Into You (6/?)

Summary- The BAFTA after party does not go how you expected at all, but you can’t say that you didn’t like what might come out of it.

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The music, lights and amount of people was ridiculous. You had never felt more claustrophobic in your life, every where you turned, you were face to face with someone else. In fact, you had accidentally elbowed Tom Hiddleston in the chest as you got your drink. Which ended in you apologising looking like an idiot, and then when you realised who it was, you ended up fingerling over Loki.

You had lost Sean the second you arrived at the party, one minute he was there, and the next he was talking about some girls eyeshadow. Then he disappeared into thin air. 

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Honestly with Timkon, I like the idea that they mutually need each other. Sure, Kon taking care of Tim is great (lord knows that boy needs it), but it’s all people seem to dwell on. I like the idea that Kon NEEDS to take care of someone just as badly as Tim needs someone watching out for his health. Neither is stronger than the other, and OF COURSE it switches up some days where Kon just really needs someone to care for him and Tim loves getting to take care of his boyfriend. They’ve got a good little thing going. A healthy and functional relationship that they both benefit from and love.

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I haven't see people asking for smutty fics, u got any??

Oh nonny, I have a ton of smutty fics, be sure to check out my fic rec master list page, where I have a whole section on smut! I am in the works of creating a bottom!Yuuri fic rec list and the “hottest smut ever” (the requester’s words haha) fic rec list, so stay tuned for that!

Here is what I have so far:

Love, heartbreak, and love: Crowley edition

GUYS we need to talk about 9x23. Not coincidentally the episode in which Metatron calls the story he’d been writing “a marvelous story, full of love and heartbreak and… love”.

The end of season 9 is also Metatron’s equivalent of the end of season 6 and 7x01 for Cas - both harnessing power to become “god”, both going among people to act as god (discovering that Metatron’s actions were dictated by jealousy towards Cas all along sets a curious light in his actions in s9…) and I’m sure there’s more to 9x23 and the whole “season 6-7 redux” that is happening now, but for now I’m going to focus on the last parts of 9x23, because that’s where Crowley comes in.

In 9x23, Dean gets fatally wounded by Metatron. Tells Sam, “Sammy, you got to get out of here before he comes back”. Sam hushes him, says “Shut up. Shut up. Just save your energy, all right? Oh, man. We’ll stop the bleeding. We’ll… we’ll get you a doctor or… or I’ll find a spell. You’re gonna be okay.” Sam tries to stop the bleeding, Dean stops him: “Sam. Hold up. Hold up. I got to say something to you […] I’m proud of us”.

In 12x12, Cas gets fatally wounded by Ramiel. Dean tries to dismiss the gravity of his condition, says he’ll be okay, that there must be a cure. Cas gives them a dying speech, telling them that they are his family and he loves them, and tells them to run before Ramiel gets back… sounds familiar? Alright.

In 9x23, in the meanwhile, Metatron gets back to heaven and confronts Cas about breaking the angel tablet: “the Angel tablet, arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe, is in pieces, and for what again? Oh, that’s right - to save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right?”.

So an immensely powerful weapon gets broken, despite how useful it could have been for cosmic purposes… because of love. And in 12x12?

Of the magnitude of Crowley sacrificing a weapon able to kill Lucifer, many words have been written already. Let me add something else…

At the end of 9x23, Dean dies because of Metatron’s stabbing, but the Mark of Cain revives him. Just as Crowley had figured, putting rumors and clues together: “there is one story about Cain that I might have… forgotten to tell you. Apparently, he, too, was willing to accept death, rather than becoming the killer the Mark wanted him to be. So he took his own life with the Blade. He died. Except, as rumor has it, the Mark never quite let go. You can understand why I never spoke of this. Why set hearts aflutter at mere speculation? It wasn’t until you summoned me… no, it wasn’t truly until you left that cheeseburger uneaten… that I began to let myself believe. Maybe miracles do come true.”

