So you know that Council Scene in books that take place in Corrupt Courts? Where Our Hero(es) need something to be decided and it hangs on shifting allegiances and People Doing the Right Thing For the Wrong Reasons? I love that scene so much. And Melissa Scott’s The Game Beyond is That Scene for a whole book

Infliction, chap. 1


A gun pointed to your mother’s head as your father shovels over wads of cash; threats being spitted all over the place as you peek through the meager crack in your door - only a distant memory.

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A frown was spread miles across Cha Eunwoo’s florid face as he sways back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth and..

“Does that sound good?” His father grumbles, his back turned to his son. His father’s study was extremely large in size; books covering the walls leading to passages Eunwoo didn’t know about, though, he’d lived in this house the entirety of his life. He often found his father here, silently contemplating which loanshark to go after next or which one to annihilate all together - usually it wasn’t that hard of a decision. His study smelt of old books which Eunwoo and his father both knew he hadn’t picked up in ages; completely defeating the purpose of the study element.

When Mr. Cha doesn’t hear an immediate response from his son, he swivels around in his office chair, his gold circular glasses pushed halfway down his nose, hands clasped in a prayer gesture to which Eunwoo could only think was ironic. “Eunwoo?”

Eunwoo snaps out of his cognitive, attention taken away from the loose string on the cuff of his blazer. “Did you say something?”

Mr. Cha rolls his eyes, standing up and making his way over to his son. “Get the rest of the rookies together, I want this job done by tonight.” And, with that cold threat, he leaves his son alone in the study only to his thoughts.

“What did I do in my previous life to deserve this?” Eunwoo mutters and exhales sharply, taking his pocket knife out of his coat pocket and cutting the loose strand.

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Sorry, I didn’t feel like dealing with this yesterday. I still don’t, really, and I’m not sure what to say. But I think it’s only going to get harder if I don’t talk to you soon. 

I’m sorry about what you’re going through. I wish I could help. 

I am convinced Ichimatsu secretly admires different things about his brothers

He can’t adapt to others as well as they can (though he wishes he could)

He wishes he could be as honest as Oso

He actually likes Kara’s perfect men’s fashion

(I’m not sure what he gets from Choro. I think he likes that Choro approves of him dressing up as different characters? Idk)

He likes baseball like Jyuushi

And he does randomly cute things like Totty

anonymous asked:

Yeah, so true, I am so sad, and did you read that the actress of Gina actually shipped Bellarke? I had so high expectations after 302 and then 303 came and I was crushed. I think 304 will be better though, judging by the sneak peeks! Btw, I sent my one shot, I am not really happy with it but I am writing on another one for you bc you are such a cutie pie!

Naawhh you’re so sweet. I’m sure I’ll love it! I’m not sure what to think of 304 tbh, I’m afraid they’re going to villainize Bellamy, even though JR was all ‘he’s going to be recognized as the hero he is’ before the season 3 premiere and I’m just ????? All the promo’s are looking like Bellamy is giving up his job as a guard and joining Pike in his anti-grounder mission and then at some point Clarke will probably come back to Arkadia which is when the ‘Please tell me that going to war is not what you want’ scene will happen. 

But I know Bellamy is blaming himself for Gina and the 36?? 46?? Something people that died in MW and he’s gonna cry next ep and I cry too.

AND I DID HEAR SHE SHIPPED BELLARKE. It seems a lot of people from the cast are giving up the indifference towards ships and stating which they prefer. Leah Gibson is such a cutie though. She really would have fit in with the rest of the cast if they’d have kept her around for longer, I think.

cynicalclassicist asked:

In regards to the Tragedy at Summerhall I have heard a theory that Pycelle may have caused it and came up with an idea he or someone else (one of the many lords who hated Egg's reforms) placed wildfire in Summerhall. How plausible do you think this is? I hope it isn't a very flawed theory like Gendry is Cersei's or Dany is Lyanna's.

