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Gabriel: It means that you don’t feel romantic attraction for people or that you don’t feel the need to do romantic stuff with your partner of choice. Like hand-holding or cuddling.

Emma: How am I supposed to know? It’s not like there are interesting people around that I would want to court or be courted by. Most of the people I meet are dead or weird people like you.

Gabriel: I’m gonna take this as a compliment. I’m sure your daddy’s not unhappy that he doesn’t have to worry about stupid boys breaking your heart.

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Okay, so you know how a guy who helps his girlfriend out when she has her period is pretty much the best thing ever? Well, what about Joly and Bossuet being super sweet for Chetta? Thanks! I love your blog!

  • Joly is super white coat about it like: “Chocolate will release endorphins and so it’ll make you feel better. So I bought you the brand that you like best, but I took several kinds, just to be sure
  • Bossuet is a licing heating pad, he’ll just put his hands onto Chetta abdomen and it’ll help
  • The JBM household is pretty much a healthy eating quinoa dome so Musichetta diet is already game to reduce pain and bloating
  • Joly pours mug after mug of chamomile tea because “hydration and chamomiles are good against pain” (Trust him, he’s a doctor)
  • Bossuet cuddles Musichetta to no end to make her feel good and warm in and out
  • They both attempt to cook. Joly is a very capable cook. Bossuet is a terrible cook. Together they’re… I would not say decent because they still /burn/ things but it’s edible

I’m glad that the Slave arc happened long before the search for the Fanalis homeland arc.

Sinbad has proven to be a kind soul, always sympathizing and helping those in need even when he hasn’t personally experienced what they have been through (like for example he sympathized with Drakon and his group and offered them a shelter).But the fact that this time he’s dealing with slavery something he has personally experienced makes this arc feel more emotional. Sinbad is not just using fancy words with Torran people, he knows first hand what it means to be humiliated and lacking your freedom. He can feel their pain on a personal level and relate to them to a certain degree.

I also like how his approach is not egocentric, he surely talks about his personal experience but then also includes Masrur’s one. Masrur, who has spend his whole life as a slave and has been through far worse situations than Sinbad. It says a lot about their relationship and what that little kid means to Sinbad, the fact that not only he made that difficult journey so that Masrur could find his origins but now also he wants to envision a world without slavery partly for Masrur’s sake.

Forgiveness [Bucky Barnes x Reader]

Word count: 1117

Warnings: None

Request: The reader is Wanda’s big sister, she has the power of teleportation. She is also a part of the avengers. She has met Bucky before when he shot her in the stomach, nearly died and left a huge scar, he did as the winter soldier so she doesn’t hold it against him, but he feels so sorry. They become close and both develop feelings but do nothing about it. Until one day, you decide how:-D

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Why everything stopped working when you needed it most? After the bump on the head someone given me, the earpiece I was wearing to communicate with the rest of the team had damaged. I wasn’t sure it was broken but I wasn’t Tony Stark, so I wasn’t sure if I could do something to fix it.

“Damn it!” I yelled, nervous.

My hands were shaking and the constant gunfire that could be heard outside wasn’t helping at all. What if one of my teammates was in danger? What if they were calling me through the handset? I couldn’t stay there while waiting for the device to be fixed by magic, I had to do something.

Although Captain’s orders were quite clear, I decided this time I could ignore them. So I closed my eyes and I teleported myself outside.

What happened next was a bit confusing and, of course, my fault. The ability to teleport wasn’t as wonderful as everyone thought. Especially if you did it in the middle of a fight. I appeared right in the middle of the whole shebang and before I could realize what was happening, something pierced my stomach.

“Y/N!” I heard Wanda, my sister, scream.

When I lowered my head to look at my stomach, I saw a metal bar crossing my abdomen and, although I wasn’t feeling any pain, I started to feel dizzy. My knees hit the floor while my vision was clouding.

