• Dazai:Chuuya is mad at me, and I'm not clear why. :/
  • Atsushi:Okay, were you talking before he got upset?
  • Dazai:Yes!
  • Atsushi:That's probably it.

Title: ‘Ghosts’
TV Show: The 100
Summary:  Trapped in the rubble of Tondc, Marcus Kane is saved by the last person he expected. A kabby AU fic that stems from the premise: What if Jaha had been just a few seconds too late to stop Abby from being floated in the first episode?
Rating: General (AU that includes major character death - see above)

Marcus awoke to a world full of rubble.

There had been…an explosion. He remembered that. Fire and noise and pain, and the sickening sensation of the world falling away beneath him. He had been knocked unconscious, clearly, but for how long? There was nothing that gave him any sign; the only thing he could see in the dim light was the crumbled remains of what must have been the buildings of Tondc, pressing in from all sides. If he strained his ears he could hear faint noises – distant screams and moans coming from around and below, but no-one within sight. His leg…

His leg was trapped. He tried to move it and nearly passed out again. It took several minutes for the agony to subside into a dull steady throb of pain. At least after some effort he was able to free his arms enough to move them, although a tentative exploration of his face revealed that he was covered not only in a thick layer of dust but a wet sticky substance that felt a lot like blood. The effort involved just in that slight amount of movement had him panting for breath, his pulse hammering. He lay limp against the rubble, trying desperately to think past the pounding in his head.

“Doesn’t look good, does it?” said a nearby voice.

Startled, Marcus raised his head a few painful inches, squinting into the dim, crumbling space around him and saw—


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you know, this route through the Hewn City must really be harrowing for river-goers and traders. it connects the SotC to the open ocean, but not only does it empty out into the Sea ending with a waterfall, it passes through one of the more treacherous places in all of Sornieth.

It seems like one of those routes that only traversed by very skilled and specialized river traders, dragons with a death wish, or some very very desperate.


?¿ bc i got my nosed pierced and i was like bLESs & it was an okay time so im going to leave this here & try nOt to delete it bc i always delete selfies and i want to keep one uP goddamnit @ me >:(

I signed up for my classes and I’m doing 7.5 hours of ballet this year!! And I tried to sign up for another class on Saturday but I got wait listed, but if I get off of that I’ll be doing 9 hours!

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You love rapmon admit it 😉


how can you say such a thing?

how could I?

really… i don’t know what you are talking about

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PS: Of course I love him. I love his dorky ass to pieces. Like… his smile is brighter than my future. I wish i could talk about serious issues with him, in a white aesthetic coffee shop, with a cappuccino, maybe even discuss about books. I DON’T KNOW. I LOVE ALL SEVEN MEMBERS AND THEY ALL MAKE ME WAVER.