“I want you to love me for all my days.”
Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, dir. Angela Robinson (2017)

  • Orisa: Greetings, Lucio.
  • Lucio: You're the new girl right?
  • Orisa: Correct. I am Orisa. I have been asked to receive your autograph.
  • Lucio: Oh, youre a- *Looks around Orisa and sees Efi hiding behind the doors.* Heheh, Sure. It's for Efi right?
  • Orisa: Correct.
  • Lucio: Alright. Here. *signs a poster* Come back for more if you want.

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Hello Viria :D If it's not too much to ask, when did you move in with your now-husband? Like, how can you be sure when it's the right time? I've been thinking of moving in with my gf but i don't know if we should just now, also there's pressure from both of our families bc we´re not married yet and so on... what is your personal opinion on the subject?

Mmm, for me and Sasha, I’d say it was slowly but deliberately? Before actually moving in, we were spending SO much time together, so moving in didn’t change anything for the worse? We hang out a lot, spent a lot of time at Sasha’s place, sometimes I stayed over a night because it was just too late for Sasha to ride me back home.

My grandparents were quite worried, because they always are and that’s what they do, thinking we might be rushing things up, but we didn’t? You know, it’s just that feeling of full content when we’re together? So moving in only made it better. Also, much more domestic fluff, which is a big bonus.

I’d say the pressure for not being married came from my grandmother a bit, but she felt calmer because she knew Sasha and I talked about it. I don’t know, we just clicked in so naturally, so moving in came naturally too. I didn’t think the time wasn’t right, because I already knew how Sasha is like.

Do what you think is best for you and your girlfriend! You might talk about it to know how both of you feel. If you were hanging out on the street and not in home, try it out for a few days to know what it’s like? If you already did and you know what it’s like and you’re very content with everything, consider it.

As for parents, there should be something that might reassure them, but I am not much of an advicer with this subject.

when things go bump in the night

summary: in which you have a late night run in with a seemingly vicious vampire, only to find out he’s not as intimidating as you first made him out to be.

characters: shin hoseok x female!reader

genre: vampire au, suggestive shit

warnings: very faint mentions of blood, choking, suggestive shit

author’s note: this is my first paranormal au scenario!!! if i’m being honest, i love love love reading these…. so expect more in the future, maybe?? idk, depending on how this one goes, I guess,,,

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You step out of the little bakery and into the frigid fall air, immediately grabbing your bare arms while simultaneously cursing at yourself for not thinking to bring any sort of protection from the bone-chilling, autumn nights. You cautiously survey the area; taking in your surroundings before turning back toward the door. You manage to lock it, despite your trembling hands, and turn around, making your way down the sidewalk. You take an exceptionally deep breath before exhaling, examining the visible puff of air in front of you, not looking forward to the mile long hike back to your house.

The minuscule town you called home was already vacant during the day time, but at night it was like that of a ghost town; not a soul in sight. Hardly anything in sight for that matter, due to the thick pool of fog that resides throughout the barren streets. It was like something straight out of a horror movie. That in itself was just one of the many, many reasons you hated being out at that time of night.

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My mother insists that I should get birth control because I have a girlfriend. Considering the fact that I'm a lesbian, it seems odd to think about birth control. I'm pretty sure it's not necessary right?

Hi hi hello!

If you are not having Penis in Vagina sex(or intentionally putting sperm in your vagina) it is virtually impossible to get pregnant.

So, it is definitely pointless to go on birth control to avoid pregnancy.(birth control DOES NOT protect you from STIs)

BUT. Birth control does so so so many other things like correct hormonal imbalances, reduce risk of ovarian cysts, keep cystic acne under control, and a lot more.

Tell your doctor why your mom wants you to go on it and ask them if you need it. They will tell you if it’s needed or not.

Spell to Let Go/Heal

This is a custom spell for @queendevious1

What you need:


A strainer

Lavender oil

A bath tub

2 candles (preferably black and white) & a lighter 

A pot (or cauldron)

The Spell

This is preferably performed during the waning or new moon.

To prepare, start a nice hot bath, then add a few handfuls of the rosemary to a boiling pot of water on the stove. While that is steeping, dress your white candle. Rub the lavender oil from the bottom of the white candle to the top, imagining healing light pouring from your hands into the wax as you massage it in.

After you are done dressing the candle, strain the rosemary from the pot of water and add the brew to the bath. Make sure its the right temperature for you and climb on in (make sure the candles and the lighter are within easy reach!). 

Light the black candle with the intentions of letting go. While the black candle burns rub your body down with the rosemary bath, imagining any and all impurities and memories being washed from your body and mind. 

Once you feel clean, climb from the bath and dry off (making sure your black candle is burning in a safe, observable, place!). Then light your white candle with intentions of healing. Meditate on it- take your time. Maybe play a song you find relaxing. Let both of the candles burn to a stub in a safe place, and if you must extinguish them, snuff them out until you can finish burning them. 

Always observe fire safety and make sure that the herbs and oils are safe for you!

If you want a custom spell too, see this post!

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I thought square/oppositional aspects make everything more difficult and retrograde as well?

