Also can we talk about how much Clarke sounded like her old self in that last scene? Like she was funny in a way, I feel like, we haven’t seen since season 1? When she said the rest of earth “basically sucks” and the “oh never mind I see you” real casual like??? Idk it just seems like for the past 2+ seasons Clarke has been so bogged down with stress it’s like so much of her funny, witty personality got lost and pushed to the side, and now she can kinda breath a little easier with out so much on her shoulders?? Not too sure where i’m going with this but i’m so excited to see where Clarke’s development goes next season


First of all thank you both so much for the request! This was by far my favourite dress in the film. I love it so much!! I was originally going to draw the full dress but then you said summer dress and my mind went with it ^^” 

💛🌹 @nomoejellyfish

Summary: Stiles might have a crush on his co-worker, who always brews him amazing tea.

Notes: Short and sweet! Inspired by this post. (On AO3)

Stiles puts all the little sample boxes into a paper bag, then staples on the string with a tag at the end. It holds the business information, and it makes the package look like a giant tea bag. Sort of. If you squint.

The girl smiles and pays him, then waves as she walks away.

“Tea you later!” Stiles calls cheerfully. Then he says, “Oof!” when Derek smacks him in the side.

“You deserved that,” Derek says mildly. “Didn’t we already have a discussion about using the word tea inappropriately?”

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General 7x16 thoughts


• so obviously, more Carol. Period. I was super disappointed that Melissa had less then 10 lines.
• I had my doubts about where they were going to take Ezekiel’s character, but after watching him run in and utter that war cry I am completely sold by Khary Payton (who I adore) on King Zeke. 😍
• Maggie’s speech was the most enlightening part of Season 7 as a whole; it really brought the premise of Team Family to light. If Glenn had never met Rick, they wouldn’t be who they were then in that moment.
• I am one of the few who is relieved that Sasha got to go out on her own terms. I’ve been waiting to hear the death rumors for her since S5 because I was so convinced that she was going to go after Tyreese died. I just.. I have very mixed feelings on this but she’s with Ty, Abe, Bob and Glenn rooting for her family to win the war.
• NEGAN. I don’t even know where to start with this.. because I was screaming so loudly when Shiva came in and saved Carl that I missed the part where he saw Maggie was alive?? Like.. I commend JDM on his acting because it’s freaking fantastic but I LOATHE Negan? Thinking you can win this war when you haven’t even gotten a taste of what all 3 communities together can do? Okay.
• I really want to see either two things happen with Daryl and Dwight. 1.) Let them go at it next season and maybe let us see character development or something NEW on Daryls end because I am so tired of the same thing ALL THE TIME. 2.) Crossbow dynamic duo but still with SOMETHING NEW FOR DARYL CAUSE I’M DONE WITH ALL THE MAN PAIN. 💯
• give more screen time to these people: Maggie, Jesus, Enid, Carol, Ezekiel, Morgan. I love my TF but PLEASE let me see development in the others. Give me Mags being the leader she’s destined to be at the Hilltop. Give me adopted daughter Enid taking care of Mags like Sasha asked. Give me Carol overcoming her demons and TALKING TO SOMEONE ABOUT HER FEELINGS. I.E.- THE GROVE. Give me Ezekiel and Jerry acting like idiots with Shiva doing her thing in the background.

I’m done. Feel free to add commentary!

