Not Letting Go

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

This is The soulmate AU for Jason! I tried my best but I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Hope you guys like it!

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Your feet pounded off the concrete ground as you dashed down the street, ignoring the incredulous looks and glares being thrown your way by the other pedestrians. You were panting hard for breath but you didn’t dare stop, afraid of what your mother would think if you were late home. you knew she worried about you constantly as it was, it wouldn’t do to give her any more reason. Your father had walked out on the two of you when you were six. Your mother had gotten pregnant with you at sixteen and run away to Gotham with the man she’d fallen in love with. Since he’d left the only family either of you had was each other. Your mother worked hard to give you the best life she could, and you tried to reciprocate by making an effort to worry her as little as possible. She had enough on her plate as it was. You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t hard, putting in your best effort despite how tired or defeated you might feel. You didn’t always succeed, but you did your best. 

It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and the streets of Gotham were packed with citizens milling about making the most of the summer heat. You ducked and weaved around them as best you could, but you were beginning to overheat and you knew your reflexes were getting sloppy. It didn’t help that you were wearing a long sleeved shirt. It wasn’t by choice; that morning you had misplaced the hairbands you normally wore on your wrist to conceal your soulmark. When you had proudly displayed it to your mother on the morning of your thirteenth birthday she had told you gently that while it was superb that it had appeared, it would be best if you kept it covered. Your teachers wouldn’t be pleased to see swear words written on your skin, however involuntary it was. You had been heartbroken at first to have to keep your soulmate’s words covered, but now you were mostly indifferent. It was just another in a long chain of disappointments. 

You were regretting your choice of clothing now though, your clothes were beginning to stick to your skin. You jogged around a corner into a shadier side street to get respite from the sun, hoping that your detour wouldn’t cost you any extra time. The second you did you smacked face first into something solid, falling back onto the ground with an “Oof,” You shook your head, dazed, and noticed a pair of legs just inches from your face. ‘Huh, that’s weird,’ 

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” It took a moment for the words to register, and then you looked up into the face of the (outrageously handsome) man you had just bumped into. 


Jason had been cooped up in the manor for days. He had sprained his wrist on patrol earlier in the week and Bruce had been very firm that he stay off patrol until it healed. It was just starting to drive him nuts when Alfred suggested he take a walk downtown and collect the ingredients he would need for dinner that evening. Jason wasn’t fooled, he knew Alfred could get them delivered if he wanted to, and this was a blatant ploy to get Jason out of the house before someone ended up seriously injured when he finally lost his head. Jason didn’t call him out on it, he was grateful for the excuse. 

He wasn’t overly fond of crowds however, the general atmosphere in Gotham that day was making him claustrophobic. Thus why he was walking down a narrow and less densely populated street when you had come around the corner and bashed right into his chest. He hadn’t been expecting it in the slightest, and having a grocery bag in each hand made him slow to react. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” He wasn’t sure if he was apologizing for being in the way or for failing to catch you when you fell. He juggled the bags into one hand and extended the other to help you up. You seemed confused, and he worried that you might have hurt yourself. When your eyes met his you gasped, ignoring his hand and scrambling to your feet on your own. “I’m fine, I’m so sorry, I have to go!” 

He watched, stunned, as you ran down the street and away from him. It was only when you were already out of sight that Jason recognized your words. They were written on his wrist. Jason took a minute to just stand there, thoughts racing. He had just met his soulmate. And she had taken one look and ran for it. Self loathing crept in like a slow fog. Of course you had, that was just Jason’s luck. A soulmate was the one thing life had promised him, the one person who was guaranteed to love him for himself. And even you didn’t want him. ‘No,’ The thought came unexpected, with a force that startled him. Jason had been waiting for this all his life, he’d be damned if he let you go without even giving him a chance first. If you decided he was an asshole then, that was your choice. But fuck it if he was sick of being disappointed. 