Although I didn’t lose consciousness, my vision went black a few seconds after. I felt someone lifting my body and running to somewhere, probably the Quinjet. If I could teleport, in two seconds we would have been in the infirmary but in my state, all I could do was nothing.

I guess I felt unconscious at some point because when I opened my eyes, I was in one of the rooms of the infirmary. My eyelids were heavy and my throat ache a little. When I opened my mouth to call someone, I felt like my throat was tearing up.

“Wait, wait” I heard someone say.

When I turned my head, I found Bucky getting up from the chair and heading to the table that was next to my bed. He picked up a glass and poured some water on it.

“I’m going to sit you up,” he mumbled when he realized I couldn’t drink water if I didn’t sit up.

Although Bucky grabbed me with all the care in the world, a groan of pain escaped my mouth. I felt how his body tensed and I bit my lower lip so I couldn’t make more sounds. When he managed to sit me up, he placed a pillow on my back and offered me the glass of water.

It hurt to swallow the liquid but after emptying the glass, I felt much better.

“Thank you,” I said almost inaudibly.

Bucky smiled briefly and sat down in the chair. I wasn’t surprised he was there. He and I had become inseparable. Although we were strange inseparables.

Four years ago the Winter Soldier had shot me in the stomach, right where the metal bar crossed my abdomen. And I had almost died. And although I had forgiven Bucky a long time ago, he hadn’t forgiven himself. For me, the Winter Soldier and Bucky Barnes weren’t the same people. I knew he regretted his actions so I had no reason to have resentment towards him.

“Have you come here to scold me?” I asked with a smile on my lips.

Bucky shook his head.

“I came here to thank you.”

His answer surprised me.

“Did i miss something?” I asked with a frown.

“Yesterday you saved my life,” he explained. “That metal bar was for me, not you.”

I took both of my hands to my stomach, looking at it at the same time. Had I saved Bucky? Did my act of disobedience worth it?

“Rogers is really angry at you. Your sister too” he pointed out. “And me, but right now I mostly grateful.”

Maybe Bucky was angry and grateful, but there was another feeling inside him and it was guilt. Bucky Barnes felt guilty about what had happened to me and, this time, he had nothing to do with it.

“And why do you feel guilty, Bucky?” i asked.

Bucky shifted uncomfortably in his seat. I observed him in silence, trying to discover why after all this time, he couldn’t forget about what had happened.

“It was me who decided to teleport myself. I knew the consequences of my actions. So it’s my fault” I said trying to make him reason,

“Yes but you’ve been about to die for me. Again.”

“Bucky, I’m glad I saved your life but I had no idea you were there” I confessed. “And frankly, get used to it because consciously or unconsciously, I’ll keep saving your life as many times as necessary.”

That confession surprised both of us. Bucky’s blue eyes widened at the same time as mine and, for a moment, I though Bucky would run out of the room. But he didn’t. On the contrary, he rose from his chair, walked to the bed and kissed me. It wasn’t an spectacular kiss but it was enough to fill my stomach with butterflies. And when he broke the kiss, I missed his lips instantly.

“You’re an idiot, you know that?” he mumbled, looking at me straight in the eyes.

“I’ve found a pleasure on getting things stuck in my abdomen,” i joked.

Bucky rolled his eyes and shook his head. I took the opportunity to take his hand with mine. Bucky looked at me with more tenderness than ever.

“Stop blaming yourself. Plase? I forgave you a long time ago, Bucky. I’m alive and that’s what matter, okay?”

Bucky sighed loudly but nodded.

“I need to hear it,” I insisted. “Don’t judge yourself by your past. You don’t live there anymore.”

Bucky sighed again.

“I’ll let it go. I’ll forgive myself for what I did.”

I squeezed his hand.

“I’m proud of you,” I said smiling.

“Good, because I’m not proud of you” Steve said suddenly appearing in the room.

Bucky started to laugh as he moved away from my bed.

“Hey, don’t go away. Little help?” I asked. Steve seemed really pissed off.

