…And it was starting. Babs found herself running off to the bathroom more than she ever have in her Simlife.

Ewww…Lol! Looks like she ate peas for breakfast.

“So I was thinking of, Ratilimere Ollie. What do you think?”.

“Do you want my honest opinion?”.

“Of course. I asked”.

“Don’t like it.”

“Heeeey. I think that name holds a lot of swank”.

“Yea I’m sure, babe. Only you will come up with a name like that”.

“Well when you come up with something better, you let me know. On the other hand-you know we’re gonna have to start looking for something bigger. How do you feel about moving?”.

Babs took her time to think as she went to clean her plate.

“Well…I think that would be a good idea. We’re gonna need the room with a little one on the way”.

“Good. We need to start looking soon as possible”.

Babs loved their brownstone but was willing to move to make everyone comfortable.

No bump yet…well maybe a tiny one :)

I thought they were on their way to bed. But I guess not…Lol!

Episode 5 - Code T.V.U

I’m not sure how I feel about Syo in the passion theme one, but other than that, they all look great….just not for a phone commercial…

I’m not too surprised by this.  If the boys want a spot in Triple S, they’re going to have to earn it.  Shining is pushing them in the right direction, but he can’t just hand them success.  That’s not how it works.

Now that’s a good phone commercial!  But let’s be honest, this was all Nanami.  Where would they be without her?

Hazel locked eyes with him. Leo started to feel jittery, like he’d been injected with coffee. If this flashback was something Frank had shared with Hazel…well, either Leo didn’t want any part of it, or he definitely wanted to try it. He wasn’t sure which.

“When you say flashback…” He swallowed. “What exactly are we talking about? Is it safe?”

Hazel held out her hand. “I wouldn’t ask you to do this, but I’m sure it’s important. It can’t be a coincidence we met. If this works, maybe we can finally understand how we’re connected.”

Leo glanced back at the helm. He still had a nagging suspicion he’d forgotten something, but Coach Hedge seemed to be doing fine. The sky ahead was clear. There was no sign of trouble.

Besides, a flashback sounded like a pretty brief thing. It couldn’t hurt to let the coach be in charge for a few more minutes, could it?

“Okay,” he relented. “Show me.”

He took Hazel’s hand, and the world dissolved.

Art: viria

Excerpt from, “The Mark of Athena”


All this dislike of SebastianXCiel always makes me smile a little bit because it all comes off as a little naive. If you have read any shotacon at all, it’s not hard to pick out even from the first chapters that Kuroshitsuji is in many ways a light hearted homage/satire of shotacon works. I always wonder what these “sebaciel must be stopped because it is pedophilia” posters are enjoying when reading the manga or watching the anime. Because they sure as hell can’t be enjoying the hyper sexualization of Ciel present in chapter upon chapter. I’m not sure how they can put up with it enough to read the manga.

I’m sure when they got to chapter four and the villain was cupping Ciel’s chin with his hand while waxing poetic about how much he was going to sell a tied up Ciel for in the underground sex trade, they made a mental note to stop reading if things started to look like Kuroshitsuji was going to feature shotacon themes. I’m sure they started to feel a little uncomfortable in the same chapter when Sebastian lifts Ciel in such a way that he is able to fully embrace his small body against in large frame for seemingly no practical reason.

So I’m sure they had their guard up when the author chose the first main story arc to feature Ciel crossdressing to seduce a man, being drugged, and kidnapped for a sex trafficking auction. It’s just so odd how Ciel keeps getting thrust into all of these sexually compromising situations over and over if indeed Kuroshitsuji doesn’t have a shotacon element. The Undertaker constantly pawing at him, Freckles soaking him with water and forcibly stripping him, hiding from Beast by wedging himself into a trunk with Sebastian, Yana taking every opportunity to show Sebastian dressing and undressing Ciel during their conversations, Sebastian washing Ciel, the artist carefully displaying Ciel’s panic attack at the baron’s duplicate sacrificial altar to make it resemble a sex scene, Ciel clinging tightly to Sebastian after said panic attack and on chapter covers, Sleeping in shackles in the same bed with Arthur,  wearing nothing to bed other than an ill-fitting dress-shirt that plainly doesn’t belong to him, engulfing Ciel’s naked body in Sebastians coat, curling up in bed with Macmillan another young boy at Weston, being stripped and filmed by Cole from Red dorm with the threat of some other “disgrace”, a huge and detailed color poster of Ciel naked in a bathtub with Sebastian bathing him, Sebastian as professor Michaelis thrusting him against the bookshelf and hiding him close to his body underneath his cloak while Ciel clings to him, Harcourt panting, flushed and drooling with his ass up and laying on the ground because of laxatives in the meat pie, Ciel being dressed up like a turkey and held up on a platter, etc.

