Welcome home (Jack Request)

“Yeah so I think we’re just gonna head to the shopping centre now” You explain to your vlogging camera.
“Girly shopping trip!“ Your friend grins, poking her head into the back of the vlog.
She also was a YouTuber though never vlogged and she had been very adamant that you take your camera with you today.
“Its already twelve o'clock” she points out, “time for lunch soon!”
“I’m sure your life orientates around food” You laugh and she turns into the first shop you were going in to, Superdry.
“Ooh this is cute!” Your friend points out, picking up a floral skirt you really had no interest in.
Instead you walked over to their sport range and had a look for a new pair of joggers and shorts you had been wanting for a while.
After some time of looking in here, you both go into TopShop where your friend insists on you trying on a dress even though she knew they weren’t really your style. You reluctantly give in and go to the changing rooms to put on the Burgundy skater dress that had cut out lines either side and came down to above your knee.
“You have have have to buy it!” She grins, vlogging you with your camera
“What am I ever gonna wear it for?” You question, turning to look at the behind of it.
“You’ll find something soon enough” She grins cheekily, “Now buy it and we’ll go eat because I’m starving”
You brush your hands over the material, Jack would love it. And you couldn’t wait to see him again. Recently, he had been travelling with the boys, doing things for YouTube and generally just not being back in London. You loved that he was enjoying himself but missed him more than you ever thought possible. 3 more weeks. 21 more days.
The pair of you buy your new item and head across to where your friend was again determined to make you go to Nandos even if you had to walk for like 5 minutes.
She still had your camera and when you got to the doors, she pulled it out and began filming.
” why are you filming?“ You frown questioningly, expecting something scary to jump out at you as a prank.
“Go inside” She smiles and you cautiously do as she says.
The restaurant was fairly empty besides the odd group that all seemed to be situated in the same area, leaving one half completely free.
Soon enough, Conor’s familiar voice can be heard singing the lyrics to Crash which everyone knew was one of your favourites from his covers album.
And this left you more confused. That’s when you saw him. Not Conor. Not Joe or Caspar or Oli. Not Josh or Mikey. But Jack. Your boyfriend. A smile on his face and one simple red rose held between his fingers. A tan graced his skin and made his eyes look even more piercing. The guy you were in love with.
In seconds you ran straight for him, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. With ease he lifts you from the floor with strong arms around your waist. You burrow your head into his neck and tears build in your eyes. For a single moment, you realised how much you had actually missed him. You couldn’t have lasted another 3 weeks.
“Well looks like they missed each other” Mikey laughs.
You finally stop yourself crying and pull your head back slightly.
“Aww babe don’t cry” He chuckles, lowering you to the floor. The pads of his thumbs graze lightly across your dampened cheeks and stop on your jaw, tilting your head up slightly and pressing his lips to yours. Your most perfect kiss.
You both pull back and his forehead rests against yours, “I missed you” He mumbles
“You don’t say” You laugh, kissing him again, “Why the hell didn’t you tell me you were home?”
“I didn’t have a video idea for this week” He chuckles.
You roll your eyes and hear the boys laugh.

#32 The Unsaid Arrangement (Harry Styles)

Prenups, marriage and love

Also, I lost all my requests so, if you guys had any, please let me know?

“No, I’ll manage it. Thank you,” I smiled at the shop owner even though, I was dreading it inside.

Taking the tube back home, I calculated all my accounts in my mind wondering where I was going wrong in my accounts. I was sure that, I was miscalculating somewhere. After paying my rent for the month, I was worried because I had my loans lined up so, my monthly spending was going to get reduced.

It was always difficult to do that. With my fiancé, who loved visits to the cafe now and then, and I, refusing him to pay the bill every time, working with turns or 50-50. I wasn’t living with him, not yet. And money had been something that we never discussed, though, and I felt it was going to be. I earned pretty well for a woman my age in my career line. Better than most, actually but, it didn’t match up to the lived lifestyle of Harry Styles. I had been very clear about the bills from the start. I didn’t like favours. Other than that, he labelled anything expensive he bought for me as a gift which was only allowed on special occasions.

I was going to start living with him. It would be his property and his earnings, how was it going to work? Would my lifestyle then, change? Would I be expected to spend lavishly because I couldn’t afford the brand?

