i’ve always admired and loved louis since the beginning not only for his incredible talent but for being the amazing person he is, but right now? that admiration and love has gotten a million times bigger. what he did tonight has left me speechless. losing someone you love is the hardest thing someone can go through, mostly if you’re so young, you feel like the world is going to end and all that motivation you had left dies. but he went out there, found the strength, got on stage and performed this beautiful song in tribute to jay, a song that has such positive lyrics and that truly anyone can find comfort in and i’m just speechless. he’s one of the strongest and bravest people i’ve ever had the pleasure to admire, love and look up to and i’ll never find the words to describe how proud i am of him and i’m 100% sure the angel that now jay is is too. you deserve the entire world, louis tomlinson.


@sneilix tagged me to post 6 selfies from 2016 or something I actually didn’t read that very carefully but here’s some highlits of this poor excuse of a Year

Taggin’ @auroreamethyste @moogotron @doktordyper @contrabassmellotron and whoever else wants an excuse to post up to SIX selfies I am giving this to you right now,

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ok but in the shenanigans ray put ryan in the back and then was really surprised that it worked like he hadnt expected to actually get through six of them and iDK if thats what was intended but it does make me happy

Ray: Well, Rye had to go in the back because he’s a fucking giant. The reason I had them line up shortest to tallest was to make sure I could get them all through the head in one clean shot – if they weren’t then it’d be a huge mess.

Ray: And yeah, I didn’t actually think it’d work, so I was a little shocked to see six corpses at first. I thought the bullet would’ve stopped after Gav. Didn’t really think about how sniper rifles are built for distance and I pretty much shot them point blank.

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hiya. i was just wondering if you believe that even was gonna comit suicide? i mean there's loads of signs pointing towards it like the text sayin always remember that they coud've been together if things were different. or the choosen snippets in the church. dead juliette, nas quote (sleeps is cousin to death) or even talkin about his movie that one has to die for it to be a epic love story. also even looking ao crushed leavjn the school but idk it would make the clip even more moving

Yes, I believe that Even was going to kill himself. The more times I watch the clip the more sure I am! I already got a really bad feeling by that text; it was way too formal to be a regular text. Then how the vocalist looked at Isak. And how Isak suddenly felt the need to look at it again, and now his expression was completely different; earlier he had been just happy to hear from Even again. Now he looked scared.

Then the flashbacks. And how Even reacted when he spotted Isak? That was way more than just ‘oh Isak is here I’ve missed him’ it really looked like his mind was at a completely different place and like he was caught doing something he shouldn’t.

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He did that for his mom. And I'm sure she is so proud of him right now. Just like she was always. I take comfort in knowing Louis has an amazing support system, and so many people who love him. I hope he gets to grieve in private now, for as long as he wants.

i hope he gets to spend the rest of the holiday season with his family and his friends and i hope he gets to grieve in peace and privacy for as long as he needs.

louis you’re one of the bravest people i’ve ever had the privilege of knowing (even if only from a distance). we love you so much.

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Who's your favorite Diamond Tiara?

the older one who’s earned her tiara by expecting the best of everyone around her.  She may be a harsh mistress but that’s only because she knows what you’re capable of, even if you don’t.  She never asks more than what you can do.

(headcanon to be sure, but I do like the character she’s becoming and I hope I’m guessing somewhat correctly)

Where Are You Christmas?

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words: 1279
Requested by @padackles2010:  Can I request a Christmas one shot based on a song? With Jensen and JJ and the Reader? About the song Where are you Christmas? Where it doesn’t feel like Christmas to the Reader because she is dealing with a lot of personal stuff and her husband and daughter try to make it feel like Christmas for her?? If not it’s okay 🙂 

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           You wanted to be in the Christmas spirit. You wanted it more than anything. Especially because your four-year-old daughter was so excited for Christmas. But things just didn’t feel like Christmas for you.

           Jensen could tell something was going on, but he never pressured you to talk. He just kept reminding you that he was there for you if you did need to talk about something. If you needed him to do something.

           “Mommy?” Emmi walked into your bedroom early in the morning.

           “Yeah, Baby?” you opened your eyes to see her.

           “Daddy and I made breakfast,” she said happily.

           “You did?” your eyes widened.

           She nodded, “Yeah. Will you come downstairs and have breakfast with us?” she asked, almost sounding like you would decline.

           “Of course I will,” you said, getting out of bed and lifting her into your arms, “What do you make?”

           “It’s a surprise,” she said, giggling as you carried her down the stairs.

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In Spanish Sign Language (Spain), When you are fingerspelling a name, how do you sign a letter with an accent mark?