When you reached your house you were already in tears. You had to take a moment to steady your breathing and pull yourself together before you went inside. A little part of you hated yourself for what you had just done, but you knew it was for the best. You weren’t going to give anyone else a chance to come into your life and mess it up further, even if it was your soulmate. You’d had enough of that already. You had been fine on your own for this long, that wasn’t going to change. “Mom I’m home!” You called into the quiet house, waiting for a reply before venturing into the kitchen. Maybe she had fallen asleep on the sofa again; starting a new job meant that she had been exhausted lately. There was a note on the table with your name on it and you unfolded it curiously. 

“I’ve had to trade shifts at work today, sorry sweetie! Dinner is in the fridge. I’ll be home by 10, be safe! I love you.  - Mom Xx’

You shook your head in disbelief, groaning. All that running for nothing. And meeting him! Well, it wasn’t like that could have been avoided. Fate and all that. You felt a twinge of loneliness at your mum’s absence but shrugged it off. She was doing her best for the both of you. You just wished there was somebody you could tell…


You were sitting at your bedroom desk studying when there was a knock on your window. You jumped, letting out a surprised yelp. Your eyes flew to the window, your heart pounding. It was starting to get dark outside and you could only make out the tall silhouette of a person standing in your fire escape. You hesitated, unsure whether to check who it was or to run downstairs and lock yourself into the kitchen. The person knocked again, and you attempted to console yourself with the logic that if they were going to break in they probably would have done so already, as opposed to knocking first to warn you. Against your better judgement you edged towards the window, your heart in your throat. When you were close enough you could see that it was the man from earlier. ‘Your soulmate,’ a little voice in your head whispered. You told it to shut up. 

You wrenched open the window and glared out at him, trying to ignore the way your stomach flipped when he just grinned back at you. You hissed, “Did you follow me home?!” You didn’t know if you were disturbed or impressed. You figured it should probably be disturbed. The man ignored your question, outstretching a hand towards you, seemingly for a handshake. “Hey. I’m Jason Todd, your soulmate. But you already knew that. Could we talk?” His casual tone threw you off, and unthinkingly you mumbled your name, taking his hand. The contact sent a jolt of energy through you and you wrenched your hand back, shivering. Jason just shoved his hands into his jeans pockets. He  seemed unaffected, but you noticed that he was looking at you a little too intensely to be casual. You deliberated for a moment, unsure whether or not you should refuse him. Eventually you decided that to do so would be rude, and this man hadn’t done anything to deserve that. Yet. You shrugged and ducked through the window, swinging yourself out onto the fire escape. Jason stepped back to give you room, letting out a surprised chuckle. You leaned back against the window, eyes narrowed and arms crossed. “Talk then,” 

He seemed unperturbed by your words, scuffing his shoe against the metal floor while he formulated his reply. Eventually he said, “Look, I’m not exactly the best guy. But I’ve been waiting to meet you for a long time. I’d appreciate it if you’d at least get to know me before you decide that you don’t like me,” His tone was lighthearted; You would think he was joking if it weren’t for the seriousness of his gaze. You gulped. His request was only fair. You let out a heavy sigh as you brushed past him to sit on the stairwell. “That seems fair. Let’s get to know each other then. But I’m not promising anything, I don’t really buy into this whole soulmate business,” you warned. His answering smile was breathtaking. 


You sat on the fire escape together for hours, talking about anything and everything right up until you heard your mum in the hallway calling out to you. The conversation flowed effortlessly between you, and to your utter dismay you found that you really liked this man. He was witty and clever and kind, and you felt entirely at ease in his presence. Like he had been made just for you. You told him about your dad, and about how you and your mom had had to manage on your own all these years. He had nodded understandingly, and told you a little of his own story. You were shocked and upset by his words, guilty now at having rejected him so quickly earlier. You could only imagine how that had made him feel. When it started to get cold he had shrugged off his jacket and handed it to you. The leather was warm when you pulled it on and smelled like oil and metal. It was a strangely appealing scent.