I was staying over at his place today. It was a mansion with him only staying there and, he hated it. Tricking me to stay at his place now and then, was usual and I made him stay at mine. Although we wanted to say love was everything, it wasn’t. Money played a role, and I was worried, it would cause issues with us because I didn’t know how to work with it.

“Hello Mason, how are you?” I asked his house server.

“I’m good, Madame. Sir, is on the balcony on the top floor,” He nodded closing the door.

Harry stood, half naked on the balcony reading on his phone, “You’ll get specs soon if you don’t change this habit,” I told him pulling the phone away from his face. He smiled and threw his phone on the couch and picked me up in his arms.

“Hi,” He whispered against my lips.

“Hello,” I kissed him back.

“How was your day?” He asked, pulling me inside the house.

“Okay,” I sighed resting my head against his chest, as we cuddled in the bed.

After a while of just talking and eating snacks prepared by Mason who was amazing at it, Harry pulled out a bottle of wine.

“My manager called today,” He said.

“Hmm,” I hummed taking a sip.

“He wants us to sign a prenup,” He said, sitting down beside me.

“A prenup?” I asked. I didn’t know what to think of it. It wasn’t an absurd idea.

“Hear me out?” He looked at me with hope.

“I’ll sign it,” I told him, picking up another cheese cube.

“Babe-” He sighed.

“No really, I don’t have any issues. I have read about them, and it makes sense,” I told him.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” He blurted out.

“Why?” I asked, frowning.

“Firstly, what’s mine is yours, and secondly, it’s like signing divorce papers before we get married,” He argued.

“Well, not really. It’s precautionary,” I told him.

“Precautionary, that we will get a divorce?” He said, not squinting his eyes.

“You know right, Marriage is patriarchal, and a screwed up concept and divorce rates are very high? It’s something to do with people can’t commit and so on…”

“But, I am committed to you, for the last four years and will be! That means there won’t be an issue!” He looked at me with big eyes.

“You know, you earn way more than me. And, it’s a safe bet, I don’t mind signing. I wouldn’t want anything from you,” I explained.

“What?” He looked shocked and moved away.

“What happened?” I asked but, he just shifted away.

“I earn more because it comes with my job. The outcomes are more if it works out. And what do you mean, you wouldn’t want anything? What if I want something!” He asked.


“No, this is an issue for you, right? That my money isn’t yours but, it is. We are going to get married. Do You want to pay me rent ? Buy groceries? No. Whatever comes from both of us comes into this house that we use together! Stop this nonsense of I can’t use yours. I love you, and I know you love me, and I want you to have all the comforts that I can afford not wondering about how much it costs because we are fortunate enough to have it!” He screamed.

“Harry, I didn’t…”

“No! What if, all this that I have goes away? What if my career gets destroyed which is, by the way, a possibility, and I have to start all over again, would you not be here to support me financially? Or would we be playing, this is mine, and that is yours?” His hands held my arms, holding me.

“I’d support you, obviously,” I was crying now. I couldn’t help it.

“This marriage for me is not a transaction deal, even though it’s patriarchal and all your other reasons but, this is making you mine in every way possible and me, yours. That means what mine is yours, and we help control each other, from going too far. I have never thought like that; I don’t want you thinking like that.” He got up and walked away, leaving me alone in the room.

Was everything that I was thinking wrong till now? I wasn’t with him for his bank account but, for who he was and, that’s why I was so clear not to do anything that would be close to even using him. But, I was using him, I was using his heart to be mine in all ways, I was using his time that he spent with me and money was just another factor. I had to stop thinking this way. He was right. Everything wasn’t about this.

I found him standing near the bench in the courtyard, near the pool. He was staring into the water when I slowly walked behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, helpless to the tears falling down.

“I didn’t expect you to agree. I thought we were going to have a good laugh over it,” He said, not turning back.

“I’ve been insecure. I don’t want to be labelled as a gold digger or whatever people call these days and…”

“I thought, you didn’t care what people think?” He snapped.

I shivered, “I don’t but, I don’t know…I love you. I know that. I want to marry you, and I know that, and I love you,” I said, against his back, holding him tight.

