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I have a friend that we all know is gay but he is afraid to admit it. It hurts to me that he not trust in me because he was the first person to i tell that i'm bi. What do you recommend me to help him to have confidence in me?

I know you don’t want to hear this but you need to back off. I’m sure he knows he can trust you but doesn’t know how to trust himself. Don’t pressure him. Be as supportive and loving as possible but drop the gay thing until he comes to you with it. And don’t take it personally, okay? He’s not hiding from you because of anything to do with you. It’s all his own stuff he’s having trouble sorting through. And also, maybe he’s not gay! I have some of the gayest straight friends and visa versa – you’d be surprised. Never assume what someone is feeling.

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I know you aren't really taking many asks anymore but I just feel so alone right now with all that has happened in the past week. I'm scared to ask a question on blogs, I've unfollowed everyone w/OL, I've stopped doing twitter much because of all the hate, and Jess is gone. What happened to my beautiful couple? Where has all the love gone? Why are people so nasty in this fandom? I don't have much in life and this was my one happy place and now it's gone. You've always been kind Sherri. Thank you

I am not sure where you get the idea that I am not taking asks.  There are things that I will not talk about because they are irrelevant to my enjoyment of Outlander and how I ship.  So, I won’t answer those types of asks.    I also will not further hate or the anti agenda, so I don’t answer those asks.  Lastly, I love getting asks that are complimentary (who doesn’t), but I feel weird posting them because that is just who I am.  

As far as where the beautiful couple, the love, and the fun…..they are all still here.  We just don’t focus on it.  It seems to be that posts that have an angsty tone or an angry tone get more traction.  We are the ones in control of that.  No one else.  So if you want to see fun, happy, loving posts, follow the people who post them.  Post them yourself.  Reblog them.  Make it rain!

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hello! I love your artwork so much! It's so clean and beautiful! I have a couple questions that I'm sure you've probably answered a thousand times, but if you wouldn't mind, I'd be grateful for an answer! What brand of watercolours do you use, and what sort of paper (as in does it have a specific weighting)? Thank you so much, keep up the awesome work! xx

No prob, I don’t have a FAQ or anything so, that’s fine! Here’s a picture of the stuff I use the most. For the paper, it depends sooo much of what I want as a result, I don’t work with too heavy paper though. I use a lot of MBM Canson (170g or something, I dunno) and sometimes Bristol (surprisingly good).

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apparently there's a post somewhere on tumblr where, in an interview I think, Kubo-sensei talked about doing what she can for a sequel for YOI

We haven’t seen that post and I’m sure if there was an interview by Kubo about season 2, there would be not just one post, but multiple ones. But crossing fingers for the rumours turning out to be true.

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Hey, Makoto! Did you work alongside Junko in the alternative world you come from? How were things there? I'm really curious. Or did you play the "good guy" card during all the killing game and then reveal yourself to be the mastermind in the end...? That would have been super despairful! Man, I really want to know what did you do. Despair is best if it's caused by someone who was supposed to give hope in the first place!! (*´∀`*)ノ ///// I feel somewhat bad for sending this? Lmao.

Upupupu…It sure was amazing….

The look on their faces when they understood that I had betrayed them…

When they thought that they had the real culprit with Junko…When it was me ! Hahaha !

Their executions sure were beautiful !

Say one more word about this and I will put the tape back.

Do you hate this version of me that much Byakuya?…I’m so sad…

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If Ashley dies in the lodge (before it's set on fire) the wendigo that kills her is Hannah. Which means Hannah Wendigo dies in the lodge. And I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that.

Hannah is the wendigo that is after ALL of them. She’s the only one not trapped in the sanatorium. So every instance we see a wendigo, other then Mike’s “heroic” trip to save josh and in the cabin is her.

Literally, she the only wendigo that can kill any of them.

Hanndigo dying in the lodge was probably a good thing though. She was possessed and her body distorted and twisted until she became a monster. Her dying was probably the only way she would ever find peace and be free.

It’s sad and tragic, but thats what I love about the game! Its all about consequences, and Hannah (shown by hr butterfly tattoo) was the biggest consequences of it all.

As always, here some thoughts about the newest episode of The Walking Dead : 

- Negan needs to fucking understand that fear and respect are not the same thing. Sure some of his men respect him, but the rest ? Those people we saw ? They’re afraid. That’s it. 

- Two seasons ago I never thought I would love Father Gabriel so much. He is freaking amazing and Spencer is, indeed, a tremendous shit

- I wonder how it is possible - after this episode - to think that Negan is not a rapist. And it sincerely worries me that some people think that what he is doing with his wives isn’t rape. THIS AIN’T CONSENSUAL SEX. It’s not consensual sex when you sleep with that person in order to stay alive or in order to keep someone you love alive. Sherry is only with him because she does not want the man she loves - Dwight - to die. That is literaly the only reason. And if you think that this is healthy, that this is a consensual relationship, you’re dead wrong and it’s worrying. 


