Talos hates his clerics

So little bit of context: 5e campaign where we were playing the tryanny of dragons published campaign. Our group had a urchin tiefling rogue, a human lord who was a wizard, and a blue dragonborn cleric with three little priest girls who worshipped her as a child of Talos, god of storms (me). We just started and discovered the burning town under attack by kobolds and decided to help. As a tempest cleric, i was doing my lightning retribution thing, smacking kobolds that attacked me, breathing lightning, all that. Two moments where I prayed to Talos where we lost our shit.

DM: Alright, the kobold falls dead on the street, having been blasted by lightning.
Me: Sweet, I want to sacrifice it to Talos.
Everyone else: What?
Me: You heard me, Talos is getting a Kobold as a sacrifice, I’m sure he will love torturing it!
DM: *Rolls dice behind screen, then pause.* Umm…
Me: What happens?
DM: So you pray to Talos to accept your offering… and a blast of lightning shocks you both. The corpse is gone and you feel like you’ve been smack across the face.
Teifling: Looks like daddy had to smack a bitch.

Other moment, where the human died after a fight with a dragon,

Me: CRAP! I Forgot to pick spare the dying as my cantrip!
DM: Wait, what? How did you forget about that!?
Human: Well, I guess I’m dead right?
Me: Well… I got a idea?
Tiefling: If you say pray to Talos-
Teifling: *Facepalm*
DM: So you want to pray to him to see if he will revive (human) for you?
Me: Pretty much, yea.
DM: … Roll Religion.
*Nat 1, then pause.*
DM: What the hell, I’m feeling nice. A bolt of lightning strikes down and strikes the two of you and while (Me) takes 2d6 divine damage, (Human) is brought back to life. You also get the a mental message telling you to stop asking him for shit… he is upset about the kobold.
Teifling and Human: PRAISE TALOS!
Me: Ouch… Praise Talos…

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My ex cheated on me, is it okay to hate him?

mkay so

This is how I think about stuff.
Love and hate are very similar. There’s a thin line between “strong positive emotion about one specific person & their traits” and “strong negative emotion about one specific person & their traits”

This is what u gotta do. Listen up.
The true opposite of love and hate is indifference.

Don’t hate your ex. Decide to stop caring.

Even if u still love him, even if you want to hate him, try your hardest to not give a damn. Distract yourself. Fill up ur time. Make sure you have fun, and enjoy your life.

Don’t hate the fucker, that wastes ur time.
Waste HIS time. Make HIM check ur social media and wonder if u miss him. make HIM think abt u late into the night. Don’t u dare waste any more time on this asshole.

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Bucky Barnes x "You call the shots babe I just wanna be yours" (From 'I wanna be yours' by Arctic Monkeys)

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Bucky knew it better than he had known anything else in his life. He knew it deep inside his bones, in every fiber of his being. He knew it just as much as he knew that he’d love you for the rest of his days.

Bucky knew that he would do anything for you.

“What are you staring at?” you asked, a soft laugh bursting from your lips.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?” he asked, leaning over his seat to make sure you had heard him clearly.

“What?” you pulled back, surprised at his words.

Bucky leaned forward again, bringing himself even closer to you now. “Would you like to go on a date with me? I’d love to take you out, doll. I like you, very much.”

Before you could answer, Steve, Sam and Clint sat back down on the table, breaking the moment between Bucky and you with loud cheers and whoops at the alcohol they had grabbed from the bar.

But before he pulled away, Bucky whispered into your ears. “You call the shots, I’ll follow. But please say yes.”