If you think Yano doesn’t know exactly the fine line she’s walking, you’re wrong. It’s brilliantly written! Ciel as a character is fascinating and his and Sebastian’s interactions are fantastic. The entire macabre, joyful, duplicitous story is delightful. It’s also Shotacon without penises. Sebastian’s demon contract and eating of Ciel’s soul is classic vamp romance.

So I am amused when some people flood the Kuroshitsuji tabs with hateful words towards people who talk about Ciel in a sexual light. It’s like going on the Boku no Pico tab and complaining that fanart of Pico shouldn’t show little boys crossdressing and having sex with eachother. These anti-sebaciel shippers usually mention something like they don’t want pedophilia normalized through Kuroshitsuji because it misleads young readers and makes them easy prey for pedophiles. This might be true in a few circumstances, a few people have posted about how the sexualization of children in Japanese cartoons made them more receptive to adult interest. But isn’t that more because children are reading a thing that they shouldn’t?  

Kuroshitsuji has shota-con elements. Understand that as a fan of Kuroshitsuji, you are reading a soft shota work by an author that has drawn shota works before. And you have the gall to come into the SebaCiel tag and start throwing stones, understand that it’s a little funny to the adults in the room because, seriously, what did you think you were reading?

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Could you do one where you and Luke are out with the boys and you start ignoring him and talk to Ashton and he gets really jealous and you have a fight when you go back home ?

a/n: I kinda tweaked it a little. I’m not sure how I feel about this turned out lol but I hope you like it anon :)
word count: 2700
masterlist | request

The club was loud and crowded and hot; if it hadn’t been for the fact that Luke looked far more innocent than he was when he pouted, you wouldn’t have even been there.

“Hiii boyfriend,” resting your chin on Luke’s shoulder, you spoke close to his ear so he would hear you over the pounding of the bass. He turned his head away from the conversation he was attempting to have with Michael and Calum, glancing down at you and moving his hand to rest on your thigh, just where your dress stopped.

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There’s going to be an exclusive Penny Dreadful fashion line at Hot Topic. The presale starts tomorrow, 4/28.

On the one hand, I’m not sure how I feel about a HT tie-in, because of reasons.

On the other hand, all of the scorpion-patterned lace is pretty, and the “London 1891 Map” dress (with “we all have our demons” on the bodice) is enticing. Watch, it won’t come in anything above a size 12, which means I’d end up buying it to convert it into a skirt.


“And I’ll take-” you paused for a moment to think what you would order. You and Dean were out at a cafe-dinner at the corner, next to the motel you were staying at,  and were about to eat something. Sam hadn’t joined you, opting instead for research.

“-the same but just make it one piece of pie and more potatoes.” you said handing her the menu.

You heard her scoff and frowned. You thought that it was because she tried to catch Dean’s attention and he didn’t even-so-glance at her but then you realized it was about you.

“You really sure about that? I mean, hot stuff over here clearly has no problem but you honey should really pay some attention to what you eat. You know some workout could help too?” she said looking down at you.

You looked down at yourself, feeling the tears well up. You always knew how you looked. Sure you had a few extra pounds but nothing too much. They were part of yourself and even though you would be pleased to get rid of them you still tried to embrace them as part of yourself. Because they made you… you. 

You were not going to deny, though, that you felt self conscious about your appearance. Especially now that a girl clearly much thinner and more beautiful, in your opinion, that you pointed it out in front of Dean. The man that you were in love with for so long but never were able to express your feelings because you thought that you were not good enough. 

The waitress pointing it out proved to the point.

“I mean with a lot of work maybe someone would take an interest in you, if you’re lucky that is; cause really-” she started speaking again only to be cut off by Dean himself.

“It ain’t her that will be lucky but the guy. And I can tell you for sure, sweetheart-” he spit out the word like it was venom “-there is no if to that. She already has me and I am proud to call her my girlfriend. Cause you know what? This woman is and has many more things than you ever will. Decency for example, word I believe unknown to you.” he looked her up and down with an almost disgusted look “So do us a favor and rid us of your presence before I lose my appetite completely, by having to put up with you and your looks anymore” he all-but-growled at her and then turned his head to look at you.

You heard her scoff at him and mumble curses under her breath before she turned to leave.

“What?” Dean asked, seeing the look on your face.

“Did you- did you mean all of that?” you managed to say in a low voice.

