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Hey. I feel like I need some advice. So the ending has really hurt me a whole lot, but then there are these other people......who hurt others that I'm friends with. And it made me sad to know that one of my friends will never be the same because of this ending and others that accuse people that like ichiruki. I'm not sure if I'm making sense, I just need to move on, but I don't know how. I worry for others being hurt the same way, and I don't think I can do anything to help.... ;-;

Hi dear anon,

I think it’s all about time. Time heals it all.

I’ve said it before but I’m old as shit in fandom and I know how to handle this situation. Been there done that. But there are a lot of kids and young people and sensible people for whom their whole  world has been destroyed by someone they trusted and I really feel for them. I think I’m mostly mad at Kubo and BLEACH’s ending bc of that. 

And not only that but they also get attacked by other “shippers” who, really, have nothing better to do with their time? Attacking people for making fanworks and trying to cope with the ending? These people gotta understand that fanworks are TRANSFORMATIVE works. Do you think I like adultery in the real life? But who the fuck do people harm when they write it? No one is gonna cheat on someone else and destroy a home bc they read a fic the night before. I think all that is about a good old case of butthurt bc the IR fandom didn’t spontaneously combust and vanish from the face of the earth, au contraire, there was an explosion of new fanworks, the amazing dwsw meme and analysis and a lot of fuckyous to Kubo. But I digress.

Going back to your inquires anon, you gotta give it time. It’s gonna take some of us longer but we’re gonna be alright. Let me tell you a secret. I felt like you felt with a TV series called G/lee. I shipped one of the couples with passion and I felt really strong about them and the show d e s t r o y e d them. They ended up together in the end but their journey was completely shit, their characters were long assassinated and I was devastated by what the writers and producers had done. But I recovered. I admit I moved on (meaning I don’t feel about them as I used to) bc it helped me. So if you need to stay away from fandom and IR and Bleach to recover, do so. 

What we can do for help is to listen to the ones who are hurt. I assure you that’s a lot. 

To the younger peeps in the fandom: please if someone bullies you or attacks you let me know I’ll handle them. I PROMISE I will handle them. You dont have to go through this alone.

I’m sorry this all over the place. I myself am still recovering even though I knew how to handle it. 

We’re Still Friends

Request: hey can i request a buckyXreader imagine where the reader is someone on the avengers team best friend and the reader and bucky start dating because they fell in love & when they start dating the readers best friend on the team gets jealous and the reader tells them that they’re still the readers best friend and like bucky starts feeling bad for making the readers best friend jealous and then the reader has to tell bucky theres no need to be upset. i really hope this makes sense

A/N: It makes sense. :) BuckyxReader dating, TonyxReader platonic

Warnings: Uses of foul language

Word Count Total: 745

Short Imagine #54

Title: We’re Still Friends

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Hello! I wanted someone's opinion, and I think you are the right person! It may be just me, but this comeback seems like the boys had little input in it. Bighit has hired choreographers, producers, etc. before, but it seems as if the boys aren't doing much this time if that makes sense? I just really hope they did create a lot on this album alone. Especially the lyrics. I'm pretty sure they hired a lyricist, which makes me wonder how many of their own lyrics will be in the songs. (1/2)

It makes me think BigHit doesn’t think the boys can progress or sustain their popularity alone. I’m just paranoid… The boys are still talented of course, but I hope they are using their talents and showing them in a way that they accept. In other words, I hope they are happy with what they are putting out. Thanks for listening! I’m sorry if it sounds depressing, but I’m just a bit worried… (2/2)

Hi there, anon! Honestly, I highly doubt that the boys get to come up with concepts 100% on their own. Yes, they do take part in the production of the albums, but they need that extra help from the company to be marketable. 

Of course, they still get more involved in their own music compared to a lot of other groups, but remember that composing and producing aren’t the only ways to be considered an artist. It’s definitely admirable and impressive, but performance, especially in the world of Kpop, is crucial as well. I still think that BTS participated a lot in this album just because of how often they mentioned working on it in past interviews. Even so, we cannot know for sure until the comeback itself. I understand your concern, but worry not - like you said, as long as they’re happy with their product, it should be alright!

