tbh the thing with updates like this is that they shouldnt be full-on forced no-going-back on everyone. 

It should be a fricking toggle. A setting. 

Sure make the new thing the default setting but you should be able to choose which way you want it to look! And then maybe if the stats show that one of the settings is not used at all then delete it? But I see some people like the update and some hate it and both would be satisfied if they could choose.

At least have a transitional period where you allow people to try out the new thing, gather the feedback, improve the thing and finally when you’re certain the thing is positively received only then enforce it on everyone.

anonymous asked:

I always see people that are shocked receipts exist but that pictures haven't surfaced. I am sure that HL are very selective in where they choose to go as a couple and act like a couple. When they're out, they're just Louis and Harry. Two guys in a relationship. They're not pop star 1 and pop star 2. They blend in very easily, and even if people recognize them they respect them enough not to take creepy pictures. And that makes me very happy.


When they go out together I doubt they’re in Harry Styles ™ and Louis Tomlinson ™ gear…they’re just guys in their early 20s, they blend in easily.

addictedstilltheaddict asked:

So you may have heard that AO3 is down. There's a bunch of board tumblr users out there. I'm not saying I'm ready to shoot at the walls yet... But it would be lovely if you would tell us a cute/funny story about Sherlock.

Ao3?  Is that the place where they host all the fanfiction?  This sounds serious! 😉

A cute story about Sherlock, let me see…

Oh, I know one!!  

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multinipple asked:

Hi Dante! My name is Mollie and it would mean a lot to me if you would answer this message (I'd probably print it out and hang it somewhere) . I really admire your work and a friend of mine who's met you in person tells me you're very fun to be around irl! I'm also fun to be around irl, but statistically we're never going to physically meet.

hello mollie… thanks for digging my work and where did i meet your friend? but hopefully we get to meet someday. statistically, huh? I believe anything is possible! I just randomly ran into my friend from LA in a mall in Hong Kong, I don’t know what the chances of that are… so, i’m sure i’ll see you soon!

la-fille-de-berlin asked:

Do you have any thing you do to motivate yourself if you get stuck in a rut? X

Right now, straight up, I’m in a little bit of a rut. I’m not sure exactly where my career is going, my days seem eerily similar, and I’ve had such a mix of highs and lows professionally that it makes me question just exactly where I will end up in life. 

Nobody is harder on myself about this than me. Small bumps seem like straight up failures, boring days seem life wasting, and days without any change makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry until I’m somehow transported back to 20, wide-eyed, hopeful, and doing it all over, differently. 

But here is what you have to realize: you are not only the hardest on yourself, but the more you are hard on yourself, the less your life will change. The more upset I get about no forward movement means I am not making the moves toward that forward movement.  It means I am spending more time being hard on myself than getting stuff done. The more time I spend feeling bad about myself, the less time I am writing, working, hustling, and sparking change.

We are at this age where we are no longer drowning. We can see above the water, which means we can breathe a little better but also see where everybody else is swimming. It means we start to compare where others are, where we feel like we should be, and be jealous and itchy and irritated that we aren’t farther ahead. This kind of distraction can make us…stop swimming. And when you stop swimming, you get pulled back into the current. You miss opportunities. 

And maybe there aren’t too many at the moment. That’s okay, too. All you have to do to get out of a rut is keep going. Keep going any little or big way you can. Take twenty minutes if you can to do something that makes you feel like progress, whether it’s cleaning your room or writing or applying for a new job or going for a run. Keep your head above the water and your feet paddling, and before you know it, you just might find yourself in a different, more wonderful, part of life.

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Practice Reckless Hypocrisy - Hannah Harts new motto. I get that mistakes are made but an innocent sweet loving dog is left without a home because of their choices. I've been disappointed in her before but this time I think I'm actually done. How about practice what you preach? I am heart broken for Ollie and just so disappointed in Hannah.

I am going to tread really carefully here, because you know, this is pure speculation/none of our actual business, so there is no need to be rude.