“Oh no, you deserve to be yelled at. Sorry,” Bucky said as he left the room.

I rolled my eyes as I thought about the option to teleport. But after seeing the warning look Steve was giving me, I knew that if I teleported myself, he was going to kick me out of the team. So I sighed loudly and I let Steve scold me.

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When They See Your Self Harm Marks at a Fansign (SVT HIPHIP UNIT)


He’d be such a dad. Automatically grabbing your wrists, gently inspecting the scars. He’d have nothing else on his mind other than your well being, even if he had just met you that second. After consoling you and letting your wrists go, he’d feel extremely embarrassed and scared that he had overstepped his boundaries; but looking at how relaxed you were, relief started to wash over him. 

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I think he’d be extremely flustered, and have a ‘what should I do?’ look on his face. I think he’d be too shy to actually ask about the marks, because he’d feel like it wasn’t his place to say anything since he didn’t actually know what the reasoning behind it was. But on the other hand he didn’t want you to feel like he didn’t care, so instead he’d just make sure you had the best goddamn time ever at the fan meet. 

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Like Wonwoo, I don’t think he’d have enough courage to bring up the topic out of nowhere, plus, he wouldn’t want to spoil the mood. He’d want you to have fun and make it an enjoyable event, not one where you were constantly asked about a time that wasn’t. So he would just try extra hard to appeal to you; asking questions, being cute, etc etc. 

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The only way he’d talk about your scars was if you brought it up first, or if he felt it was appropriate. Like if you weren’t timid and the subject could be discussed in a happy note. For example, instead of sulking over it, he’d give you lots of words of encouragement and tell you that you’d get through it one day. “Hwaiting!”

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sometimes i just sit back n think about how I'd make a great lover/companion/girlfriend. so much affection, hand holding, loving them to pieces and making them feel good about themselves. then sometimes i sit back n think about how nice it would feel to have a special someone text me when i leave to make sure i made it home safely or a lover to shower me in kisses or a boyfriend who'd answer my call at 3am bc idk why my father left me.. i just want someone to love me as much as I'll love them

did i write this??? i feel this on a really personal level, like everything about this is very true/real to me. i feel you on this, pal

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one shot of Madara finding out his S/o is pregnant plz? preferably unplanned. (potentially unmarried but I'm flexible). Love the blog!

You sat in your house, anxiously biting your lip and tapping your foot. You fumbled with the pregnancy test in your hands. Madara would be home any time, and you weren’t sure how you were going to break the news to him.

The two of you hadn’t planned a pregnancy, and you hadn’t failed to use protection. You didn’t know how this could’ve happened, but you were worried. You and your boyfriend had never talked about having a baby, and you didn’t know how he was going to feel about it. You weren’t even sure how you felt about it.

You heard the door open, signalling Madara’s return. You jumped up from your seat instantly, and when he entered the room, you saw him frown upon seeing your jumpy behaviour.

“Is everything okay?” he asked, before even greeting you.

“I-I think you might want to sit down,” you stuttered.

“No, I’m okay,” he shook his head. His eyebrows were furrowed, and he reached out and touched your elbow gently, his eyes locked onto yours. “What is it?”

You closed your eyes, taking a shaky breath. He hadn’t even noticed the test in your hands. Even if he had noticed, you doubted he would recognise what it was anyway. You couldn’t open your eyes for fear of the tears that would emerge. “I’m pregnant,” you blurted.

Madara was silent, and you slowly opened your eyes. His mouth was slightly agape, and his eyes were wide, but you couldn’t gauge his reaction from this.

“M-Madara?” you asked, your voice a trembling whisper.

“I’m going to be a father?” he asked, sounding as though he was in disbelief. You nodded slowly, raising the pregnancy test to show him.

“Oh my goodness,” he breathed.

“How do you feel?” you asked worriedly.

“I’m… I’m so happy,” he said, his look of shock changing to one of astonishment when he bared his teeth in a wide grin.

“Really?” you asked your eyes glistening with unshed tears.

