• Orisa: Greetings, Lucio.
  • Lucio: You're the new girl right?
  • Orisa: Correct. I am Orisa. I have been asked to receive your autograph.
  • Lucio: Oh, youre a- *Looks around Orisa and sees Efi hiding behind the doors.* Heheh, Sure. It's for Efi right?
  • Orisa: Correct.
  • Lucio: Alright. Here. *signs a poster* Come back for more if you want.

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Whenever we look up rewards, the customer's name pops up to make sure it's the right one. I always make a point of asking how to pronounce a name if I don't know it and some people get really happy? Or they chuckle and tell me I said it right or are surprised because "no one ever pronounces it right" and it's just... pleasant? Like it's just a simple interaction, but I love it. It's strange, but maybe it's just better than the normal conversation with customers.

Not Playing Fair (M) // Im Jaebum + Choi Youngjae (2JAE)

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Pairing: Jaebum x Youngjae (2Jae)

Genre: Smut, boys love

Summary; Jaebum and Youngjae in the shower together after dance practice~ Can things get any hotter? I’m dead

This scenario is rated M for mature as it contains smut + slight S+M behaviour.

A/N: A kind reminder that this is a boy x boy fan fiction. So if you’re not into that, don’t read it and don’t flood my inbox with headass homophobic comments bye~

Dragging his feet along the corridor with his bag containing his belongings, Youngjae walked the short distance from the dance practice room to the men’s showers. By now, the rest of GOT7 had already showered and since gone home while Youngjae was set the task of cleaning the practice room and making sure everything was back in its rightful place – all thanks to Jaebum.

“Asshole” Youngjae cursed under his breath. Jaebum had been in a foul mood all day – and of course took it out on the first person to royally piss him off no matter how big or small the offence was. After missing a few steps to some old choreography, Jaebum lost his infamous temper at the younger man, telling him that he can stay behind by himself to clean up. Youngjae didn’t talk back; he knew there was no point in retaliating as everything would have just ended in tears anyway. So instead, he took whatever Jaebum had to throw at him in his stride, and just did what he was told to do.

Upon letting himself into the shower room and after removing his clothes, Youngjae let the shower water cascade over his overheated, sweaty body – the cold water instantly cooling him down marginally before he swung the shower curtain in the small cubicle closed.

“Aaaah~ Finally” he breathed out a sigh of relief as he began squeezing out some body wash and massaging it over his entire body. He couldn’t wait to just finish up and get back home to snuggle with Coco and just chill out in general after the shit show of a day he was put through – and a nice, cold shower was a good way to redeem it.

As he finished up rinsing all of the bubbles lathered by the shower gel, Youngjae heard what he thought was the sound of the door to the shower room open and slam suddenly. He stopped, carefully listening for any sign that someone came in, before shutting the water off to listen further.

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We are having the boss’s boss in tomorrow and we are going 100mph to make sure the place is clean and presentable. We have like five carts of stuff that all need to go back out on the floor in the course of the next two hours and I am go-go-go on everything. 

But I am also keeping an eye out for anyone who looks lost because its the day before Valentine’s Day and for a number of people this is the first time they ever walk into a craft store. 

And I run into a dude who just looks… baffled.

“Can I help you find something?”

“Yeah….uh… I need a spray paint to dye flowers.”

“Are they real flowers or fake ones?”

“Yeah. I mean real. They’re real ones.”

We only have one brand that can be used like this and I take him to it, but I also read the back to make sure its the right kind because the wrong kind would mean dead flowers. 

“This is the one you’re looking for.”

“Oh cool. Thank you.”

“No problem.” I start walking away. 

“How’s your day going?”

“Uh…. fast.” I’m seriously like an aisle away from him now.

“Oh. That’s good. How long you work here?”

“Uh… three years.” I am now three aisles away. 

“That’s a long time!”


And I’m around the corner because I am in a damn hurry. I get to put a few items away but then I’m called up to the register. The dude comes over to my line. Blah blah blah so we meet again.

“That’s a nice ring you got there.”

“Thanks, I got it in South Dakota.”

“What were you doing there?”

“I was on my way to Montana for a seasonal job.”

“Wow! I’ve been all over, but I’ve never been to Missouri.” I decide not to correct him.

“Its cool. I was living right outside of Yellowstone. Got to go to the park on the weekends. It was neat.”