“Well, yeah, obviously. Look, you know I ain’t a man of words but believe me when I say that that bitch or any other like her does not stand a chance in front of you. You could easily have any man running after you any minute you want to, don’t doubt about it sweet-cheeks” he ended up grinning when he saw the smile on your face. He winked at you and you giggled, looking down at your hands as the heat rose in your cheeks.

You looked down at your hands for a few more seconds and then at the food as another waitress brought it to you and Dean. You were about to start eating when realization downed on you.

“Hey” you said softly and Dean looked up at you “Did you- did you call me your girlfriend?” you said in almost disbelief.

Dean merely smiled and shrugged, taking a sip of his beer.

“I mean, Sammy’s not here and we finally have some time to ourselves finally. So… might as well call it a date, huh?” he winked at you with a smirk and your eyes widened.

A smile spreading on your lips.

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Not sure how I feel about wearing a cable knit sweater on the first day of May. But I have to hand it to you New York, you are awfully pretty today. 📷 by @bowsandsequins (at The Plaza Hotel)

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what do you think about the recent blowup about markiplier? it was about that post where someone called him ugly and he responded with those pics from that video where he put on makeup bad. people are calling him transmisogynistic and what not. apparently some trans people were uncomfortable with his response. but what kind of bugs me was his response to people blowing up about it, just writing it off as people overreacting. not sure how i feel about him rn. how do you feel about it?

omg people are just itching for fights. they’ll take anything out of context to rage a war on a person.

the video where he put on makeup bad isn’t supposed to be mean to anyone but mark himself. he was putting on makeup with one hand while playing a rage game, of course it’s gonna be bad. the whole point was for it to be bad so we could get a laugh about him. that’s what he does. it’s one of his favorite videos because of that. 

If he wanted to put on makeup seriously, he’d probably ask how to make sure he’s doing a good job of it. Like when he wanted to poll dance and asked a professional to teach him. And it wasn’t just for views, he’s said he’s been practicing and getting better at it. He’s also worn a lot of dresses (and looked hella good in them) and had this to say about it

From what I’ve seen about this blowup, is that a lot of people refuse to watch the video and then hollering about the picture without a lick of context. Same with the sexist blowup before. The other thing is a lot of people get hung up on OLD videos. People change in a year. Humans aren’t perfect and they either get better or worse as they grow. No one’s ever in a perfect state. There’s stuff in Mark’s older videos that he’d never say now. 

I think people are overreacting in this case. If you were uncomfortable with Mark’s picture, were you uncomfortable watching the video or did you just assume the worst without context or want shoot down a popular youtuber? If you were uncomfortable then and are now, there’s nothing wrong with that. Your happiness comes first. I’m just assuming right now because I’m not Mark and I don’t know when everything happened on which social media but Mark’s latest tweet, 7 hours ago, was him posting the makeup video as his favorite. If someone said you’re ugly and you don’t care about that nonsense, you’d either post a sexy pic of you or the most ridiculous face you can make (or ignore). I think if he wasn’t nostalgic about the makeup video, he’d post a pic from the #sexymark video or some other dumb goof face. Like I said, idk the time the blowup happened, before or after this tweet but if it’s after this tweet, it’s likely.
Edit: Mark posted the tweet after the drama. I found his response and yeah that’s problematic I’ll admit that. But I still can’t find the post that started this uproar to begin with.

tl;dr There’s a lot of negativity geared towards this youtuber that I don’t think he deserves. There are way worse people scattered across youtube that use slurs and rape jokes packed in every minute.

Mark donates thousands of dollars to charity because he doesn’t know what to do with that much money. He’s said that he just buys equipment for his videos and donates most of it. He also loves doing charity livestreams because he wants to make a difference and he has.

Mark posts a lot of inspirational or loving videos and tweets on his twitter that give me strength to keep going. So here’s some to brighten anyone’s day.

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Hi, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but do you have any tips on drawing? I really want to get better at it but it seems like I can't.

Well, that’s a pretty broad question, but I’ll do my best!  (And if you, or anyone else, have a question about something more specific, like “how to draw hands” or “how to keep a color scheme unified” or something like that, please don’t be afraid to ask!)

The most important thing, which I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot and are probably tired of (sorry) is just to draw.  A lot.

The good news is that if you are drawing and you still feel like you’re not improving, it’s probably because you’ve hit a phase where your eyes are learning faster than your hands.  There’s a more detailed post about it here, but basically this is a natural part of the learning cycle.  It’s frustrating, it’s no fun, but if you push through it and keep practicing, you’re probably nearing a breakthrough.