- Carl crying when removing his bandage broke my heart for real. All in all, he was very interesting in this episode. More depth of character I would say. 

Daryl being protective is what I live for. He is so selfless. He’s so good and deserves so much better than what he is given.

Dwight helping Daryl. Fucking finally. For once I can’t wait for the next episode. 

- Negan is a bloody sociopath. There’s some serious brain damage here. And enough with the sexist joke thank you. 

- Rosita, I love you and I know you’re hurting but so is Eugene

- Ninja Jesus is my favourite kind of Jesus. 

- I miss Carol. 

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if you don't mind me asking, what are the sexualities of all of your characters?

Haha i don’t mind~ Whenever I get asks like these, I’ll only do the main ones. (Kii is pansexual tho)

  • Rein: Pansexual
  • Gio: He’s not sure yet– Reinsexual jk He might be bi
  • Cerys: Definitely bisexual
  • Micah: Straight, only interested in his cloud
  • Nuri: She’s bi– but leans more towards girls
  • Sin: Asexual

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Something is up with Sam. 2 years ago he was a professional & passionate about this job. His SM interactions were adorable and funny as hell. I am sure he will still do his job but what happened to the passion and commitment? He seems unhinged on SM, and I can only speculate it's the company he is hanging around with. Seems that when he and Cait were in their Scotland bubble, Sam was more mature, responsible and less fratboy-ish. I cringe when I see his SM and whatnot. Things have shifted....

Maybe things have shifted. Maybe things have not shifted. Only Sam could answer that, and he’s not going to. 

Ever since I opened the door to Sam questions a few weeks back my inbox has been flooded with asks all pertaining to Sam. It’s really all anyone wants to talk about, it seems. Some people defend him passionately, some people rip him  5 new virtual assholes in one ask. Some are 1000% sure he is gay. Some say he’s with Cait and others think he’s planning a wedding with Dollar Store Claire. Mostly, though, the comments are terribly unflattering. It’s quite shocking really. I only post maybe 1 in 5 asks that come through because they are, well, let’s just say, not nice. 

Guys. I do not have the answers you seek. No one here does. Everyone is just guessing. I don’t know Sam and I don’t know why he does what he does or says what he says. Neither do any of you. Which is exactly what he wants, in my opinion. To be incomprehensible. An enigma wrapped in a mystery. Stop taking everything you see on Twitter so seriously. Think of Twitter as Daytona Beach at Spring Break…. A place where idiots gather to out jackass each other half naked and drunk for attention.

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But like why hasn't Percy ever dyed his hair blue? At least streaks

Oh wow. Umm… Well I think maybe it was because most American schools don’t allow you to have dyed hair. A lot of the time it violates the dress code and students are forced to cut off all of the parts of their hair with color. I think that this was partially the reason, and Percy probably did consider it often.

Also, there is probably a part of him that’s worried about what others would think about it. It really is a big thing to do, dye your hair a different color. I wanted to dye my hair pink, purple, and blue over the summer but it took me a while to actually do it. It rlly makes you stand out a lot and I was rlly nervous my first day of school bc I didn’t know what ppl would think. I’m pretty sure that even someone who is rlly self confident would have a hard time working up the courage to do that. I think that this is also a reason why he wouldn’t do it. 

But I betcha that Percy and Annabeth are meeting up to get to college and Percy is late and Annabeth is sitting there impatiently, drinking her coffee. Then, Seaweed Brain shows up with electric blue hair and Annabeth’s eyes are wide and she’s just staring at him. Finally she says, “What did you do to your hair, Seaweed Brain?” and he just blushes and then she pulls him into a side hug and says “Your a dork” and kisses his cheek. Also, Annabeth loves playing with his blue hair and sometimes randomly braids it bc it looks sooooooooo pretty

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URGENT: someone outed me. I don't know who it was because the only people I've told are close friends, but all I know is that the people who know I'm agender shouldn't know that I'm agender. It's not safe for me to be out; I'm not even out to my parents. I'm not sure I can ask a teacher, as most of them are really religious. Not only are people always asking about it now, but people from my school are posting indirectly transphobic things online. What do I do, and how do I stay safe?

Kii says:

If you can’t or don’t want to be out, you’re going to have to lie and deny it. Students can get in trouble for bullying, even online, so you can definitely go to a faculty member about that. Then, ask your close friends what happened and explain that you feel unsafe and would not like for it to happen again. Here is some more relevant information.

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What do you think the rankings for the GPF will be? For some reason, my intuition tells me that Yuuri will come first, Otabek 2nd, Yurio 3rd, either JJ or Chris as 4th and Phichit 6th. But really, that's just my speculation haha.

I’ve been thinking about it ever since episode 8 and… I honestly don’t know. xD I am still not sure whether Yuuri will win first (I am planning to make an entire speculation post on that). I think Yuuri and Yurio will definitely be on the podium, and I’m sure that JJ won’t be (his foot will have to slip in the GPF - get the pun ;D). Don’t know anything at all about Otabek yet, so I can’t even try to guess.