He picked you up in his arms, swinging you around with a laugh.

“What do you think? Is it going to be a boy?” he asked eagerly.

You chuckled softly. “Madara, I have no idea!” you exclaimed.

Seeing Madara’s elated reaction brought out excited, golden feelings from within your heart. Although unplanned, you began to see how amazing it would be to start a family with Madara. Your face showed a huge smile, and your entire body was bursting with love for your boyfriend and the family you would soon have.

-Admin Will

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Hi! Can you expand on your thoughts about how the marriage question was telling for you? I don't know how to feel after Gillian made that weird face. She also made a grossed out face when David was licking his hand

Hi nonny - sure can! I mean what I actually liked about that marriage question was how over it G was and how DD teased her/the audience about it.

Perhaps I’m reaching but I feel like certain parts of the MSR (and indeed the Gillovny) fandoms have this really static view of what a “happy ending” looks like. And I feel like that’s what Gillian was reacting to. I love a happy ending nonny, I really truly do. Notting Hill is one of my favourite movies so a wedding and a baby is lovely and makes me warm and fuzzy inside. 

But for me that’s not Mulder and Scully and it’s certainly not DD & GA. They’re older, the situation is so complex. It’s not just about the two of them, there are so many factors… more under the cut!

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OMG its been a while XD Welcome back! Here goes: Aomine+Kise+Himuro+Imayoshi+Mayuzumi when they receive friendship chocolates instead of confessional chocolates from their crush on Valentine's day.

{It’s good to be back ;v;}

Aomine Daiki:
Aomine feels a bit bothered by the gesture, crushed even. He was so sure he’d get at least some sort of confessional chocolate from you. He sighs and rubs the back of his neck, smirking a little sadly as he murmurs half to himself, “Thanks…Though I was hoping for a different kind this time…”

Himuro Tatsuya:
“Friendship?” Himuro murmurs when he receives them from you, holding them in his hands like they were the most important thing in the world nonetheless. He looks up at you, honesty and sadness filling his eyes, “I appreciate them…and you, and your friendship…Is how you feel about me truly only just friends, ______?” He’ll respect whatever answer he receives either way.

Imayoshi Shouichi:
There’s only a flash of confusion on his face for a second, then it goes back to a wry smile. “For me? You shouldn’t have~.” He hums, but does not take the chocolate. Instead he holds up one hands and gives an apologetic look. “But I can’t take them, _______.” When you ask why, he rubs the back of his neck and smiles, “Can’t even wait until White Day huh? Well, it’s because I feel more than just friendship towards you, you know.”

Kise Ryouta:
Kise is heartbroken the moment the chocolates are handed over to him. He takes them without hesitation though, flashing you a brilliant smile and grinning. “Awww, thanks ______cchi!” He laughs, but he keeps one hand behind his back, fist clenched tightly while he tries not to look disappointed.

Mayuzumi Chihiro:
He stares for a long moment at the chocolates presented before him, unreacting as he thinks through the situation in his own mind. He sighs after a while, tired and slightly annoyed which makes you blink in confusion. He approaches you, puts a hand on your shoulder, and mutters, “______, I like you more than this way, you know what right? Why are you teasing me like this then…”

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let's talk about harry's hands. they're my favorite feature. big and strong, but gentle with soft skin and calloused palms. rings. all of them. groping and squeezing and brushing. i'm DONE FOR.

I’m not sure what else there is to talk about here, actually. Except maybe the way they’d dig when he’s squeezing into you with all five fingers and he’s got those rings on so you feel every harsher indentation. Or how gentle they can be when they’re rubbing your head after a long day… or as you go down on him with a particularly wet, sloppy blowjob because you’ve been thinking about him all day and you want to literally gag on his cock. And how soft his fingers feel when they’re grazing your bum but you can already feel the hard promise of a solid spank on your skin… 

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How about the Matsus and a guy coming out of the closet and confesses his feelings for one of the bros?