In 12x12, Cas is moments away from dying, but Crowley’s gesture saves him. In Dean’s case, things don’t go exactly in the same way, but Dean is pretty much saved by Crowley from the death imposed on him by Metatron’s strike: Crowley has made him get the Mark of Cain in the first place, which keeps him alive. So, basically, Crowley is the reason Dean gets revived: it’s Crowley’s knowledge of demon things that made him bring Dean to Cain, get the Mark, and eventually not die of the wound inflicted by Metatron. In 12x12, it’s Crowley’s knowledge of demon things, his meeting with Ramiel, that lets him figure out the solution. (Then again, both Dean and Cas gets fatally wounded because of Crowley in the first place: Dean goes to kill Metatron because the MoC+First Blade combination is the only thing that has a chance to kill a powered-up Metatron, Cas almost dies because Crowley gave Ramiel the lance to begin with. But Crowley couldn’t really foresee that one.)

Crowley’s “saving” Dean through the Mark of Cain and Crowley’s saving Cas by breaking the lance have so much in common and yet are so different.

Love is behind both actions - having Dean get the Mark and prodding him to put himself in danger and get killed so that he’d become a demon, breaking the lance, and yet in 9x23 Crowley is acting on selfishness - he wants Dean for himself. He wants Dean to be his consort on the throne of hell. He disregards Dean’s feelings and wishes.

In 12x12, he acts out of selfishness. He knows nothing will come for him in saving Cas - only saving Cas. Saving Dean from the heartbreak. He does it for Cas, of course - he cares about Cas - but he also does it for Dean, the one he loves. He knows he can’t have Dean, but his love has become selfless enough that now he chooses to save the person Dean loves, knowing he probably won’t even get a thanks for it. Dean has broken Crowley’s heart but Crowley won’t let Dean’s heart break. Crowley has become selfless.

Miracles do come true, and they happen when you fall in love. 

While we’re having season 9 feels, let me add this - Cas has changed from his “angel’s angel” self thanks to Dean. Crowley has changed from his “demon’s demon” self thanks to Dean. For both of those two… Colette is Dean. Speaking of which: long ago I was planning on writing a meta about Abaddon as an allegory of the doubt of not being loved the way one wishes. Seems awfully fitting now. Stay tuned.

Imagine being Chris’ safe haven.

A/N: Since quite a few are asking about the next part to ‘Imagine Chris helping you take care of your sister’ here it is. I thought about going to bed and finishing it in the morning, but- sleep is for the weak. I really appreciate the support, lovelies. Hope you enjoy! X (Read Part 1/Part 2)

You looked down at the card and read the clue again. It was vague compared to the first clue, but somehow, you still knew exactly where to go. The card said, “other than our lovely homes, where else would we consider a safe haven?” You were pretty sure Chris was referring to the time the two of you almost got caught by paparazzi whilst out on a date, before the relationship went public when everything was still new and under the radar. Chris had spotted the paparazzi before they spotted you and decided to sought shelter in the first establishment he spotted; Nixon Coffee House. The owner of the place, Carl, was a huge fan and offered to lock the doors so they couldn’t ruin the date. It ended up becoming one of the most memorable days for both of you; a new friend was made, and a new coffee place was found.

“It looks closed, Sissy,” Olive said as you walked towards the front door; Dodger sat beside her with his leash in her small hand. “Are you sure you’re right?” She looked up at you as you leaned forward, using your hands to shield your eyes from the sunlight so you could look inside; it looked closed but you were sure it was the place.

Chris watched the three of you from his car and laughed softly. He reached for his walkie-talkie and held it up to his mouth, “hey you.” He took his hand off the button and chuckled softly when he saw you spin around with narrowed eyes. “You with the pretty Y/E/C eyes.”

“I think he’s talking to you, Sissy,” Olive giggled and passed you the walkie-talkie.

“What game are you playing here, Evans?” You spoke into the walkie-talkie. “Where are you anyway?” You scanned the vicinity but failed to spot him as he was in a rental, and not his white Lexus. “Just because you’re not working right now,” you pretended to be annoyed even though you were enjoying every second, “doesn’t mean I’m not either.” You released the button so he could respond.