So I watched Mirai-hen episode 12

Unpopular (I guess ?) opinion: I like Ryota so much more after episode 12 and I already liked him a lot. It just makes sense that he’d react like that after everything he’s been through, and I really like where we’re headed - the whole “too much hope is the same as despair” thing.

He’s so sure he’s doing the right thing, spreading hope and erasing all kinds of negative emotions. While to the viewer it’s obvious that brainwashing people is Bad and he’s basically changing them into zombies, it’s not hard to see where he’s coming from - especially since this is the first time we’ve seen him take an active stance in the Hope VS Despair fight, it should be a good thing that he’s not hiding or running anymore. 

tl;dr: Ryota tried to be a hero and became a monster, and I just love it.

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Ok ok ok while I completely agree with the post about buckys expression being due to shock/trauma, I wonder if he could "feel" something, especially with the blast being so high up, maybe not pain but like the actual "loss" of his arm (it's 1am right now where I am so I'm not sure if this makes sense) because I'm sure that arm cost a pretty penny so surely hydra gave him some way to tell if the arm was damaged even if you couldn't see it on the surface... (My brain at 1am is magical)

Your guess is as good as mine. I just don’t think he was feeling actual pain of the limb because again, why would Hydra put pain receptors inside the arm. I’m pretty sure he was shocked as all get out that it happened. Fo’ sho.

¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠° )_/¯¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠° )_/¯¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠° )_/¯¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠° )_/¯

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is seb really shy? someone said he wont talk during autos most likely if he isnt prompted and now im kicking myself cause im shy as hell too and the same way so i guess i just made it awkward for both of us ;-; like the words wouldnt come out besides thank u as i left and im like 'YOU IDIOT' *sigh*

I’m not sure? I can’t really say?? cause he is all for crazy and funny photo ops but when you say something really nice about him or call him cute and stuff he starts blushing? so I’m thinking he’s a mix of both! I think when you go through the autographs you just gotta start talking (which I understand it can be hard cause he’s like rIGHT THERE AHHHH) cause he’s really focused on trying to get the names right and stuff like that. Does that make sense? I’m trying to say something but I don’t really know how to explain 🙈

wasn’t tagged for this but I decided to do it anyways!

take this test

you are deepskyblue #00BFFF   

Your dominant hues are cyan and blue. You like people and enjoy making friends. You’re conservative and like to make sure things make sense before you step into them, especially in relationships. You are curious but respected for your opinions by people who you sometimes wouldn’t even suspect. Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn’t be afraid to lead people, because if you’re doing it, it’ll be done right. Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.

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Can I ask you something? Do you think that each picture of Harry resembles a music style? If that makes sense? Cause like the one with the long hair has a rock-ish vibe to it if that makes sense. The middle one look like a typical Beatles or Mick Jagger picture while the last one, I'm not really sure but something contemporary and modern? I noticed it all revolves around the haircut and they used it to give him a look in particular.

Each picture definitely has a very different style, and that is also very interesting about it. Could be music related, could be not.

Lily’s eyes fluttered open slowly, any dream she had been having forgotten the moment she woke. It took a moment for her to realize where she was, only recognizing that it was nighttime but the bed was not her own. The Hospital Wing. How had she gotten there? The last Quidditch match had been weeks ago, so there was no chance of an injury from that. And then she remembered. Feeling groggy and overworked for days, trying to keep up with her schedule and studies, the lightheadedness, and then… Nothing. It was all black after that. Putting the pieces together, it was obvious that she must have collapsed.

She felt so weak. In every sense of the word. Her body and mind couldn’t keep up with her. But how was she meant to look after everyone if she couldn’t even look after herself? She was Lily. It was her job to make sure her loved ones were alright. Or at least, she had always seen it that way. But landing herself in the Hospital Wing was not going to convince anyone else of that.