In the meantime:

  • Doodle.  Carry a sketchbook or clipboard with you, entertain yourself with sketches when you have a free moment.
  • Pick some feature you have a hard time drawing – could be hands, feet, noses, whatever – and fill a whole sheet of printer paper with small, quick sketches of it. If one’s not turning out, don’t worry about it, just try again.  (The margins of my school notes are covered in drawings of hands and feet, and not all of them look good but they are all practice.)
  • Trace photographs.  Try to find the places where figures break down into simpler shapes.  Pay attention to the proportions - what percentage of the leg is the bit between knee and heel?  How many heads long is the body?

(Photo is from Wikipedia)

  • Try something new, a method or subject matter you’ve never worked with before.  This is of course going to depend on what you’ve already done, but here are some suggestions: draw with white crayon on black paper; use a whiteboard or chalkboard to draw something really huge; draw a monster based on the description of a small child.
  • Draw stuff that makes you happy.  Draw your OTP cuddling.  Draw yourself with superpowers.  Draw something completely self-indulgent.  No such thing as a guilty pleasure – if you’re enjoying what you’re drawing, you’ll draw more of it, and you’ll improve faster.
  • One last tip: don’t forget to take breaks and stretch!  Seriously, you don’t want to get carpal tunnel syndrome.

As I said, it’s a broad subject, and it’s really individual too – what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.  If you need me to clarify something more, or if there’s something else you’d like to know about, feel free to ask!

Hold my hand

I wrote this for my darling bulletproof-gentleman because there’s no one liking an evil!Harry more than she does.

This came to be after I saw that post on tumblr that went something like this “I’ll conquer the world one handed if you hold the other” and I couldn’t help but finding it fitting for evil!Harry. Hopelessly romantic evil!Harry I’ll give you this, but still. I deal in fluff, even my evil characters have good sides.

Hold my hand

Through the feed, Merlin can see Galahad getting closer to his target. Today might finally be the day they caught him and he’s not sure how he feels about it.

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I`d like to talk to you a little bit if you don`t mind :) Who do you think was telling about his feelings first? Louis or Harry? And how was it?)

i don’t mind one bit love !

that’s a pretty interesting question, and i’m not sure which option i prefer most, so here are the two that i like to imagine :

first one, harry does. louis and him have been tied together at the hip ever since they met, they’re all over each other 24/7 and always messing around together. and the thing is, louis is very much aware of what’s happening but he doesn’t want to think about it, tries to ignore the feelings building up inside of him because he knows where they lead and he doesn’t want to go down that path. so he keeps pushing it away and he cuddles with harry every night in the same bunk and they share a blanket on movie nights and they keep touching each other so much that personal space no longer had any meaning to them. and it goes on like this for a while, until harry starts to wonder about louis and him, wondering why they’re so close and why are the others not the same - why is louis so special to him. because this goes beyond being best friends, right ? so he starts thinking about it, and tries to push more and more to see if louis will stop him - sitting on his lap every time he gets a chance, always finding a way to touch him, telling him how amazing he is. louis doesn’t stop him, he even takes is further - his hands somehow always ending up tangled into harry’s hair, calling him love and baby and darling, and touching him just as much. so harry is pretty confused, until one day louis and him kiss - by accident, of course. louis freezes but harry simply smiles and pokes at him and asks if he knows what’s for dinner. and well, after that, it becomes a thing, and harry can’t ignore it any longer. so one day, after rehearsal, he grabs louis’ hand and drags him to an empty dressing room, pushes him on the couch, straddles him, takes his face in both of his hands and when their foreheads touch, he whispers “i think i like like you louis. i like like you a lot.” and louis’s answering smile is way enough of an answer, beaming like crazy and eyes crinkling, before he launches himself at harry and kisses him senseless. (when they tell the three other boys, blushing like mad and holding each other’s hand, they just frown and ask why they’re telling them now when they’ve been dating for weeks. louis and harry don’t correct them)

