What I noticed I liked much better about morrowind (compared to other tes games I played) was how you could simply ask around for a topic and learn about the lore, and also what it did to directions, how asking randos about a place could help you for your quest. I think skyrim really lacks it because without the little bits of interaction with the world it adds questing around feels like you’re alone exploring nature and nothing else..

I’m not a pro at coding but I’m sure it doesn’t cost much to give a quest giver the option to give you verbal/written indications of where the quest is. If you don’t wanna pay the voice actor, then make the npc hand you a paper with shit written on it, it’s not difficult. I don’t like the fact that skyrim gives 0 options for that it’s not even realistic to just say “go to this place” (insert some easily remembered name ((irony))) and to have your character zoom in right there

Just the npc saying “I marked it on your map” is so much better for me, just that simple sentence, but well we know what skyrims map is like

lord of shadows snippet

They were far out from shore now—it was a shining line in the distance, the highway a ribbon of moving lights, the houses and restaurants along the coastline glimmering. “Well, as it turns out, my parents didn’t die in the ocean.” Emma took a shuddering breath. “They didn’t drown.”

“Knowing that doesn’t wipe out years of bad dreams.” Julian glanced toward her. The wind blew soft tendrils of his hair against his cheekbones. She remembered what it felt like to have her hands in that hair, how holding him had anchored her not just to the world, but to herself.

“I hate feeling like this,” she said, and for a moment even she wasn’t sure what she was talking about. “I hate being afraid. It makes me feel weak.”

“Emma, everyone’s afraid of something.” Julian moved slightly closer. “We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don’t wish you didn’t fear anything. All that would mean is that you don’t feel anything.”

“Jules—” She started to turn toward him in surprise at the intensity in his voice, but paused when she heard Cristina’s footsteps quicken, and then her voice, raised in recognition, calling:


I feel like some people in the YOI fandom may worry about episode 9 and how it may “not have any Victuri moments” now that Victor’s gone back to Japan.

And sure, we will certainly see less physical Victuri moments. But let’s instead think about the potential positive aspects of the situation: more emotional Victuri moments.

Because, to be fair, we’ve gotten to see a lot of their physical affection already - hugs, hand holding, forehead touches, kisses - you name it. And while I love it and I think it’s important, I think it might just be their thoughts and feelings that really make everything so special.

And this is the perfect opportunity to present the emotional aspect of their relationship. Yuuri has internal monologues about Victor and love all the damn time, and Victor looks so enamored in his Japanese boyfriend that it feels like he could kneel and propose at any given moment, and just imagine how being so physically apart from each other could only heighten and amplify those feelings.

Some people might say that this will be a test for their relationship, but I don’t think so. The fight in the parking lot in episode 7 was more of a test. Now they know that they can trust each other to perform well/give proper support respectively. The lack of Victor’s immediate presence will certainly be relevant and will shake Yuuri, but it won’t be because he’s afraid that Victor might leave him. He himself encouraged him to go back to Japan. Yuuri knows he won’t leave him, knows that he has no reason to be afraid. (And coming from a person who did everything to keep Victor by his side at all times? That’s big.) He trusts Victor enough to let him go back to Japan despite facing his Free Skate the next day. His issues during the second day event of the Rostelecom Cup will most likely only stem from the physical lack of Victor, but not from his emotional insecurity in their relationship. Because by now they’re secure. Even if Victor is thousands of kilometers away, he’s not gone and he’s not leaving him.

And remember that old proverb? If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they will be yours forever. I think it might just fit this situation in a way. Yuuri is letting Victor go, not entirely of course, but he is letting him go for the time being, despite it being a time when he might just need him most. Perhaps he doesn’t realize it, but in a way, it’s a gamble. The thing is that Victor isn’t going anywhere. He promised to take Yuuri to the Grand Prix Final, and he will. Which means he is coming back. And I think we all know what that means in regards to the proverb?