‘harsh’ aspects and ‘easy’ outlets both have their positives and negatives. sure, an easy trine can supply a natural flow of talent, but the person can be too lazy to tap into it or develop it, they are spoiled with ease so it just stays dormant. the opposition and square indicates the resolution of conflict and putting in the hard work to develop qualities and skills so the person is pressured into action so these talents can be developed. the opposition will involve signs that are opposite one another. these signs share the same axis so they are just reversed mirror images of each other. the opposition basically demands that dualities be resolved, the amalgamation of opposite forces (both are same energy but polar from one another) so when they are ONE they activate the complete archetypal potential for that apex. its difficult for the easy aspects because the initiative isnt there, they get away with doing nothing too easily. its difficult for the former because two planets are trying to dominate each other and win. But you must split the trophy, then watch them work together, then you will know talent. 

retrogrades…eh, not really, its just the planet moving back over the same territory, retrograde is latin for ‘backward step’ a retrograding planet is really just doing the same thing twice, so because its already done it probably enhances the capacity for self reflection and making sure its being done right this time. its just an astronomical elusion. there is equally as many people with rx planets as without them, it’s very common, especially cos the outer planets are rx for like half the year or more lol 

im going to go on here but anyway

as a registered nurse ive learned about social labelling theory and apply it here. very shortly its like a psychiatrist telling you that you have ADHD and then you start to believe this and identify with it and low and behold the symptoms of ADHD arise. Magic. but the mind is spongey like that i really have no doubt that by focusing on what part of your chart you can blame for this or for that or reading hyper hysterical astrology (some, especially matters with pluto, like i read a write up before on pluto in the 5th that says they are abusive with their children, like come on, that is sooo destructive to hear about yourself and just doomsday astrology) that tell you these sort of far fetched, disastrously fated interpretations (also seen a lot with 12th house) and then you start to integrate these as part of yourself and come to actually express those actual ill fated qualities that you have been fearing in yourself. it means the same thing can happen when someone is presented with positive potentials, and i like this better.every chart has tribulations and triumphs. and these are all relative to our character and our life. what hurts one person does not move another. this is also really why you cant generalise negative placements, just like in the ‘opposition’ aspect, negative traits cannot exist without positive ones. 


Kugelhandgranate M1913/15 Poppenberg system

Manufactured by Germany c.1915-1918 using surplus Khg M1913 fragmentation grenades.
45g explosive charge, percussive system armed by removing the pin and lifting the spoon lever on the handle, after which a sharp shock and gravity would detonate the device.

That’s what happens when you Voltron the early German ball grenade with their later 1915 stick technology. They had realized earlier with the regular M1915 percussive layout - one with a regular cylindrical head like other Stielhandgranate - you better had the heaviest head possible to make sure it landed right on its face.

Plus they were bored and they had plenty to fuck around with.

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Hi. I'm going into my third year of school as an architecture student and I'm STILL not sure its right for me. I'm interested in some aspects of it (hand drawing/making things, small scale design, sustainable building) but it seems that a lot of the career, or at least the one my school is preparing me for, is not a good fit. (The insane workload doesnt really help with that perception either :P) Do you have any advice/career paths for a questioning student to look in to?

All architects, regardless if they are designing tiny homes or skyscrapers, have to suffer the same trial by fire that is architecture school. If you want to be part of the profession, which seems to be the case according to the list of things you enjoy, you will have to do your best to complete school.

Once you complete your studies is up to you to direct your career, research firms before you choose one, if you accept a job in a firm that you did not research and does not fit your expectations you will be deeply unhappy. 

The only other option is to become an artist “hand drawing/making things” whether as your main career or as a side career/hobby. If that becomes your path you could leave school tomorrow but like with any such decisions there are risks and rewards.

I will tell you that the workload on your job should not be as brutal as school. You might even have time to do things you enjoy on the weekends!

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Not Playing Fair (M) // Im Jaebum + Choi Youngjae (2JAE)

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Pairing: Jaebum x Youngjae (2Jae)

Genre: Smut, boys love

Summary; Jaebum and Youngjae in the shower together after dance practice~ Can things get any hotter? I’m dead

This scenario is rated M for mature as it contains smut + slight S+M behaviour.

A/N: A kind reminder that this is a boy x boy fan fiction. So if you’re not into that, don’t read it and don’t flood my inbox with headass homophobic comments bye~

Dragging his feet along the corridor with his bag containing his belongings, Youngjae walked the short distance from the dance practice room to the men’s showers. By now, the rest of GOT7 had already showered and since gone home while Youngjae was set the task of cleaning the practice room and making sure everything was back in its rightful place – all thanks to Jaebum.

“Asshole” Youngjae cursed under his breath. Jaebum had been in a foul mood all day – and of course took it out on the first person to royally piss him off no matter how big or small the offence was. After missing a few steps to some old choreography, Jaebum lost his infamous temper at the younger man, telling him that he can stay behind by himself to clean up. Youngjae didn’t talk back; he knew there was no point in retaliating as everything would have just ended in tears anyway. So instead, he took whatever Jaebum had to throw at him in his stride, and just did what he was told to do.

Upon letting himself into the shower room and after removing his clothes, Youngjae let the shower water cascade over his overheated, sweaty body – the cold water instantly cooling him down marginally before he swung the shower curtain in the small cubicle closed.

“Aaaah~ Finally” he breathed out a sigh of relief as he began squeezing out some body wash and massaging it over his entire body. He couldn’t wait to just finish up and get back home to snuggle with Coco and just chill out in general after the shit show of a day he was put through – and a nice, cold shower was a good way to redeem it.

As he finished up rinsing all of the bubbles lathered by the shower gel, Youngjae heard what he thought was the sound of the door to the shower room open and slam suddenly. He stopped, carefully listening for any sign that someone came in, before shutting the water off to listen further.

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