BUT. second option, louis does. see, harry is this cute, young, endearing 16 year old and louis feels pulled towards him, as if he were graviating around him or something, and he knows from the start that there is only one way this is heading, and he doesn’t really know what to do with it. but he can’t keep himself from getting as close as possible to harry, touching him as much as he can, pushing him, always pushing him to test the waters, see how he reacts to louis invading his life. and the thing is, harry either is oblivious as fuck, or he likes it - louis can’t tell, really, because one moment harry is coming to sit on his lap to watch a movie, wiggling around with his thighs’ bracketing louis’, and the next he’s crying when bambi’s mum dies, his innocent eyes looking up at louis. so louis feels a bit like he’s playing with fire, but he can’t help himself. he keeps teasing harry and keeps pushing their boundaries - to be honest, it’s not like they have any much left at this point, what with them sleeping in the same bunk every night and sharing everything they can. sometimes, it really does feel like they’re dating, except, well, without the kissing and all the fun stuff. not that louis is not happy with the situation, not at all, harry is his best mate and he’s having the time of his life. it’s just that sometimes, he can’t help but wonder what it could be like, being with harry. as boyfriends. and it’s a scary word, but louis has come to think about it more and more, and the idea is so, so appealing. also, he’s had to rush to the bathroom to take care of sudden boners more and more as time passes, and he knows that it can’t keep going on like this forever - he needs to know where harry stands. so one night, when everyone else is alseep and harry is cuddled against his chest, having just finished a story about a movie he saw last christmas on tv, louis gently touches his cheek, caressing the soft skin there, while the other grabs harry’s hand, and he goes for it. “d’you like me haz ? like, do you like like me ? because i do. i like like you a whole damn lot, and i think you might like me back, and it makes me want to kiss you all the time.” harry’s eyes go huge and he stays silent for a beat or two, then he says he’s not sure but he will relly like like it if louis were to kiss him now. so louis kisses him, and harry must like like it because he kisses him back. they’re boyfriends from then on.


More favorites.  Those top 2-Logan with his penchant for slapping his boy-Kendall’s goofiest of goofy in love grins-he knows how Logan feels about him, and he’s tickled pink when Logan drops his reserve enough to let his favoritism show.  The next 4-that was a magical day, Kendall had already serenaded him in the van, and now since James said it first, Kendall dared to use a nickname I’m sure he usually saves for private, plus put his hand on his shoulder cuz he craves the contact that much-it just doesn’t matter there’s a camera right there.  Then that last set is a classic, and probably should be on my All Time Faves list (and if Logan had hit bare skin, it would be).  This was the first thawing we saw publicly after the Escalade Ustream and it finally broke up a dam that had been blocking their interaction-after this night, that tour gave us lots of classic Kogan moments-all was right with the world again.

(gif sources: 1-2: topherevans; 3-10: itzelery)

Watching Wednesday night’s Daily Show and holy shit this interview - Stewart sounds 1000% fucking done with these people xD Knowing that he is ACTUALLY done soon and a big part of that is how exhausted he is with the same old political bullshit… IDK man it’s weird to see it.

On one hand when he’s like this he’s calling bullshit harshly with no shits given and not bothering to spin it in a funny way to make sure the show stays lighthearted… sometimes that’s a damn good thing and I’m glad when he drops all pretense and calls people out. On the other hand, knowing how he feels about things overall, it’s also kind of sad to see… like yes he’s calling bullshit but he sounds like he’s doing so out of exhaustion rather than passion (not that I doubt the passion is still there, but it does seem strained).

I don’t know how I feel right now. I hope leaving the show gives him some peace, though. I’m sure his family will be happy to have him in a better state of mind/heart, too.

Eleanor sighed as she peered at her reflection in her hand held mirror. She looked as sick as she felt but her father wouldn’t dream of letting her miss tonight’s events just because she was coming down with a stomach bug. The blonde looked paler than usual, although she wasn’t sure if that was due to feeling actually ill or feeling ill about meeting her long-term fiance. They’d been betrothed since she could remember but Eleanor still hadn’t found it in her to be happy about it. And now she was about to get out of the car and meet him after over ten years. She tried to steady her breathing and carefully maneuver her dress and she got out the car, truth be told she was entirely sure which man stood outside was her fiance, so she peered around and tried to not fidget too much with her hands. 

Fan: Paruru~ How are your plain clothes today??
Paruru: Make you want to go traveling overseas kind of clothes. It is the plain clothes book meeting today

Fan: Plain clothes book, you talked about it once on 755 and it’s finally happening
Paruru: It does seems like that. I feel that the girls will be satisfied with this, I’m so excited. What do you want it to have?

Fan: I want the theme to be Paruru’s picture book
Paruru: This is new. Illustration or hand-painted, I wonder?

Fan: I also want to hear your view about love topics. I hope you will do a Q&A corner
Paruru: Nice idea

  • @avgustus:im not sure how i feel about it or u ... hmmmm the iphone 6 might b 2 big ... hands make up ur mind 👐🏼👐🏼

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Okay but Chris opening up to someone in that way. Chris coming to trust someone in intimate situations. Slow and gentle loving, easing her into it with light touches and soft kisses...

ironically enough i was just talking to lily abt how the only ship i have for chris is with hibimiku as an ot3 and how

miku would be v good for something like that? sweet and patient and very in tune with the feelings and comfort of others aaaaaa