocks and when she sang TIWYCF, you could tell exactly who she was singing for. It was magical and I’ve never been so sure of Kaylor until that performance and a few of her speeches where people were literally holding their breaths cause they all though she was going to say something.


You and Michael were sat at a coffee shop both sipping at your coffees and learning things about each other.

“So what about your dad?” Michael asked.

“What about him?” You asked eating a bagel.

“Well, you said your mom died. So where is your dad in all of this?” he asked and you sighed. Explaining what was going on with your dad was a struggle. Not many people knew and you weren’t sure if you wanted to tell a stranger. “What?” He asked.

“It’s just really complicated and I don’t really know what you want with me.” You said and he let his head fall to his shoulder.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” He asked.

“I mean I don’t want to tell you something and then you go off to your little buddies and laugh about it.” You said.

“I would never do that to you.”

“You never know with frat boys.” He gave you a confused look.

“That’s all you see me as? A frat boy?” You looked at him and he looked so hurt. “Wow.” He leaned back looking at you. You weren’t sure if he was going to get up and leave.

“I’m sorry but you are the one who was groaning when I asked a question in class.” You said and he nodded.

“Yeah, okay.” He stood up. You looked down playing with your finger’s feeling horrible. You never meant to hurt him. He left without another word. You quickly cleaned up and left money on the table before rushing off. A guy just walked out on what you considered a date and you probably looked like a loser.

You walked back to your dorm that was a pretty long walk and by the time you got there you were sweating. You grabbed your stuff to take a shower and some comfy clothes before heading to the bathroom.

You knew you shouldn’t have judged Michael that quickly but how couldn’t you? He was a frat boy. He was drunk when you went to his house for that get together. In every story you ever read about a frat boy, that’s what they did. They got girls to trust them and then in the end they hurt them. You couldn’t help yourself.

After your shower you decided to walk to Michael’s. It was right down the street and you owed him an apology. You knocked on the door and someone answered but left the door open so you walked in. You walked to his room and knocked. When he opened the door he stood so you couldn’t get into the room.

“What are you doing here?”

“He’s a drug addict.” You blurted.


“My father. He’s a drug addict.” You weren’t planning to tell him that. You were going to say you were sorry and leave but that went out the window. His face softened.

“Jesus, I’m so sorry. You didn’t have to tell me that.” You shrugged.

“I felt bad for not telling you. So now you know. I’m sorry.” You turned around and walked away but he grabbed your arm.

“Don’t go.” He smiled a little. “I haven’t finished getting to know you.” 

“Happily ever after” has always bothered me. As a child I would engross myself in stories that would be about brave knights on horse back slaying dragons, girls who could speak and rely on animals to help them with housework, parents who loved each other, hell, even the sterotypical Romeo and Juliet love stories where it’s so tragically beautiful. But happily ever implies that you’re only happy after. After what? The story ends? You slay the dragon and save the princess? Your very own prince or princess wakes up from a deep slumber with your true love’s kiss? Happiness, isn’t how it ends. That I am sure of. The story will go on, outside the book covers, the reality is our stories don’t end happily. Happiness isn’t just acquired by getting through one challenge and being rewarded for the success of surviving. If only it were like that. Happiness isn’t just awarded to the hero upon saving someone or defeating the evil inside or outside of your own body. People aren’t other people’s happiness. You can love someone and you can make someone happy but you are not and never can be their happiness. You yourself have to work for happiness, and you have to allow yourself to be open to the little moments of unexpected happiness along the way. See, in the real world, the story doesn’t go great when the hard stuff hits and in reality you don’t get a reward for waking up the next morning or sweeping up the broken fragments of memories you share with strangers from lifetimes ago. The reward is waking up the next morning and not getting cut to deeply by the pieces. There are happy moments along the way, before and after the storm, even during it if you’re with the right people. Happily ever after doesn’t exist. Because we aren’t ONLY happy after everything works out (I mean we are for the most part) but we’re happy along the way and before the story even starts too. Every story starts on the heels of another story’s ending. When we get to see the smile of the person we love after they cry, or the beauty in the expression of ones soul or the words that make you feel something or the days that you never want to end or simply just the way story itself goes, is happiness. We are happy then, too. Not just after. Never just after. Happily ever after is lie. You have to keep working for happiness, you have to keep letting yourself see it. And the only way you learn to appreciate it is when you don’t have it any longer. After, we are on the roller coaster that is life. The same roller coaster we’ve riding on for as long as we can remember. Racing from point A to B, birth to death, happiness to sadness. That’s what the after is, and it’s only happy if you let yourself dwell on it that way, otherwise it’s just another goddamn begging at rock bottom.