Your mom’s voice startled you, you hadn’t noticed that it had gotten so late. ”Up here mom!” You yelled through the window, praying she could hear you as you stood up. “I guess you have to go,” Jason smiled at you ruefully. You nodded, and surprising yourself, leaned in for a hug. He hugged you back without hesitation, holding you firmly to his chest as you both just drank in the others presence. When you at last pulled back you were blushing. “You will come back won’t you?” “Of course. You couldn’t stop me if you tried,” He joked. You started to take off his jacket but he shook his head. “Keep it. I’ll get it back from you next time,” “Okay,” You bit your lip to try to rein in the smile threatening to take over your face, but he noticed anyway and laughed. “You’d better go before your mum comes up here and catches us. Explaining that would be fun,” He raised an eyebrow at you. “Oh of course!” You scrambled back through the window, turning back to wave at him shyly. “Goodnight Jason,” “Goodnight, sweet dreams doll,” He teased, before disappearing down the stairwell. It was only when you emerged in the kitchen to greet your mum, grinning like a fool, that you remembered that you were still wearing Jason’s jacket. 

Comfort in a Library

Pairing: Warren Worthington III x Reader (She/Her)

Category:  Hurt/Comfort, Angst

Words: 1273

Warnings: Reader is having a panic attack, hyperventilating 

Prompts: three. from the six stages of falling in love with her:

when she’s curled up on your lap shaking with mismatched breaths you’ll wonder how someone who looked like she carried mountains on her shoulders could crumble so easily in your arms like the tornado in her mind finally hit her and knocked her off her feet.

Summary:  Warren comforts his girlfriend while she is having a panic attack.

A/N: I’m honestly not quite sure how I feel about this one. What do you guys think? Hopefully it’s not to horrible.

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In the few months that they had been together Warren had gotten to know Y/N’s habits, her daily patterns, and all her little quirks. He knows that she liked to have a mug of tea when she’s doing her homework. He knows that she loves Saturday morning cartoons and that she likes to hide in the fantasy section of the school library when she’s overwhelmed. And therein said fantasy section is exactly where he finds her today, leaning against one of the old, wooden bookshelves.

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A/n: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I hope you guys do enjoy it though. If you have any requests, please do make sure to send them in! <3

Music is playing, laughter is filling the air. The street lights create a glow in the car every time we drive past one. My feet are up on the dashboard, left hand out the window enjoying the feeling of the cold night’s air surrounding my arm. I smile over at Calvin driving, his left hand placed on my upper thigh. He squeezes my thigh a little, making me smile even wider.

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Liam Dunbar Imagine

Title: Upperclassman

Request: No

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Warnings: None (i think)