“Since we are having this conversation, I paid off all your loans,” He said, “Right now. Now, you have no escape.”

“What!” I pulled away. “No, no, what are you saying?” I ran up the stairs to where my phone was kept.

Checking through my emails, I had an update from the bank. “You fucking bastard! That was my responsibility! My loans! Why would you do that? I was saving up for it!” I hit him.

“It’s done now!” he said, with no expression on his face. “I don’t want my fiancé working with tension when I can take care of it. So, it’s done!”

I pushed him again, but he didn’t budge. He then held my wrist his grasp and pushed me towards the bed. “You can pay me back? I’d like it in kind, though,” He said, putting his weight on top of me.

“I’m very self righteous Harry, and I can’t deal with this,” I told him.

“So, pay me back? I’d like a marriage and you letting me give you the best wedding even though, I know, capitalism. I want a happy marriage where we don’t have issues like this? I don’t want you to even think something like a divorce exists because it doesn’t. And, I have a lot more requests, and we can spend our life like that, but this shouldn’t come between us,” He kissed down my neck and kept his head on my chest, not letting me go. “I know, you feel uncomfortable but, we’ll adjust. I love you too.”

What do you think about this one?




Dear Everyone,

I see a lot of people on my dash today who look like they’re having a bad week.  (Yes, I’m talking about you.  And you.  You, too, in the back, hissing under the blanket.)  I may not know you well, and I am shy and maybe don’t know your situation, so I’m not sure exactly what to say, in a one-on-one way.

But I want you to know that I’m thinking about you and that I’m wishing you the best.  That I hope whatever’s troubling you resolves itself.  That whatever strength you need, you find inside yourself.  That you come upon a stable, safe place to stand that will let you gather your wits and get your feet under you again.  That you find the path to where you need to go, to make that decision that’s been haunting you, to take that leap that’s been scaring you, and/or to get out of the unsafe situation you’re in.  That you find the help you need, when you need it.  That you can move forward, or let go of the past, or stretch your wings, or just rest.  Whatever you need, to get through today.

I am thinking of you and wishing you well.  And I’d like to remind you that there are fuzzy kitties, bumbly puppies, beautiful sunsets, warm blankets on cold rainy afternoons, and that the sun will rise tomorrow, with a new day full of possibilities, all for you.


Synergy ran down the hall. Hopefully the principal was messing around and wasn’t actually mad at Aura palm-er, Aleksey. He was pretty sure professors used their actual names in Japan. In America, a lot of heroes used their hero names to teach. It was a fun time. A lot of students were even encouraged to wear their own costumes to class. Was that a thing in Japan as well? Nonetheless, simply bringing his costume in a dufflebag and wearing normal clothing was always a good call in these situations.

“Man, I should really find time to call my classmates and see how-”

 He began to slow to a jog as he realized something important. 

“Oh god, where do I go? I thought they had practice courts and stuff in here? Or are those off campus? Oh geez-”

He nearly stopped himself from mowing down the person in front of him but at the last second his body settled for awkwardly pushing them to the side. 

“Oh, uh, my bad ma’am. You alright?”

Best of Wives and Best of Women

(A @hamil-tots fic. Originally I was going to make it so that Alexander was switching schools completely, but that was too sad even for me. (And I love sad stuff) So instead Alex is just going away for a week, which is hard enough as it is when you’re a kid. I’m not sure how it is when you’re five, but my baby cousin is 2 and you can tell him all you want “I’m leaving, I won’t see you again” and he’ll say OK, then five minutes after you’re gone he’s asking where you are. So anyways)

“Dear Betsey,

My family is going on vacation for a week upstate and we’re leaving today. I’m leaving school early and won’t see you for a long time. But I don’t want you to be sad without me, so remember that in seven days I’ll be back. We can count the days together.

You are the best girl I’ve ever met,


Alex balanced Philip on his lap as he wrote out his note on construction paper, with a blue crayon. He wanted to write the note in Eliza’s favorite color. He knew that he should’ve told Eliza that he was leaving in person, but he was too scared that they would both get sad. He was just signing his name when he heard someone stir behind him. The rest of the class was napping and Mr. Washington let him stay up to write a goodbye. Alex flipped the paper over and turned around quickly to see who was getting up, and stood up when he saw it was Eliza.