“Don’t be such a spoiled-sport,” he teased and you rolled your eyes with a smile on your face. “You’re lucky we’re on a bit of a time crunch, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to your dumb bum right now.” You scoffed and he laughed, keeping his finger on the button so you couldn’t respond to that. “Carl closed the café to help me with the scavenger hunt, the door’s unlocked so just push it open and go inside. Alright?” He asked then answered for you. “Alright. Now forget this number,” he whispered in a threatening tone then chuckled when he saw you laugh. “By that,” he continued, chuckling, “I mean- give the talkie back to Olive.”

“Are you going to make an appearance at all today?” You quizzed then waited for his voice to come through; it didn’t and you huffed. “Chris, are you-” Olive snatched the walkie-talkie out of your hand before you could finish and Chris smiled at her from his car.

“Thanks, bug.” His voice came through and Olive shot you a smug grin. You scoffed with a smile on your face as you shook your head in disbelief; you were glad they got along, but you were starting to think she’d rather be his sister than yours. “Make sure your dumb bum sister goes inside, okay?”

“Aye aye, Cap'n,” she responded and saluted the walkie-talkie; Chris smiled from his car. “You heahd ‘im, Sissy.” You chuckled softly at the way she was copying Chris’ Boston accent, dropping her Rs. “Let’s go in.” Olive placed the walkie-talkie back into the bag then took your hand, tugged on Dodger’s leash, and led the way. Chris waited until the three of you disappeared into the establishment before he moved onto the next location.

Upon entering, fairy lights strung across the ceiling and along the walls lit up as if they were stars in the night sky. Olive gasped then giggled, tugging on your hands excitedly when synthetic snowflakes starting falling. Your smile reached your eyes; you were in awe. How he managed to do something as amazing as make it snow indoors was beyond you, you were just incredibly grateful he was doing it for you.

“It’s a bit much, don’t you think?” You looked up as Sebastian emerged from the back room.

“Seba!” Olive dropped Dodger’s leash and sprinted towards one of yours, and Chris’ best friends.

“Liva!” Sebastian scooped your little sister off the ground as she lept into his arms. As his arms wrapped around Olive, you noticed a traditional Tiffany&Co box in his hand. Your heart skipped a beat because you thought it was a ring box, then you realized it was rectangular and you relaxed; God help Chris if he had Sebastian help him propose. “How’s my favorite little garnish?”

Olive giggled at that, like she always did when Sebastian called her his 'favorite little garnish’; eight year olds found everything funny. “I’m good,” she grinned. “I’m having a lot of fun today, we’re on a scavenger hunt.”

“I can see that,” Sebastian chuckled as he looked over at you; he held out his hand with the box, indicating that the box consisted the next clue. “Your boyfriend really has a lot of time on his hands, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah,” you chuckled as you walked over, “and apparently so does his best friend.” Sebastian chuckled. “What are you doing here, Seb?” You asked as you took the box from him. “Aren’t you meant to be filming 'I, Tonya’?”

“I am,” he nodded. “But Chris’ scavenger hunt made its way to the top of my priority list.” Your eyes narrowed at that and you chuckled. “Just-” he chuckled, interrupting you before you could ask him what was going on. “Stop trying to jump ahead and open the box.”

“You, Olive, and Chris-” You chuckled with a shake of your head as you did as you were told. “You three are so Goddamn bos-” You cut yourself off when your eyes caught the silver necklace lying on the satin material; the airplane pendant dangled off the delicate chain as you gently lifted it from the box. “Oh my God,” your eyes welled with tears, “this is…” You trailed off, thinking back to the time you saw it in the store.

You were in New York for a job and Chris had flown in to spend your birthday with you. You’d just finish dinner at a romantic French restaurant and was walking the bustling streets of New York City when it started snowing. It just so happened that the store you were walking past when the snow started to fall was Tiffany&Co, Chris knew how much you loved Tiffany’s and took you inside. He offered to get you anything you wanted but you didn’t want anything because him being with you was everything, but as you were leaving- you spotted that necklace. That simple and plain necklace- a necklace that didn’t stand out compared to the other intricate pieces- made your heart flutter. It wasn’t because it was special or beautiful, it was because it reminded you that no matter where your jobs sent the two of you, a plane ride would always bring you back together.