Thanks for the question,  cynicalclassicist.

I’m not sure what evidence there is for this theory. Pycelle, I think we all can agree, is a fundamental Lannister loyalist, but at this point the Lord of casterly Rock was Tytos - a man so ineffective in his rulership that Aegon V had to send royal knights to the Westerlands multiple times to keep the king’s peace. Far from being active in his contempt of the king and his pro-smallfolk reforms, I think Tytos fell on the opposite side, of being too weak. I’m not sure who else would push Pycelle forward, and again, I don’t find textual evidence to suggest Pycelle knew (or indeed, was even present). 

Besides, there are enough dangerous elements at Summerhall: pyromancers with wildfire and a likely attempt at blood magic. I don’t think Egg needed extra help to effect something truly destructive.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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can I ask for some advice?? i have the opportunity to move to toronto for school but it's for a program/career I'm not 100% sure I want to pursue and I'm not sure it's worth it to move there...i just can't decide what I want to do and I've already taken a gap year after hs... I don't want to waste more time I feel so lost

ahh i know a lot of people who feel the same way as you do, especially people who took time off after high school or university. i don’t think anyone is really sure about what they truly want to do, so you’re not alone! if i were you, i’d take the opportunity. nothing is set in stone, and if you don’t like it you can always go home and just enjoy the fact that you spent some time in a beautiful city (toronto is super cool!) and experienced something new. new experiences grow you and are never a bad thing, as cheesy as that sounds.

my dad was the same way and moved to toronto for a similar reason. it took him years and years of doing different things but through different opportunities he finally found a niche in journalism and camera work and it ended up taking him from toronto all the way to latin america! if he had stayed at home in vancouver he probably wouldn’t have grown so much as a person and found what he likes. so you never know what could happen to you and what adventures you’ll find yourself on or opportunities and friends you’ll gain just by doing something new. life is all about that! i know i sound like a guidance counselor but it’s really what i think.

More Random Thoughts on Jackson and April’s Future
  • Japril trending on Twitter? #ahmazing
  • Speaking of Twitter. I saw someone posted a screen shot of a wikipedia page that listed Jackson and April’s lawyers. Egads! Not sure what to think.
  • No one asked me, but I’m gonna put my two cents in anyway. :-) I think the reason Jackson and April are so popular is A) They are both smoking hot (Jesse in particular ;-)) and B) Their chemistry melts people’s faces off.
  • I’m excited for Grey’s to be back and I think tonight will be a great episode, but I’m a little bummed we won’t get any Japril action until the 25th (but it looks like it might be worth the wait).
  • I think the Powers that Be have realized that their two greatest assets are Meredith and Japril. I understand that this means our emotions will be toyed with, but ultimately it means more screen time!

Side Note: I’ve come to the age where I don’t let things sit and fester anymore. I try to approach them head on in a respectful manner. It might be just a misunderstanding, but I feel like the Debbie Downer comment made in a recent post was aimed towards me. The post itself had a very negative and angry tone (not sure if that was intended) and pretty much accused anyone who thought that Japril wouldn’t have a rainbow and unicorns ending of being a miserable person who was looking to drag others down. If this was in fact referring to me, let me set the record straight. I’m not trying to get anybody down. I’m just exploring the possibilities of their future. To the poster, you are of course allowed to say how you feel. Freedom of speech is your right to say what you want even if others don’t like it. I just wanted to let you know that I feel your harsh judgment was unwarranted and untrue. This should be a safe space where people shouldn’t feel bad about posting their worries or random theories that come into their head. I’m not just speaking for me, but for anyone. I feel like we should be supportive of each other even if we disagree. And let’s disagree amicably without the name calling. I feel like the Japril fandom on Tumblr is like a community. We’re all different, but we have a common bond.

We Are Family

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1. Hinata… you actually said it.
2. And Kageyama looks genuinely worried about breaking this smol crow’s heart.