Also, the entire situation could be interesting from Victor’s perspective. Assuming that he watches the livestream, he will certainly be overcome with some sort of feelings. Except that until now, he released them as soon as they came - through hugging Yuuri or kissing him or similar outbursts of closeness. He won’t be able to do that now. Which means that instead of dealing with the feelings physically, he will have to consider them emotionally and his emotions are clear to anyone who’s seen him around Yuuri. Am I the only one seeing the potential development here?

In any case, I am expecting Yuuri to find strength in his bond with Victor (which will support him during his performance) even without his physical presence and at least a small realization on Victor’s side. Or just Victor being extremely proud and happy with Yuuri, I’m also perfectly fine with that. (And I just really want even more emotional monologues on love please please please)

Even without the physical attention, I think episode 9 could be a breakthrough for Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. I’m sure that the anime could pull it off.

Also I can totally sense a sweet and fluffy ‘reunited at the airport’ scene which would further reaffirm their connection (and give us the beautiful hug/kiss we all secretly want more of).

So yes. Fear not. Episode 9 carries a lot of really strong potential for the development of Victuri. Have faith.

  • 707: [screams]
  • Yoosung: … What was that?
  • 707: I just thought about my anxieties and it’s like my mind hand touched a hot memory stove.
  • Manager: Gays I'm turning in this months evaluation. Anything to report?
  • Hwasa: Wheein put my stuff in jell-o again.
  • Wheein [eating a jell-o cup]: how do you know it was me?
  • Solar [raises her hand]: Byul tried to kiss me. And I didn't tell anyone because I'm not really sure how I feel about it
  • Moonbyul: Solar, don't report that!
  • Solar: I'm not actually making a formal complaint. I just really think we should talk about it
  • Hwasa: I'd like to report a hate crime. Solar made me do the dishes
  • Solar: That's not a hate crime.
  • Hwasa: Well I hated it!
  • Wheein: I have a real problem. Moonbyul turned me down for the third time. Is there anyway to get her kicked out of the group?
  • Manager: You need cause, Wheein.
  • Wheein: I have cause. It's beCAUSE I hate her
  • *Manager stares at camera like he's in The Office*
Just a Comet Spell

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A spell to remind yourself of your divine power within the cosmos

☄️ Gather a clear quartz and rose quartz

☄️ Hold the rose in your left hand and clear in the other

☄️ Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, this could be outside under the night sky

☄️ Feel the crystals charging within your hands and think about how vast the universe is, your are a tiny cosmic blip, but the universe wouldn’t be the same without you in it.

☄️ Listen to Just a Comet

This life I chose isn’t easy but sure is one heck of a ride
At the moment that I hit the stage, I hear the universe calling my name
And I know deep down in my heart I have nothing to fear
And as the solar wind blows through my hair, knowing I have so much more left to share
A wandering spirit who’s tearing its way through the cold atmosphere
I’ll fly like a comet
Soar like a comet


I Got You

Request: Hey can you do something like bucky is in winter soldier mode and after some struggle with him reader can get him out of it and smut afterwards

Warnings: Swearing, Mention of Alcohol, Smut (use protection kiddos), Violence.

Words: 3.4k

A/N: This is my first time writing smut so please be nice. Also I’m pretty sure this is the longest thing I’ve ever written, so sorry about that. Thank you to @rayraylovesbuckybarnes, sorry it’s so late omg. Please send me requests/feedback here. If you want to be tagged please let me know!


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BTS cheering you up

Requested by anon

Request open!


  • Sends you a lot of flying kisses
  • Stupid but still extremely cute snaps
  • Making you feel loved
  • Literally makes a fool out of himself for you
  • Flowers

Originally posted by missbaptan


  • Buys you coffee
  • A lot of cuddling and hugging
  • Plays with your hair
  • Whispers sweet nothings in your ear
  • In general: shows his sweet side to you
  • “You’re not alone, remember that”

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  • Aegyo
  • More Aegyo
  • Convinces you to dance with him
  • Kisses, a lot of kisses actually
  • Tickling
  • Sings for you ( I literally feel so happy when he sings so…)