Osomatsu would rub his nose and grin, “Woah, really? You actually like like me?? Well, I can’t say you have bad taste haha~” He never really thought about having romantic feelings for another guy, but he’d sure as hell give it a shot!

Karamatsu would blink back in surprise, a practiced hand placed over his heart is shock, “A-Are you telling me that you are in fact…a Karamatsu boy??” This painful man would be so touched by the thought, he might actually start crying in front of you. “Forgive me–all this time I have been only searching for my perfect Karamatsu girl, when in fact it could easily have been a Karamatsu boy!” You have really opened his eyes now. No one is safe.

Choromatsu would practically short circuit in front of you, not knowing how to respond or what to think really. He’s never faced this predicament before, so he didn’t know what was appropriate to say! “W-Wow, I…I don’t know what to say! T-Thank you I guess, for um, liking me!” Help him, he’s a blushing, squeaking mess.

Ichimatsu would tense up and turn away with a furious blush coloring his cheeks, but would try his hardest not to seem too caught off-guard by your confession. “W-Why would anyone like indestructible trash like me…?” He looks like he’s moping, but on the inside he’s screaming. (In a good way, of course!) 

Jyushimatsu would grow the biggest smile, jumping up and laughing with exuberant excitement, “Woooahhh no way!! Thank you ahahaha!!!” It might take you a while to get him to stop literally bouncing off the walls after that, though even if you did manage to do so, his painfully large smile would continue to stay plastered on his face for weeks to come.

Todomatsu’s eyes would go wide for a second, but just as quick, he’d come back to his normal composedness and devilishly smile, “Why of course you do, I’m just that cute~!” He’d bring a poised hand to cover his little smirk as he giggles away at his smug remark–the pink demon.

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Hello again. Can I please ask about Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, America and Austria with s/o who has migraine?

APH Switzerland/Vasch/APH Norway/Lukas/APH Austria/Roderich:

He would always make sure that he has pain medication on hand just in case. He knows how painful and annoying migraines can be so he’d do his best to help them feel better. He’d practically always be ready for their migraines. 

APH Denmark/Mathias/APH America/Alfred:

He would offer them Advil or something and maybe cuddle with them or something to make them feel better. He wouldn’t be loud and would keep quiet so that he doesn’t end up making it worse. 

one of my favorite fan interpretations that I’ve seen discussed several different times is how the chimera gang will indulge greed’s big talk about how much he doesn’t care about them, but they all know better. Like, he’ll go on and on about how they are just possessions to him, and everyone’s just like “sure, boss.”

because of course they know better! every chimera knows exactly what it’s like to have their personhood taken from them. They know what it feels like to be treated as sub-human, to be treated as objects or just means to an end. But no matter what greed says, he has never treated them like that.

You’re awake!”
Iko traipsed into the room carrying a tray one-handed, with a glass of water and a plate of fried eggs, along with bread and jam.
Cinder’s stomach started gnawing through its lining. “You cooked?”
“Just some skills left over from my Serv9.2 days.” Iko set the plate in Cinder’s lap. “But I don’t want to hear a word about how delicious it is.”
“Oh, I’m sure it’s awful,” Cinder said, shoveling a spoonful into her mouth. “Tank oo, Iko.” Her gaze landed on Iko’s disabled arm. It was missing a finger. She swallowed. “For the attachment too.”
Iko shrugged with her good shoulder. “You have a few escort-branded wires installed now too. The stuff from the gaming table didn’t work.”
“Thank you. That was really generous.”
Iko pushed Cinder’s feet aside and sat down. “You know how we androids are programmed to make ourselves useful and all that.”
“Are you still an android?” Cinder said around a bite of toast. “Sometimes I forget.”
“Me too.” Iko ducked her head. “When we saw the feed of you jumping off that ledge, I was so scared I thought my wiring was going to catch fire. And I thought, I will do anything to make sure she’s all right.” She kicked at a pile of stray screws on the carpet. “I guess some programming never goes away, no matter how evolved a personality chip gets.”
Licking some jam from her fingertips, Cinder grinned. “That’s not programming, you wing nut. That’s friendship.”
Iko’s eyes brightened. “Maybe you’re right.
—  Winter by Marissa Meyer

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How did you feel about Elizabeth calling out your location to Red like that? Your lucky it was bullet proof glass.