I was walking down the hallway with Mason when I see her. I know Mason sees her too because he smirks and nudges me with his elbow. Y/n. She’s friends with Scott and everyone in the pack, except me. It’s not like we dislike each other or anything; She’s a sophomore, and I’m a freshman. But I like her…like a lot. That’s why I may or may not have cried when Scott told me I was a werewolf. Because I knew that would just decrease my chances with her. I go into my next class and kind of listen to the lecture we were given. I walk out and run into Mason. We began walking and stopped outside of our next class. We were talking when I saw Y/n again. She began walking towards us and I felt the oxygen leave my lungs. “Hey Liam, hey Mason.” She smiles. Mason’s eyes widen as do mine and I eventually stutter out a ‘hey.’ She giggles and moves her hair behind her ear. “Mason can I borrow Liam for a second?” She asks while her hand trails down to my hand. My eyes widen even more and I feel my lips part. Mason doesn’t speak, he just gestures a ‘go ahead’ and Y/n pulls me away. She stops about 2 yards away from the previous spot we were at. She doesn’t let go of my hand, making butterflies go crazy in my stomach. “Scott said that he needs you to go to his house after lacrosse practice okay?” She tells me, obviously a message from Scott. “That’s how you knew my name…” I say more to myself than to her. “What? Liam, of course I know who you are. You’re one of the most popular players on the lacrosse team. Basically everyone knows who you are.” She reasons. “How did you know Mason’s name?” I question. “I have my ways.” She smirks before letting go of my hand and starting to walk away. “Wait Y/n!” I say before she gets too far. “Mason’s obviously gonna ask what we talked about. What should I tell him?” I ask looking over at Mason who was looking at us already. “Just tell him I asked you out.” She says nonchalantly. My eyes widen. “The word would get out really quick though.” I reason, trying to talk her out of it, no matter how bad I want to actually date her. “So? Don’t you want that? I mean I know you like me Liam. It’s pretty obvious.” She says walking closer to me. My breath hitches and I feel my cheeks heat up. “But it’s okay. I kinda like you too.” She whispers in my ear. She pulls away and notices the shocked expression on my face. She laughs and walks off. I stand in the same spot in the hallway when Mason walks up to me. “Holy shit dude! What the hell were you guys talking about?!” He asks as I finally snap back into reality. We walk into the class and Mason texts me about what we were talking about earlier.
M: You still haven’t told me what you and y/n were talking about…
L: Yeah yeah I know…
M: So tell me. Now.
L: Alright. She just asked me out geez not that big of a deal.
I saw Mason flip out in his seat, causing a lot of noise, drawing attention to himself.
I chuckle at the message and see Mason having a mini spasm in his seat. I laugh quietly and put my phone away.

We exited the class and I went to my locker where Y/n was waiting. She smirked when she saw me. “You realize that people are gonna think we’re actually dating right?” I ask putting in my combination. “Then let’s” She says casually before grabbing my face in her hands and kissing me. Our lips moved in sync and my hands found their way down to her waist. She pulled away from the kiss and grabbed her bag off the floor. “I’ll probably be at practice with Kira and Malia.” She says as she slings her bag over her shoulder and walks away. I notice how many stares and smirks that were sent my way after she walked away. Mason walked backwards to me while staring at Y/n. “You saw that didn’t you?” I ask seeing his shocked expression. He nods not taking his eyes off Y/n. “What the hell…” He trails off. “Got lacrosse but I’ll see you tomorrow.” I say closing my locker. “You’re busy later?” “Yeah, Scott and Y/n.” I answer. “Look at Liam dealing with all the upperclassmen.” Mason says feigning sadness. I chuckle and walk to the locker room. Holy shit…Me and Y/n are actually a thing now…


Not sure how i feel about this one…or how you guys feel about it…But i wanted to post something tonight. Working on those requests rn.

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"Did you honestly think I had left?"

I’m still not sure how I feel about this one, you guys…

The spot on the bed next to him is empty when he wakes. He runs a hand over the sheets and they’re cool. He holds his breath and listens to the quiet of the apartment. No shuffling of sock covered feet over hardwood or clink of dishes as coffee is made. Without even looking, he knows the apartment is empty.

He buries his face in the opposite pillow and breathes in. Deep and long. Ignoring the bile rising in his throat and the tears in his eyes. He’d known this was coming. They were arguing so much lately and last night’s argument had been especially vicious. Each of them ripping open wounds long scabbed over to pour more salt in. Looking back, he should have known that last night wasn’t just another in their long list of fights. Last night had been the end.

The scrape of the key in a lock startles him and he sits up in bed, watching him walk in. He looks haggard and worn, like he hadn’t slept at all the night before. A pastry bag is gently tossed on the bed and bounces a little.

“You pick. They had cherry and cheese. No apple.” He leans over to hand over the second cup of coffee. “They were also out of the sugar-free vanilla syrup so its got regular. Hope that’s okay.”

“I thought—” Running a hand through his hair, he can’t get the words out as he watches him pull up a chair and prop his feet up on the end of the mattress. “I thought you—”

“You thought what?” He takes a sip of his coffee and waits but then it clicks. “Wait. You thought I left?” Nods. “Well I didn’t. Now fuel up.” He gestures with his coffee cup. “Round two starts in thirty.”