Originally posted by eatjin


  • Sweet dimple smile
  • Long talking
  • Giving you good advices
  • Buys you some books
  • Actually reads a bit for you
  • Telling you all the things he loves about you
  • Cuddling
  • Makes you feel loved and safe

Originally posted by kths


  • Buys you your favorite sweets and cake
  • Lazy cuddling day
  • Huggs you shyly
  • Goes out with you in the night to show you the stars
  • Tells you sweet things while doing it
  • Tells you again and again how much he loves you
  • “I’ll make sure you love yourself as much as I love you”

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  • Makes a fool out of himself
  • Silly faces
  • Brings you to the zoo//petting zoo
  • Holds your hand the entire time
  • Forehead kisses
  • Literally trying to make you laugh in every way possible

Originally posted by chimchams


  • Sings for you
  • Memefaces
  • Lazy cuddling days
  • Gives you his clothes
  • Kisses you shyly on your cheek
  • Hugs you tightly
  • Convinces you to go to the amusement park with him
  • Wins you stuff there

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ok but consider this: destiel pokémon go au
  • dean bumping into cas while walking around the street looking for pokémon
  • dean and cas meeting for the first time at a poké stop and they end up getting along well so they decide to continue looking for pokémon together
  • dean being in team valor and cas in team mystic and cas keeps taking over dean’s gyms and dean is pissed as hell
  • cas using a lure and dean being able to catch a high CP pokémon because of the lure so dean comes up to thank cas personally
  • dean and cas as best friends who are competing against each other to see who can hatch their eggs the fastest (cas winning in the end is technically unfair cause he’s a goddamn runner)
  • sam accidentally hearing dean and cas groaning in the same room and sprinting away because he thought dean and cas were having sex but they actually just got cut off from pokémon go’s server
  • dean and cas as best friends hunting for pokémon together and dean keeps yelling ridiculous poké stop names out loud while cas rolls his eyes affectionately
  • “dean i thought you told me that you were going to actually jog with me for real this time” “no but cas listen there’s a pikachu just right over there
  • dean blushing violently when cas finds out that dean names all of his pokémon after classic rock bands
  • dean as a cop who has to pull cas over for driving too slow and turns out it’s because he was driving while playing pokémon go
  • cas wanting to come into a coffee shop because there’s a pokémon inside and dean is the coffee shop owner who has a “pokémon are for paying customers only” sign on his door
  • cas stubbornly sitting outside the coffee shop and using a lure to attract other trainers who eventually come just to hang around outside of dean’s shop
  • dean glaring at cas through the glass door of the coffee shop and cas smiling smugly at him


I don’t chase people anymore,” she said, turning up the collar of her jacket against the freezing cold, “either they want to stay or they don’t.” He handed her a cup of coffee, gently brushing her fingers, so lightly it might as well have been an accident.
“Sometimes you have to chase people for a while, just to make sure they know how you feel about them,” he replied. She rolled her eyes, taking a sip of hot coffee and burning her tongue. “That’s just stupid.”
A knowing smile formed on his lips as he watched her. “See, there are a lot of people like you,” his smile widened while her face transformed into a scowl, “people who are always on the run and unaware of what others might feel for them. Unaware that they make someone else’s heart race, that they make their days brighter and their worries seem pointless. It’s people like you that I need to chase because you’re always too far gone before I can hold on to you, and quite frankly, I’m tired of chasing, too.
—  “So do you want to stay?”
Imagine: making Tom relax on his birthday

To say Tom was a bit on edge would have been an understatement. With the recent GQ article talking about his previous girlfriend, and more rumors about how long the two of you would last or when you’d break up, he desperately needed a ‘lazy day’. So, you took it into your own hands, and made sure Thomas had nothing planned on his birthday until the night, when he could celebrate with family and friends.

The two of you had been long time friends, and after Thomas recovered from Taylor, you surprised each other by realizing you had buried shared emotions. You avoided the media as a couple, but the important people in your lives knew, and thanks to them, Tom Hiddleston got to have a relaxing birthday.