- The Princess Saves Herself

—  S.A.S.

okay, but is it just me or does he look tired/recollecting himself for a moment there and then goes back to being dandy. Now THAT is called kindness. This man is obviously tired like every other touring artist and the rest of the band, but he came out (I’m not sure where Miles was- he didn’t come out at all but was upstairs and waving to me) and signed everything that was given to him, along with taking a picture with the whole crowd there. He was so sweet to everyone and if anything he encouraged us all to get something done along with checking up on us and making sure that we were satisfied with whatever we got when in fact it was a complete bonus that we met him!! Anyways, I could go on about how sweet he is and how his rock n roll persona blurs the fact that he is really caring blah blah blah but of course we all know that. So this is a huge thanks to him (and of course the band since they are all amazing live and in general)

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Hey! I saw people speculating that maybe Touka and co won't be very happy with Kaneki's plans as the OEK and won't join him. While I'm all for them having strong, independent opinions, I hope they'll all work together and not get separated again...

Oh well we won’t know for sure and everyone is entitled to their own views when speculating what will happen in the story! Maybe they will, maybe they won’t!

I can imagine Touka and co. would be worried about this whole OEK deal. Touka especially, considering her views on Kaneki trying to protect everyone (the bridge scene). But this… .is a little different. The OEK movement is to make a world where all of them can live in peace. This is more than just Kaneki’s own decision. This is going to affect everyone. Touka wants to live as a human- this is her best chance at living that life, where she can be with Yoriko. They all want a world where they don’t have to hide- this is their biggest opportunity to grasp that. They just risked their lives to save Hinami- she won’t be able to live in the world as it is which such a recognisable face. I can imagine them having reservations and feeling upset that Kaneki has to take on this role (I would love if we saw some conflict over it *rubs hands together*) but imo I doubt they will all let Kaneki do this without their support. It’s in their best interest to throw everything they’ve got at this. It all depends on whether Kaneki will accept it and boy, he needs all the help he can get.

Sanicball v0.8 released!

And here’s a changelog:

  • Green Hill Zone has been remade from scratch! Same overall layout, but a very different track design. Also added new props, ambient noises, water reflections, and much better lighting.
  • Added dash panels which make you go even faster. They’re placed all around Green Hill Zone, but likely won’t appear in the other stages before they too recieve a revamp.
  • Made a number of improvements to multiplayer bandwidth usage, most importantly when sending player movement packages, which is what happens most frequently.
  • AI balls now use a new pathfinding system. It should be more lightweight while also making them drive better. However there are still several stage sections where they mess up often.

Go give the stage revamp a try! I’ll be playing on the official server for a while to make sure everything works as it should.

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Hi could i please get a scenario ? <3 Where sting's s/o is from fairytail but when makarov disbanded the guild for a year is left guildless and sting invites her to sabertooth and tries to make her feel welcome and help her cope with the sadness? I Love your blog

thanks for loving my blog anon!
also yes omg tartaros arc fucK I LOVEIT

“Fairy Tail is disbanding, brats. It’s time for you to all go your own ways.”

You tugged your knees closer to your chest as the words rang through your mind again, here you were after the battle of Tartaros and everything had calmed down, staring at the rubble where the guild used to be.

As soon as the words were said, dread filled your heart.

And slowly, but surely, everyone started to leave with pained expressions and small good-byes. Then others left without people noticing, those people being; Erza, Gray, Juvia, Lucy, Wendy and even Natsu.

Everyone left with (what it looked like to you) some sort of idea on what to do with their life, while you were left wondering what the hell you could do. A mage your age had so much ideas on what to do, there was so much doors open from guilds and other places!

But, there was none that you thought about accepting; it felt like you were betraying the guild even though they were to no longer exist.

You let out a small sigh as you leaned back against some old building, staring out at the rubble. You were completely clueless on what to do now that Fairy Tail was gone; the guild that you held dear gone in an instant.

‘What… What am I supposed to do now?’ You thought, moving a hand from around your knees to your lap as you stared at the insignia.

“Huh? (Name)-san?”

You blinked as you looked over seeing a blonde look over at you with curiosity, a black haired male look over at you the same way, the female (on the other hand) was looking confused.

“Sabertooth,” You muttered. “I thought you all would’ve left by now.” You added. “I can’t really leave without saying goodbye to you now can I?” He joked, but you didn’t even crack a smile at Stings joke.

And that made him feel upset, seeing you upset filled him with sadness. He was your boyfriend after all, it was his job to make sure you weren’t feeling upset and you were feeling at your best.