“I wanna go to France some day.”

“Oh, my girlfriend has been to France. She says Paris is kind of touristy but she liked the historical parts of it.”


“Oh. You have a girlfriend. That’s cool.”

The boy is out the door so fast. 

Now listen. My ring. It is an engagement ring. It is on my engagement ring finger. It is there, mostly, to tell people to fuck off. On the same hand, I wear a rainbow pride bracelet. It is unmistakably a pride bracelet. 

I am also thirty and this dude had to be fresh out of high school. And I was literally running away from him as he was trying to flirt with me. 

All of my body language was ‘I’m too busy, too old, and too gay for you.’ 

And he still tried. I can’t tell if I’m flattered or not. 

Jaal + Cora Banter
  • Cora: Jaal, I've been thinking about the Jardaan ...
  • Jaal: About what we discovered? About my people.
  • Cora: Just making sure you're all right.
  • Jaal: It's strange, but I feel a little sorry for the kett.
  • Cora: Really?
  • Jaal: We were designed, on purpose and with care. The kett can only patchwork themselves together.
  • Jaal: If they have a destiny, it's only what they've stolen.
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I go to my door and look out the peephole. There stands Ashley AND Jenny. My mind starts racing…. So many thoughts go through my head, did they forget something, is this a dream come true, are they too drunk to head home? I fumble with the door and open it. Yes?, i ask. They both giggle and ask to use the bathroom. Sure i say its right this way. I show them where it is then go sit on the couch and turn on the tv. A few minutes later i hear them come out giggling still. They come and sit down on either side of me. THEY ARE COMPLETELY NAKED!! Im speechless. Im just stareing at them. Jenny’s tits are huge and plump, Ashley’s are smaller but can still hold their own. Their hands are all over me as are their lips. Trying to taste my lips and neck. In an instant my cock is out and has both of their hands over it. Jenny giggles and Ashley says see told you. Its delicious too. Jenny takes my cock in her mouth and gets to work on it. My clothes fall off and i pull Ashley up so she sits on my face. She is soaking wet. Leaveing a few drops of her juices along my chest as she climbs onto my face. My hand reach up and pinch her nipples as my tongue slides in and around her pussy. He hips go wild. As do mine as Jenny swallows my cock to my balls. I slide my hand down to play with Jenny’s pussy. As i do i feel Ashley go stiff and shake. She slumps down and joins Jenny with sucking my cock. I pull Jenny’s hips up and settle her right where Ashley was just sitting and go to work on her sweet pussy. Her lips were longer then Ashley’s. Made it eaiser to suck on them individually. Ashley comes up and meets my eyes as she slides her tongue down Jenny’s ass to tease her star. I can see the smile in her eyes. Jenny moans loud. And takes her mouth off my cock and just as i think i will get a break Ashley sits right on my cock and buries it all the way inside of her. She begins to rock back and forth. I feel my cock bottem out with every stroke. I moan so loud into Jenny’s pussy she begins to shudder and goes limp. She slides off me and gets behind Ashley and smacks her ass hard. She squeals and says again. She smacks her other cheek then bows down to lick her pussy and my cock as it slides in and out of her. She trails her tongue up her crack and licks her ass as Ashley screams out another orgasm. Jenny says its my turn to feel him inside me as Ashley climbs off and slumps on the couch. Jenny climbs on faceing away from me and slides down slowly, feeling every inch stretch her tight pussy. Ashley gets down between her thighs and begins to go to town on her clit as i pump into her. My hands cup her breasts and tease her nipples with every stroke. She dosent last long. Haveing 2 people assault her pussy like that. Her body shakes and i feel alot of warm liquid rush down over my cock and balls. After she can move again she climbs off and they both start sucking and strokeing my cock with a passion. Im getting close, i can feel my balls start to tighten and my cock swell. Im gonna cum, i say, where do you want it. They both get on their knees, mouths open tongues out. I stroke my cock a few times and cover both their faces with my hot load. They kiss eachother and lick the others face clean. I kiss them both and thank them for an amazing night. They giggle and both say it should happen more often. They go get cleand up and dressed. We kiss one more time as i let them out the door. The door closes and i cant help bit think…… Which one do i like more.

Ohhhhh those naughty naughty girls!! I love it! I think we would be besties!!