I am not sure whether you can speak of ‘mistakes’ and ‘choices’? First of all, I don’t think anyone knows what’s actually happened to Ollie. Ollie was definitely very much wanted. Then life happened. I don’t think it has a lot to do with choices as much as necessities. I doubt either party wanted things to end this way where Ollie is concerned, but as far as convenience goes - Hannah is on the move, a lot. Ollie needed a lot of love and care and training, and I think it’s very likely Hannah could not do it on her own. In that aspect, getting Ollie another home is perhaps the most gracious solution, for Ollie’s sake.

On top of that, from an emotional point of view, maybe there were a lot of memories related to Ollie and certain relationships. Maybe it was too hard. Maybe both parties wanted the dog, maybe neither party could take care of Ollie the way she deserved to be taken care of, and maybe her actual (ex) owners are more heart broken for her than you, or anyone in this community, is.

At the end of the day, I think everyone wanted the best for that dog, and I am fully convinced that wherever Ollie is right now, she’s happy, and loved. And on that note, that’s all I am ever going to say about Ollie, ever again. We all know how much I respect/admire both of her (ex) owners, and I feel that implying either of them deliberately made choices that harmed that dog, are incredibly crude and petty.

Also the fact certain tags are now so full of it that it causes someone to update Ollie’s Twitter to reassure a community that’s partly being supportive and partly being exceptionally rude that the dog is going to be okay. Please, please give some consideration and contemplate whether adding onto an existing issue is important at all. Let’s not forget this is/was the pet of two ‘strangers’. They don’t owe anyone explications as to what happened in their private lives, with their pet, with their anything. Please show some respect. I’ll miss Ollie as much as the next person, but that baby needs stability, and I think she’ll get that now.

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Hey I'm a 13 yr old studyblr ( we exsist XD ) and school starts in a week. Do you have any tips on how to prepare before school starts?

  • Know the basics. Get your timetable, know when and where your classes are.
  • Do you need take a lunch to school? What will you take?
  • Have a good bag; it should be sturdy enough to hold your books, food, etc.
  • Get a good water bottle and always take it to school.
  • Are you going to take notes on loose paper or notebooks? Make sure that you have enough of whichever technique you choose.
  • Make sure that you have all the stationery you need.
  • How are you getting to school? 
    • If you’re walking, do you know the route?
    • Do you know how long it will take?
  • Does the school have a uniform?
    • Do you have everything that you need?
    • If not, do you know the school clothing policy?
  • Do you have a good planner?
    • Make sure that you write everything down to help stay on track.
  • Do you have a good study space?

fenharelwin asked:

When I saw that the Qunari were using the Eluvians, the first person I blamed was Briala trusting someone she shouldn't have, even though I know a lot of people are blaming Fen'Harel.

I’m not sure who is to blame honestly, I mean there are a lot of people who are still out for the Inquisitor for any number of reasons and too many people know the secrets behind the Eluvians to point fingers. It could even be a demon or “God” who gave them the knowledge.

Or it could even be that Fen’Harel did the thing again, where he was trying to do good but it didn’t go quite as he planned. Perhaps Solas needed the Eluvians open again, hoping the Crossroads would discourage or turn on the Qunari and instead they are using it to go after the Inquisitor.

It’s…tough to lay blame with anyone right now with so little information.

The only thing I do know for sure is that the Arishok (Sten) isn’t responsible for any of it. He is leader of the Ariqun, but the Ben Hassrath (aka the assassin’s coming for the Inquisitor) are led by the Arigena and always led by a woman.

This week was a heavy episode!

Okay so Yukika was super cute in this episode.

And Suna was literally dazzling the audience

The group date was also super cute

They even held hands for a moment

And she got to show off how smart she was.

Takeo went full American. More gorilla comparisons

And this is the point where my heart started breaking for her.