A frown went on his face, “What’s wrong?” He asked, crouching down to your height. You looked taken back by that statement before you looked down at your wrist again, as tears filled up your eyes.

“Fairy Tail…” You trailed off, as tears finally went down your face, you looking back at Sting. “Disbanded…” Your voice cracked as everyone’s eyes widened.

It almost seemed unreal that Fairy Tail would disband, it was a strong guild with strong bonds, so for it to just disband… It was crazy talk!

None of the Sabertooth members that stood in front of you could believe it.

Sting pulled you into his arms as you sobbed into his chest lightly, the blonde sitting down instead of crouching as he tried his best to comfort you and sooth you.

“They disbanded?” Rouge asked, more so to himself if anything. It was just a hard thing to process for everyone; one of the strongest guilds just disbanded in a night after the battle with Tartaros.

“Rouge, you go on ahead.” The blonde said looking over his shoulder at the black haired male. “Just wait for us at the train station.” He added, Rouge nodding as he, Minerva, Frosch and Lector left to go to the train station.

Sting turned his head back around to you and put a chin on your head, his hand rubbing up and down on your back. “Sorry about Fairy Tail…” He trailed off, “I-It’s not your fault.” You sobbed, feeling calmer in Sting’s grip.

Ever since you two had gotten together and started dating you always felt safe and calm in Sting’s grip; it was something you had grown to love whenever you saw each other or tried to go on jobs together just to get extra time together.

“(Name)-san, maybe you could come to Sabertooth…” He trailed off, you bit your lip in thought before looking up at the blonde, “I-I don’t know…” You sniffled, “I love you and it would be nice to go to the same guild as you, but…” Your eyes glanced down, “Fairy Tail means so much to me… I-I don’t know if I can leave just yet.” You admitted.

As nice as it would be to be at the same guild with your boyfriend, you just don’t know if you can leave Fairy Tail so easily to go to Sabertooth. Fairy Tail was your home from now to your young days, it wasn’t something you could let go of easily.

“That’s okay,” Sting smiled reassuringly, making your eyes glance up at him. “You can take as long as you want, I’ll just wait here with you.”

“What if I don’t want to go?” You asked, Sting only shrugged. “Then I’ll just head back to Sabertooth and you can stay with me.” You blinked trying to process everything Sting had said.

‘I know I said I couldn’t decide, but…’ And then a small smile grew on your face as you tucked your head back into his chest.

‘Everyone has already gone off on their own. I can’t be left behind! I will see them all again one day!’

“Sabertooth it is.” You whispered, feeling lucky to have Sting as a boyfriend. The blonde let out a childish noise of excitement as he hugged you back tightly.


Chen: I’m not sure who that weird guy from before was, but it’s a good thing we got out of that house. Now we can go wherever we want!

Suho: I dunno… What if we get lost…?

Chen: Don’t worry, my kitty instincts will tell us exactly where to go! And right now it’s telling me to go this way!

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Those flowers look like purple sage and the tree Pacific myrtle. California natives. And as previous anonymous said, it doesn't look like plants in new house. Or Harry's. but it does look like a certain landscaped acreage featuring a meditation tea house. The layers of dark Larrying in one little selfie! Louis is truly the master!

I don’t know where the flowers are or where Louis is. I have multiple anons all claiming different places with different photos, so it’s a toss up. Still not sure if we’re going to get something post selfie or not or if that is a current or old picture, but we shall see. That dagger rose combo is something else though.

From one Sonic era to another:


I wanted some visuals to accompany the song.

Sure enough, this game/song came to me at another time when I needed to hear it the most. I was in school, starting college, in the midst of the biggest “I’m going to question my existence,” times of my life. This song got me through times where thoughts of the future overwhelmed me. Nothing is written, the best times are always ahead of you, keep moving forward and see what you’re truly capable of.

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Sorry ur grumpy. I was one of the wank asks:( So I have an ask about a good scene. The 1st phone convo seemed like a role reversal. Dean goes to open up but Cas is short with him, maybe to reflect his mental state, or was it just confused Cas fun?

Aaah no I meant I was grumpy about the same things as you all, I just didn’t feel like going over the same thing again and again when we agreed but I’m not sure what’s to gain from talking it over forever when this happens every time and none of us are in charge of making it stop. :P

Anyway! That phonecall! *wanders off to rewatch*

Yeah, I don’t know how much of Cas in that episode was subtly affected by writers and how much was characterisation carefully chosen for where we are in their journey, since if anything 12x01 was almost too blissful between them and how do you even WRITE characters who don’t have any conflict?? lol

Making Dean snark about the warding later seemed like grappling for safe ground for character interactions. Although it was pretty funny so I’m not complaining :P I enjoy snarky Destiel at all times.