“Alex? You should be napping.” she said, rubbing her eye sleepily.
“I’m going home early today, my mom’s going to pick me up.” Alex replied.
“But…it’s still nap time.” Eliza said.
“I know.” Alex said quietly. “I was just writing something down.”
Eliza looked over at the table. “Why do you write so much? We don’t even have writing homework tonight.”
Alex pulled Eliza into a hug with Philip squished in between them. “Shh.” He said quietly.
“What’s wrong with you? Just come back to sleep.” Eliza said.
“I’m going home early.” Alex repeated.
Eliza shook her head. “Well, I’m going to go back to sleep.” She said, pulling out of the hug.

Alex hesitated then stepped forwards. “Hey wait!” He said. Eliza turned around and Alex handed Philip over to her, letting her take him. “Keep him for me.” He said.
Eliza looked down at Philip and held him by a paw. “…ok.” She said.
“I wish all girls were like you.” Alex said.
Eliza smiled softly. “Really?” She asked.
“Uh huh. You’re the best one I’ve ever met.” He said.
Eliza smiled and got back under her covers, cuddling up to Philip. Alex turned around and flipped his paper back over, finishing up his note. When he was done he folded it in half and stuck it in Eliza’s cubby, on top of her backpack, and then Mr. Washington walked him outside to wait for his mother with him.

The Mummy - Prologue

Rating: M (to be safe; gore, language)
Main Pairing: Kristanna
Summary:  Hamunaptra. A place filled with history, legends and mystery. A place Anna Arendelle had only dreamed of finding since she was a little girl. When it seems faith supplies her with the opportunity to find this hidden city, she jumps head first at the chance to find it. But a revengeful mummy, an apocalyptic curse, a deadly adventure (and possibly love) where not exactly on her list of things to discover.

NOTE: The summary is crap, I know, oops lol anyways, the muse has finally tugged me hard enough to start this bugger? Idk when I will update? Maybe weekly? Not completely sure, but this is definitely happening. I can’t stand it any longer. It is going to follow the movie a good bit, some dialogue changes, some different perspectives possibly, but still pretty much the same. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this adventure :) [also, I could not find a good replacement for Hans name that was as cool as Imhotep’s so I apologize for the lack of creativity/coolness there lol] 

Thebes – 2,134 BC

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Something to remember: People will hate a series because of a ship. Just saying. They really will.

“I don’t hate it because my ship didn’t happen. I hate it because–”

No. A ship is probably behind it. It makes them have a bitter disposition and they pick apart other things to rationalize the fact they are mad or sad over their ship. Even subconsciously. Because it’s hard to like a series where you feel that glaring thing that doesn’t fit in your perceived range of a “good.” Every. Single. Fandom. Does this. It’s like people who say “I don’t gossip.” You know that shit ain’t true. Everybody gossips.

“Inconsistent” tends to mean character development btw. People grow.

So, before you guys start getting worried over Empire of Storms, read it.

Also, a thing to note: Sarah J. Maas probably knew very well she was going to get hate. Very well, I’m sure she knew. She was prepared and she is a Queen. Throw her your love anyway though.

anonymous asked:

How hard is it to create a fantasy saga without a clear defined bad guy to be defeated?

Well, it is difficult, because fantasy is a genre where antagonists are expected. But if you are creative, you don’t have to have an antagonist at all. It will just take a little bit more work and a lot more thought to figure out a way to write something interesting. 

My first thought was to write a family saga, actually. These are common in fiction and could be interesting translated into a fantasy saga if done right. Another approach would be to do a fantasy saga where a powerful force of nature was the “villain.” Or where a strong supernatural force was the “villain” and your heroes had to figure out the problem and stop it. These are just a few thoughts - I’m sure there are a lot more ways to go with it. 

Sex with Mino means

What would sex be like with Song Mino? Hehehe

A/N: this was a wild ride but i kind of loved writing it? i wouldn’t be opposed to more requests like this when i open requests again! anyway i hope you enjoy!