He returned the favor though

I don’t think it’s that kinda of anime Yukika (not that I’d mind)

War flashbacks of plastic wrap 

They agreed to remain friends though

Ultimately the ending was really melancholy. My heart broke for Yukika. But I do think it was the right and mature thing of Suna to be honest. You can’t just force yourself to have feelings for someone, and it’s not fair to the other person to just string them along. At this point with only two episodes left of the series I’m not really sure where they’re gonna go.

RP with New Update (+icons)

I was messing around the source code of tumblr when I figured this out. Along with the help of honorablesacrifice’s post. I made it so it’s a shortcut of the method, well let’s go along now.

First off, copy and paste your partner’s reply to where the “Your text here” box is. Copy and paste your partner’s icon to where it should be as well. Be sure to add a colon ( : ) after your partner’s URL too. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Next up, go into HTML. What you’d wanna do first is remove these lines from everything.

  •     data-orig-width=“100” data-orig-height=“100”

Then next up add <blockquote> after :</p> then add </blockquote> to the very end. it should look like this. (first is before, second is after.)

After that, remove the previous reblog by clicking the circle with the red X when hovering over it. Then save as draft. After that, go to your drafts and you’re free to reply as you normally would. Oh, and revert it back to rich text when editing so it’s easier. Have fun???

Here's a list of random headcanons

Because yours truly has a need to flood the tag. May or may not show up in my fic sooner or later it depends on what I decide to do with these guys

- Xibalba and La Muerte frequently disguise themselves as humans and go to restaurants where there’s a dance competition and they always win. (think Gomez/Morticia from Addams Family Values)

- Sometimes La Noche gets the sassy feeling that she could rule The Land of the Cursed better than Chamuco can. I’m sure she could if you put her in a bad enough mood.

- Sartana plays the guitar and Xibalba is jealous because he kinda has no musical talent.

- Xibalba was hit hardest by Sartana’s punishment because he knew what she could get like when she was in love and hurt, and he felt that he could’ve prevented her overreaction if he kept her safe from the boy she fell in love with.

- Chamuco has a harder time restraining himself during smex than Xibalba. If La Muerte asked Xibalba to stop, he’d do so in a heartbeat. If L Noche asked Chamuco, it might take him a few minutes or a lot of serious begging to pull back. This isn’t usually a good thing.

- Xibalba rarely reads for pleasure but his kids love it when he reads to them because he has different voices for every character in the story.

- Xibalba taught Sartana how to sword fight because she begged him to after seeing him and Chamuco practice for kicks.

- La Muerte and La Noche, when they’re back on better terms, totally talk about what their husbands are like in bed.

- During La Muerte’s first pregnancy Xibalba tore apart the castle library reading every book on pregnancy and raising an infant just to make sure he was doing stuff right. (Of course when La Muerte finds him panicked she cuddles him and tells him he’s gonna be a wonderful daddy no matter what :3 )

- Sartana makes bets with La Muerte, Xibalba and sometimes against the both of them.

- Speaking of which, her and Xibalba often fight for the last piece of dessert with wagers.

- After the events of The Book of Life, the Land of the Forgotten wasn’t as bad as it was before, because Xibalba’s heart had warmed up again.

a pastor at the Anglican church I go to asked me about my journey at seminary and why I, a Pentecostal christian at a Pentecostal seminary, am attending an Anglican church. so after I explained myself he said he’d love to talk to me more about Anglicanism in general and even real steps that  I could take to be an Anglican priest. I’m still not sure where I want to end up, denominational affiliation wise (whether to remain within a classical Pentecostal denomination or not), but if I were to go outside of the Pentecostal circle, I think Anglicanism would be my first choice. so yeah, it was an interesting and thought provoking exchange to say the least

shippyfreaklove asked:

will you write a calron prompt where they go on their first date please??

Of course! Thanks for the prompt, lovely <3

p.s: I’m not sure how this ended up a 1.5k fic but I really hope you like it!