But I guess to examine where Cas was at with his mental state, we can look back to 12x01 where he was the more urgent to save Sam in the sense that they let him lead the questioning/intimidation with the driver and poor Gregory, so he was at least outwardly showing way more of the stress with the mission - Dean internalised it until he snapped a phone in half, but otherwise was described as “really chill” by the fandom after that episode, despite everything. Visually, though, Cas has practically been their attack dog on the mission.

The reminder of the attack dog thing, via Mick, has been pointed out somewhere I’ve seen today reading episode reactions, as assuring us Cas’s arc from the last couple of seasons is still around - really, Rowena’s attack dog spell at the end of season 10 already was a culmination of how Cas had been feeling for a while at that point since again that deleted scene in 10x14 when not being Cas/Dean/Crowley af was “main text” (if that can even exist without being about those ships in that scene) about how Cas was running around doing everything for Dean… Maybe I just think about that scene more but I can’t actually remember anyone else saying it so directly to Cas in season 10. :P Anyway, it’s been a long ongoing thing that Cas feels just “useful” and a tool or whatever - I guess pretty much since he made his bid for freedom from Heaven and turned his purpose to them, as of course he spent eons serving Heaven so fighting for another cause invariably edges onto him being “just” a soldier for it, even if it’s fighting for his loved ones. 

So helping to recover Sam even now can be something where his part in it can be misrepresented as him being their “attack dog” which doesn’t help when he’s used as an attack dog (“hurt him”) Even when obviously Mary doesn’t mean it that way, we know and Dean especially knows how much of an emotional stake Cas has in saving Sam and so he’s at the table fair and square with the others trying to save him because he’s family without any complication that they think they’re soldiers… (I already made a confused parallel to this somewhere or other with Toni asking Sam about his “soldiers” and then a whole small army shows up to save him - when the only one he would have expected to was Cas…)

Aaanyway yeah, so even before they actually get to all that in the episode, we can assume people talking about it out loud are just telling us what Cas is already thinking, and we know Cas has been feeling that for a long long time, and before Lucifer some of the last exchanges he had with Ambriel and Amara were over his usefulness - now he’s back and the first action he sees really is being useful to another thing for the Winchesters… So if he’s short with Dean he could easily be having a conflict of purpose about wanting to get Sam back desperately, and running into feelings of “just” being a tool for them when he applies his anger to the task - like, basically, I wouldn’t say it’s *triggering* for him to be working with them or anything, but I am glad he has a solo adventure if he gets to call the shots and assert himself in a way where working with Crowley is like, the best terrible dynamic he can have since Metatron to work some crap out. :P (Actually beating up Metatron in 11x06 just made him feel sad, but he and Crowley are a bit more equal in many ways so he probably won’t get bummed out because Crowley is being too pathetic…)

I’m getting way off the point here. Which is ironic because the last thing I jotted down to attempt to remotely structure this before it all went to hell was “Cas is super to the point with Dean until he tries hanging up on him”… He doesn’t even really mention any concerns about Sam or whatever, and it’s only Dean yanking him back into another round of the conversation that actually brings out anything personal between them because they just talk about how the search is going at first… I don’t think Cas was avoiding it per say but he could have been just trying to convey all the important info one way and get any info Dean has to share the other and then get back to the job as he’s very driven to do it (for good reason), but then Dean has to go and ask him for emotional advice… :P 

Although tbh all that said I can just see Cas as being in over his head with that (as people have pointed out, he literally does not have a mother so giving advice about one is alien to him… and he wasn’t too great at building bridges with his father…) because Dean’s issue is that it’s “not normal” and what exactly is Cas’s reference for that? :P

Anyway yeah he also doesn’t have a whole lot of reference for Dean asking him for emotional advice? Between Dean bottling up and Dean acting as Cas’s unofficial guide to humanity for the start of their relationship, they’ve either not talked, or Dean has been the one reaching out to him… Occasionally Cas tries to broach a thing but I’m sitting here trying to remember if Dean has ever asked Cas of his own free will for some advice? It’s a good role reversal and puts them on different sides from normal in a way which is sort of letting all the badly balanced bits of their relationship slide around into more comfortable middle positions… 

Although of course it comes with Cas being short with Dean and not knowing what to say, which can be influenced by anything, from his anxiety about getting Sam back, which he’s the one externalising instead of Dean for once (again changing the balance), to aaall his deeper issues making him antsy about doing this when, since this is the last time we see him in the episode, it culminates in a reminder of the attack dog label for him… He’s definitely in a weird sort of place AND in over his head in some ways with what Dean asks of him emotionally. He can be supportive to Dean, but only in a “i’m here and listening to you and saying hopefully comforting things which sound like advice” sort of way :P