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“Do you remember me?” the voice makes Y/N’s mind spin. A shiver runs down her spine. She opens her mouth to talk, but closes it again, unable to form words. The man’s blue eyes seem to pierce through her mind. She seems to run through every memory she has, because deep down, something tugs at her heartstrings, telling her to remember. She didn’t know anything about her past anymore, one of the unpleasant extras to brainwashing. She hated basically anything to do with emotions so she didn’t tell anyone, no one being able to help her. Her foot shifts on the sandy street tiles on the Bucharest market. A gun in her elegant hand, is pointed at the man, loaded. Her finger, on the trigger, trembles slightly. The voice in her head, telling her to remember, drowns out voices, yells of horror and nearby gunshots. In her earpiece some teammates are trying to make sure she’s okay. Though the man’s eyes seem so familiar, his voice so comfortable and his body just right in her mind, nothing seems to click. “No” she says finally. Her voice is filled with hurt. Laced with sadness and topped off with an off feeling of regret. Her expression matches her tone just as uneasy. She sees the man but in her mind a smoke curtain drags over the actual person’s identity. Y/N gets distracted with a hand on her shoulder, making her head whip over to look Bucky right in the eyes. The assassin is confused, Y/N was extremely professional and never got even slightly distracted on a mission. Y/N’s gaze leaves Bucky’s and looks back at the place where the man stood, now a simple empty spot on the square.  “Are you okay, Y/N? Christ-” Bucky says, looking around carefully. His hand is still on her shoulder, thinking it’ll calm her down a bit. “Are you okay?” Bucky asks again, turning her to look him in the eyes. Y/N blinks a couple of times, disoriented, but nods. “Yeah, s-.. sorry” she shakes it off. She reloads her gun and gives Bucky another small reassuring nod before running off.

Part two? Idk if this is good (it’s not, I know)

Requests are open, loves! 

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What is the first thing you do, after you finally release a fanfic chapter baby into the word lol? I'm sure it's a little stressful right before, but it must be nice when a chapter is done and uploaded.

I relax! It’s a lot of work and stress to get a chapter up, especially with a deadline and so as soon as it’s up I go make myself a hot drink and relax and then wait for the screaming to begin. 


Kugelhandgranate M1913/15 Poppenberg system

Manufactured by Germany c.1915-1918 using surplus Khg M1913 fragmentation grenades.
45g explosive charge, percussive system armed by removing the pin and lifting the spoon lever on the handle, after which a sharp shock and gravity would detonate the device.

That’s what happens when you Voltron the early German ball grenade with their later 1915 stick technology. They had realized earlier with the regular M1915 percussive layout - one with a regular cylindrical head like other Stielhandgranate - you better had the heaviest head possible to make sure it landed right on its face.

Plus they were bored and they had plenty to fuck around with.

before the shocklashing
  • kane: i'm not sure about this
  • byrne: it's the right thing to do
  • kane: but i can't just—
  • abby, yelling from across the camp: mARCUS
  • kane:
  • abby: HEY MARCUS
  • kane: …yes?
  • abby: marcus, why would you shocklash me
  • kane: abby, look,
  • abby: …when you can just…
  • kane:
  • abby: …KANE me?
  • kane:
  • byrne:
  • abby:
  • kane, to the guards: seize her
My Favourite Qualities About Each Function:

Fe: They will always put you first and sacrifice heaps for your happiness, plus they are open and honest about what they feel in a generally positive way, easy to read. 

Te: They say what they think and are open about their thoughts, they don’t beat around the bush and generally have a lot going on upstairs. They are problem solvers.

Fi: No matter what they will do what they think is right. They will not compromise morals for anything and they cling to their beliefs like no other. 

Ti: They are thoughtful and they rarely say things without knowing exactly what they are talking about. They think carefully about what they do and take their time to make sure its done right. 

Ni: They offer amazing new perspectives to a range of topics. Despite being intuitive they often pick up on little things that are ’off’, they trust their gut and its often right. 

Ne: They always see the big picture and are great at keeping things in perspective. They always seem to have an air of fun and possibility and enjoy trying new things.

Si: They just notice every detail and they are meticulous. Their memories are crazy good and they rely heavily on past experiences. They tend to be tough and not like giving up on the things they start.

Se: Everything is an experience. Every touch, sound, smell, taste and sight is new, beautiful and desperate to be explored. They are down to earth and love a rush and a bit of fun.