Call couldn’t remember having ever been this nervous before in his life. Maybe he had been close to it back in his first year when he arrived at the Magisterium, or when he had seen the Mages for the first time, but even then his brain didn’t decide to be as loud as it were now. And boy did Callum have a loud brain. 

His thoughts whirled as he ran his fingers through his long-ish hair, eyeing the locks disdainfully in the mirror. At fifteen, Call’s hair wasn’t any tamer than it had been before. In fact it seemed to enjoy his fraying nerves and act up to spite him. Call muttered a low curse and Havoc, sensing his distress, whined in sympathy. 

Call let out a long breath. He could do this. If he could stop himself from becoming an Evil Overlord, defeat Master Joseph, and ask Aaron Stewart out on a date, Call could easily make it through said date. Or so he hoped.


Call and Aaron met outside their common room. To the amusement of Tamara and Jasper, both boys had changed into T-shirts and jeans, instead of the issued Magisterium uniform, and had attempted to do something with their hair. Aaron, in Call’s totally unbiased opinion, looked like someone you’d see in a movie; with his hair brushed back and a dark golden color, his eyes green and bright, his boyish features giving way to more prominent ones. He looked way too handsome to be going on a date with Call, who probably looked like a kid trying to play dress up.

“You look very nice,” Aaron offered shyly, because he was Aaron and nice was his middle name. “I like your hair.”

“I like yours too,” Call repeated then bit the inside of his cheek. Aaron had been his best friend since they were twelve, which Call thought should have made this easier somehow. It didn’t. “Shall we?”

“Where are we going?” Aaron asked in a voice that held both curiosity and mild amusement. He could probably sense how nervous Call was but didn’t point it out not to embarrass him. Call liked him even more for that small act of kindness.

“Well, I figured you wouldn’t want to hang out in here since we do that all the time,” Call started, leading Aaron towards the outside gate. “So we’re going out for food instead. Real food.” 

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Shut Up, English, I’m Captain America

“You were just trying to find out why you’re here, no?” At the startled sound she makes, he continues, “I don’t blame you. It is rather curious, how many nurses like yourself we have around. More than an ordinary training base normally has, I should think.” He smiles at her, like he expected her to go snooping around.

“I, uh, wouldn’t know, sir,” she stammers….

“Well, come on then.” He steps into the room she had been trying to sneak into and holds the door. “I think it’s about time you knew about Project Rebirth.”

Angie’s pretty sure that moment is when everything went tits-up for her.

or, the one where Angie is Captain America.

read on ao3

blame alriviera for this

updates Tuesdays and Thursdays maybe

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Message About The Phandom

I don’t usually make text posts, especially ones like this, but everyone was talking about Trisha’s new video with Shane and focusing on the bit where she said she found Dan and Phil annoying and Shane then proceeded to say it was the phandom that was annoying, not them.

I decided to watch the video and then read some of the comments and as a member of the phandom, I honestly hate how everyone sees us. Sure some people go overboard with the shipping and get too defensive with some things but there’s people like that in every fandom.

Most people in the phandom are as lovey and genuine as Dan and Phil and don’t deserve to be shamed upon because of the stereotype that all of Dan and Phil’s fans are crazy, annoying, overly dramatic fangirls.

I don’t really know why I’m making this as it wont change everyones opinion of the phandom but I needed to get it out. So, if you aren’t in the phandom and have a bad opinion of us, please just take some time to realise that the phandom is full of kind-hearted and talented people that just like Dan and Phil. Help to change that reputation of the phandom. 

anonymous asked:

But it is so planned! How can she be pregnant if it's a stunt? I'm confused

The only thing I’m sure of at the moment is that it’s still too soon to predict where they’re exactly going with the denial. We got confirmation that the paternity test is the chosen path (not that there were many doubts before), but we don’t have substantial points yet to state: a)if she is indeed pregnant, b)whose kid they’ll say it is, c)when the denial will actually take place, d)what shape will it assume, e)if there’s a chance they’ll shift directly from babygate to a coming out. I think it’s useless to speculate any further until we get to witness the next step.