Idk… I don’t really have an answer after thinking it all out loud, except maybe everything you mention applies one way or another, depending on the part of the conversation?

when I was 15 there was a period where I wouldn’t listen to anything other than kraftwerk and 80′s synthpop

I’m not entirely sure what to call it, but man I was definitely going through some kind of phase

First Panel: When there is no more light….  i’m sorry i’m sorry

Second Panel: Then my love shall conquer… You’ll be alright… sorry i’m worthless sorry i’m pathetic

Last Panel: Don’t worry about the dark. I’ll be there. 

So, I’m really sorry if this turned out badly, I’m just getting control over my shoulder again but I was struck by inspiration and I had to draw this!!! So, poor HeavenfellG! Sans is a little depressed and went to the Echo Flower Room to try and be alone but Surivitale Sans of course wasn’t going to let him be alone. So, he goes running after him once he figures it out. I’m not sure where the lyrics came from, I heard them and I immediately thought of the pairing, so yeah… I’m really sorry if it’s not that good but I tried my best!! I hope you and @survitale enjoy!! I will draw more once my shoulder is better. I hope all is well and that you enjoy the picture! 

My response:










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Hello! I'm not sure if you can find any but I'm in a pretty bad mood and go for some good ol' fics where stiles has an accent or is in touch with his polish side? Either one will do but if those fics don't exist thanks anyways.

Hey there bb!  We actually did some Polish!Stiles lists lately, so you don’t have to wait!  ;)  Feel better, bb!  -Emmy

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Do you think Robert will be wearing his ring on Monday,as Maxine wrote the ep I think he will be. Here in Ireland all of this weeks eps were repeated today I re watched them I still can't get over how amazing they were,my 14 y.o niece and her friend watched the last ep with me and they were both asking me all about Robron when the ep had finished lol xx

I’m not sure, he’s still going to be at the hospital with Aaron so I doubt he’d have been home yet and that’s where the ring will be. He is going to be wearing it but not sure when. I keep watching mon/thur/friday on repeat, I’m not over how good they were. Ahh that’s cute, I love that more and more people are interested in them :)

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May i request a scenario where Katsuki and his smol/petite, usually calm, fem!s/o go to the shopping district on a date and she begins to get hit on by two guys and he steps in before she can hurt them because they find her getting angry at them to be "sexy" and kept pestering her. Part of her quirk lies in her horns which is superhuman strength and really only uses it when she gets mad (think Shizuo Heiwajima) which can be scary.

Sure thing dear! I hope I could write it well enough!

Bakugou wouldn’t have minded his girlfriend getting angry – really, he’s the last to be bothered by it – but he knows she doesn’t like it and besides, he’s getting fucking pissed off himself.

They wanted to meet up to go to the mall together and Bakugou runs a bit late because his train was delayed and now he’s arriving at just the right time to see what happens.

The two asshats that refuse to leave her alone, seem intent to lean and leer all over her, ignoring her increasingly angry protests and attempts to put distance between herself and them. They laugh and whistle and call her sexy and try to sling arms around her while talking in those pitched, pseudo-charming voices. It makes Bakugou want to rip their heads off.

With a few quick steps, he finally closes the last distance between himself and the two fucks that just don’t seem to get a frigging hint. He grabs the first by the back of his shirt and yanks him back and almost off his feet.

The guy curses and stumbles, landing squarely on his ass. His buddy startles and turns around, just as Bakugou grabs his collar and pulls him away.

“If I fucking see you around her again”, he growls, for once not yelling and he knows the expression in his eyes promise pain should they ignore him. “I will rip you apart and blow your fucking asses to shreds.”

He gives the guy a hard shove so he joins his buddy on the floor. Cracking his knuckles, Bakugou can feel the heat under his skin and his face must be really dark and threatening, because the two guys quickly scramble to their feet, turning to run away while mumbling something over their shoulders.

Bakugou watches them retreat for a moment, before he turns to his girlfriend. She looks relieved and takes deep breaths to calm her own anger.

“Thanks.” She says after a few seconds and looks at him. Bakugou just grunts, still too pissed off to speak.

She slowly slips her hand into his and he closes her fingers around hers. They start to walk, while he slowly calms down again and sticks close to her for the rest of their date. Though it’s only when she quickly pulls him into a photo booth for a moment to kiss him, that he finally really relaxes. Grinning, he kisses her back.