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So I think it's really sweet that Melissa and Chris are dating in real life, especially since they look happy together in those pictures, but I also have this weird feeling knowing that Mel divorced form her husband in December and then Chris broke up with his girlfriend in January and now they're dating. And I'm not judging them about that because it's their personal lives and it's none of our business when it comes to their relationships, but I can't help but feel a bit weird about it. (1/2)

What do you think about that whole thing??? Just wanting to hear someone else’s opinion about it and you seem very nice and would have good input! :)  (2/2)


Hi! I’m pretty sure Chris and Hanna broke up in December. I remember that’s when she deleted his pictures from her Instagram but the gossip websites only reported it in January. When the news broke out, I already knew they had broken up for about a month or so because I had noticed the deleted photos and people had commented on that. Not like that matters too much but that’s what actually happened. 

I feel weird having an opinion about this because it’s none of my business and I wasn’t there so I can’t possibly know what happened. Of course, it is possible that Mel may have fallen in love with Chris while she was still married to Blake but that doesn’t make her a bad person and I certainly don’t judge her for that AT ALL. Falling in and out of love with someone is beyond our control. It just happens. Certainly her marriage was already on the rocks for some time and she wasn’t happy anymore so she did the right thing by leaving because she wasn’t doing anybody any favors by staying. When a marriage ends, a number of different factors come into play and if a relationship is solid, no 3rd party can ruin it. So if she did fell in love with Chris, it was because her marriage was already falling apart. But she is not with Blake right now. She filed for divorce. She is a free woman and she can date whoever she wants and if being with Chris makes her happy I stand by her decision 100%, no judgement whatsoever. That’s all that matters. 

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okay so what's your take on what's happening right now?

I think none of us know anything adkjfhskjd

and everything we think we know or think makes sense doesn’t even matter becasue there’s just too damn much we don’t know

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Hey! May I pretty please have headcanons for the mait three + Phitchit for when their s/o confesses and starts crying from embarrassment and fear(or being rejected)? I hope this is a good ask I reeeallly love your blog!! ^^


-He starts comforting them right away 


-And then he gets a bit embarrassed himself


-Panicking to the max

-He almost starts crying himself 

-He’s pretty sure that the crying means crush is regretting confessing


-Is so freaking awkward

-Like ‘are you okay’

-No, he didn’t realise crush is crying at first, if you haven’t noticed. When he does, he’s pretty unsure about what to do next



-This wasn’t supposed to happen

-He was supposed to accept smiling and everything, not be comforting soon to be s/o!

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"i’m sure he’s got his reasons" that's why i don't understand why some people are already attaking him or be like "meh", without any excitement. we don't work in the industry, we can only think of the reasons, but we will never know what happened. i think that being wary or skeptical about harry is incredibly unfair to him, because even tho niall is still with modest and simon, and louis still has connection to sony, the fandom wasn't like this at the time. (and i'm not directing this at you)

well thanks for the last sentence cause i was about to prepare a long answer haha. the thing is i am super excited for him and for his music. and i hate sony. and that’s okay, i can hate his label and still love him you know? and whenever someone is “meh” about the label that’s not attacking harry, it’s being “meh” about the label. now i don’t know what you see on your dash so maybe you see actual attacking harry but i don’t see that on my dash and if i would i’d unfollow. but you also should not take every “meh” as an attack to him. when people hate on louis’ team it’s not them attacking louis either. there’s a difference and people not seeing that difference just leads to all the unnecessary drama we’ve seen recently.

  • Ryder: *scanning Vetra*
  • Vetra: Ryder... what are you doing?
  • Ryder: SAM said there was high levels of heat coming from an unknown source around here.
  • Vetra: What?
  • Ryder: Dammit, I meant SAM said there was something hot in the vicinity.
  • Vetra: Umm?
  • Vetra: Ryder? Ryder where are you going?
  • Ryder: *booking it across the Tempest towards the escape pods* Nowhere, just gotta launch myself into this system's sun real quick. Goodbye!

