Word for Word (M)

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“Less talking. More fucking. Yeah?”

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3.4k, smut, jungkook/reader, friends with benefits au (+ college + fuckboy)

Jeon Jungkook is a fuckboy through and through. If you look at all his social media photos, all you see are countless images of him sandwiched between two girls, his muscular arms wrapped around their shoulders. Two different girls in each picture, never the same. Most of the photos are dark, dimly lit party scenes with the flash in their eyes, but sometimes there are filter-saturated beach pictures in which Jungkook’s shirtless and hugging girls in bikinis.

(Quite frankly, at times you weren’t really sure who to be jealous of: Jungkook or the girls. Both looked really fucking good. But it’s not like you were really Instagram stalking him and actually cared about his pictures or anything. Totally not.)

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How rare it is to have someone like you,

My happy pill when I am blue,

The laces to my shoe,

A gem so rare and true. 

You guide me with the steps I take,

support me with the decisions I make.

You do not judge my every mistake,

You are my firm foundation when the world shakes.

You have seen me as a mess;

a damsel in distress,

But you did not love me less

You even help my reach my success.

And even if the world comes to and end,

I could say that I had the best friend.

Together, best memories we were able to spend

In my heart I will forever append.