“He wrote something in the box,” Sebastian informed you.

You turned the lid over so you could read what your boyfriend had written, you were sure it was another sweet message along with the next clue that would lead you to the next location. You tried not to start crying when you read what he wrote: “Captain America may not be able to fly, but Chris Evans can. No matter where we go, I promise I will always find my way back to you because you are my safe haven, Y/N.”

“I think she’s crying,” you heard Olive whisper into Sebastian’s ear.

“No, I’m not,” you chuckled softly, sniffling and brushing the tears from your eyes.

“And I think she’s ready for the next clue,” Sebastian said to Olive, smiling at you.

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Anon here with the story about working on MLK day and how this woman complained that I must have rung her up incorrectly because her total was too cheap. I can't appreciate her "honesty" or that she "really, really wanted to save [my] ass", if she wasn't paying attention when I made sure her order was correct before she even paid. If it's too cheap, then she can go to another coffee shop where the drinks are more expensive.

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Any predictions for the third book coming out in May?? -p.s. I LOVE YOUR BLOG💕

Not so much predictions as hopes. Things that need to happen in ACOWAR:

  1. Mor and Azriel need to get to it
  2. Lucien needs to restore his persona and (good) friendships
  3. Some sort of great happening where Feyre and Rhys’s abilities are appropriately broadcasted (I’m pretty sure this is going to happen and I’m so ready)
  4. Ianthe needs get the hell out of the picture
  5. Nesta and Cassian
  6. And everyone needs to live


If you’re not sure where to find information on problematic books,

I’m going to once again suggest becoming active on Twitter. 

Additionally, if you’re searching for “proof” that something is problematic, read 1-2 star reviews on goodreads, google “book title + problematic” before asking a marginalized person to do the work for you. 

I know.  I’m a dick.

So on the way out of downtown from my fabulous and long-delayed massage (OMG - I cannot go four years again), this guy in a big-ass late model Suburban (seriously, they’re bigger than some studio apartments), was tailgating me on a city street where the speed limit is 30.  The street has two southbound lanes so he could get around me, but tailgating usually pisses me off and it did again today so I held right at 32 mpg.  He finally showed me who’s boss and shot around me making sure I knew I was a complete loser.  I just thought jeez, I hope that guys gets pulled over.  Jerk wad.  But that never happens and I didn’t think about it again.  Well, until about 3 miles later and waaaay in the distance I see police car lights.  It took awhile to get to the police cruiser, and lo and behold, it was that guy!  Does it make me a bad person to have looked over at him when I passed and make sure he saw me laugh?  Never mind.  I don’t care.  It was such a sweet moment.

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You curse? What about karma, or the 3 fold law?

I’m not wiccan, and karma doesn’t work that way. Besides I’m not doing anything wrong defending someone who needs it.

I don’t curse often, but I’m of the “go big or go home” variety when I do. I usually only curse in situations where I am willing to accept the possibility of it fucking up - as in I still wouldn’t regret it and would still try again if it backfires or something. I’m pretty sure I have only ever cursed abusers who had plenty of chances, it’s the only situation where I’ve been enraged enough to do it. I like to view it as sending their nasty ass negative energy back to where it belongs, honestly.

But yeah, I’ve mentioned my husband’s friend/coworker? The abuser works with both of them. After 3 weeks of seemingly moving on, where he apologized, and they worked together fine as “people who don’t know each other”. He’s filed a bullshit harassment file at work for no reason while sending her threats of rape and violence. Most likely because she started receiving praise for being a good worker.

So yeah, I’m done. He’s getting his ass cursed to the underworld and back. Hopefully his dick falls off.