Said actor was currently in bed, boxers only, well past his normal waking time. His eyes eased open to the soft golden glow coming through the windows, and when he saw your heavenly smile at his side, he knew being 36 was going to be enjoyable.

“Good morning, love… What time is it?” He asked groggily, as he shifted to wrap his arms around your loosely clothed torso. You had taken to wearing Marvel pajamas as a joke with him, and currently, you just had undergarments and his Thor shirt, which was certainly oversized for you.

“9:26pm.” You responded, after glancing at the clock. You heard Tom take in a sharp breath as his eyes widened, but you wrapped your arms around his neck and held him close, interrupting his worried thoughts. “Thomas, today is your birthday. You have earned a break, so don’t worry… That’s my job.” You joked lightly, running your fingers through his soft hair, letting your nails massage his scalp. He hummed contentedly at the feeling, letting his eyes close.

“Wh-What about-” he began, but soon felt your soft lips against his, prompting him to react in kind. His hands drifted to your waist and hair, but before he could lose himself in your embrace, you pulled back and smiled sweetly.

“Tom, it’s fine. Everything will be okay.” You reassured, before shifting so you straddled his waist and looked down at him, planting your hands to the sides of his head. “You deserve the world, but today, rest should do the trick. I’ll make some tea, pop in a movie or find a nice record, and we can while the day away doing whatever you want… except working.” You explained, your voice low and silky. Tom stared up at you with wonder in his eyes, as he let out a string of soft chuckles and reached his hands up to brush back your curtain of hair.

“What did I do to deserve you?” He asked, his voice wistful and loving. You chuckled lightly and leaned down, pressing your soft mouth to his in slow kisses. After a few seconds, you parted, but remained a breath away.

“You didn’t have to do anything… Now, any ideas for the day, birthday boy?” You asked with a growing grin. Thomas knew you were determined to give him a relaxing day, so he happily accepted that gift. However, he did have some plans of his own for you.

“Oh, darling… this is going to be the busiest day off we’ve ever had.”

#26 “You’re not going to kill me, are you?”, #27 “Curiosity killed the cat”, #31 “It was one time” Peter Pan One Line Prompts

Pairing: Peter Pan (OUAT) x Reader

Words: 957

Warning: smut

One Line Prompts

Walking through the thick woods of the dark Neverland forest, easily making sure not to step on any dry twigs along the way to my destination: Peter Pan’s secret hut.

With my heart racing and hands sweaty as I approach his secretive hut nervously. He built it himself, I watched it over time. Who knows how long it took, time doesn’t exist here.

I look around as I approach the entrance, feeling uneasy about how simple it was to reach how far I’ve come. I know I’m quiet and sneaky, but it shouldn’t have been this easy.

Curiosity killed the cat.” I hear a familiar British accent interrupt my sneaking around behind me.

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I never thought that missing you without experiencing being with you yet is possible, I always ended up seeing myself sitting by the window looking at the stars and wishing that you were here with me or I’m with you. None of the days passed that I didn’t wonder and imagine about how is it feel to be next to you; or how warm your hand is; or how I would feel if I literally could hear the beats of your heart already; or how I would react if I already see you smiling at me; or the way you tell me that you love me while staring straight into my eyes would surely gives me shiver ten times more than how you give me shiver over the phone; or how my butterflies in my tummy will grow million of them more just for you; or how you embrace me, the warmth in between our bodies; or just how is it to be with you, not over the phone, but physically present in front me– I could literally touch you and I could sleep next to you. I imagined once myself sleeping next you and I’ll have my nightmare about you leaving my side but once I open my eyes, I would see your angelic face and that’s all I want to do, sleeping next to you and waking up beside you every single day for the rest of my life. I will patiently wait for the day that we could able to see each other, to embrace each other so tight and won’t let go of each other. I hope you could wait for a bit longer. I hope I’m worth your wait and patience; because you are worth the wait. Soon, our world will collide and when the day comes, I will never let go of you and I won’t spend a day without you. You may be miles away but I love you like you just an inch away.
—  w.k. // To Someone Who’s Miles Away
  • Manager Yoonhyuk: Boy's I'm turning in this months evaluation. Anything to report?
  • Jinhwan: Donghyuk put my stuff in jell-o again.
  • Donghyuk: *eating a jell-o cup* how do you know it was me?
  • Hanbin *raises his hand*: Bobby tried to kiss me. And i didn't tell anyone because i'm not really sure how i feel about it
  • Bobby: Hanbin, don't report that!
  • Hanbin: i'm not actually making a formal complaint. I just really think we should talk about it
  • Chanwoo: I'd like to report a hate crime. Yunhyeong made me do the dishes
  • Yunhyeong: That's not a hate crime.
  • Chanwoo: Well i hated it!
  • June: I have a real problem. Jinhwan turned me down for the third time. Is there anyway to get him kicked out of the group?
  • Manager Yoonhyuk: You need cause, June.
  • June: I have cause. It's beCAUSE...i hate him
  • *Manager Yoonhyuk stares at camera like he's in The Office*
Not So Simple (Part Four)