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Have you ever considered MAS [or I'm not picky MarAce, SabAce, MarSab] Cinderella AU?? ♥

“Why do we need a ball?” Ace asks, voice just short of whining as he sprawled over the lounge, arm thrown over his eyes. “I’m perfectly happy marrying Sabo!”

“Because,” Sabo answers calmly. “The council is under the impression that you’ll fall desperately in love with a member of the nobility and be perfectly happy pretending that I never existed.”

Ace peeks at Sabo, “You know that would never happen, right? If anything, I’ll end up making them love you too.”

(The rest is under the cut!)

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How do u survive the path to becoming a doctor? Surely it's a lot of work and hard. But what helps u make it through that

Friends, tenacity, knowing when it’s time to blow off steam. Allowing myself to cry. Reminding myself I’ve literally lived through worse, and it’s a privilege to be where I am. Remembering to laugh at least once a day, even if it’s about something ridiculous. Also I watched a LOT of Supernatural. Like, a LOT. And I drank. Too much probably. But it all helped. 

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hi! i just recently started following and i was wondering if u had any headcanons about lefou during the war???

Do I ever– I just have to sort them out. Here’s a small taste of what I’ve got in mind–

LeFou had a tactical mind– he served alongside Gaston and even made some daring plays– giving credit to Gaston. When Gaston rose through the ranks he made sure his best friend was at his side.

Soon after being promoted to Captain, Jacques was made his Lieutenant for his knowledge and ability to command troops. It’s where he obtained his horse– Armand– who is an Irish Cob, a breed not too common in France.

During the war he had to harden himself. He hated the idea of taking lives but it was either an enemy combatant or him. He and Gaston promised one another they’d see the war to the end. Not to say there weren’t close calls.

The sound of cannon fire has haunted him since the war. He shies away from loud noises and keeps his distance when Gaston hunts or fires his musket [as we see him move away quickly during the Gaston song– not just from the falling debris, I’d bet].

Upon returning to Villeneuve, he was hailed alongside Gaston as a hero. He let Gaston take the limelight because he didn’t like thinking about the war. Like Gaston, he suffers from PTSD. Unfortunately the disorder won’t be known to psychology for centuries. He’s prone to occasional nightmares and sleeps very little. Thus he has those little bags under his eyes [adapting that from his animated incarnation].

He’s a pacifist– promising himself he’d never take another man’s life again. However he can handle himself in a fight. He just prefers not to. He fears if he lets himself dabble in violence like Gaston does– he’ll lose what part of himself survived the war.

About Jimin

I just wanted to say that there are people talking about the jimin thing and saying things like “I’m ashamed/embarrassed of army’s” bc of it spreading and reaching news in Korea and having his family and friends seeing it. To me it does seem like someone being a troll and just wanting to start shit, but regardless it should be taken seriously and it is. Things like death threats and r*pe accusations should be taken seriously even if there isn’t anything to back it up. the troll is probably sitting behind their screen think “oh these fans are so gullible and stupid” well yeah of course we are bc we care about our faves and want to make sure they’re okay. All we can do is think “oh gosh I hope they’re safe and well” and report what we see and that’s it. We don’t know more or less. Its the same thing if it were to happen to exo, or got7, monsta x, etc. People would be worried and they have every right to be. Nobody should ever wish death upon someone. Nobody should be laughing at others for worrying about death threats and even rumors that could hurt somebody and the things going on should and are being taken seriously. So to people being embarrassed or ashamed, you don’t have to be. Its unfair to think so. anyone would be worried if it was an artist/idol that they looked up to.

anyone else who thinks this is fucking terrifying? he’s straight up telling everyone to blame the judge and the entire court system for any future terrorist attack. this isn’t just mr. pissboy throwing a tantrum, it’s worse than that. this is preparing the groundwork, so that when a terrorist attack happens, trump can blame the court system and justify weakening it to gain more power. it’s the fucking Reichstag fire all over again

shout out to people who have really morally wrong intrusive thoughts! people who know those things are wrong and can’t stop thinking about them, people who are disgusted by themselves. you aren’t disgusting! those thoughts aren’t you and you can’t control them! it’s ok, you’re a good person.