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One thing that i found funny is that Fizzy and Lottie are suddenly snapping from the public london house again, one of the main reasons i'm sure Louis doesnt live there is that Lottie or Fizzy & her bff stay at the MASTER bedroom when they go there, if Louis lives there his room would be the master bedroom and his sisters would take other rooms, but nope Fizzy, her and Lottie sleep there all the time- also Fizzy bringing tons of friends there, Louis wouldnt allow that if it really was his house

That is 100% not where he lives. They use the house when the girls need a place to stay, when they need to involve a stunt, and when they need to put stuff like is a garage or something

Tabimatsu: Exchanging Tickets Story 2

Story 1 | Story 2 | Story 3

EP 002: KYANPEEN Hajimaru Yo! / キャンペーンはじまるよ!
EP 002: The Campaign Begins!

this is… late… but anyway it’s the continuation of the matsu ticket storyline, so hop on over to story 1 if you want the initial context to what’s going on! since then, it’s been revealed that the new function that they’re adding is a matsu casino where you can use your matsu tickets to gamble

speaking of which, make sure to retweet this tweet if you have a twitter! if we get to 20k retweets before the function is officially added, they’ll be giving us the entire pachinko police set for free! the matsus do talk about this in the actual skit, but I figured you guys would want a link to the actual tweet for convenience ☆

anyway straight man kara returns while ichi from story 1 just mysteriously disappears 

Osomatsu and Todomatsu: B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Big news—!!

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Do you think anyone of the boys would go to a foreign country?? (I mean I'm sure they would but) What countries would they go to?? Would any of them go to a Hispanic/Latinx country (ok this is just for me bc I'm hispanic okay)?? What would they want to see first of a certain country?? Maybe nice sights or food?? I'm sorry if this all over the place

Sen: Long story short, they’d all love to travel. Though this headcanon’s aged up, we had fun doing this. I’ll also leave their favourite places that they’ve travelled to and where they’d like to go. These places are where Yong and I have been to so this list is a bit biased but we preferred to write for what we were comfortable with.

He hasn’t been to many places out of Asia, mostly going to the countries nearby to Japan. He’s open to exploring different cultures but he’s not exactly the most confident when it comes to it. Ushijima’s only really visited countries neighbouring Japan and that’s all.
Favourite: Jeju, South Korea
Future: Nashville, USA

He’s very keen to take pictures and save his amazing memories online to show everyone. Sure there’s a certain pride when posting a picture that gets tons of likes on social media but also, there aren’t that many people he knows that can say they’ve befriended travellers from around the world or try to comprehend the beauty of a rising sun
Favourite: Halong Bay, Vietnam
Future: Siem Reap, Cambodia

He’s learned a bit of the basics of the language to get by but he’s always with a guide and a group so he’s never too troubled. Though he’s very interested in the history behind everything, what he likes the most is the fact that he can collect a lot of souvenirs and display them proudly on his shelves at home.
Favourite: Marrakesh, Morocco
Future: Praslin, Seychelles

”Surely I can get by just by speaking English?” This general assumption gets him stuck when he finds himself in areas where English isn’t a popular spoken language. He’s very curious to experience all the food that can be offered and he’ll eat pretty much anything without reading the labels too. Tendou’s someone who gets to know the nightlife of a city pretty personally as well.
Favourite: Rome, Italy
Future: Misiones, Argentina

He really needs to go somewhere hot where the locals are friendly and things are cheap because you can never trust him alone with money. Goshiki gets lost pretty easily as well so he’s lucky that he’s accompanied by a guide who won’t let him be so easily swayed by vendors and all that. He likes to see animals that aren’t in captivity as well. He cried when he held a tarsier.
Favourite: Bohol, Philippines
Future: Kathmandu, Nepal

He’s travelled a lot with his mother because of her job so travelling actually isn’t that big of a deal for him. The big excursions in a forest or tracing the footsteps of heroes isn’t exactly his idea of a ‘hohliday’ so he’d rather just walk around in a city or just stay in a hotel to look over buildings. Shirabu would do more but he just doesn’t have enough motivation for that.
Favourite: Kowloon, Hong Kong
Future: Vancouver, Canada