Part One, Two, Three

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: In which sex leads to feelings and feelings lead to panic. 

Note: I promise that if you don’t already hate me you will by the end of this chapter MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. as  @letsgiggletogether said about my slow fall into writing angst: WELCOME TO HELL

ps only one more part to go so strap in, kids

Word Count: 2,000 (on the dot, do i get a prize?)


The first thing you did was try to convince yourself that you had been wrong. There was no way you actually had feelings for Lin—sure he was your friend and you had the best sex of your life with him but that was it.

The second thing you did was realize that no matter how hard you tried, no matter how much you wished that you could brush this off as not meaning anything, you’d still fall asleep thinking about his dumbass face.

The third thing you did was panic.

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resident evil 7: biohazard or should i say ‘your ultimate handporn simulator and men’s style guide’? thank you, capcom, for providing us with a well dressed, good-looking protagonist with beautiful hands. 

How to love someone with anxiety and depression.
  • Remember that they worry about every little thing even if it may not seem like it should be worried about.
  • Constantly tell them that “it’s okay”, two small words that can completely make them feel okay and take the weight off their shoulders.
  • Make sure they know that you care, even if it’s something small like making sure they eat or making sure they do something that they were supposed to do, it will help I promise.
  • Give them affection, little kisses, resting your hand in theirs, and even just playing with their hair will make them feel good and ease their feelings.
  • cuddle.cuddle.cuddle
  • show interest when they show you something that they thought was funny or interesting. 
  • ease their mind by making sure they know that you are their for them. 
  • check up on them through text or call when you aren’t with them because 9 times out of ten they are worrying about you.
  • Make sure they know that they are more than their anxiety and depression. 
  • Most of all just tell them that you love them, trust me they won’t get tired of hearing it.

I promised a bit of rambling (a lot?) to @thestarmaker-s, so here we are, ready to ramble!

Spoiler alert for BNHA chapter 119!!!


This chapter, guys. This chapter. I was jumping on my seat while I read, feeling physically exhausted when I finished.

It is remarkable how much both boys have calmed down. Sure, neither of them is really calm – they wouldn’t fight or be so honest about what they feel if they were. But Bakugou has stopped crying and gone back to that dangerous calm demeanor he shows when concentrating on a worthy opponent.

And that little thing, that worthy opponent, is what got me during this chapter.

Because it may seem like Izuku still doesn’t stand a chance against Bakugou. Bakugou has still the upper hand when it comes to quirk-usage (having it used and trained way longer than Izuku) and he is a natural when it comes to fighting, whereas Izuku is more of a strategist than a fighter.

But even though Izuku gets thrown around a lot in this chapter – he stands up again. He is not knocked out, or injured – which means that Bakugou either stopped his explosions enough that Izuku wouldn’t really get hurt, or Izuku is able to dodge or block the most of the force.