Luck had nothing to do with it. I’ve learned to leave nothing up to chance, especially with the players involved in this treacherous game.

I’m not sure what @askelizabethscottkeen angle was, surely she knew the glass wouldn’t break, that we were safe. 

But was it some level of horrific trust she is wrongly placing in @askraymondredreddington hand’s? Or was it a statement intended for my benefit? You’d have to ask her.

Either way, I won’t be making that mistake again. Masha has made her choice, all I can do is accept it and hope she believes my word over his.

Fair date - Jack Barakat

Hey guys. Its me again. writing a cringy, poorly written imagine. This one is also for @baratkat I found this post that had a bunch of started and this was on of them. I’m not sure how i feel about this but here it is. Hope you enjoy it. at least a little.


“But the fair is right down the street! Can we please please go??” Jack begged.

“Jack. i just got home and am so tired.” I said. I wanted to go on a date with Jack but I was just so tired.

Looking at his face though, my mind was made up. “Find. but you better win me a stuffed animal. and i want kennel corn.” Told him.

“YAY!!” Jack cheered, causing me to smile, he was such a child but god did I love him to death.

“let me go get changed and I’ll be right down. make sure you have money Jack.” I ran up and changed into my favorite pair of jeans and a comfy plain tshirt and grab my purse and met Jack at the door.

As we reached the entrance, Jack cheerfully payed for our tickets. He grabbed my hand and practically pulling me as he ran into the fair.

“Can we go see the animals first??” I ask batting my eyelashes at him, Jack mumbles something about how he thought I didn’t want to come in the first place. But still holding onto my hand drags me to the barns. You giggle the whole time with how happy he is. Jack heads straight for the bunnies.

“Babe! we should get a bunny!” Jack gasps as if he just came up with the best idea in the whole world.

“As much as I would love to own a bunny with you, the landlord says no animals other then cats.” I inform him.

“Let’s get a cat then.” He states.

“okay. this weekend.” I giggle again. Though you were hoping he’d forget by then.

We went through the rest of the barn, petting the horses and quickly passing the cows. (cause ew)

“Wanna ride some rides? Please?!” Jack asked while basically jumling up and down, gosh sometimes he was a child.

“Sure. but if i puke on you it’s not my fault.” I laugh while following him to the scrambler.

Riding rides wasn’t my favorite but I enjoyed watching Jack be so happy. I loved seeing him smiling as wide as physically possible, lauging, and just over all having a great time. I couldn’t help but laugh with him because his laugh was so contagious.

“Jack if we go on other ride I will not be able to hold my dinner down.” I say while leaning into Jack to keep from falling over.

“okay, okay” Jack laughs while slinging him arm around my shoulder and pulling me tight to him. I nuzzled my head into him"wanna go get that kennel corn now?“

"finally!” I joked. “also you still owe me a stuffed animal.

"alright, I was going to say win one yourself but you probably can barely see over the counters on them.” Jack smirk.

“I hate you.” I say with a smile while pushing his shoulder.

Jack buys me the biggest bag of kennel corn they have and I happily start to munch on it. We walk by a few venders while Jack trys to decide which one he may be able to beat. finally we came across a ring toss type game.

“This one!!” Jack yells! “I’ll win you that giant teddy bear.”

Turns out to get that Teddy bear he would have to toss all 5 ring on the same ring at the very back.

“You got this babe” I say while leading up to plant a encouraging kiss on Jacks lips.

After like 4 attemps I start to get impatiant but Jack refuses to give up.

“Jack, It’s not that big of a deal. I don’t need it.” I whine. Still eating the popcorn.