The only time he wants to learn will be when he’s free to; holidays to him mean exploring culture and history of wherever he is. True, he doesn’t like places with extreme temperatures but he won’t complain when he’s enthralled by ruins or a museum. Food is great to. Never forget about food with this guy.
Favourite: Istanbul, Turkey
Future: Cusco, Peru

Hook this guy up with a trip where he can enjoy parties and walk along some amazing beaches. When you can score a cheap drink and stumble into a party with locals then you’re gonna find him there. He’s also the type to go waterfall jumping or scuba diving, being the first in his group to take the plunge. Yamagata laughs in the face of fear and greets adventure with warm open arms.
Favourite: Ilha Grande, Brazil
Future: Palawan, Philippines

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20. With Kara x Reader

20. Exhausted parents kiss

Originally posted by dctvladies

Kara crashed onto the couch, right next to you. She covered her face with her hands, exhausted. “Babe, why did we ever think adopting five puppies was a great idea?”

You smiled and brought her hands down. You kissed her cheek. “Because we decided to expand our family and they were going to be killed otherwise.”

Kara sighed. “Right, we really got more than we bargained for.”

You nodded and turned to see the bed where your five children slept. “They’re cute though.”

Kara sat up and watched the puppies. “That they are.”

You turned to Kara, smiling. “I think we make pretty good parents.”

She turned to you. “We do.”

You leaned in and kissed her. You pulled away too soon though, exhausted from running around making sure the apartment was puppy proof and making sure the pups didn’t get hurt. 

Kara saw the look of exhaustion on your face and carried you bridal style to the bedroom. She laid you down and kissed your forehead. “You deserve some sleep.”

You smiled up at her. “We both do,” you said and pulled her down next to you. 

Kara laughed and wrapped her arms around you. “I love being a mom with you  (y/n).” She kissed the back of your head. “Night,” she whispered.

“Night,” you replied. 

As the both of you settled you suddenly heard the soft patterning of paws on the floor. You both woke up and found the puppies had woken up. A groan came out of the two of you and you laid back down in bed. “It’s your turn,” you said as you covered your face with a pillow. 

Kara sighed. “We really thought we could handle five of them.”

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I don't think the episode addresses anything about Kara knowing that Maggie knows. Also if you're still taking prompts, how about something where Kara and Maggie interact? Or a double date between Kara/Lena and Maggie/Alex?

So this one takes place after the first chapter!

 Kara Has a Date - Eyes Like Kryptonite Ch. 37

Read it on AO3 -

“Whoa, Kara, are you okay?” Maggie looks concerned as Kara lowers herself into one of the chairs at the DEO computer station.

It’s kind of weird, when she had left to go to Barry’s universe, she was supposed to be all ‘I’m Alex’s sister and you hurt her so therefore I don’t like you’; but now Alex and Maggie were dating, and she wasn’t exactly sure where that left her.

And frankly, she was a little too distracted to figure it out.

“Yeah, no, I’m fine.“

“You don’t really look fine.” Maggie’s hand came up as if to touch Kara’s forehead but then she must have thought better of it because it dropped back down to her side.

“Should I get Alex?”

“No!” Kara says a little to forcefully. “I mean, no, thank you. I don’t really think she needs to deal with what I have going on on top of all of her  … . self-discovery.“

She waves a hand in Maggie’s direction and it probably comes out a little more dismissive than she means it to, but she isn’t exactly thinking straight.

Maggie’s back straightens and her eyes harden and -

Yep, that definitely came out wrong.

“Do you have a problem with Alex being gay?”


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Hey Freelee, not sure if you've seen the whole Tana Mongeau drama going on where she's basically exposed for being a liar like you said almost a year ago and EVERYONE attacked you for it. Now that she's FULLY exposed with NO way to save herself, how do you feel about that? I've ALWAYS known there was truth to what you said!!! She deserves the mess she's going through honestly. When one digs a grave, one must lay in it and pull the dirt in after.

Spot on! In time the truth is *always* revealed. Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. - Buddha. Another thing to remember is that those who constantly lie end up forgetting their own lies and destroy themselves in the process.