That’s a really good question, I am looking for information and found a few pictures of 

and this (which I am sure is the same)

engua de Signos Españoles or Lengua de Señas Españolas, LSE from Spain not to be confused with “lengua de señas mexicana” or LSM from Mexico. Sadly I can’t find many pictures that differentiate in LSM and LSE to show how one would add or show the accent marks in fingerspelling. I will continue to to search this as well as open it  up to any Deaf LSM and LSE users. I don’t know much and would like to know more about this myself.

-Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Not sure about this just yet, nothing is set in stone, but this is what I worked on this afternoon/tonight. But concepts are just that, they don’t necessarily stick lol How many times have I listened to/watching the Circus music video over these last few days? A lot. This is going to be a long project as I try different things. I’ll be drawing Yurio next. I’ll consider this one still a work in progress lol Overall thou I think I drew everything decently~

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love your blog, currently shocked by the trailer. I'm afraid that ''i love you'' is referred to John but also to Mycroft, or maybe only to Mycroft the moment before Sherlock shoots him, if he's forced to choose between them. or, maybe it happens only in his mind palace, and he realizes he's in love with John, that's his darkest secret, and he's freaking out. LIKE ME. what do you think??

NONNY. I don’t know what to think right now honestly. It’s TOO MUCH™. But I do think there will be a forced choosing of one or the other, and perhaps, there’s a Plan™ and John is meant to be shot. Not sure. Clips are all out of order all the time, so honestly I just want S4 right now and be gone of the suspense.

I just saw that Karolsen vs Karamel gifset and like I’m just wondering…just how much did they hurt themselves reaching that much?

You do know that if I wanted to I could make a gif set of all the times James was a jerk to Kara and pit them against all the really sweet Karamel moments?

I could but I have better things to do with my time for one and two, I’m not threatened or pathetic enough to do that.

But thanks for making sure us Karamel shippers saw it! that was so kind of you big hearted lovelies.

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i just recently started watching skam & im finally all caught up but i have one question. what is important about the time 21:21? i don't wanna be confused anymore hahaha

not really sure but basically a lot of important events happened at 21:21? for example like isak was born at that time, isak and even had their first kiss at that time. and obviously it was episode 10 where isak and even made up at 21:21

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Request for adorable family group Halloween/summerween costumes???

I feel like the best matching costumes for Stan would be the classic horror movie monsters, and that Halloween would feature as many tricks as treats. I’m sure Stan wouldn’t rest without being banned from at least one house on the street. 

Andy started these “death dinners” for people—whenever someone who’s been on the show for a while gets killed off, we all have a dinner party and everyone talks about that person, to them. The first thing I did after being cast was attend one of those, and everyone was crying, and I’m like, Guys, it’s just a television show, chill out! But now I understand it, because we’re so isolated in our little group and it’s a really singular experience. I’m sure 50 years from now, we’ll still be having get-togethers.
—  Tom Payne
we fight the quicksand

we fight the quicksand,
threatening to engulf any staid feet

not kicking up dust,
or raising a mother fuss ( thanks ‘Pac )
fact is, the truth will prove stronger
than any one of us

& opinions, handed down by the sages
are scarcely worth the ink on digital pages

turned into no more than so much sale fodder
devoid of all meaning with which we’d once bother

when the rest of us are meddled
by the latest faux fuss peddled
assaulting our senses as surely as
young hoods can jump fences

escaping their destined bid with the law -
i kid - but just like good cole slaw,
not everyone here is able to make it
add it to a rib tip order & i’ll take it

unlike the beating we’d take lying down
while this faker-mover-shaker takes the crown
submerging our cities & towns in the wake
of the titanicly keeled ship S.S. Mistake

unleashed o'er the land of the enterprising sun
undone by a surfeit of grandness, for one -
& for two - harboring an unsympathetic view
of anyone who doesn’t belong to their crew.

out of hands, some fools keep eating strange treats
from strangers, deranged by the lies they repeat,
on blast ad infinitum - truths need us to write 'em -

so in brightness of days & in darkness of night
just lay down the letters & keep up the fight.
12/16 - lebuc - we fight the quicksand

  • <3333333 I’m pretty sure it’s this one from Srslysims, since I have all their recolors. >.>
  • The montral aren’t technically mine, I’m just converting them (and editing to my liking) and really I don’t know if I’ll convert ‘em to ts3 as well. Oh! and in case you didn’t know, Salverin has already converted a different mesh to ts3 here that might suit your needs.
  • Nah, the tentacle mesh is an absolute mess, I’m not touching it, but anyone who feels brave enough is free to convert it. Seriously it’s horrible, I don’t recommend poking at it unless you have a strong stomach lol.

And just a heads up, I probably won’t be very active for another week or two, my boss is currently trying to work me to death. x.x