S12 Countdown: 30 days or September 13th - Happy Supernatural Day 2016

Woman king; the mix

“You think I’m not a goddess?
Try me.
This is a torch song.
Touch me and you’ll burn.”

1.Rise to me - The Decemberists; 2.Trophy - Bat For Lashes; 3.Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine; 4.Paper Heart - St. Lucia; 5.The Execution Of All Things - Rilo Kiley; 6.Laughing With Mouth Of Blood - St. Vincent; 7.The Bat’s Mouth - Bat For Lashes 8.If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray 9. Woman King - Iron & Wine



Getting a firm handle on the geography of Ancient Greece both answers and raises questions.

On the one hand, the logistics of all those huge military campaigns make a lot more sense once you realise that many of the great city-states were basically within walking distance of each other. In many cases, those logistics boil down to less “establish a supply train” and more “well, make sure you pack a snack”.

On the other hand, all those episodes where great heroes spend years lost in the wilderness or adrift at sea become more difficult to reconcile. It’s like… how can you possibly get that lost for that long? If you found a good-size hill to climb, you can practically see your destination from your starting point!

It is a puzzlement.


warning: gratuitous analysis ahead

You know, I’ve been thinking about the Barn Mates leak.

The implication that Peridot is “public enemy #1″ seems a little out there at first. Sounds a bit over-dramatic; surely Homeworld has bigger fish to fry. But if you think about it, it makes sense.

We’ve seen nothing to suggest that Homeworld still has any real problems at present. Rose Quartz’s rebellion has been all but forgotten, Peridot’s mission to Earth is implied by Jasper to be routine and uninteresting and Yellow Diamond had little interest in Peridot before realizing she was on Earth.

Things are normal. Orderly. Efficient.

Then Yellow Diamond gets that call. And her reaction is to declare Peridot a public enemy. Not because this Peridot failed in her mission and insulted her, though she’s probably angry about that too, but because she directly disobeyed and continues to disobey orders.

And for what? To protect Earth. It’s always Earth. To Yellow Diamond, this probably comes as a déjà vu. She’s seeing the start of another rebellion. If one Peridot can find a reason to disobey her, all of them can.

The logical solution? Nip it in the bud. Eliminate this Peridot at all costs.

Self Comparison

First of all, I am sorry about the absence. I’ve been super busy doing my dissertation. Also, because I am completely open with you all, I’m revealing that I had a job interview for a grad job in London on Wednesday, for a company that I really want to be a part of (can we all cross our fingers and hope I get a second interview plz xo).

I’m also just about to go home for a couple of days to begin celebrations for my 22nd birthday, but I’m back here in Cambridge for my actual birthday (the 13th)… I’m celebrating properly with my friends on the 18th though (dissertation deadline day!). So current plans for my actual birthday stand at going to the library during the day, and then going for a meal/drink with close friends.

With all of this happening, I’ve been having to work hard on the dissertation, which has in turn meant I haven’t written a lot, but I’m back this morning & wanting to talk to you about something: self-comparison.  Here I go:  

Throughout life we are in awe of many people. We may know these people personally, but we may also admire those distant, successful figures that we afford a kind of ‘celebrity’ status.

When I was 15, I developed a half-obsession with the figure Marilyn Monroe, truthfully because I wanted to look like her and exude the same, confident persona. I hadn’t even seen any of the films she had starred in, but it was purely her style that attracted my envy, and I spent a lot of time wondering if I was ever going to cocoon like a caterpillar, breaking free from adolescence a Monroe-esque butterfly.

A girl can dream, huh?

Monroe was a figure of success to an adolescent young girl, and since, there have been many other figures I have felt comparatively less successful in the wake of. These include various writers, businesswomen, models, but they also include people at university who I feel have ‘done’ so many other things outside of their degree.

For example, when I see pictures of people who have played for a sport here at Cambridge and been involved in a Varsity win against Oxford; when I see those who act in ADC Theatre shows; when I see someone as Head Editor of a student publication, or as an active member of the Union.