Fanwork Appreciation Day

So it’s apparently Fanwork Appreciation Day in big bold letters and I don’t know where to start omg. I could just link the entire Stormpilot/Jedistormpilot tag on ao3 since that would probably be easier. Like there’s so much good work out there, so many fics that I always think about and come back to. So I’m going to try and list my continuing fave authors (and an artist!) on here, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up forgetting somebody at some point.

I suppose the first one is obviously @animalasaysrauer or TuppingLiberty on ao3. Just about everything she touches turns into something incredible, but her Organa’s Organics series is so long and heartfelt and incredible. Idk how she got me with a farming au but she got me.

@beautifullights1 is honestly the best commenter you want on a fic, but anyway. The everyone has scars series keeps tricking me into rereading bits and pieces of it again and again. Like it accidentally became a permanent fixture in my ever growing Stormpilot library and I don’t know how it got there or when but it’s there now and it’s never leaving.

@nekosmuse is hard to forget because she showed up like in the middle of the year like a whirlwind just like “SHOW ME EVERYTHING” and then she started writing and Superluminal Motion ruined my life. I’ve been waiting for a really good “Finn gets reconditioned in the FO again” fic and WOW this is it this is everything omg.

@cha-llamala aka QianLan is a difficult mess because EVERYTHING is so good and she writes so so so so much and it’s all SO good like I’m here for every second of it. Okay here just go read Bound (handcuffed together) and Kill Shot (assassin turns bodyguard) and Magic (werecreature soulmate thing ????) and just get back to me when you can okay. I think about these ALL the time. Just. Okay.

@imaginarygolux … AHHHHHHHHHH okay there’s a lot. there’s a whole lot. it’s okay. I would be absolutely lying if I said I didn’t remember her solely as the author of the Fractured Fairy Tale AU’s which is exactly what it sounds like but there’s also Morning Glories about all sorts of morning sex and Life Debt about a life debt duh and The Emperor and his Consort omg and and Like Attracts Like where they can’t get too far from one another and and seriously, read everything.

@topographical-map-of-utah is another one of my fave authors that I accidentally found on tumblr one day (yay) but I don’t know where to start. Go read the Along Came Baby series which is a modern baby au and the first fic is so good honestly but anyway go read that to start off with and then read all the others and then we’ll talk. Oh oh and Catch of the Day about mer!Poe. It’s a wip but AHHHHHHHHHHHH etc.

There’s a lot of fanart out there but I love @saraduvall and her Witch AU so much that I ended up writing a fic about it and I’m seriously considering updating.

There are so many great works that are stand alones or by authors that I don’t know. It would take a few days for me to make a whole new rec list of amazing fics because there’s so many. What I listed here is from people that I know are on tumblr, people who are awesome and deserve all the love in the world. I know there’s a lot of people out there that I know on tumblr and ao3 but I don’t realize that they’re the same person or something???? that happens a lot. So if I had the time to do research and include everyone, I would. So thank you to all the authors and artists and folks out there who MAKE these incredible things FOR FREE just all the time and are absolutely great people. Also, equally important, a big thank you to all of the consumers of said fics and art and what not, to all the commenters and leavers of kudos, we love you.

AHHHHH I love you all okay I’m done.
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Dex isn’t quite sure what’s happening.

He knows where he is, sure, and he knows who he’s with. He’s standing in the Haus kitchen, covered in flour because he’d decided that today he was going to be adventurous and tackle pie making without Bitty there to supervise, and he knows that Nursey is there with him because up until a moment ago they were having some stupid argument about lord knows what, Dex can’t even remember because frankly these days they fight more as something to do than for any real malicious reason. Everything seems normal.

Except for the part where Nursey’s kissing him. That’s not normal at all.

They are already looking exhausted and there’s half an episode left. I’m not liking where this is going.

Yang is about to learn that the only reason to have interns is to make them do the work you don’t want to do.


I’m pretty sure “I want to find my lost mom after I found out my other mom wasn’t my real mom.” is not the answer Oobleck is looking for.

Interesting and it fits her character so far. But is that the entire reason?