For the diner thing I’m debating on doing a full body where McCree is just standing and posing really cute in his outfit and a tray of food or a uh…
A slightly different one where…. he’s sitting up on top of the counter at Big Earl’s or something drinking a milkshake that’s dripping onto his chest and legs spread with the cockiest look on his face (he’d be clothed tho)

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Who do you like more Stana or Nathan and why? :)

Stana, because I find her to be quite interesting and inspiring in many ways. I’m usually more attached to female characters/actors in all media though, I look up to them, they make me want to be a better person etc. Also I particularly love traveling, and I love that side of Stana as well, and wish I could travel as much as her :)

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Hey Lance, I noticed your eyes are blue which has led me to wonder if you are Basque, Galician or else part Irish (black Irish). Because people who are 100% Basque tend to have blue eyes as do those who are black Irish so I'm curious

Lance: Did they draw you into their dreamy depths? Have you fallen for my charms? (¬‿¬)

But in all seriousness, I’m not actually sure what I’ve got in me! The people in the McClain family like to travel a lot and meet new people, so a lot of different bloodlines meet in me. I think I’ve got Cuban, Japanese, English, Spanish and Scottish heritage, but I’m not sure. I know for sure my mama is Cuban and my papa’s family comes from Scotland. My abuelita’s a lot better about knowing that stuff than I am.

Fun fact! Shiro’s from Japan but he also has Swedish heritage from his grandfather! Go figure!

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How do you go about requesting AR copies of books for review? I'd like to try but I'm not entirely sure what the steps are

I don’t request many ARCs any more because my TBR is huge but here’s what I know:

EBOOKS: NetGalley is the place to go! 

PHYSICAL COPIES: Publishers will become your friend. You can either follow their blogs and when they have ARC’s email/message them if you can’t get one.

Also, most publishers will have a mailing list of people they send books to so you can always ask them to add you to that. Some publishers will send out a monthly newsletter kind of things with the books being released and you can request them from that. 

Sometimes authors will send out their books but thats most common with self published authors. 

Also GIVEAWAYS! There are a lot of ARC giveaways on twitter, Facebook and Instagram too. I highly recommend following your favourite publishing companies. 

these past few days could have gone a lot better…

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i love your artwork.i wish you had more followers on here or're really a good artist and I hope you become one of the most famous artists don't give up.bc someone really cares about you and what you do )

Dear anon. Thank you. I feel like I’ve been so inactive lately tho - more or less just clinging to other’s blogs wishing I could be as productive and good. But I don’t want to let anyone down so I try my best to stay on track! Follower count is just a number to me tbh. I don’t really care if it’s 50 or 5000 as long as my dear few/many followers enjoy what I make ♥ and I am so grateful for all of the people that are here with me!

Anon, I’m going to be honest and say that ur message made me smile in a way I haven’t for days (tho it feels like weeks). Thank you for people like you, ye? Every artist should have an adorable anon like you!  ♥ ♥

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Anon gained 10.000 EXP for being adorable!

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Would it be okay if you start tagging connverse headcanons and ideas you get? Not to block them or anything, I just want to go through them on your blog specifically and having a tag would make this easier to do :3c

SURE. idk what to tag them as tho. I don’t want to spam the tag 

the only voltron character ive thought extensively about is lance like its cus ppl were upset w allura not elaborating what goes in to being the blue paladin but im sure that was done deliberately because if she says “the blue lion’s paladin is selfless/brave/kind/etc” it would go against things we were to perceive lance to be yeah?

cus the fact of the matter is of everyone we know the least about lance… when allura describes the traits of the other paladins, shes just reiterating what we already know about them. we dont know a lot or anything but we understand who they are but not lance

i mean sure we see hes loud and picks fights and is super flirty but thats all just shallow, especially after how he threw himself on coran to save him without a second thought

i just mean this is all foreshadowing for us to get a big lance character arc and in there somewhere is lance doing a big selfless act! probably something dangerous to him physically… idk im just really excited! i saw theories that ended with lance……dying but im 99.99% sure it won’t end that way 


Fuck, I love you. I know the journey we have been on, the mistakes we have made and the pain that we have inflicted. I was too scared to jump in headfirst with you, and I still am, because I know my love for you is fire and together we are gasoline and I won’t know what to do when the last spark burns out. But at the same time, you knew me and I knew you. We shared those moments together, separate from the entire fucking universe and here I am, on my way to my next great adventure, still desiring the adventure between the pages of your life story. Fuck, I love you. And I know that you loved me too. But by now, I’m sure that I am just a footnote but my god, to me, you are a chapter that will never quite end.