  • i feel like mino is all about touch
  • like sure it’s nice that you’re naked in bed with him but he wants to run his hands over you he doesn’t just wanna look at you
  • he’s very much the type where he partially gets off on touching your body
  • more than that i feel like he gets off on seeing you get off so 9 times out of 10 he’s gonna finger you or go down on you or a little of both
  • and he takes his time with it too like he wants a show it’s not just something he has to get out of the way
  • there’s always an odd time when he’s tired from work or whatever and he lets you take control 
  • and he just lays back and let you ride him
  • but most of the time he likes to be in control just because he likes to set the pace and make sure you come too
  • asking whether he enjoys oral is honestly not even a question like he LOVES seeing you go down on him
  • he straight up has to close his eyes most of the time because just the image of you on his dick like that is enough to send him over the edge
  • he’s very into encouraging dirty talk like he isn’t gonna call you a slut or whatever but he’ll be like “that’s good baby like that”
  • or “you feel so good baby”
  • or “i love your mouth on me baby”
  • i feel like he’s a soft dude outside the bedroom so even though he’s great in bed he’s never gonna be into the really dirty talk bc that’s just not him
  • but that’s not say he’s not capable of being rough
  • because he totally is
  • and afterward he’s definitely a naked cuddling type of guy like he just wants you to lay on him and feel you panting and worn out and hold you
  • because it’s not only a testament to how good he was to feel you exhausted and unwilling to move but also he just doesn’t want to let go of you yet

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So is the SakuOro in reverse going to be a slightly twisted au of snake in a grass where tsunade never came back and Oro never catches onto the Danzo thing and before Oro and sakumo could get together, sakumo dies. At this point I'm pretty sure I would kill a man for domestic sakumo, Oro, and Kakashi interactions. Also I would love sibling kabuto Kakashi interactions in reverse.

Mmm. Not exactly? I don’t want to give stuff away too much, because it ties into upcoming plot twists, but Sakumo is brought back for an entirely different reason than you’re probably thinking. There’s going to have been a past crush/admiration on Orochimaru’s part (mildly, at least), which is one of the motivating factors, but…aargh. I want to give it all away, but suffice it to say PLOT HAPPENS. 


Right. I have a few more little travelling adventures coming up soon, but first up I’m actually off to Romania from 10th September. WiFi is very difficult to get ahold of where I’m going (and DEFINITELY no 4G!) so I’ll be having to sign off.

My idea is that you guys could send some drabble/headcanon requests in the next couple days which gives me time to write as many as possible and then queue them to post while I’m away! My inbox will be open for requests until Monday 29th August (ie you have the whole weekend!)

So, send me a number or two and a character (Absolutely anything Marvel or Supernatural!) and I’ll queue it for sometime when I’m away!

1) “I found it like that!”

2) “Where the hell are you?”

3) “Every girl’s handbag should have a [object of your choice here].”

4) “I’ll take a double shot.”

5) “What was that!?”

6) “It’s the only way.”

7) “In my defence- Okay, I have no defence”

8) “Does it come in black?”

9) “Raise a glass…”

10) “Fair warning, it’s sharp.”

11) “Do I even want to know?”

12) “Just keep smiling.”

13) “What’s the worst that could happen?”

14) “I’m not threatening, I’m promising.”

15) “That must’ve hurt.”

16) “Just pretend. Quickly.”

17) “I thought you two were an item.”

18) “Funny story… it’s gone.”

19) “Is that the best you could come up with?”

20) “Shut up.”

21) “Well would you look at what the cat dragged in.”

22) “I’m going to need at least 50 showers.”

23) “Karma’s a bitch.”

24) “Do you remember me?”

25) “You’re such a dork.”

26) “I did not need to know that.”

27) “A one-way ticket…”

28) “I was worried sick.”

29) “You have no idea.”