The Signs in Some Horror Film
  • Sagittarius: Let's explore the mansion, guys! *drags Cancer and Taurus along*
  • Leo and Aries: WOOOO! *joins Sagittarius*
  • Capricorn: *joins the people above to make sure they don't break anything*
  • Taurus: ......oh well.
  • Cancer: But I don't want to go explore the mansion. *ignored*
  • Virgo: *looking for a place to put their luggages*
  • Libra and Pisces: *following Virgo while dragging a sleeping Scorpio and Aquarius with them*
  • Gemini: *is lost wandering around because of curiosity*
  • Leo: *majestically sliding through a wooden hallway with socks*
  • Taurus: *tries to slide through the hallway like Leo but ends up rolling on the floor instead*
  • Aries: *giving Sagittarius a piggyback ride, who is giving Cancer a piggyback ride*
  • Sagittarius: :DDDDDDDDD
  • Cancer: DDDDDDDD:
  • Aries: *trips over Taurus*
  • Taurus: *evil laughing*
  • Cancer: *unconscious*
  • Capricorn: Oh, my god! *rushes over to Aries, Sagittarius, and Cancer*
  • Virgo: *finds separate bedrooms for everyone*
  • Pisces: *sets Scorpio in a random room* Let's have a sleepover! :D *is actually nervous and has a bad feeling*
  • Virgo: No, I already found rooms for each of us. *leaves for sleepy-time*
  • Pisces: D:
  • Libra: *agreeing with Virgo* True. *heads to a room to drop off Aquarius* *sees a creepy looking bed and mirror hanging on the wall* *goes to Pisces' room* *also brings along Aquarius*
  • Gemini: *carelessly whistling a tune while wandering around the kitchen*
  • Sagittarius: Hey, guys. Did you hear that?
  • ....
  • Sagittarius: Pfft haha I'm just playing with y'all.
  • Taurus: Oh.
  • Capricorn: !!
  • Leo: You know what
  • Aries: >.>
  • Gemini: *gathering snacks to bring upstairs*
  • Killer: *walks up behind Gemini*
  • Gemini: *feels a disturbance in the air* *sees the killer* *screams and tries to run the fuck away*
  • Killer: *stabs a knife at Gemini*
  • Gemini: *bleeding*
  • Libra and Pisces: *curled up in a ball*
  • Libra: Sooo...
  • *screaming Gemini noises*
  • Scorpio: Quiet tha fack down *grumpy Scorpio noises*
  • Pisces: ; - ;
  • Libra: ........ *nervous sweating*
  • Aries: Oh, my god. Sagittarius, stop.
  • Sagittarius: But that wasn't--
  • Killer: *le stabs Aries*
  • Sagittarius: ... *pretty surprised Sag noises*
  • Taurus: *hurriedly rolls the fuck away*
  • Capricorn: *internally screaming* *runs away* *follows Taurus*
  • Leo: Holy shiT! *looking around for a weapon*
  • Virgo: *trying to sleep* *annoyed by all the noise*
  • Taurus and Capricorn: *passes by Virgo's and Pisces' rooms*
  • Scorpio: *is confused but stays quiet anyway*
  • Libra: *tiptoes to the door and locks it*
  • Pisces: *hiding under the blanket*
  • *screaming Leo noises*
  • Leo: Oh, my god! They killed Sagittarius! You bastard!
  • Killer: *le stabs Leo*
  • Aquarius: *snoring*
  • Libra: *is all like oh shit* *frantically looks around for a solution*
  • Pisces: *panicking* *suffocates Aquarius with a pillow*
  • Killer: *scary sounding footsteps heading toward Pisces' room*
  • Scorpio: *about to say something*
  • Libra: *shushes Scorpio with the finger to lip thing* *concerned about the unsettling noise outside the door* *slightly concerned about Aquarius*
  • Scorpio: *still has no idea what's going on* *keeps being shushed by Libra* ( ò - ó )
  • Pisces: *accidentally kills Aquarius*
  • Libra: Σ(゚д゚lll)
  • Pisces: ((((;゚Д゚)))))))
  • Scorpio: ( ê . ē )
  • Cancer: *wakes up and sees a dead Aries* !(◎_◎;)
  • Killer: *violently knocking on Pisces' door*
  • Virgo: *peeks out of bedroom* *sees the killer breaking into Pisces' room* *hears screaming* *goes back inside to find something useful about the situation*
  • Libra: *trying to stay calm but is killed anyway*
  • Pisces: *high-pitched screaming* *hiding behind Scorpio*
  • Scorpio: *using Aquarius' dead body to attack the killer* *is able to escape the room* *discards Aquarius' body*
  • Pisces: *tries to follow Scorpio but is killed*
  • Cancer: ...hello? ; - ; *walking along a hallway*
  • Scorpio: *literally runs into Cancer*
  • Taurus: *bumps into Scorpio*
  • Capricorn: *trips over Taurus again*
  • Killer: *running toward the people above*
  • Cancer: *distressed flailing*
  • Capricorn: *runs away* *drags Cancer with them*
  • Scorpio: *follows Capricorn*
  • Taurus: *is too dizzy to run* *has been rolling on the floor*
  • Killer: *kills Taurus* *chases the rest of the people above*
  • Virgo: *to the rescue* *throws Libra's perfume/cologne things at the killer*
  • Killer: *startled killer noises*
  • Virgo: *attempts to suffocate the killer with a book*
  • Killer: *violent flailing*
  • Virgo: *is killed by the flailing*
  • Scorpio: Where the fuck-- *trips over a dead Leo*
  • Capricorn: Oh, my god! They killed Leo! You--
  • Cancer: *sees the killer running towards them* Uhm *frantically poking Capricorn*
  • Scorpio: ! *sees the killer* *runs away* *doesn't actually know where they're going*
  • Cancer: *follows Scorpio*
  • Capricorn: *notices the killer but is killed*
  • Killer: *throws Leo's dead body at the people above*
  • Scorpio: *is attacked by a dead Leo* *stumbles and hits head on the edge of a hallway table thing* *head is bleeding* *stabbed by the killer*
  • Cancer: *throws hands in the air* *is so done* *gives up* *killed*
  • Everybody: *dead*
  • Ophiuchus: *is the killer*