Plot twist: Either Chris or Phichit win gold. Haha that would be interesting. Man, it’s still all up in air. I’ll give it more thought and make a proper post soon!

I'm so frustrated with life right now.

I feel like I got pressured into nursing. People saying I should be one since I have a natural gift for helping others and my dad pushing it in my brain that it pays well and that’s the career I have to go into if I want a successful life.

I’ve always wanted to be a therapist, but doing the research of the schooling I honestly don’t know if the amount of schooling I would go through would be worth it. I want a career in helping others, I know that for sure. I’m just not sure as to what.

I’m so frustrated right now, I have no idea what I want to do.

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Can I ask: what would be your preferred form of punishment for your worst enemy if you were your minecraft character and had near infinite powers due to access to magic?

Keep them alive, take care of them, make sure they never get sick or grow infirm.

Minecraft characters, as in many video games, do not experience death from things such as old age, and fewer still neglect to resurrect after dying from some other cause. They are functionally immortal, albeit not invulnerable.

And there’s so much more time to fill their memories with suffering if you do not let them die.

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you have some vmon advices too? what im doing <O> i never write any of this couples ahuhauhauhau.

Ahhhh Vmon ⊂◉‿◉つ

Again, I have no idea if this is the type of advice you’re looking for?? ;A; but this is all I got, lmao @bulletproof-bad-wolf, my lovely go-to for Vmon, may have some more advice, too! 

Anyway, here we go. This is my take on Vmon’s relationship~ 

When I think Vmon, I think indulgence. Namjoon is pretty laid back, very introspective. There’s a lot in his head that he isn’t sure how to express, but he does his best, and he’s completely soft for Taehyung no matter what’s going on. He might roll his eyes and sigh, question what the hell is going on in Tae’s head, but he’s more than happy to humor him, just to see him smile. Namjoon goes along with his bits, plays his games, sings and dances even though he’s not the best of it. He never gives Tae any reason to think he’s being too much, at all. He’d do anything to see him smile; pillow fights, singing in the shower, snapchat filters with the silly voices. Namjoon always finds himself in a happier mood when Tae is around - Tae’s personality is just that strong. 

Taehyung, he’s got this huge heart full of so much love, and so much happiness at just being alive. He feels everything 1000x more than any other person, and is literally always bursting at the seams, just ready to spread that love. No matter how much affection and silliness that he dumps on Namjoon, he always has more to give, and Namjoon is happy to take it all and give it back just as strongly. However, on the other hands, what comes up must come down, and when Tae is down, it’s wayyy down. But he has Namjoon there to stay in bed all day, to listen to depressing songs with him and just wallow. If he gets angry, Namjoon is who he turns to when he needs to rant, when he needs someone to go on a power walk with him at 5am, because he has all this negative energy, but Tae doesn’t have it in him to take it out on anyone else. 

Taehyung also has this massive love for Namjoon’s mind. He loves listening to him talk about music, about the world, just sharing his thoughts. He loves that Namjoon makes music, and writes, and sees the world kind of upside down, inside out. He inspires Tae. 

Vmon is affection, and understanding, and late night discussions. It’s jamming to hip hop in their underwear, texting each other bad jokes, and screaming like fangirls over new albums from their favs. 

<3333 I hope this helps! 

The Testimony of Mr Malcolm Landgraab IV

The testimony with Olive Specter had left agent Mole with a pit in his stomach that he couldn’t quite explain, but as Malcolm Landgraab came in and sat down, it disappeared. Much better. This he could deal with. 

“Mr Landgraab, thank you for joining us.”

“Of course. I want Mortimer’s killer caught as much as you do. Poor Cassandra, she’s absolutely devastated. What is it you need to know?”

“Why don’t we start with your movements during the evening?”

“I was with Cassandra all night.”

Natasha looked up from her notes, surprised. “Is that it?”

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So I’ve been torn. I don’t live in close proximity to a lot of my close friends or family. They know what I am getting ready to do regarding foster care and are supportive. I don’t have any children, so I don’t already have a lot of stuff that I might need already. And I’m not having my own child, so I don’t need a baby shower per se. I’m at the point where I am starting to put everything together that I need, and it is a lot of stuff when you are starting out without anything. 

 I want to share what I am doing with those in my life. And give them the opportunity to participate if they would like. I’ve thought about posting something on my social media with a link to my amazon wish list, or inviting anyone with any gently used clothing, etc to send them my way if they feel like they would like to. Or even gift cards if they want to participate, but aren’t sure what I might need or what they want to give. But, I also don’t want to look like I am asking for a hand out from everyone. I don’t know. 

three things on italy

how are the five star? like i know they label themselves as not on the left/right spectrum but so do sverigedemokraterna and I mean they’re staunchly on the right

what does this referendum really mean, for italy and its people, for europe and for the world? 

how does this referendum lead to an italian exit from the union so surely?