“Mint, I want you to have something to cuddle when I am away, so I WILL win this for you.” Jack said while handing the guy $2 more.

“Babe I don’t wanna cuddle anything other the you. Though the bear might be less hairy….” I smirk, getting back at him for the short joke.

“baaabeee, thats sooo mean!” Jack pouts.

“Just hurry up.” I mumble. I was holding 2 small animals, showing jack completely failed, and 1 medium animal, as jack actually got 2 on the pole.

“Babe, I got an idea, you turn around and look away so you’re not making me nervous and maybe I’ll get it.” Jack trys.

“fine” I rolled my eyes but turn around anyway. then heard 1 clank, 2 clanks, 3 clanks, then 5 clanks in a row.

“WOAAAHHOOO!” I hear jack exclaim.

When I turn around I see Jack jumping up and down and 5 rings on the poll in the back. I was completely shocked. I jumped into Jacks arms, “You did it!! I knew you could!” planting kisses on his lips feverishly. He moves him hands under my butt to keep me up but of course being Jack makes sure he squeezes my butt.

“sure. You werent just complaining or anything.” Jack rolls his eyes continuing to kiss me back.

“Me! never!” I pull away from him a little to act shocked.

“yeah whatever.” Jack says while letting me down, and giving me a small tap on the butt. causing me to blush. The vender hands Jack the giant teddy bear.

“Oh my god!! Jack its literally bigger then me!” I exclaim trying to hold it.

“That’s not that hard.” Jack chuckles. I roll my eyes at his super jokes. He kindly takes the bear back from me, and handing my popcorn back.

“We need to do one more thing before we go!” Jack says looking at me hopefully.

“okay, what is it?” I ask with a smile.

“the ferris wheel!” Jack says, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Alright!” I were secretly super excited for it. because lets be honestly the ferris wheel is always super romantic.

We have to wait in line forever because it was right at the time like everyone goes on the ferris wheel.

We finally make in onto our seat and we have to squeeze because the bear is taking up a lot of room. I was sitting in the middle of Jack and the bear. once the ride started to move I rested my head on Jack’s shoulder.

“this view is incredible."I say when we gets stopped close to the top,

"Yeah, you are the most beautiful thing to look at.” Jack says without missing a beat.

A huge smile grows on my face, and my face is beat red. “you are literally to sweet!”

Then I lean up to Jack and start to kiss him. The kiss would have lasted longer if we hadn’t reached the bottom. I didn’t even notice it start moving again.

Jack and I walk hand in hand back to our house. I really did have to perfect boyfriend.


Feel the flame licking across your skin?
You’re indestructible.
The fire you created burns brighter than your predecessors.
You’ve become a monster through your own mercy.
How does that feel, Vinny?
How does the fire feel?

How does it feel to burn?

I’m at a loss for words.

I hear a knock on my apartment door. Typically, I try my hardest not to even glance at the thing, my paranoia sure that if I even so much as think about it something will slither its way in and slice my neck in my sleep. Somehow, however, I recognized the sound of the knock. Weird, yes, but it had such a familiar pattern to it. I get up from my laptop, treading lightly to the door. I can feel my hand tremble faintly as I place it on the cold door and lean in, peering through the peephole. What I saw almost has me fainting all in itself. It’s Evan. I scramble to open the door immediately.

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The Beginning : Ashton and Lovely

Originally posted by d4tash

I wrote this in a few hours last night and I’m not sure how I feel about it because I never put much into Ashton and Lovely when I started writing so this was new territory for me : )

October 30, 2013

My day began the same way it always had.

Whatever maid was working at the time would knock three times on one of the heavy wooden doors of my bedroom and after a moment, they would enter with a tray in their hands. The tray, from left to right, consisted of my daily vitamins, a cup of pitch black coffee, and a green smoothie with a straw. Every morning was the exact same and that’s the way that my mother liked it. She was very firm with her schedules and the entire family was expected to follow them just the way she’d written them out. 

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