30) “Why are you in my bedroom?!”

i was just looking through the folder on my laptop where i saved all the art any of you guys have made for me whether it was for a fic i wrote, a drawing of me, or something random that you thought i’d like. i have all of them and i looked through that folder tonight and felt so many emotions–nostalgia, happiness, longing, humbled, and loads of other feelings i can’t even describe. there are pictures drawn of me and justin as super heroes and some incredibly gorgeous pieces for resistance and paperboy, and really flattering drawings of how you guys see me as a person through my selfies. i kind of want to cry because i love that folder so much and it just reminds me of everything you all have done for me and how i can never even begin to repay you, but i want each and everyone of you to know that i love and appreciate everything you’ve ever drawn or done for me. i can’t even thank you guys enough and i’m just really happy because if it wasn’t for dan and phil i never would have had the chance to talk to you guys and who knows where i would be.

so, thank you everyone, for every drawing you’ve made whether you have submitted it to me, tagged me in it, or even keep it to yourself. just know that i do save them and look at them and love them dearly, moreso than i could ever make anyone understand

Imagine Dean worried and not knowing where you went.

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

“Where the hell did you go?” He growled out as he stormed towards you. You grinned widely as you set your helmet down, making sure your motorcycle was fine before heading inside Bobby’s house.

“I just went for a spin, Dean. I was climbing walls, babe,”

“Don’t babe, me! I was worried, you didn’t leave a note or anything,” Turning to look at his pouting expression, jaw tense as he glared at you although the worry was clearly there. Cooing softly, you wrapped your arms around his neck, planting a soft kiss on his lips.

“I’m sorry, babe. I should have told you, forgive me?” Fluttering your eyelashes up at him, he groaned in defeat at the puppy eyes you had mastered so well because of Sam.

“You’re going to kill me one of these days, sweetheart,” he grumbled, ignoring the way you giggled at him as he made his way to the kitchen for a beer.

Cuteness Contest (Sonamy in all universes)
  • Modern Sonamy:So wait.. this is a cuteness competition? How do we even..? -awkwardly move hands, not sure where to go or what to do before Amy just dashes into his arms and he awkwardly freezes- (10 points)
  • Archie Sonamy:Hey, so, points are based on cuteness, that should be simple. Let's get them all!... i-implying that you can compliment me or make some cute gesture while I smile and laugh. (5 points)
  • Classic Sonamy:-Look at each other, shrugs, Sonic turns away, she wants him to participate so she pokes him- (1 point) -he gets upset she poked him so he pokes her back.- (1 point) -they notice the points are going up and they start slowly poking each other- (1 point) (1 point) (1 point) -they start to rapidly have a poke war- (1 point)(1 point)(1 point)(1 point)(1 point)(1 point)(1 point) -Sonic accidentally pokes her eye, she starts to tear up, he panics and tries to calm her down by poking her more but she keeps crying- (1)- (1)- (1)-
  • Sonic X Sonamy:-flips out a rose and Amy gasps- (100 Points)
  • Sonic Boom Sonamy:Pizza! Pizzazz! (3 points)
  • Fleetway Sonamy:I'm so done with this. -about to get up- Wait! -grabs hand, long intense dramatic stare- (5 points)
  • Manga Sonamy:I love you, Nikki! I like you too, Emi... -blushes- (10000000000000000000 points)
  • Fanfiction Sonamy:-flips off the gloves- Whelp. (∞ points)

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I just wanted to give you a high-five for being an inclusive Arrow blog. I'm sure you're aware of how hostile certain fans can be to other fans who share a love of a certain pairing, and that the hostility often takes a very misogynistic tone, with hatred towards the ship, the female character, and shippers in general making things ugly-- hence the retreat toward Tumblr, where the rhetoric doesn't get as nasty. I've done academic work on gender in fandom, and you guys win at being fans.

This is amazing, thank you so much!! We know that people from all sides of the Arrow ‘fan spectrum’ have dealt with harassment, misogyny, etc., so we go out of our way to try and make this a clean corner of the fandom (and the Internet as a whole). I’m so glad to hear that we’ve been fairly successful in that - especially from someone as informed and awesome as you, Anon. Thanks again for this message, it made our day! :)

- alyssa

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Not gonna lie I really look up to you and your actor and HT AUs are amazing and make me wanna post info about my AU but I'm maybe very anxious and worried that it's lame BUT YOURS ARE AMAZING

I’m sure your AU ideas are amazing, anon!

I have the same worries as you to be honest, I’m always worried that my ideas are lame and that people don’t like them and regret ever talking about them in the first place

But you know, there are just days where you gotta go “Screw it, if I like it I’m doing it” and just work with it!

And you never know, other people might see and come to love your ideas :)