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I haven't watched the anime in a while, what are some of the moments you are talking about that SP hates Sakura and SS?

I’m sure somebody already made a list. I know the most recent one was Sasuke’s smirk when Sakura pummeled the baby bijuu (removed from the anime). Several moments they had in the forest of death were ignored and I think one filler even had her say Sasuke was a guy she used to love (whatever you think about the ship, this is something Sakura never said outside the fake confession)

As for Sakura herself, a good example is RTN, where Sakura has a fight with her mom and then complains about her parents in front of Naruto, and when he calls her out on it she tells him “Sasuke would have understood”.

This doesn’t just insult Sakura as a character and all her development (she was scolded by Sasuke himself in chapter fucking 3 because she said Naruto was lucky to be an orphan) but it craps all over Naruto and Sakura’s friendship. After chapter 3 Sakura would never say something like this to Naruto.