Comparatively, although I have been involved in these kinds of things in the past, I’ve always found it difficult to juggle with my studies, so I often haven’t kept things up, or gone for a ‘higher’ role within these activites. But it’s easy, when you see pictures of so many people being individually successful, to put oneself down in comparison, to think ‘I have only done [x]’. And while looking at these photographs on social media, it’s easy to feel horrible about what you have or haven’t done in the past.

Part of the reason I feel this way is through the medium I receive this news of other people’s success: photographs on social media. This medium distances the successful person from us, but it also creates another sense of distance. Social media distances other people’s success from us, so the success becomes seemingly impossible to acquire.

All of this only results in self-comparison, which in turn results in self-hatred, and sometimes I feel trapped within a bubble of self-deprecation.  

I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum earlier on this week. I go there when my brain feels a little overworked, when I need some time alone to clear my head. I felt like I needed to go to think about things, to organise my week mentally. I usually sit in the lobby for an extended period of time, looking up at the magnificent ceiling. It’s utterly mesmerising. But to get to the point:

Something I find myself thinking about a lot in galleries is the concept of the self-portrait. In the Fitz, I spent some time observing some self-portraits, and I thought about how we celebrate an artist’s ability to think about their own essence of being in such a way as to even begin to create a self-portrait. I thought about the emotions that are possibly poured into such a piece of art – what emotions towards the self constitutes in the creation of a self-portrait?

I couldn’t answer, but I thought about seeing the self as a subject. I thought that perhaps seeing oneself as subject erases these ideas of imperfections. When at life drawing sessions, the figure in front of me is an artistic subject, not something to be judged, compared. Perhaps the self-portrait is the same. 

The prospect of graduating in June, naturally, invites thinking about regrets, about ‘should have’/ ‘could have’ / ‘would have.’ Especially when applying for graduate positions, where reducing oneself to two sheets of paper becomes the norm, and your achievements are placed on a platform to be judged, compared with others. But in a very convoluted way, thinking about self-portraiture made me feel better about myself, and therefore about my ability to be successful in my own right.

We are all artistic subjects, ready and waiting to be drawn, painted, interpreted. There are no subjects ‘better,’ and we need to see ourselves in this light. What we view as imperfections, failures, mistakes, regrets, are in fact, none of these things. They are a part of our selves, and so shouldn’t be hidden; they don’t need to be concealed. Rather, they need to be embraced, accepted as part of the past and present. We are, essentially, alone in the control of our successes, and so holding onto past regrets only works to halt the progress of the future.

My regrets from my time here – e.g. not being in a Varsity sport match, not being head of a committee – are regrets that I actively have, I will admit. I understand that I had health issues preventing me from doing these things before, but it doesn’t make them any easier to forget. It is instead easier to allow these regrets to consume me during my time here, to affect my perception of my time here. However, essentially, Cambridge will be such a small section of my lifetime. It’s easy to see these regrets as a big deal while I am here, but who knows what I could go on to do in the future?

Self-confidence matters, and I’m not saying that this method will work with everybody, but sometimes, seeing myself as an artistic subject helps. Removing the tendency to judge, to compare with others, instead to only see the self, whole and complete, as something worth observation, contemplation. I used to only see myself as a measure of other people’s successes, but now I (mostly) only see myself, and my goals. It’s a work in progress, but then again, so am I.

- Sarah


Caejose Week 2016
Day 3 - Caesar Lives

I wanted to see you one last time

Client: This looks terrible. What were you thinking? These fonts are huge. Make the lead-in font 1/3 the size. Everything needs to be way smaller.

Me: Smaller? Are you sure? All the text will be on one line and will be barely legible.

Client: Well, it doesn’t look good now. It looks unprofessional.

Me: Wait a minute. Are you zooming in on the file? Check that.

Client: Lets see. It says “175%.”

Me: Okay, you’ll need to zoom out to 100% to get a sense of the design.

Client: Oh! Okay, that looks great.

Me: (long suffering sigh)

K: Lost Small World Chapter 1 pt. 1
  12 years old: When Yata first meets Fushimi
Warnings: SPOILERS.Translation of a Chinese summary by x.

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