Seeing that Bakugou wanted to fight without any rules, I don’t think that he is holding back at all. Which means that he is fighting at all his power right now (emotionally shaken, though) and Izuku is able to keep up.

And even Bakugou knows it.

Don’t let him think” is what Bakugou thinks as he attacks Izuku like a rampaging Sonic the Hedgehog. And as simple and logical as this seems, it is really, really important in my eyes.

Bakugou used to look down on Izuku. He used to think that useless Deku could do nothing right, had nothing going for him.

While this fight is partly to determine Izuku’s worth, this little thing, this Don’t let him think shows me that Bakugou is aware how smart Izuku is. He is aware that Izuku is able to think quickly and observe his opponents to the last detail, making him able of taking advantage of openings and turn the tables in his favor.

Remember their first fight at U.A? Izuku was able to push Bakugou back a few times during that fight, and even throw him to the ground once. And in the end, he won.

Skill-wise, that shouldn’t have been possible, since Izuku couldn’t control One for All at all at that time. But he literally outsmarted Bakugou, winning the “game” by thinking quickly and relying on Uraraka at the right moment.

Bakugou learned from his mistakes. He no longer thinks Izuku unable to do anything – he knows that Izuku could outsmart him if he gives him an opportunity to do so. So all that he thinks is that he can’t let Izuku consider his options in this fight.

Bakugou may still not respect Izuku, but he acknowledges him. Acknowledges the fact that there is a possibility that Izuku could win this fight, even if it’s just by his “tricks”.

That’s a big step, guys. A very big step. Unconsciously, Bakugou already started to see Izuku’s worth, at least partly, before this fight.


Another thing that occurred to me is seemingly just as simple – Izuku is not crying. At all.


Sounds weird to point out? Well, perhaps, but let me explain that to you guys. Izuku is known to be someone who cries easily – that’s nothing bad at all, he is an emotional person, and I’m completely okay with that. What I want to say is that Izuku cries even when fighting. Or at least he is close to it – his smile wavers, his eyes get teary, and he is shivering. We have seen this countless of times. And, most importantly, we have seen it happen more frequently when Bakugou was around.

It’s understandable. Izuku is still afraid of Bakugou after all that they have been through. Bakugou is his former bully, after all.

But this time, Izuku doesn’t shake. He doesn’t cry, doesn’t cover, doesn’t waver even a bit. He is outwardly calm, determined to not be Bakugou’s punching bag any longer.

That’s such a huge difference to the Izuku who used to yelp and cover whenever Bakugou so much as passed by him. Izuku is standing up to his former bully, meeting him head-on and kicking him in the face – and as much as I don’t want to get anyone in BNHA get hurt, I think it’s beautiful. Izuku is growing so much, has come such a long way, and I want to cheer for him because I love him so much for it.

And please don’t think that it’s because Izuku is not emotional right now! Because he stated it himself, during that last attack. He said “My emotions got worked up, and my control was slightly disrupted”.

Izuku is emotional as hell right now. He has to bring back memories of their childhood together – which must hurt – he is trying to carry Bakugou’s guilt so that he doesn’t break. (And I wouldn’t be too surprised if Izuku actually feels a bit guilty, too. After all, All Might would have been able to fight at full, or at least more power if he hadn’t passed One for All down to Izuku before.) Izuku is very upset over all of this, but still, he isn’t crying, but instead channeling his emotions into determination and decides to fight.

That’s a hero right there, ladies and gentlemen. Take a good look, Bakugou, because that is also part of why All Might took Izuku as his successor!

And then, Izuku’s emotional outbreak and the new-found strength he gained through his hard training leads to him going beyond – he goes from 5 % of One for All straight to 8 %.

I won’t lie to you, I literally screamed at this. I’m so freaking proud of him! He did it! He took another step forward!

Simply a wonderful chapter. It consists mostly of fighting, yes, but mixed into the (extremely well-done) fight scenes are those little things that tell us so much about Bakugou and Izuku and what progress they have made up until now. I can’t wait to see how this continues next week!


Sevi, over and out!